Why Verstappen accused Ferrari of cheating



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    Ferrari’s loss of pace in the United States Grand Prix increased the speculation around what might be behind its straightline speed advantage in F1 2019. Its rivals suspect that a technical directive clarification from the FIA about the cars’ fuel flow meters could have thwarted a trick Ferrari had come up with, and Max Verstappen went as far as saying Ferrari’s drop in pace at Austin was “what happens when you stop cheating”. With no firm evidence to analyse, and Ferrari claiming those accusations are “completely wrong”, Edd Straw and Scott Mitchell assess how the situation has moved on now weeks of debate behind the scenes is finally moving into some finger pointing in public

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    1. Stevie George

      Ferrari cheating bastards!!! Always were and always will be

    2. Njabuloseh

      The trick of cheating and still losing? Nope.

    3. Ben Middleton

      F1: We don't allow cheating Ferrari: We cheated F1: We don't allow cheating unless it's Ferrari

    4. andy de la rue

      Nobody charged nobody guilty, nobody watching anymore. This kind of fia hiding stuff will send all fans away

    5. Robert Nicholas

      Remember Ferrari has had a ban for cheating before .. tampering with the fuel regulator . and when the car came into the pit the it burst into flames

    6. Ian Yates

      Let’s just face it the governing body are frightened to upset Ferrari because of the amount of money Ferrari invest in the sport they are there afraid that the F1 racing will collapse. I say it won’t let Ferrari pullout it won’t stop me from enjoying the sport, don’t get me wrong there fl cars are beautiful but That does not give them to cheat or for that matter any other team to cheat but the advantage Ferrari had to book too quick to be a development so therefore I agree with the general synopsis they cheated

    7. Mike Gray

      The FIA should be made to explain the "whats", "whys" and "hows" of Ferrari engine/fuel cheating. Ferrari has clearly done something wrong otherwise there would be no need for a settlement agreement, with robust confidentiality caveats, as there would be nothing to settle. Joe public is fed up of wrongdoers in sport, entertainment or corporations being allowed to get away with breaking laws or rules at will, just because they have the financial resources and top lawyers. That is not fairness or justice; it is corruption, doesn't matter in what circumstances it is used, all the other reasons/excuses, technical and legal terms are just fancy camouflage.

    8. ron kistner

      Max has always been a wannabe

    9. ron kistner

      M-bZ should be careful with accusations, it wasn't too long ago they got fined 100 million $ for stealing Ferraris know how, they then beat Ferrari for many yrs now, they were happy to pay that fine!!!!!

    10. CS_044

      Well Max, you sir are a genius for pointing this out - 4 months later, you were right.

    11. Bob M.

      How about now after the release of the memo on Feb 28th? Of course they were cheating, isn't that part of the fun?

    12. Shawn O

      Love how you show actual video while you chat. Good analysis.

    13. Bely Bob

      More oil leaked via Turbo's is officially no Fuel..Therefore Ferrari is not guilty but only bending the rules!

    14. s Schekkerman

      And max was right...hahahaha

    15. Shoo

      gotta love when a young kid turns out to be right while the time he said it half the world fell over it.

      1. xflynskywlkr27

        Fia inspected Ferrari's PU piece by piece and could find any evidence of cheating. You can speculate till you're blue in the face. Ferrari satisfied fia's scrutiny of its PU. That's all that matters.

    16. shane pearce

      knowing now what was not known then dose sound like cheating

    17. iDutchTwins

      His accusations aged quite nicely.

    18. EX DUECE

      4 months later.

    19. Dan Dan

      Jean todt the current FIA president is a dirty official who politically arrange and manage what he favors to achieve and illegally help who he wants to win! Isn’t Jean todt the former Ferrari official on the time of M Schumacher and all the illegal controversies he created and managed at that time including all the dodgy unfair team orders to favors Schumacher for the wins!? Jean Todt should never have made it as the FIA president, he is damn corrupt and dirty ! Now he’s doing the same to help Ferrari get an edge through some hidden illegalities ! This guy surely must resign after such a scandal ! He is a shame to the Motorsport world!

    20. crxdelsolsir

      Max placed Honesty in front of Kissing Ar$e for $$$$$. My outlook on Max has just jumped to new level knowing he is a Man of Integrity rather which many below see as burning bridges like Alonso. To clarify it is not even comparable to Alonso who would stab an innocent party to keep his job and pay (which is what he did when he stabbed Honda for a McLaren protection). Alonso failed in telling the truth to his masters by saying the Car Chassis was GP2 and Management were amatures and they were affecting the engine development.

    21. crxdelsolsir

      Funny how in the latest comments there are ZERO Ferrari supporters that have once peppered the comments saying Max and Red Bull being wrong, arrogant etc.

    22. christopher phillip skeates

      what about Michael Schumacher useing esp nothing was done about that or checked .. thats the rich playing their mind games ... skeatesybubygoddess 2020

    23. Roi De Guzman

      Who else is here after reading some comments about “Max was right all along”? Just me? Ok.

