Voting Machines: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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    John Oliver discusses how voting machines work, how they don’t, and how we can fix them.
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    1. WagRhodes13


    2. Kelly Stephenson

      Putin....joking(but not reall).

    3. Eric

      he didn't describe the internet actually, he described an intranet that isn't connected to the global internet and can't be hacked unless someone is physically in one of the two locations.

    4. Randomly British

      What's wrong with a pencil and paper with people who count them?

    5. Adinsxify

      Stan Stanart is for sure a Matt Lucas character!

    6. Anna Taylor

      “Russians are great at three things: Hacking, hockey, and writing books so sad you will want to drink a potato.” As someone born in Russia, this is a whole mood.

    7. Joshua Wolpert

      Wait... If pull out one of my teeth I'll get a bj?

    8. The Killer Polar Bear

      This comment section is reminding me why I hate when non-Americans talk about issues with America. Simmer down a bit and mind your business, perhaps. I don't care if you're right, it's annoying and doesn't do anything to fix America's issues.

    9. The Killer Polar Bear

      Stan talks like Gideon from gravity falls and I don't know how to feel about that

    10. KingQwertzlbrmpf

      "Reverse cowgirl is the best sex position because it gave us Abraham Lincoln."

    11. BrosBrothersLP

      Just use freaking paper

    12. John Creasy01

      I am really curious how John Oliver is telling HBO about the equipment he needs for his show. I mean seriously, how do you convince your boss to buy you a gold ingot?

    13. Michelle W

      I want to know who ordered those voting machines and I want to know why once the ways to hack them became public info, why did we not send them back where we got them from and have an American company build them? Why wasn't that a giant red

    14. Michelle W

      It is stuff like this that makes people think they don't need to vote because their vote doesn't matter. Throughout history the squeaky wheel gets the grease. So squeaky people! There is more at stake here than that glaring zit sitting on the nose in Washington. We used to be great and instead of draining the swamp, that maggot did pot shots and pipe bombs to clear out all of the HONEST *as honest as anyone in politics*.

    15. Dominic Rossetti

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1100">18:20</a> that is the first time i heard Donald rump is right in his entire presidency seriously no joke.

    16. Chigurh 4

      Making a cross on a piece of paper seems to be very difficult in america.

    17. Khelthrai Hellbane

      Having been summoned to an electoral college and physically counted two urns worth of ballots SIX times (we triggered two recountings), I have to say my banana republic of a bankrupt country has a way better system than this so called global power. Seriously, no machine should ever be in the same room as any electoral process.

    18. Aelanna64

      I lived in Virginia when they switched over from the old mechanical machines to the new electronic ones. The very first time I voted on one, I touched the screen for candidate X. The next screen popped up and said, Thank you for voting for Candidate Y. I've never trusted a voting machine since.

    19. Gary Wagers

      A quibble regarding that map of states without a paper trail: Until I moved out of state earlier this year, I was a poll worker in Pennsylvania. We used to use touchscreens. However, according to the county election board officials, the state government is requiring the use of paper-trail machinery beginning in 2020. Some counties, including ours, began using the new paper-trail machines in 2019. Unless something changed thanks to Covid (obviously not a consideration at the time of making this video), PA should not be on a map of states "on track" to use paperless voting in 2020.

    20. Spencer Riggins

      The thing is security for these could be incredibly simple, it’s just that lazy practices cause problems

    21. Lucid Insanity

      Hand-counted, paper ballots can't be hacked. Fuck the trees...

    22. Evan Is our boy

      to clafiy no some of us are horny sparkly drug addicts but most of us are horny or spakly or drug addicts

    23. Ray Bin

      Here in Georgia it was discovered our electronic voting machines were hacked in 2016. When an investigation was started somebody deleted important data / information that could have revealed who done hacking. Georgia's election system had been suspiciously unsecured for 6 months enabling easy access. Disturbingly - our current "governor" had run for office while still holding position of state election board. And Republicans continue to object to voting by mail - despite fact voting fraud by system tampering is highly probable!

    24. John Gedric Tudio

      I'm Filipino and I just found out that other countries' voting machines came from the Philippines. We don't even trust those shit here in our own country.

    25. Fredrik Dunge

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1080">18:00</a> haha Look at Stefan Löfven when he says that. Sweden does all its voting on paper

    26. ScootyPuffSr7

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="935">15:35</a> I can't believe that they didn't make a Dr. Dre joke there. I kept waiting for it but it never came.

    27. Cordelia Scales

      Shonda Rhimes' Scandal anyone?

