Why Verstappen accused Ferrari of cheating


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    Ferrari’s loss of pace in the United States Grand Prix increased the speculation around what might be behind its straightline speed advantage in F1 2019. Its rivals suspect that a technical directive clarification from the FIA about the cars’ fuel flow meters could have thwarted a trick Ferrari had come up with, and Max Verstappen went as far as saying Ferrari’s drop in pace at Austin was “what happens when you stop cheating”. With no firm evidence to analyse, and Ferrari claiming those accusations are “completely wrong”, Edd Straw and Scott Mitchell assess how the situation has moved on now weeks of debate behind the scenes is finally moving into some finger pointing in public

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    1. Riccardo Bossi

      let's sum this one up, we have a dominant team, that gave very little space to the other for 6 years RB: fine with it. ferrari now has a good car that puts up a fight and makes the gps more iteresting and fun, RB: this is illegal, we should fuck them up and ruin relationships between teams because we ain't go down alone i think this is just bullshit, ferrari simply has a better engine, sometimes they fuck up because they are testing strategies and set ups for the next year since this one is already over, at least this is what it looks like to me

    2. SoupFork

      Everyone: F1 has become predictable and boring and drivers have become media puppets without character, we miss the old spectacle and drama! Max: Says something mildly controversial Everyone: OMG how DARE you. You have stolen my dreams and my races with your empty words. And yet you're one of the lucky ones. Teams are suffering. Drivers are dying. Entire rule circumventions are collapsing. We are in the beginning of a mass regulation, and all you can talk about is Ferrari and fairy tales of questionable engineering practices. How dare you!

    3. MrZoranbebek

      keep digging into what ferrari has but you dont-mercedes and red bull are the bigest scamers ever came into f1 period.

    4. Lionel Bunker

      I had a feeling that Ferrari was cheating.; now confirmed.

    5. Cary Coller

      They aren't winning, so their trick isn't working.

    6. Guust

      Watch the ziggo clip on yt (ziggo verstappen valsspelen) and he literally says "Yes but yes, that's what you get IF you stop cheating ofcourse". He said IF , not WENN.

    7. Michael Brown

      Which just proves the point... there are too many rules in F1. What's the point of engineers developing the cars if they are called cheaters? Soon F1 will be like the old IROC Series. Equal cars built to the same specs.

    8. kevin butler

      I love hearing drivers accuse the other teams of cheating as if they aren't also cheating. Every team is cheating. If they aren't trying to push the regulations to their absolute ragged edge then they are doing it wrong. Glass houses Max.

    9. Jools Tyler

      It's not the first time is it now, ferrari are a terrible team eh Flavio Vettel cheats as much schumacker did

    10. Peter Richardson

      Funny how Ferrari seemed to have a power advantage last season, and the FIA checked their batteries - which were "fine" - yet the advantage seemed to disappear immediately afterwards. And now the same thing again this season.....

    11. Wolf J.

      Answer: Because he's a Red Bull schmuck who can't cope with defeat.

    12. Frank Ie

      I cant really believe how cool calm and collected the would say ok... dont do it again... If....... If its all true.... wouldnt that deserve a disqualification for previous races?

    13. Matt768

      Maybe because last season they used ice packs on their intercoolers and this season they have been playing about with their fuel mixtures? That's why he accused them, because they ARE cheating, and yet they still lost the season. Max just has the bollocks to say it in public.

    14. BeeCee

      Max sad what the rest of the world -not red- is thinking. Smart? Maybe not. Honest? Absolutely!

    15. Arman Maaba

      Yeah max is right that Ferrari maybe added fuel flow that exceeded on the FIA limit as per regulations and this isn't easy to be noticed. Somehow this can be tracked by any other team specifically when 2 cars are racing on straight line on a multiple race. And you will know that once you've reached the maximum limit the car will not add any kph/mph because no force is exerted to counter the flow of air.

    16. maverick buckley

      If an engine with 3 races in it drops 11mph off it's top speed factoring in Downforce then the Ferrari engine is utter crap. Which it isn't. Occums razor. F1 has always been about who can 'bend' the rules the most . One team has been caught 'bending' them more than anyone else.