    24. F1 Racing

      This aged well....

    25. Dan Dan

      The FIA president Jean Todd is a former Ferrari official , who helped Schumacher to cheat his way to many wins illegally .. so of course Jean Todd will use his position now to help Ferrari cheat their way to some wins again.. Jean Todd is not to be trusted , he is fake and a cheat!

    26. Dan Dan

      It is clearly that it is not legal , it does not need many to reason it ! Ferrari is a cheat team and this is not the first time Ferrari cheat The most thing that says it is not legal is that Ferrari took it off the car after winning illegally couple of races , after that Ferrari went back to how it was before Ferrari was illegal and must be fined, stripped off their results and given credits to other teams who followed the rules and came behind Ferrari in those races Ferrari are hopeless and that is why they cheat FIA let them do that bcs they dont want to lose Ferrari from F1 F1 for the FIA is nothing but make money They dont all care about the sport , us the fans or anything Ferrari can secretly warn the FIA of leaving F1 which means all Italians ,German fan base and money and interest and F1 will half lose their shine and success F1 kneel down for Ferrari the oldest team in F1 and their influence on F1 success However, this is not honest, not fair, not legal.. and most of all it is cheating Leclerc 2 races wins are fake ! The FIA president Jean Todd is a former Ferrari official , who helped Schumacher to cheat his way to many wins illegally .. so of course Jean Todd will use his position now to help Ferrari cheat their way to some wins again.. Jean Todd is not to be trusted , he is fake and a cheat!

    27. Manash Deori

      where them ferrari boiz now ? Oh sorry in the court against the integrity of the sport and the rest of the whole 7 teams . Lol , didn't knew ferrari boiz could be this butt hurt 😹

      1. Rohit Revankar

        Ferrari have not been proven to do anything wrong.... go back to wtvr conspiracy nut House u guys came from.....

      2. Chris Jones

        Manash Deori I came straight here for this lol

    28. 1994 Toyota Celica

      Well Well Well.......... Looks who is stupid now.....

    29. Diamond Back

      Can we now after 4 months simply say: Max Verstappen was right...?

      1. Sara Slssls

        @Rocco Stafford merdeces mafia

      2. Christian Slater


      3. Rocco Stafford

        Yep, Max was right. F1 teams went together this day about the secret deal between FIA and Ferrari. FIA: Ferrari International Association vs Ferrari.

      4. Rohit Revankar

        @Faris Zulkifli sorry only English.... Did you just call yourself an a s s c l o w n?

      5. Faris Zulkifli

        @Rohit Revankar oh shut up Mahaveer boothole fan

    30. NotoriousAudio

      Well he isnt wrong

      1. Rohit Revankar

        he is

    31. Natalia

      Well now we know he was right 😉

      1. Sara Slssls

        Ma taci, burricca

      2. Ryan Presley

        @Rohit Revankar yes

      3. Rohit Revankar


    32. Mike Gray

      Ferrari - Jean Todt. Do I need to say anymore about the guy who for many years cheated for Ferrari is now obviously putting his thumb upon the scales of justice. How can he not; Ferrari know too much of the things Todt done while he was in charge of them, which if leaked would kind of ruin his fine reputation. You say it would also damage Ferrari, so they wouldn't dare but when your threatened fear takes over and you become very risk adverse.

    33. Bosuns Mate

      They were burning oil in my opinion that's why their cars were seen to be producing clouds of smoke/vapour at intermittent intervals during a race

    34. WatchMe Noobing

      Ferrari team bos clearly never met a Dutch man xD we dont care we speak our mind and we wil say it right in your face if u like it or not

    35. t d

      Who killed Miles....Beebe or Ferrari

    36. Dean Druzeta

      why?? because he is the dirtiest pilot in f1 of all time

    37. Nicolas daniel laskosky mota

      "we believe" "he didn't say it directly" ... yeah, quality media. the hyper around today's drivers and their "social " life and performance is ruining F1

    38. Jose Aroso

      Max must know a lot about the matter. RED BULL was caught cheating the fuel flow meter. So...

    39. James Blocker

      Glad they’re there they’re there

    40. LabGorilla

      Max was clearly right. Since this accusation Ferrari went backwards on the grid and they never recovered their huge speed advantage.

    41. Frederick Röders

      Max has a point but come on. Its formula 1. This is not about technological advancement anymore. If any team comes up with a revolutionary new kind of tech that makes them win races, the others immediately push to ban it. And thats why we still have formula one cars that look like modded 90s formula 1 cars. Money has ruined this sport. Im just saying what people are thinking.

    42. D Ferrari

      Max is a turd. He overheard someone say something and dribbled it out to the media.

    43. The Hobgoblin

      I seem to remember that when Vettel was with Red Bull, he was asked about why they kept winning, and he just grinned and said..."They will never work out how we are doing it".

    44. John Beckmann

      Just normal for F1

    45. gratzy1989

      FIA could build the cars, fair races, fair winning

    46. Agent 007

      Max is a reckless driver & an ass*ole .

