Voting Machines: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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    John Oliver discusses how voting machines work, how they don’t, and how we can fix them.
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    1. Piotr Dudała

      Leave it to John Oliver to talk about things he doesn't understand. You see... MODEMs are used to make point-to-point connection. If endpoint is internet node, than it is internet. If not - you have kind of VPN by default, inaccessible for modern day script-kiddies.

    2. FooBar Maximus

      Note that once again, it's the REPUBLICAN controlled Senate that votes to keep the existing, broken DRE (paperless) system. There is nothing else you need to know about these crooks, except to note which states still use these bastard devices. Texas, Florida ... The Red States. Exactly.

    3. FooBar Maximus

      The ACM/CSA testified before Congress and implored them to include a hard-copy audit trail, years ago. Congress said no and fuck it and now we have a system that can't be audited in real terms. But they CAN be hacked. We have the worst election system of any "advanced" country. It's terrible. I'm a computer scientist - so yeah, I know what I'm talking about.

    4. ли Profit?

      The US voting system in general makes no sense.

    5. David Barclay

      Here in Australia we still do all of our voting on paper. This is counted by hand. Each of the parties have people there to watch you count votes and if they think you may have done it wrong or vote is close they make you count them again, and again, and again.

    6. Cha Cha


    7. Sonja

      2019 teens aren't sparkly and horny drug addicts. They're sparkly, horny, depressed drug addicts.

    8. Anne H

      Sadly, the vote was rigged in 2016 and if we do not get Trump out of office, we’re all going to die.

    9. Joshua Colgan

      Want to upgrade the RAM on ur computer or make repairs? 15 screws and plastic tabs.... Want to get into a voting machine? Slid this click that...

    10. joey berke

      I don’t trust the elected over 500,000 government officials and barely trust the ones that I do vote for. Of course there are questions of how they are counted. Even if they’re counted by hand, how would we know that someone didn’t lose track? There is human error and there should be double and triple checks. Independent organization that checks on this can and should be made. In the end, how can you have a systems that you can completely trust with human and technological error always in the equation?

    11. Dude Dudeson

      To be fair to Stan Stanart, using a secure modem to dial to a private phone line IS NOT the same thing as being connected to the Internet, any more than Jon Oliver calling his mom. Everyone knows moms can't use the internet. In reality, a secure modem dialing another secure modem in a secure location would actually be pretty good security practice. The data would be encrypted in flight, and unless someone tapped the line, nobody could see it anyway. This is not to say that there are no voting machines that connect to the internet, just that this was not an example of such a system.

    12. ilikeiguanas.23

      Who else is awaiting the meltdown by nut job Jimmy Dore about “tHis sMEar jOB on JiLL stEiN”

    13. Kasia

      Democracy in its current form is horribly flawed, because it equals the votes of illiterate, stupid and selfish with those of the honest, educated and compassionate people. And I think we all know which of those produce more offspring and raise it to their resemblance.

    14. Angie Smith

      Wow that's great John that you did something on voting machines. But when are you going to do a report on voter suppression, especially towards brown and black communities. You cant have the corrupt voting machines without acknowledging the other side of the coin why these fuxking machines exist to disenfranchise communities. But good job not pointing out that the Republicans are the ones that have had a heavy hand with these corrupt machines. Once again Oliver half-asses, thanks alot you british ditwit!

    15. Edwin Swezey

      France has paper ballots only, no electronics. You enter a closet with an envelope & close the curtain behind you, then you choose the ballot you want and put it in the envelope, come out of the closet and drop the envelope in a box. If you put two ballots in the envelope or mark the ballot, it's a mistake and is counted as such, but is not counted in the final tally. The ballots are counted by hand by a non-partisan committeee and the outcome is known before midnight or the following morning, and there are never any re-counts.

    16. Helge Meff

      This video makes me sad. I wanna drink a potato now...

    17. skzstolemymeth

      As a Euphoria aged teen the answer is yes. I am a sparkly pothead and the show is relatable!!

    18. sira castori

      Euphoria is not that inaccurate. And the over the top part is redeemed by how beautifully is shot.