    17. Jason rushton

      Was'nt it the same in the early 00's?? Shell giving Ferarri a differant type of fuel to the rest of the team's they supplied??

    18. Enricom23

      Shut your pie hole, Verstappen...

    19. Shane Shepherd-Ashby

      Let's go back a few years and remove all this "Boffin Hardon Material/Devices" from the cars and just let the "Drivers" drive and not steer these machines.... This is my opinion...!

    20. suicidal.banana

      F1 should just be shut down tbh, its an ever increasing mess. We should all support FE instead

    21. fladave99 Mills

      I am not watching that $hit $how until they go back to V-10 or 12. BYE

    22. DavidMillsSeven

      They cheated. Every denial of Ferrari so far is apologising around the issue. They put a mechanism in place to circumvent a control system put in place there by the FIA to create a level playing field. The fact that they were not punished severely was, because apparently there was NO RULE that clearly stated: "you cannot interfere with our control systems in a way that DO NOT TOUCH our control systems". Furthermore Todt = Ferrari = Leclerc. Verstappen would never have gone to Ferrari, he's a pure racer. Ferrari is far too political. Ask Vettel.

    23. mobgma


    24. MrCurry

      An expensive mistake. Even if Verstappen never plans to go to Ferrari in the future, he would want whatever team he is negotiating salary with to believe he might do so. Take away his route to Ferrari with a stupid petulant comment, and he’s reduced his salary negotiating power forever. That one outburst could cost him tens of millions of dollars. Stupid kid.

    25. John Smith

      Lolz fuel/oil cooler gate, or Ferrari Gate?

    26. Garagista

      Max is awesome but I'm so sick of F1... It wouldn't surprise me if he quit F1 early

    27. Chop Choy

      Than all Ferrari's winning was false in 2019 , bloody Mafia team.

    28. Jeremy quiring

      Lol he's faster there for Hes cheating no dumb dumb they just have less downforse. So in his mind if you have no downforse then go faster in the straights your a cheater even if you have less grip

    29. Craig Gallagher

      I hate cheaters but with how restrictive and locked down the regs and rules are, it's almost a necessary evil to keep the racing interesting especially for teams that have no other way of ever catching up to teams that essentially have a monopoly on competitive performance. Open the sport back up again to crazy out there innovation and let the chips fall where they may. Set a fuel usage limit but let the teams decide how they use it and if they run out before the end of the race or have a negative effect, thats the risk of going a different way than the norm. But it may also gain them an advantage which the other teams then need to innovate a response. Need much more risk vs reward in this sport rather than these stunted, locked in idiotic rules that punish for years on end the teams that simply dont get it correct right off the bat.

    30. Mashetekiller

      Like Mercedes never cheated...

    31. The RealButcher (Peter from Holland)

      LOL, if you press on the sour spot, they squeak ... hmm, fishy

    32. Greg Lockhart

      Two point's: Mercedes,, Engine/turbo oiling & party mode. This was a was a issue in 2017 that was silenced rather effectively....

      1. Sebastian Alejandro Carballes

        Yessss, someone that remembers all the Mercedes fuzz, nobody is talking of that or the other parts. They dominated the year, but ferrari wins 2 races and the are illegal hahhaa

    33. DownLow0099

      F1... The cry baby sport...

    34. TopSecretVid

      Who cares what Ferrari does in Quali..They still screw up their races 😂 😂


      Is it cheating or simple a better car?

    36. IostsouI

      According to Helmut Marko, Red Bull used research largely collected by Mercedes.

    37. Tauranac

      Verstappen Is a crybaby

    38. Jorge González

      Good job shutting that door forever Max. 👍

    39. Camden Wallraff

      I wish the races became "no performance restriction rules, but all tricks used must be thoroughly published in detail"

    40. Dane

      Everyone speaks about ferrari trying to cheat but nobody is speaking about mercedes, red bull, and few others who indeed cheat but they are untouchable cause they bribe the FIA

    41. Hi Brooks Lone Star Mercedes Benz

      Commentators: “This weekend Ferrari is the favourite”, “Ferrari is so fast”, “Ferrari is unbeatable...” Mercedes: Hold my beer while I pick up my six time championship trophy.”

