World of Warcraft: Shadowlands Cinematic Trailer

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    The veil between life and death is no more. Discover what lies beyond the world you know in the next chapter of the World of Warcraft saga--Shadowlands: Coming 2020. Learn more at

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    1. Eruult Chuluunbaatar

      Women rule. Another proof that men got weak. Sad that even blizzard admits this.

    2. MrGlennJohnsen

      Hate on BfA or Shadowlands as much as you like, watching this cinematic still gives you chills.

    3. Das True

      He's still level 80

    4. R

      Writers for this game need to be fired.

    5. Aries Star

      i feel kinda sorry for the lich king.. poor guy 😁😭

      1. Berserker

        He isn't dead. You should feel bad about all other beings on azeroth because now they are getting slaughtered by the scourge. Human babies rip.

    6. the visius


    7. Buildergamer 45

      Widowmaker vs. Reinhard xD

    8. Vitcher

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="62">1:02</a> You are not worthy quoting Terenas...

    9. Greg Wilkinson

      I feel like they missed a sick opportunity to start a third faction(Aszhara and the naga team up with Sylvannas and a portion the undead break away(the rest remain under the new leadership of Calia) plus a couple other factions like the San'layn, Mogu, Gilgoblins) could have their own capital city in Azshara(cuz the zone felt like a zone.... not a city)

    10. ††ValiLucy††


    11. Just Some Pigeon in a Suit

      Somehow Slyvanas is able to defeat The Lich King

      1. Berserker

        @Just Some Pigeon in a Suit She actually made this deal after she got killed by Arthas. She made a deal with the creator of the lich king. She got whispered by him right after Arthas killed her.

      2. Just Some Pigeon in a Suit

        @Berserker I haven't been paying much attention to the game lately

      3. Berserker

        Not sylvanas on her own. She made a deal with someone stronger than the lich king.

    12. tehiratepirate

      Sylvanas: I, too, farm old raids!

    13. Madd Smaxx

      So Ice Crown is the Berlin Wall

    14. get set

      its good its good, he can still repair it guys!

    15. Marta Czyż

      this is a fcking joke

    16. Darrianz Nellie

      No wonder he lost. He was Frost Spec while using a 2-Handed weapon smh. 🤣

    17. F

      This doesn't prove anything. Bolvar is literally a piece of bacon, and he doesn't even have Frostmourne. Arthas would've Thanos snapped Sylvanas out of existence.

    18. Jimmy Andan

      At this point i think if blizzard just commited to making a movie it would make more than wow microtransactions

    19. savage kid

      Lich King: *smacks the hilt of the hammer in the ground and created a cloud of snow* Me: ODIR BRUNDIR BLINDIR!!!

    20. MCMortus

      Maybe the last chance for Blizzard and right now i need to say that maybe the old Blizzard comes back. Shadowlands areas look awesome, diablo 4 one day. I hope i get the Blizzard back i know from my childhood

    21. Daniel Johansson

      Well... that was cringey...

    22. Hunter Meredith

      I just wanna know how she was able to just mix bolvar like that

    23. I C

      This could have all been avoided if Bolvar just shelled out $60 to boost.

    24. Yourmomexposed

      Hope they let death kights one hand again


      You know? one would assume that Battle for Azeroth would be the last expansion.

    26. EthnoEuropean's CountriesAreBeingInvaded

      "Strong empowered wahmen"!!!

    27. Han

      9000 attack vs 100% evasion <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="145">2:25</a>

    28. WorstCoreyOCE

      everyone complaining.. were going to the afterlife lads! probably were we will find arthus. and notice how the piece of the helm dropped by bolvar? hes our main guide (like magnis) also notice how nzoth thinks hes gonna save us all from death? even nzoth knows somethings going wrong with souls after death. praying blizzard ties it all together with a reforging of the crown. (which is also some focus new systems in for crafting) 42k dislikes is astonishing when we dont know the outcome. thats like watching something till it gets bad than not seeing how it ends? just my 2 cents

    29. Shingo kun

      Please blizzard ... stop doing extensions to wow ..... thats enought.... only cinematics are great....

    30. Victorovich Gruzdev


    31. A. S.L

      How did Sylvannas figure that out? I really dont understand 'what led her to this conclusion.

      1. Berserker

        Someone whispered her. She didn't figure anything out, she did what someone else told her to do.

      2. damdamdamdumdidum

        That will be a part of Shadowlands.

    32. Gabe Geiger

      they could have at least let the lich get a hit in.... i hope the expansion is better then the cinematic

    33. Il Leire

      I don’t get it, where in the entire lore was explained that the helm was a gate to the shadowland?

      1. Il Leire

        Erik Carl nice explanation, ty!

      2. Erik Carl

        the real lich king Ner'zhul, went through a portal to "a place beyond the dark portal" (probably shadowlands). then kil jaiden infused his soul into the Helm of Domination.there is atleast one link between shadowlands and the lich kings helmet, not to mention that the helm of domination probably was crafted in the forge of domination which is in shadowlands and will play a pretty big part in the next expansion. point is that there are links between the lich king and shadowlands, and im excieted to find out how blizzard will explain it. remember the video is a trailer not a direct lore cinematic, they are not gonna spoil the story before the game is released

    34. Bort

      It's amazing how much salt I can generate in 5 minute vidwo

    35. Unknown 124

      This is what we visualise while we're grinding old content for Tmog

    36. IamTheSnowman4

      I’m surprised blizzard still hasn’t shut down the classless server project ascension.

