White House Officials "Shushed" Lawmakers Who Asked Questions During Iran Briefing

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    Sen. Mike Lee, a Republican, expressed his extreme discomfort with the way President Trump's team treated Congresspeople in a briefing about the administration's Iran strategy. #Monologue #LSSC #Colbert
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    1. Sydney Nguyen

      E thớt đo đong kỳ Tất 2tan Lộc đoan Lộc đỉnh ký

    2. A.M. Lewis Farms

      I think the mysterious Christmas gift that Korea promised Trump was the name of this leader he could assassinate.

    3. PutinWithAnimals

      Please stop misspelling "lawmerkers"

    4. Lisa Shrestha

      Stephen’s Dubya voice is excellent! I love it. Much as Bush Jr wasn’t a great president, he makes trump look really dumb and I liked Bush’s Texas accent. Lol

    5. Trevor Gomez

      I always had an issue accepting the arguments against democracy made by Plato, Aristotle, and Socrates, but after what Trump has done to what I thought was a stable representative democracy, i'm convinced Trump somehow provided a better case against democracy than they ever could have. Now that's ironic.

    6. Whimsy Wins

      As someone who classified a lot of Top Secret intelligence in my life, I can say that the source and methods MUST be protected... but that the substance MUST be more definitive then vague assurances, and sometimes it can be hard to figure out how to But I think we could prove that the President is lying or there was a real credible and imminent threat just by asking 3 questions.... What did the CRITIC report state? There WAS a CRITIC report right? Can you prove a CRITIC report was sent? There would HAVE to be a CRITIC report that was issued if the president is telling the truth and was responding to an imminent threat that his intelligence sources made him aware of. There would be no CRITIC report if he was lying, and simply taking his own "initiative" to assassinate a foreign official. We don't even have to read the report, just verify that one was sent around the time of Soleimani's assassination.

    7. Douglas Wong

      Big fat mistake? Got a big fat button?

    8. J Douglas

      Unfortunately, Colbert's dialogue, although humorous, IS TRUE!!! America is in danger with trump in the WH.

    9. Daniel Su

      Whenever they are cameras, Rand Paul will be there, without any good reason.

    10. Scott

      Democrats are SO unpatriotic.....kick then out of the country.

    11. Scott

      He is supporting a terrorist instead of the President of the US ? What is going on ?

    12. Scott

      This guy is a LOSER.

    13. The National Razor

      You should start calling the tarrifs by what they actually are: a tax increase on American consumers to offset the massive give away for the rich.

    14. jason labudde

      So, he just casually has a weapon of mass destruction; in a vile and he’s shaking it like candy

    15. Ed Kendrick

      Don't criticize Israel. Would Israeli intelligence (magical source) have anything to do with the Soleimani assassination? Who pull Trump's puppet strings?

    16. Lucky Dude

      Some Trumpanzee may harm this guy. Trumpanzees think those who don't support Trump blindly is some sort of Satan.

    17. duhmahsnabores

      The 'imminent' attack was planned three weeks earlier by the White House.

    18. 柳岑焉

      对了,大陸清期火車建者,为什麽无人追诉,乃至霍金也同模式,危害旧科普组,So,对了華盛屯和牛屯及爱華得有同组嗎??,不如,僭入大英烈博物馆和图書馆寻察兇悪踩尸组,,,如何昵??。 喔对了,剑赠北伯,SO,科普组及一切冤枉亡像霍金,鸽子助巡察,而清期火車建者双胞案,好像己无事発生??,是否暗察審??,北伯忙不了蒸气空艇组,SO,会不会美国也多了蒸气火車建者??,而北伯会以己霍金先,So,而鸽子忙台铁船派小学作业,还抽空看太阳照镜,很忙的,,,SO。 会不会和甘乃笛案有関,,,??。

    19. Colin Moore

      America needs to start ringing it's cloister bell!

    20. ldchappell1

      Even broken clocks are right twice a day.

    21. Mark Smith

      nope. If you don't have imminent threat, it's murder. Felony number 15

    22. Carolina Murtha

      There ARE sensible republicans in office still, thank God. It’s been infuriating to hear these people continuously defend Trumps action, actions that not only affect us Americans but them as well but for some reason trump is the hill they’re willing to die climbing up for. He’s not worth it, thank you Senator Lee!

    23. Eduardo Rais

      they call it murdering millions a mistake.

    24. Eduardo Rais

      when has the usa needed evidence to destroy countries or murder people?. never, they do it all the time.

    25. Paul Wood

      American is NOT the home of the Whopper. Burger King recently bought a Canadian hamburger chain so they could re-incorporate in Canada and avoid paying taxes in the US. So, enjoy your "Whopping" bite of NOT America.

    26. 65wiseman

      Our trump is a disaster.

    27. Kamn

      remember when trump was bragging to maralago about something big about to happen and then soleimani was killed? yea me too, good times...

    28. Pajaro-Bird

      USMCA DEAL DONE= Promise made and kept CHINA TRADE DEAL DONE- Promise made and kept ...meantime democrats cant get over it

      1. Pajaro-Bird

        Mark, The USMCA (replaces job killing nafta) is also done, and passed by the senate. . You really hate America dont you?

      2. Pajaro-Bird

        Mark... The China -US Trade deal phase 1 was signed. I goes one to phase 2. You really hate this country dont you?

