Watch Elon Musk announce the Tesla Cybertruck in 14 minutes


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    Elon Musk unveiled the new Tesla Cybertruck tonight at the Tesla Design Studio in Hawthorne, California.
    Tesla Cybertruck: Inside the unveiling:
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    Gepubliceerd op 21 dag geleden


    1. 只攻與防

      Maybe it will improve the quality of window

    2. Romero-Kyun

      DeLorean = cyber car

    3. S

      I keep on expecting it to reassemble itself into Michael Jackson.

    4. ji joi

      Tron - Legocy

    5. Johnny lopez

      Zombies ppl

    6. Johnny lopez

      It's made for zombies

    7. Guiltless

      He definitely came up with this design while high af

    8. Not Talented

      Your comments aren’t funny.


      8:14 When you screw up on the presentation but

    10. xLashion

      8:19 is me a sheep 🐑 trying to get some food :)

    11. Anatol P

      Elon Musk who is he? a genius? or a blind billionaire? or maybe he is doing that on purpose? Installing low latitude so called SpaceX satellites, by hundreds for now, but very soon by thousands, up to 42,000 by the year 2017. And not only him, others billionaires are thinking to do the same, like amazon, facebook and others. In a few years there will be hundreds of thousands or even millions of these questionable technology machines flying over our heads. Looks like in general people are thinking about these satellites like low flying harmless birds. But these machines are not harmless, they emit radiation, and a lots of it, day and night 24/365. Maybe Mr Elon will tell us, how much radiation they will send to the Earth. And that radiation will effect all inhabitants on the Earth including the plant world. More, Mr Elon is using even laser technology, which is also dangerous like the microwave technology to our health, and to the environment? Many of us are excited to see these satellites train in the sky? and are very happy to have a cheap and fast internet? really, will it make us happy? Looks like it is only a cover up, something serious is behind that? so some specialists say on the internet. Perhaps human mind reprogramming, and control? How about all sicknesses? a whole list of them, starting from A and ending on Z? including cancer? caused by the microwave radiation and the laser technology? If Mr Elon cares about us and the planet? maybe in his wisdom he would build a space craft, which will clean the space from all debris and junk send into the space by intelligent and highly developed human? It will be a real good deed, for all of us. "What is a benefit for a man, who even possesses all Earth, but will lose his soul"?

    12. Hon Arroyo

      Musk: Hit it! DemoGuy:Sure? Musk: Yeah DemoGuy: ---- splashkkkk! Musk: Ohhhh my G! YOU BROKE IT! Oh my! DemoGuy: lets hit it onemore time? Musk : ehhuhmm... dont ruin my show..

    13. Sultankinggold

      1:37 do i spot nate from TKOR?!

    14. Blattgold

      why do people not like the look of it, its something different i really like it

    15. Juste Rayane

      it is the batmobile

    16. More Chainz

      Love this man

    17. INFO CARS

      It's a great car. I love such cars. I also have a car channel for all car lovers. Welcome to my channel

    18. Jon V

      The "strong guy" with that sledgehammer hit the cybertruck's door on the first hit so light

    19. jelly

      To be fair however, the ball didn’t go through. Worse comes to worse you gotta get new windows but thats a lot better than risking the safety of those in the car. Also if that were a regular truck ,that glass would have been absolutely done for.

    20. K Bec

      It's ugly 😭 I don't like it

    21. W00t! !

      This material in the Tesla car would be awesome.

    22. Cling Clang


    23. eagletrek3

      Time for a new night rider show with this truck

    24. eagletrek3

      How would it handle in the Snow as a plow truck?

    25. Dat Bitch


    26. MrTrollbaby

      elon musk the illusionist

    27. Gerald Njuguna

      Man that Is one ugly truck

    28. Kolby Tavarez

      Elon musk is so petty for this🤣😩

    29. Rider EshwarSharath


    30. KYXER

      I'm disappointed that there's no room for external cargo. Especially on the ATV

    31. HoneyBadger

      If two cybertruks collide I wonder what’s left of the drivers

    32. Bobyd_


    33. RedEyeification

      Looks like a washing machine.

    34. dog times

      Wow guys this minecraft x tesla collaboration its so great

    35. Wojciech Dabrowski

      Roblox-Themed car. *itensifies roblox blocky cars* hehehehehehe

    36. Péter Zoltán Szobos

      This comment needs likes to be disliked when it becomes famous

    37. OSAMA أسامة

      at least the wheels are still round

    38. Niko Turunen

      no hyi vittu

    39. Mark Alfista

      Questa e una delle auto piu brutte che abbia mai questa e l'evoluzione non mi piace per niente

    40. Villz3gs

      Sledgehammer.. more like a rubber mallet

      1. Miguel lopez

        And it still dented the door on the ford, its dead blow hammer, still carries the KE to damage metal.