    42. FullOilBarrel

      Autosport quick to jump to conclusions nothing new, move along

    43. Nick Maclachlan

      Even if this is true (which is debatable), so what? Teams have been pushing the "outer envelope" of the rules and regs for Donkeys years. As soon as other teams catch a whiff they either join in and negate any advantage, or moan to the grown-ups and get it banned. Nothing new here...................even Verstappen running his mouth when his team should have him under control!

    44. karel bellic

      OMFG !!! Ferrari cheat ? What do you mean ? Anybody remember the Schumacher years, and before, will clearly know, this is not something that is new to Ferrari. They are dirty, to the core. Yet, if another team is suspected of cheating, the scuderri have no probmema, with making that team public targets. IE mclaren. Ie Williams. Ie Red Bull It seems like there is one rule for Ferrari and another rule for the rest. Kick the reds out. Nothing but cheats.

    45. Alexander Trefz

      Mr "the rules are not for me" Verstappen accusing other people of cheating is the hipocritical thing i have seen in a while.

    46. Owen O.

      British press biase Jesus

    47. mmcmx

      Sometimes I'd love Ferrari to leave this circus.

    48. Mastro Botanicus

      Anche la Red Bull bara e imbroglia! Ha uno psicopatico allá guida. Questo autistico milionario, non deve neanche pronunciare la parola Ferrari! Schizoide e invidioso come tutti gli olandesi, si schianterà presto! Speriamo che non coinvolga altri nel suo volo finale! Non ci mancherai, matto e diffamatore. La F1 non ha bisogno dI cretini patentati! Idiota!

    49. Alan Jones

      He’s Dutch, speaking his mind is normal

      1. Patrick Quinn

        Keo de Jong hey sheep boy , you got nothing original to say ? Then stfu .

      2. Keo de Jong

        Patrick Quinn i think somebody stepped on yours mate

      3. Patrick Quinn

        BeeCee hey dickhead who stepped on your orthopaedic shoes .

      4. BeeCee

        @Patrick Quinn then you will fit in just fine.

      5. Patrick Quinn

        DavidMillsSeven and fill it full ofretards.

    50. riadhk

      Little whiny Maxine better focus on her driving and avoid running into other cars on the track while whining about every and any thing.

    51. jajesam sigurno

      Ferrarri's big mega secret: "how to be second for years"!?!?

      1. Patrick Quinn

        jajesam sigurno they are very good at it , experience!

    52. RHP9898

      The guy's Dutch, speaking bluntly is what Dutch do. The majority of folks commenting below are snowflakes... Max doesn't give a sh*t if he upsets people.

    53. binarymale him


    54. Ian Visser

      Ferrari cheats, they have a long history with cheating in F1.

    55. MediaPC

      Absolutely nothing to do with wanting a fair fight. All teams bend the rules but none like it when others do. A "clarification" is no different to saying you think someone is cheating but has the advantage that you don't look like a fool if it turns out they're not.

    56. NewtonInDaHouseYo

      So how exactely can you „leak oil out of an intercooler“? All this babbling and no technical insight at all!

    57. Vladimir Yemelyanov

      This privileged kid needs to learn how to drive first. All he does is crashing. Who’s financing this amateur?

      1. Andre Kluiters

        Yeah right, that's why he replaced crashing russian Kvyat whahaha?! Or are you a Kubica fan? Who crashes his car on the first corner of his outlap hhh?!

    58. Dante Fajardo

      Max will still get hired by Ferrari if given the chance. Why??? He's just that good.

    59. rikkierikkie

      Verstappen just said what every team but Ferrari was thinking and everyone is butthurt.

    60. at rem79

      First he is Dutch. Dutch are honest straightforward people in how we communicate. Get used to it,that won’t change.

      1. keshav khh

        Get used to not winning championship either..

      2. keshav khh

        Get used to not winning championships either