We bought a battle tank! T69 (T55)



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    We went to UK to look for a new project; a T69 main battle tank
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    1. My Name

      gaaf man!

    2. snoop alert


      1. Sander

        Look at his channel now. It is not junk.

      2. Sander

        Look at his channel now . It isn't trash.

    3. Benoit Vanhees

      Nooit meer last van speedelecs, en plaats genoeg voor alle koopwaar. Zalig.

    4. Bjorn Feijen

      2 jaar later en hij is al voor meer als de helft af 👍🏼

    5. levi keuning

      wel duur 10 eur voor 4 stickers [vind ik]

    6. ymxctrails

      @<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="689">11:29</a> it was full of wo ahh

    7. Gara Kral

      is from my country

    8. Taceau

      Nice to watch this again in april 2020. A lot has happened since they bought this tank.

    9. Williez Zeilliw

      Wat heeft die nou gekost

    10. иван иванов

      Смотреть страшно, неужели это можно восстановить. Почему он такой ржавый? Утопленник?

    11. de dolle mwoan

      Het is toch wel leuk om te zien hoe die tank is veranderd

    12. حسين مانوس

      Iraq tanks 🇮🇶😞

    13. Dax arms

      Let's see him drift that armored personnel carrier

    14. Dax arms

      Did they cut the breach out of the gun or did they leave it intact

    15. Dax arms

      The reason why that tank is in that condition is cuz the British government was careless with it

    16. Dax arms

      That tank is a basket-case a truly a hooptie of the tank

    17. Bram van Oostveen

      1 year later the v12 runs😍

      1. Sander

        I believe it is a V8. Edit : nevermind it is a v12.

    18. ge hu

      type 69

    19. Les Critchlow

      Just watched this video and noticed the plaque in it. This is the T69 that my Regiment, The 14th/20th King's Hussars captured in Iraq during Op Desert Storm. If you want any information on it's life after the Gulf, feel free to contact me.

      1. Sander

        Mastermilo is very interested into the history of the tank but he can't find a lot of information on it .he doesn't really read his comments but you could email him.

    20. СережкА Ш

      Люблю этот танк, жду новые видосы. С радостью с вами бы ремонтировал его.

    21. Dax arms

      It looks like it would take a very large caliper to pierce the front end of that armored personnel carrier but the sides look like they be easy to pierce

    22. Dax arms

      All right you're from the Netherlands it might be cheaper instead of putting on the back of a lorry is to put it on a barge and send it over to the Netherlands from England via the English channel

      1. Please enter a name.

        The video is almost 2 years old, the engine now runs. It's slowly being put back together now. Slowly but surely.

    23. Dax arms

      It's a big undertaking but I don't think that tank is beyond the grave another words it's repairable

    24. Dax arms

      Yes Sergeant Schultz from Hogan's hero would not be able to fit into that hatch

    25. Dax arms

      I hope you brought something more than a VW Jetta station wagon cuz your standard household trailer is not going to handle the weight of that tank you going to have to get a 10 ton lowboy to move that back to Germany or Belgium what country you're in I just subscribed to you a video go and I'm glad you put the English text at the bottom so I can understand what you're saying as you get bigger you might be able to hire a translator to do all the dubbing cuz if you also had a translated in English beyond text you'll have a much wider audience. Also if you looking for sponsorship mostly when building go-karts there's always go power sports in Texas and their web address is go powersports.com I'm going to binge watch a tank videos have a great day

    26. Dax arms

      If that engine is totally trashed if you can adapt a American Chrysler m47 Patton bulldog tank engine is a hemi with overhead cams and if you look at the machining on it you can understand why in 1950s America the army was paying more than $300,000 for those engines now you can acquire it for about $1,000 also check US army surplus sites and they might have a few sitting crates. Have a great day 😀👏😀👏😀👏😀👏😀👏

    27. Dax arms

      It looks like you bought tank number 17. 👏👏👏👏👏

    28. Dax arms

      So how did the grousers look in the shackles and the links also is 2 sprocket shark tooth or not? Also check your idler gears to make sure there's still enough meat on them and your rollers also if there's an engine inside it all the dipstick and see if they did a good job of covering up the exhaust even though it's been outside for 10 years in the desert engine code will be just fine but in Merry old England the land of rain hopefully they put something over the intake and exhaust to keep water from getting into crankcase. Have a great day 😀😀😀😀👏👏👏👏

    29. Dax arms

      Is that tank was made in China there's a good chance you got a yanmar diesel engine in it remove the engine cover in the front and take a look at the flywheel in the rear make sure there's not a lot of hitting or imperfections in it I've seen Chinese flywheels fall apart while being spun at high speeds. Have a great day

    30. Виктор Шолохов

      Не в тех руках техника была ;-)))

    31. pippo spano

      dude. u ve got yerself a bloody tank

    32. Csaba Hajnal

      Danke schön, geil! Gab es video von aufladen? Have You video about the loading on the trailer, lowboy?

    33. Dániel Szabó-Pál

      What the fuck is this unhumanic languange????!!!! like somebody vomiting !!!

      1. Sander

        Wat zeg je nou? It is Dutch.

    34. green lover

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="238">3:58</a> that sign is mean ,number 16 in Arabic numbers

    35. Kemal Farezy

      what languange is this ?