      3. Mark Smith

        China trade deal not done. Just barely started and not even that until after Trump loses the election. The entire Tariffs is a bungle costing Americans trillions and jobs. USMCA deal = $2 TRILLION in debt. That money could have extended SS for another 50 years, Paid for all of our school debt. Gotten medical insurance for the entire country. Instead he wasted it on more antiquated military that hasn't won a war in 70 years. Just another vehicle make the rich richer and stick it to the Middle class. What Republicans see as a big wins are the things that are destroying the country

    29. St. Paul

      Lindsey Graham is magically "Gay"licious - says Trumpy

    30. BlindErephon

      "It was magical and we're not gonna compromise it." is what you say when you don't wanna tell your buddies you hooked up with someone and don't wanna tell them who it is.


      🙏 1:27 💞🔥 👇 👇 👇 👇💞

    32. Elena C

      Stephen, you make all this scary, crazy stuff that's going on in US entertaining and lighthearted. Thank you :')

    33. Tonne Black

      Trump - "big fat mistake". The words a toddler would use. Also a good description of Trump.

    34. FRO 3SEATS

      Damn Right Mike, it is. It insults our intelligence . Most of us are smarter than that. A Liar gonna Lie.

    35. Mary-Anne Bourke

      USA needs more Sen Mike Lees......a true Republican. Oh Stephen great GW impersonation.....fantastic!

    36. Josh Freeman


      1. Mark Smith

        … act like fools.

    37. Twilii

      Time for another deleted comment. So, from the administration that has destroyed military personnel lives from leaked photos to twitter. Photos from recon satellites which gave away the position of the satellite, again posted to twitter. And their stance is that congress / senate doesn't need to know because could be leaked? No.

    38. catherine spruill


    39. dimitri

      Egregious, that's like a prosecutor saying YES he murdered him but we can't show any evidence because its magical!

      1. dimitri

        @vliduu zeeb Huh??

      2. vliduu zeeb

        the legs and arms off a couple thousand more. Then you say he was a bad guy but... Bad guy? but?

    40. Tom Allen

      The Whopper is now a Canadian company btw. Five years on now.... But love this show. (Just sayin')

    41. Linda G

      4:19 Good fucking point.

    42. grow2b

      Yeah, Mike you talk now but you were a Trump defender before the Iran shit. I hope you are strong enough to hold the line--don't let a crack blemish the Constitution because once a crack sets it cannot be stopped. You are Congress, not a Trump groupie and I hope you'll uphold your duty in the 3rd branch of gov't.

    43. Alexander James


    44. xxx tino

      I can kill a man on 5th Ave. and not lose a vote... apparently That applies to the world

    45. David Briggs

      The pentagon felt they had to get some of these senators together to let them know who’s in control. “We’re doing this. You guys shut the fxxk up”, is, in a nutshell, what they were told. Remember this, keep it in mind and you will see other indications.

    46. TRaViS DoMiNGueZ

      If we would use social media for more than hating on stuff, we could use it to group up and kick these people out of power by ourselves, instead of hoping an election will fix it. Go Bernie 2020

    47. Steven Martin

      Could someone please make a band called The Mike Pence Experience?

    48. DrownedInExile

      Yup, it's 2003 all over again.

    49. SILVIA S-B

      Here, here, I agree!

    50. EuroFrench

      Wow, finally - a sane Republican (Lee) at the “moment”, with a moral conscience & a spine. I remember the days when there were more of them.

      1. Harry Karbowski

        I agree, I actually thought they were a dying breed, and the last good guy, passed when we lost John McCain...

    51. Gary Dennis

      Jesus, Stephen may hope Trump gets reelected, he'll have nothing to talk about ffs. Change the record

    52. Sherkalyn

      Was Senator Graham high on Trump's fart gas again? Wtf kind of answer was THAT supposed to be?

    53. diane whalen

      You go Stephen👍

    54. joe kewl

      He was the commander of a designated terrorist organization and targeted under the Patriot Act not Article two, so the imminent attack doesn't apply. We didn't target Iran's official but rather we targeted a terrorist who is an Iranian Official. Getting a job doesn't give you a green light to kill at least 603 US service members ( mostly 18-23 yo) or to blow the legs and arms off a couple thousand more. Then you say he was a bad guy but... Bad guy? but?

    55. dcoog anml

      missing something

    56. Peter Hockley

      If Drumpfilthinskin &Co had the intelligence, they'd have to padlock his damned mouth shut.😐

    57. Tom Jones

      That was amazing

    58. Kirsten Wollesen

      Good for you Mike!

      1. dcoog anml

        "The way we found this out, we'll never tell anybody 'cause it was magical and we're not going to compromise it." So...ouija board?

    59. Robert Johnston

      Trump is a con artist 100% of the time. Always trying to stay one step ahead of the reporting and totally avoiding accountability. He has to remain aloof of accountability or he goes to jail, because he is a constant fraud in every activity, every business, every deal. Creating a shock doctrine false flag situation for the nation to focus on, is old style Republican/oligarchy strategy to invent a way out of their own incompetence, futility and criminality.

    60. Dee A

      Pence is saying eminent instead of imminent. Nobody in that Whitehouse bothers to speak correctly while they're lying to the world. Pricks.