    19. SPDYellow

      The “best” part about Sean Spicer’s participation on Dancing with the Stars, is that Spicer has only managed to stay on the show by cheating. Like any true Republican, Spicer knows he cannot win on his own merits, so he resorts to cheating. Trevor Noah Video Explaining This:

    20. Felix Winkler

      In Germany we get a sheet of paper with all the names and parties and issues on it. We then make a cross in the box behind whatever we want to vote for. It's not that complicated, people. Just use paper and a pen. Don't over-think shit. And, by the way, we are registered to vote the day we become 18, voting is on a sunday and there are plenty of polling stations. It took me literally three minutes from leaving my house to getting back on the couch awaiting the election results on television the last time I voted. And I mean literally. I stopped the time, it was three minutes and twelve seconds, to be accurate. We can vote by mail, in rare cases even still on election day. Voting is celebrated and many more people do it. Voting is made as easy as possible. Germany has somehow figured out how to vote. And we're the country that tried to end all of democracy in the world just 75 years ago. If we can do it, you can do it, too. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying the system here is perfect. But at least we've figured out what a pen is for. No wonder this empire is falling before our eyes - if you can't even make a cross on a sheet of paper, how can you run the world?

    21. Chandler Hughes

      Let's remember a quote from a very, very bad man: "those who vote decide nothing, those who count the vote decide everything."

    22. Ricardo Mendez

      The gold bit got a weak laugh but i noticed lmao I liked it

    23. UberKrassMann

      13:00 that's not the internet john, you got that one wrong there brochochode....... they are using the phone land line to transfer digital information via a modem (modulator-demodulator) as an analogue signal. at no point does that information go through an ISP. Essentially they are making a phone call and then allowing the two computers to talk in computer language to each other THAT IS NOT the same thing as sending something over the internet. sorry but i'm going to have to side with the politician on this one johnny old mate. is it still hackable? you're damn right it is in the same way you can tap into phone lines and then try to brute force the encryption but IT'S NOT THE INTERNET! and yes i do have a Bsc. in computer science, thanks for asking.

    24. F R

      04:33 Is that John Bolton on the right side? I really think it is!

    25. Apfel Stapfen

      In Germany there is actually a court ruling by the highest court that computer based voting is not backed by the Constitution. The biggest party SPD (at least when it comes to the number of members lol) did the voting for their chairmen on the internet anyways and it was kind of a scandal, when there were people who claimed that they used the publicly known membership numbers of prominent members to cast a vote in stead of them

    26. Jayden White

      But we know why this happened. "Cuz you forgot about Dre!"

    27. Jayden White

      Those weren't Chads. Those were Kyles.

    28. Robert McGarry

      F**k the people in this country, they deserve Trump this time, and they are going to deserve him again when the DNC fucks us all over again. Dumb, mindless, lemmings.

    29. Garrett

      Omg can you stop saying holy shit so much

    30. Daniel Allen

      WOW...where is John Oliver voting that they have such computerized systems? We're still using a mechanical switchboard to vote in my home town.

    31. CybershamanX

      (12:41) I know this will get lost in the crap ton of comments, but I just have to say that, no, a machine directly dialing another machine via POTS (Plain Old Telephone System) modem, is NOT "connecting to the Internet". It's not like someone can actually hijack the call and take over the machine. Granted there are likely other issues that are a concern with a system like this, but again, if what they say is true, these voting machines are not on the Internet at any time. It would be like saying your FAX machine, which is connected by just a telephone line, is "connected to the Internet". While there _are_ Internet enabled FAX machines, typically they aren't. So, I'm sorry, John Oliver, I love ya brother and I think you do good work, but PLEASE make absolutely sure to have actual tech people check up on your information. I know what you're likely thinking of here. You're probably thinking that because at one point in the past we all used a phone line with a modem to connect to the Internet, a la America Online (AOL), that that is what these machines are doing. However, that's absolutely NOT what's happening in this case.

    32. Dre Franks

      Uhh... my name is dre..

      1. Dre Franks

        And not like “Andre”... just.. Dre..

    33. Velvet Fog

      Honestly, who down votes any of these fantastic episodes?

    34. chding zuure

      he didn't describe the internet, i am not saying the machines never connect to the internet, but he may be describing a intranet

    35. gary gerard

      put together a system that gives the same 'read out' of vote counts 10 times in a row if the system can't you need to put together another system - a 5th grader will tell you the same thing

    36. Lyric Frogue

      Response to @3:58 Ehhhhhh mostly accurate Sparkling absolutely not. Horny? ...yea..