    47. official sbrMILITIA

      Ferrari+LeClerc=TRASH send LeClerc back to Alfa and to the back of the grid where he belongs

    48. Dynamic Solution

      Ferrari business model is built on cheating....mainly by cheating rich people out of their hard earned money, cars spontaneously combust that trick insurance company into replacing entire car...facts!

    49. Brice Philippe

      Verstapen is an over rates driver..

      1. Marjan B

        He's not! But at least look at your writing

    50. dagambler999

      Tricking fuel flow? Seems possible, if they could get a standing wave within the fuel rail. Place sensor near or on top of a wave node to trick it.

    51. Lukus Carter

      So basically, it’s kinda like Ferrari = Trump and Red Bull = those Democrats.

    52. Albertus Aswin

      Crashtappen might crash outside of the circuit as well. Be very careful with the acussation.

      1. Sergio Canalles

        Not just an accusation, but actually the truth

    53. Jose Fachada

      Max is very intelligent....just like is father was....and of course we know what happen ...

    54. S. T.

      The Ferrari drivers should have gotten points reduction. Now you send out messages that it is ok to cheat!

    55. xXQuiCKScOpEN _

      Why not just keep all cars on track after qualifying and racing and check the fuel injection

    56. Moneyandtime Freedom

      FERRARI CHEATING? What? NEVER! 😅😂😅🤣😅 Dictionary: Cheating, see Ferrari ( shows pictures of Ferrari)

    57. Luke Bell

      Come on guys, an itialian team cheating! What.

    58. Power Evolution RC

      I thought this was about why he accused him of cheating yeah he doesn't actually have a reason why. Just guesses it seems

    59. Vivian Newman

      How hard is it to precisely model an engine. I suspect based on my limited knowledge is that it is easy and as such the FIA and other teams can easily run enough iterations of models to very accurately predict when someone is tricking the system. There is a finite amount of configuration and engine engineering is no more a black art but a well understood process. Unless someone has figured out how yo incorporate quantum processes which would put it outside the realm of Newtonian (lack of a better word) physics

    60. Vivian Newman

      Funny how the media has dropped the subject like a hot potato. Is it possible that the FIA was turning a blind eye to what they were doing? Even the relevant Media outlet and there is only one really (monopoly) has dropped it also. I personally and I think the community wants to know the truth from the FIA. I think they owe the fans that much. No wonder persons get turned off F1. The FIA really shoot themselves in the foot this time in my humble opinion

    61. dgretlein

      There is nothing circumstantial about it. This game has became one of infinitesimally small changes. They, Ferrari, are likely in an engineering saddle-point where a small change can yield a tremendous gain or loss. There hundreds of factors from race to race. I could say there is a strong correlation in Ferrari performance drop at COTA to November 3, 2019. Doesn’t mean they are cheating, now does it Max (Autosport commentators)?

    62. alex555552

      Ferrari never cheated it only had that one legend

    63. jerememe bracco

      Hits different after Abu Dhabi

    64. chap6595

      Max is a spoilt little brat.

    65. nvt nvt

      I think we should have a hardcore hooligan fanbase to beat up Ferrari fans on the track😂

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    67. whiteandnerdytuba

      It’s not cheating if you’re just playing the rule book

    68. Joseph Nordby

      lol and ferrai just had a fine with descreptincy in the fuel amount in abu dubai

    69. Nitin Guru

      After the last race and the non existent ferrari pace, I feel Max's stand has been vindicated...

    70. Arthur Valkan

      Max swims with the fishers

    71. southernhighlander22

      if anything i would look deeper into Hamilton and Mercedes Team Hamilton has pushed drivers out of the way and the other drivers have said it and even said that Hamilton and Mercedes were the ones that are cheating and have the FIA blessing to do so

    72. steve ed

      Of course Ferrari and Mercedes are cheating cause they can bribe f1 stewards and they have millions of money to stay on top while the lower teams are struggling to keep up. Which isn’t fair. That why the f1 sport is boring to watch.

    73. Joe Mc

      Ferrari should have a bumper car for Vettel. But would that be cheating? 🤔

    74. rouelibre1

      I remembre a wicked man called Jean Todd. Has his philosophy stayed with the Scuderia still?

    75. Sergio’s Polvere

      That’s why for the last 10 years Ferrari has been winning and even in the last race Ferrari was fastest in straight line and again they won then we think Ferrari has 5 tires and RB only 3 and Mercedes only 2 1/2

    76. one ferrdek


    77. bigwaverider

      Even F1 Motor sports has turned SOY BOY. What has happened to real men?

    78. Aleksa Boljević

      STFU MAX

    79. hello456able

      ferrrarri have a reputation for cheating!

    80. RikterZilla

      These kinds of comment are expected when they come from an entitled, trust fund baby who has been groomed from the womb to be an F1 driver. Always told he's the most wonderful, bestest, glorious boy the world could ever have. Too bad folks are snickering behind his back and calling him "Vercrashen"