    28. Tarek Adam

      I work as a software engineer. When Priceline bought agoda, kayak, tweb, booking... I was tasked with integrating those room nights into a unified reservation API for Priceline Partner Network. I see no reason, no benefit, and many many risks in digital voting. Paper votes and audit trail please. Politicians can cheat enough with jerymandering: whereby politicians choose the voters instead of the other way around.

    29. LiF Dsoul

      I love when trump isn't wrong. It's really something special

    30. Akihiro Hakim Hayashi

      i used to live in Japan, and nobody voted. So it's kind of fine about this. Not about the system of the country though.

    31. john bado

      Poor DRE machines taking all this hate

    32. Wabba Dabba

      What is upsetting about this entire thing, is that it wouldn't be THAT difficult to make everything secure (within a reasonable degree, someone dedicated enough will be able to so something, that's just a fact) - true air gap networks - Machines are essentially safes, you don't have to make it impenetrable, just increase the average break time to something like 30 minutes to a hour, - Design machines that don't allow root access when the config card is removed. - Logs, log everything. Record those logs, aggregate those log, and analyze those logs. - Paper print outs of the individual votes for physical duplication (more for error checking against digital logs) - Highly encrypted transmission of final results up the ladder.

    33. DrakeWurrum

      Texas uses those DRE machines. I know because I've been voting on them since I first voted in 2016. It is... very concerning.

    34. Olga Sergeyeva

      Why not just have 2 buttons connected to a 2 hidden number displayer that go up by 1 when ever the buttons are pressed?

    35. Nilstrieb

      Fuck electronic voting. Paper voting 4 ever.

    36. avedic


    37. James Rodriguez

      "The Politicians don't care." I mean you CAN'T be clearer than that.

    38. Rose Easton

      DEFCON, a really cool hacking convention in las vegas (got canceled this year, rip), has a whole area on hacking voting machines, I think its been there since 2017 and every year after. As soon as the voting village was opened, even the newest machines got cracked open in less than an hour. It's a bit depressing that our systems can be hacked by a few drunk toddlers with lock pick sets.

    39. Emerald Aly

      No Dr Dre joke for the DRE machines? Too obvious?

    40. Emerald Aly

      I'd have simply asked that dick interviewer in the first clip how do you know they're not? If he gave me evidence of it I'd listen, if he didn't I'd tell him to fuck off.

    41. Damon Birch

      If you have electronic voting you are not a democracy

    42. Sonny Bimbo

      What if everyone that wants to vote gose to Washington D.C.. And votes on a big blackboard. With the world watching. It would be a big mess but at least we would be able to know if the vote is really be counted.

    43. Marty Schrader

      No, modems hooking up to a separated, secure server is *NOT* using the Internet.

    44. Solarstan of YouTube

      Someone once got a us voting machine to play doom

    45. Ivy S

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="232">3:52</a> nah, we're horny, sparkly, tiktok dancers.

    46. Jew Shirls

      Every Voter counts!

    47. Omar Comin

    48. federica_lm

      Can someone explain to me the Abraham Lincoln joke?

    49. Pablo U

      Blockchain voting.

    50. Maxajax

      This is why I am happy that each vote in the Netherlands is counted and re-counted by hand, then sent to a double-check team to be counted and re-counted again. I know that because I have volunteered as a vote-counter for every vote since I turned 18. If you want a robust democracy you should do your civic duty instead of delegating it to a machine.

    51. Andy Harris

      It is so obvious that the reason the solutions to this problem are either ignored or watered down is that it is not in the best interest of those politicians that stand to lose by the vote being correctly recorded and counted.

    52. Mohan Kumar M

      Really is this how USA Design it's voting machine with some many dollar to spend in having fraction of population of India we have atleast 5 layers of check with both machine with paper trail attached which you can verify at the same time all machine are stand alone and continuously covered with cctv live streaming with atleast 1 member of each register party (we have many since multi party system like UK) to check and supervise with police personnels using unified machine all over the country each machine approved by election commission of India and we have 100 questions asked about its security when we literally know there is only 0.01 change of manipulation. I am shocked and writing so lone comment where I literally not commented before in youtube.

    53. Enlightened Dystopian

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="236">3:56</a> In my town, yes

    54. victor hoang

      Take the money we would spend on voting machines and invest in cheap iPhones. Then use the pen and paper method. When counting, use the cheap iPhones to record everything.

    55. mc2w

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="774">12:54</a> - what he describes is a private dial-up connection. which is NOT the internet. it doesn't mean such a connection is un-hackable, but it's not the internet so he's technically correct.

