World of Warcraft: Shadowlands Cinematic Trailer

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    The veil between life and death is no more. Discover what lies beyond the world you know in the next chapter of the World of Warcraft saga--Shadowlands: Coming 2020. Learn more at

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    1. Garr Wheezington

      Wait, this isn't the Elder Scrolls 6 Trailer

    2. MetalCurse

      Lots of people think this does not make sense lore wise but it makes perfect sense: Sylvanas is not extremely powerful like you guys think she is, she is obviously REALLY powerful but not even close to being able to do that to the Lich King IF NOT for the fact that she's acquired death related powers from an unknown source, possibly the creature from the Shadowlands we see in the other trailer, and giving her an advantage towards the Lich King (that also gets his powers from the Shadowlands). She's obviously been in contact with the realm of the death for a long time and has been scheming for this, since Azeroth has been filled with death the recent years, and the more bloodshed the more souls that end up in the Shadowlands. And people that were expecting the return of Bolvar as a Lich King menace... It's kind of impossible because the fire from Alexstrasza makes him a perfect balance between life and death and thus, being able to hold off the scourge safely within Icecrown. Tbh looks like a solid expansion both lore and feature wise.

    3. emmanuel pastoral

      cinematic trailer vs gameplay footage of wow is just so frustrating.

    4. Ilias Datusabalintao

      They basicaly copied kurapika vs ubogin..with the invisible chains and smoke to hide its true fight strats

    5. Stellarheim

      Yeah. Keep making WoW instead of Warcraft 4 was a bad decision, you got that right.

    6. Ania Fiecek

      All Girls Dream if shes not doing good.

    7. sotuur aeei

      Cinematics Dept: How many expansion intros do you want with Sylvanas? Writers: Yes.

    8. Isjafuun Muhammed

      Anyone else notice that even after she used the last arrow in her quiver on Bolvar, she still had an arrow to pierce through the giant slab of saronite that Bolvar threw at her?

    9. warrioso

      Great, another dark energy spaceship expansion

    10. iman qhairyl

      Chained by arrows? Seriously come on.

    11. ChannelMiner

      Ah yes, the ice cream citadel.

    12. Bante Hayes

      Sooo, what's with that hole in the sky?

    13. Boose Bjunge

      Never doubted my Queen, loyal to the end :)

    14. Dave #MLG

      Can we finally put an end to Sylvanas in Shadowlands please?

    15. Das Grischa

      Arthas had Frostmourne, Bolvar doesn't have it. What Arthas did was harvesting more and more souls with Frostmourne and getting stronger (the same thing is Sylvanas doing atm. with the Jailor). Bolvar didn't train and wasn't even prepared neither he has Frostmourne as a weapon. Sylvanas is stronger and it does make sense if you know the lore.

    16. ZEE 2

      Do a movie already!!

    17. A_A

      2003: Arthas becomes the Lich King. 2019: Sylvanas embraces the Rambo within her, and attacks the Undead in a solo manner, and defeats them all. Challenges the Lich King himself one on one, and she low diffs him like he was a normal weak creep lmao. 2030: Anduin goes to the Legion's main base, no diffs all of the legion's demons and fights Sargeras one on one with no help at all (Rambo style), and he defeats the great evil ending the never ending battles of Warcraft as a whole. THE END.

    18. Adam Amos

      Sounds like at least one of the writers has some depression issues 🤔

    19. Malcolm Ness Granger

      Nothing a bit of flex tape and industrial glue cant fix.

    20. Just Josh

      Bro just make a CGI movie already, it might cost a lot but I bet tickets would sell like crazy. You would only need voice actors.

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    33. Frankie Figgz

      Usually I run back to wow after new cinematics come out... But this one is just keeping me from even batting an eye. Love the game just hate moments like this whether lore behind it or not he's the litch king and took that title after the invasion of icecream citadel and only sylvanas walks in as casual as can be and destroys him.. eh

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    36. Keith Kirby

      Ahhh, god bless yous with your lil trailer, love the enthusiasm, so good, keep up the good work lovies

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    42. Dzevad Terzic

      Litch King: I have an Army Tirion: We have a Sylvanas

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    48. Jake Up

      i would personally like to see a high res version of sylvanas suffering more than a scratch for a change

    49. Eduardo N

      Here we see a badass undead character beloved by many players of Wow. The other is just Sylvanas.

    50. hameed almoemen


    51. FullMetalRake

      can anyone say me ,what the ost in end ?

    52. Черный Пацан

      Привет от детей лич кинга сука

    53. OrneryPossum

      The plot armor is thick in this one.

    54. Hector Barbossa

      Guys bolvar did not feed himself with souls like arthas. Arthas feed himself thounsands.and dont forget power of helm is unknown. Sylvanas did beat bolvar. Not the power inside of the helm. I thinl lich king is cosmic level villian. İt depens of who wears and who feeds himself with more soul

    55. A kind of legacy

      Deleting my comment about your behavior won't change your like to dislike ratio and the fact you're doing it shows you've completely lost your way, good luck (you're going to need it).

    56. Timothy Farmer

      So how is the shirtguy getting tickets every year. When I had been sitting in line with three computers and two cell phones on one gig upload and 1 gig download internet along with 15 milliseconds of ping. been in line to purchase the tickets and the tickets got purchase out from under me. It seems to me like blizzard at either giving him tickets or do to their field ticket system no one gets tickets but scalpers then you could go on eBay and buy the tickets off the scalpers for $1,500 even though blizzard should force eBay to not sell them unless it's under a certain price say the tickets are $200 so you can sell them for 250 for your time and effort. Not 1500 the 3000 they are scalping and stealing from blizzard. seeing its blizzards product that they are reselling at a higher markup price than what blizzard actually sells it. If people actually looked into what's scalping is they would not buy the tickets off eBay and the ones that do the tickets should be voided. As blizzard should be able to ask eBay what email account is associated with the ticket then ban every ticket that was sold from thatblizzard would still get the thousand dollars from the five tickets at the scalper but but the scaffold would be getting any money in return.

    57. Sarah Dawe

      I was waiting for the day bolvar was reintroduced. I love the legion lore but bk and wotlk were my fav expansions.

    58. Martín Marconcini

      First Shadowlands Quests: "HERO! We have been expecting you; there's a matter of utmost importance that we must discuss, but first, we need 8 Boar Livers, they are over there, go fetch them and come back."

      1. vbddfy euuyt

        this cinematic would be better with more context about how powerful Death has made sylvanas

    59. Thor Odinson

      What does she done?

      1. vbddfy euuyt

        Did the Battle for Azeroth has ended so quickly?

    60. Black Sheep Gaming

      Finally...the boredom of gamplay has reached the cinematics department.