      1. Lyric Frogue

        It's a joke just to clarify

    37. Conner Wolf

      How about an episode about who else you're going to be voting for on election day?

    38. Will Rhodes

      You got that a bit wrong, John. A modem connecting to a server isn't necessarily connecting to the internet. In fact, if you're using a dialup modem, it's almost certainly NOT connecting to the internet.

    39. Corvus Crump

      4 things, Russians are good at drinking potatoes

    40. Seth Larcomb

      Computers are not "of course" hack-able... if they have no admin credentials and or on board nic's and all the data is stored on the board. You aren't hacking jack. You need an In before you can hack. That's really not hard to prevent. We didn't even go into other ways of protecting it either. Oh wow I just watched the next part and shocker "ADMIN ACCESS" so yeah those are easily hack-able.

    41. Poke Emblem


    42. Makayla Musgrove

      I've had a voting machine not work before, I notified the people, they switched me to a new machine and canceled out everything on the old machine. Then they closed that machine, but I wonder if anyone didn't realize that the light didn't pop up when trying to make that choice?

    43. James Graves

      I am still perplexed why we don't have the capacity to vote on the internet...I figure if Amazon can handle billions of transactions a day, they could set up a pretty good system to handle a few hundred million per year.

    44. Gwen Walravens

      It would be funny if Putin won the 2020 elections. ^^ Make it happen Russia.

    45. Scott Jewett

      Wow. I've danced better than Sean Spicer to that Spice Girls song. In public, no less.

    46. Zoe Bueche

      What if didnt vote as a silent movement 💁

      1. rouge1ful

        no. That's one of the worst things you can do over 40% of the country during the 2016 election didn't vote. They didn't vote because they grew complacent with polling saying that Hillary was a shoo-in to win or because they didn't like either candidate.

    47. Jack Perez

      Dear Liberals, why would someone want to hack into a voting machine to change votes but people don’t illegally vote with fraudulent ID or on incorrect grounds? How can you be in favor of reforming voting machines but be against voter ID laws despite having the same logic (people want to illegitimately manipulate votes) to justify voting machine reform? I think machines should be reformed and voter ID laws present but I don’t necessarily believe voter fraud is an epidemic, but I do think this idea is quite hypocritical.

      1. Stephen2462

        The main reason is it would require some type of unified federal ID system, which the US simply doesn't have; things like drivers licenses are all handled at the state level. Second is because the number of fraudulent votes committed is only somewhere in the double or triple digits; a ridiculously minuscule amount compared to how much of a stink Conservatives like to raise over it.

    48. beedsj roiue

      A computer to computer connection with a modem is not "the internet", though.

    49. Aelund

      Funnily enough, I am russian and I watch this show. Thank you, comrade Oliver. This information will be very useful.

    50. Papa Alpha Oscar

      DRE - Digital Rectal Exam. Same same. LOL!

    51. Arazand

      I like how the Swedish prime minister just stands there like "Oh, you poor man, my people hate me but at least they know they voted for me".

      1. beedsj roiue

        as well. Please stop spreading conspiracy theories John Oliver. You're better than this.

    52. Vinay Veerapur

      Learn From Indian Election system. You guys are just stupid.

    53. Andrea Attard

      John predicted Sean Spicer being eliminated from Dancing with the Stars.

    54. ServentForAnubis

      Go ahead and explain how my vote matters with this system in place.

    55. Hammond

      The Conservatives WANT to break America. They WANT systems to fail. They do NOT want a real Democracy.

    56. thatdapperfellow

      Is that Anna Kendrick?

    57. Leah Nidy

      We are all horny, sparkly, drug addicts.

    58. Michael Hansen

      Should have interviewed Dr. Matt Blaze

    59. Michael Hansen

      "Our voting machines are not connected to the internet." Want to know what else wasn't connected to the internet? The Siemens PLCs controlling the centrifuges destroyed by Stuxnet. (The computers used to program the PLCs were connected to the internet.)


      It won't be fixed because fraudulent results benefit the party that can't win the popular vote. I leave it to you to guess which party that refers to.