      1. Rob Delmotte


    36. Devesh S

      Why didn't you keep the turret? I am sure a turret wouldn't be illegal in your country

      1. Rob Delmotte

        They are working on the paperwork to make sure everything is legal. That's why they don't have it yet.

    37. MotoEnd

      type ♋

    38. Snagging Fir

      I like that matt has an acer shipping container.

    39. shirley lacour

      whatever langue he is speaking, gets old quick.

    40. Rob Feldkamp

      Oss staat wel op de kaart, Den bosch niet. Word ik toch wel een beetje blij van stiekem :)

    41. Sawer

      Toen wist hij nog niet wat een gekut die rupsbanden zouden worden

    42. sciacarlo

      The nightmare become reality

    43. Mark Newell

      Lol at us English taking piss out how he and his country men have spelled something wrong I dare you to spell anything in his language great video by the way I'm new to the channel but get to watch all your videos from the start

    44. American Crusader

      Dude wtf am I listening too? A mixture of some Scandinavian jibberish and english? Just anit right, partner.

      1. Sander

        It is Dutch.

    45. teamidris

      Massive progress in a year. Just stunning. I was sure that engine was dead!

    46. djmips

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="195">3:15</a> yeah good thing they're prevented from sliding out because otherwise they might just fall out right? Foreshadowing....

    47. Smartzenegger

      Wat is de tank hier nog krokant zeg... wat een verschil. Oorlog zuigt, maar wat een machtig mooie machines zijn er voor gebouwd! :)

    48. Tim

      Leuk om terug te kijken hij ziet er al zo veel beter uit!

    49. Irish Eyes

      Good luck doing this after Brexit.

    50. Sander Jansen

      Zo nu en dan even terug kijken hoe het allemaal begon.

    51. Taimoor Rbeaat

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="233">3:53</a> its number 16 in arabic (١٦)


      What do Dutch have running around their bowels to be able to speak like that? Gerbel? Hamster? Spaniel?


      Bullshit that's a real language

      1. Sander

        Wat zeg je nou?

    54. Syska Russie

      HE harde werker. Sta je open voor een heel groot experiment? Ik heb een idee om een 8 tact motor te maken. Deze zal veel schoner lopen DMV. Een naverbranding. Zelf denk ik dat de uitstoot van roetdeeltjes met 90 % zal teruglopen. Wel gewaagd maar best wel interessant om te testen. Gr Marcel

    55. Валерий П

      Typ 69 ist eine Kopie von T 62 de.topwar.ru/144248-rasskazy-ob-oruzhii-tank-t-62-snaruzhi-i-vnutri.html

    56. jel tai

      google man google man arabische cijfers www.intercambio-es.com/nl/nl/arabisch-leren/95/tellen-en-getallen-in-het-arabisch/

    57. TheMrFailz

      Shoutout to all the people like me who 1 year ago thought that this thing would never go anywhere because of how badly abused it was.

    58. Zixi Bai


    59. Allu Random

      T69 _N I C E_

    60. TheMalerdaemon

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="156">2:36</a> That's where the "Made in China" and QC #10 stickers used to be

    61. wim van der poel


    62. bloodraider00

      wow is dit al reeds 12 maanden geleden

    63. welldone

      Iam from iraq, also iam old soldier Im ready for any questions if you wish

    64. Paul ter Haar

      Dit was precies 1 jaar geleden. Ongelooflijk hoe de tank er nu bij staat!

    65. Hanzie

      Die oplossing van de trackpinnen is overigens afgekeken van de Duitse Tiger I tank

    66. Panipal Yako

      Ik ben irakees heel heel laat hahaha heb deze vid 3x gekeken en ik merk nu pas dat jij vroeg van is er een irakees

    67. Gaming Time

      Wanneer komt de koepel

    68. Jusef Madhloum

      De tekens zijn arabische cijfers. Er staat 27 geschreven.

    69. Tracybeme

      17e Iraakse legerdivisie. Een naoorlogse vergadering van resterende gemotoriseerde brigades in september 2008.

      1. Tracybeme

        Een door de coalitie gefinancierde activiteit. De 17e werd samengesteld om de strijdkrachten en voorraden van Al Qaida in Irak te vernietigen. Er vond een opstand plaats die Al Qaida in twee facties verdeelde, Al Qaida en ISIS. De 17e blijft tot op de dag van vandaag jagen en beide facties doden. Al Qaida en ISIS worden gefinancierd door rode facties van Rusland, China en Iran. Een groot deel van hun inkomen komt uit de verkoop van drugs en slaven.

    70. TheAmazingPotato11

      Why did this pop up in my recommendations.

    71. Henri Baas

      Mooi hoor maar nu in 2019 draait de motor

    72. ibrahim Alrekabi

      Many of similar tanks have been restored in iraq and used to fight isis .

    73. Eric Corse

      What is Dutch for masochist?

    74. Kas Jager

      Je herkent hem niet terug

    75. John R

      Counterfeit Russian tank built in China, sold to Iraq, but looked like the switches were labeled in english?

    76. Jan Han

      Nearly one year later the engine runs. Who thought that.😀

    77. ausaskar

      Wouldn't buying one of those ex-Czechoslovak tanks be better than this chinese rustbucket?

    78. CharlesCarabott

      Pity it was left out in rainy damp European weather for so long. In the desert they don't rust

    79. CharlesCarabott

      Great for some defensive driving

    80. jurgen bussche

      tis arabish geen Irakees