    37. Afterlife

      Shadowfarts game is not even out and already dying lmfao 🖕blizzard

    38. Deven Clark

      dat traxex?

    39. MegaChickenfish

      "How did she kill all those undead before Bolvar?" _barrage, obviously. Mad OP._

    40. Frank B

      i would do anything to see a full movie of this. although bolvar isn't as strong a arthas, he sure does fight in a brutal way

    41. elmers glue

      corporations should realize that selling out is actually how they go under in this day n age 😗 just sayin

      1. elmers glue

        you treat art like any other business n it stops being good. who tf would've thought

    42. Agustin Alejo Gimenez

      Warcraft died the day we killed Arthas, this is not cannon, this is not happening...

      1. Erik Carl

        dude what tf are you talking about? the warcraft lore goes way beyond arthas

    43. Kristian Spasov

      I love Sylvanas but it's like they hired D&D to make GoT. Everything is just about subverting expectations and a fan favorite going mad. FFS.

    44. vXIR0NMANXv

      This looks so good but is so disappointing at the same time. Like, this is how you bring the LK back?

      1. Erik Carl

        comeon dude... how can you complain about the lore when you dont even know it?, this is even explained with a cinematic in game after you kill lich king.

    45. TheFlyWahine

      Lmao she riped azeroth a new one! XD

    46. Yonathan Carson

      I wonder what Sylvanas true role in WoW she's op as heck

    47. Akhmed Alaoudi

      why is so much feminism being ham fisted into a game only male spergs play???

      1. Akhmed Alaoudi

        @damdamdamdumdidum like us*

      2. damdamdamdumdidum

        So spergs like you can complain to cover-up their insecurity.

    48. Eric Sanchez

      heyyy . my name is Eric im a recovering WoW addict from the burning crusade days . . I was doing good until watching this ... *just when I thought I was out they pull me back in**!

      1. DToYT

        I dunno friend, WoW isn't anything like it was in BC. I'd stay away honestly.

    49. Totally McCorro OL Moshrav

      we waited years to see the lich king again and the mf gets beat like a chump by marie sue. are you serious?

      1. Totally McCorro OL Moshrav

        @DivineAegis02 true, true

      2. DivineAegis02

        Sylvanas cant beat the Lichking alone she has the power of Death! and the creators of the Lichking.

    50. Josh Davis

      Death comes old soldier

    51. jovan mitreski

      She wanted to put the helmet on but then she realized the ears wouldn't fit in 😂😂😂🤣😑

    52. Valeri Zafirov


    53. Tyler Whitney

      Sjws be like

    54. Brian Jed

      Sylvanas ninja loots LK's one and only prized possession and tries to unsocket the gem but was so OP.

    55. Cehikal Galih

      can anyone tell me what happen after this??

      1. Alolan Vulpix Getting Railed Berr

        Yes, Sylvanus enslaves all men and creates a matriarchy because women are powerful and awesome and dont need no man.

    56. Ithilween Shadowsong

      World of Warcraft: Sylvanasland

    57. meancow

      I actually heard the "whoa" sound at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="95">1:35</a>

    58. Osman Nuri Güzel


    59. Pedro Augusto

      Who is that guy with the helmet and what did he do to "achiev" it? I only know who Arthas is, i havent played since Lich King

      1. Erik Carl

        well its explained in wotlk.... when you kill arthas bolvar takes over because without a leader the "zombies" will destroy everything.

    60. Bob Dole

      The plot armor is strong with Sylvanas.

    61. Borek Klep

      this cinematic is complete bullshit lore wise

    62. Behzad Naseri

      The title should change to World of Sylvanas.

    63. Ziggy R

      Ffs, just make a new wow already. Leave a classic for nostalgic fanboys and remake everything from scratch for the new gen.

    64. Kaan

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="279">4:39</a> I LOVE FIREWORKS ♥

    65. Vaar Köbke

      Lich King got Night King'ed. Nothing personell

    66. Lithaleon

      Sylvanas is the biggest Mary Sue of a character since Archaon the Everchosen in Warhammer Fantasy. Tbf, WoW is full of Mary Sue's, but jfc

    67. Patrick van Gelder

      They got one thing right as far as my knowledge goes, we are living in an enclosed world under a solid dome. They rub it into our faces yet many only see a form of fantasy. Eyes to see but failing to perceive.

    68. menecross

      In the world of warcraft it's all about borrowed power.

    69. Slobodan Dzikoski

      Just for the record ... She did not kill the Lich king ...

    70. THCBDude

      Who's voice is that. Sounds like an 80s singer

    71. Daniel Meeker

      Sylvanas: This world is a prison! COVID-19: Hold my beer....

    72. John Q.

      Sylvanas is still best girl, prove me wrong you can't.

      1. Nick Kane

        Jania would like a word with you.

    73. caleb leach


    74. icantfixthis

      i hate this

    75. Belltower Subductions

      The like to dislike ratio of this video is telling. I don’t think Blizzard has any idea what it’s doing anymore.


      So you take Riot Games music and Blizzard's cinematics, and uh, you have a movie I would spend thousands to see. Whos with me?

    77. Annihilation Neptune

      A protractor

    78. Abdullah TM.

      Who was that she was fighting? I remember him from WoLK but don’t know anything about him and why did he show up after Arthes death!

      1. Serylia

        That was Bolvar fordragon, the burned up guy you see above arthas' throne, he took over the role of the lich king to keep the scourge in check after arthas died

    79. كوردي الذي ولائه للإسلام

      Do you play Mortal Kombat 11

    80. Mihai Iacos

      Why would you dislike this??!