    56. Rob

      Season 1 John was funny what happened

    57. meetpoorfor crowinsfo

      How many more are there like Stan Stanart? Does this give you a warm, confident feeling about voting? He and people like him, walk among us...and vote!

    58. Jason Marston

      Using a modem to connect to a specific end point is not being on the internet. If the system they are connecting to is not on the internet it is a P2P connection and isolated. I hate it when people who should know better assume that any network connection means you are connected to the internet.

    59. Logan Briar

      I mean... yeah we’re all horny drug addicts but the sparkly part I’m still unsure about

    60. T.J. Reynosa

      Pleased kill, because you are single handling tieing the knose.

      1. T.J. Reynosa

        Native Americans are dying, not because of social distancing, not because of voting or the cenus , but because they think they are invincible.

      2. T.J. Reynosa

        But The Herity of America never matter to foreign freedoms, as long ad the heredity heres never got their fair share.

      3. T.J. Reynosa

        22. Covid 19 thats 1.3 percent to hundred now

      4. T.J. Reynosa

        What about Native Americans?, we are the skid mark of America?

      5. T.J. Reynosa

        I never wanted to kill myself with this commentary

    61. T.J. Reynosa

      You were never funny, Being back Ferguson.

    62. Daniel Lentz

      I live in Kentucky and actually ran a "PAPERLESS" voting machines during the 2016 election. During voting machines are NOT CONNECTED TO THE INTERNET! At the end of voting day a PAPER audit that resembles a grocery receipt is printed. The hard drive is removed and sealed in an envelope with the paper copy then the machines fold up and seal with a numbered tag/zip tie and left for pick up. If the zip tie or seal on envelope is broken the votes are invalid. Hard drives from around the city are brought to an election office and then uploaded to the internet. If any are erased or corrupted the paper copy is used. I watch John Oliver a lot and I'm a fan but this time he doesn't know what the hell he's talking about.

    63. philou425

      The dnc is rigging the election not Putin!

    64. CU JK

      No trump joke?

    65. Braden Scott

      I am somewhat concerned that the voting machines were made by a people who have to use English loan words to say they made it in their native language. Nothing against Filipinos, but maybe American voting machines should be made in America? Certainly not in a country that has a history of problems with corruption and their own democracy. Not exactly the weakest link in the chain though. Jesus Christ, Trump was right? I think that's like the third time I can say that.

    66. HTHAMMACK1

      The problem is the very politicians and people associated with politics that are the biggest danger, like the GOP in Georgia who basically stole an election.

    67. MatMadik

      Why are people acting so dumb? Why not just have a voting app with user names that you can track your vote with?

    68. Anakin Skywalker

      in feudalism it's your count that votes, in democracy it's your vote that counts.

    69. Neartmhor

      In Australia, we use this wonderful thing called “paper ballots”. Pen and paper. That’s it. We also have preferential (ranked choice) voting, but that’s a completely different way in which Aussie voting is far superior to the Seppos. Our paper ballots are counted at each polling booth, with oversight from volunteers from pretty much every party watching to make sure things are proper. It’s a good system. Completely unhackable. Why the Seppos insist on using machines is beyond me. Though, funnily enough the Venezuelans use machines- but only to check voters. They sign in using a machine, which then prints out a paper ballot for them to vote on. Venezuela has a better voting system than the US. Though actually, they have one of the most secure voting systems in the world, it’s really quite remarkable.

    70. Duskrider

      No, No, No, teens arent all horny ideots, I am one, and I'm smart.

    71. Dylan H

      John is only bad when he Russia fear mongers and shames third parties. Otherwise he’s golden

    72. qwaqwa1960

      Modem ≠ Internet!!!!! Fail.

    73. Flavio Spadavecchia

      Democrats: omg we need to make sure the votes are correctly counted and no mistake is made! Also the democrats: I mean, you can't expect people to have IDs to prove who they are... That's racist.

    74. dedon 53

      Only question I have is that a real gold brick because I wouldn't put it past John Oliver to do that.

    75. Jesus Christ

      when you let boomers deal with tech

    76. senta ukrai

      Think about this for a moment; -Republicans have repeated ignored or turned down bills on electoral security. -Ivanka Trump is connected a patent for voting machines

    77. irish anger


    78. E. Gordbort

      *Pregnant Chad*

    79. Bohemian Feminist

      Wait though. Is it not possible to connect to a 'landline' with a modem in a very limited network that is not connected to the internet?

    80. Michael Weskamp

      thats why we dont have voting machines in my country. Still the good old counting by hand by a group of people with double check.