Virgil Van Dijk surprises lifelong Liverpool fan at work | 'Alright Virgil lad?'

Liverpool FC

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    Watch as Virgil van Dijk responds to a brother's heartfelt letter to the club to give massive Liverpool fan David a day he'll never forget. In the first of a new series called 'Dear Liverpool FC', David is whisked away from work before being treated to a day of surprises thanks to NIVEA MEN as he heads to Melwood to meet his heroes.
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    1. Liverpool FC

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      1. ElliotGaming

        Liverpool FC isn’t it a bit dumb you’re saying don’t see subs in your language in English, when that’s the language they’re speaking in?

      2. Gek Gamerdk

        I did sadly see subtitles in my language. And i fucking hate it. I wan't the original😄

      3. Hugh Mungus

        I converted the scousers into english

      4. Flusterbomb

        Wholesome video wholesome comments. Fair play.

      5. Young Sinatra

        Any chance we could get some English subtitles?

    2. The realist

      FLOODS. OF. TEARS. LFC Are the huge huge club that recognises the tiny tiny man in the crowd. This makes me 1 million percent proud to be a supporter of the club. YNWA JFT96.

    3. PEDZ APU

      Hes so kind even though Virgil van Dijk makes a lot of money he still offered to give him a pound

    4. Trevor Johnson

      I'm not a Liverpool fan I'm notts county 👍👍but what a really nice lad he is made me cry a little bit good lad for collecting them trolleys all week to see his team what a nice man 👍👍

    5. VibrantFzar

      Up the Bootle

    6. Svampbob XD

      I was literally crying❤️

    7. Moreflow Falls

      Tears flowing anyone???

    8. 2pikeman

      how could anyone dislike this. what a lovely lad. so nice of vvd to help setting this up for him

    9. daft wod

      It sure doesn't SEEM like a surprise.. sponsored by Nivea.

    10. gbuk97

      ARSENAL FAN: Psss dont tell anyone but starting to fall for Liverpool FC. You sure do have a loyal group of players on and off the pitch, thats whats got my attention. Just going to say the fact Virgil didnt get the Ballon d'or is a fix, I even know that. Klopp should be getting manager of the decade for how he has helped turned this club around. Wish some of the Passion you guys have would walk through Arsenals Doors. Hoping to see Liverpool lift the Prem title. Much respect friends and fellow football fans.

    11. vincent hannaford

      A real heart warming moment.

    12. Charlie Stubbs

      This is the best story and best ad, Love from a Leicester fan

    13. Matthew Kingsmill

      I cant stand football but love this. Good guys.

    14. Dilip Patel

      What a fantastic gesture, it made me cry.

    15. ahmed hanif

      Asda won't be happy about away games 😂

    16. ʍʬ

      Couldnt help but smile all video long So heart warming

    17. Ace Vortex

      Wholesome video and made me happy. The fact that he said no to come with VVD becasuse of work is true detecation.

    18. Ward Goethals


    19. Mike Cronan

      What a guy. Meets his hero, his hero asks him to jump in the car and he says he can't because he is at work. You wouldn't see that reaction from 99% of the population.

    20. Eoghan Mcmanamon

      Who's the 344 people who disliked this

    21. Slurp

      Coming from a Chelsea fan, but Liverpool genuinely seem like nice lads

    22. Jason Mortimer

      I’m a West Ham fan that’s what you call a proper fan well done Liverpool for making that mans day

    23. Emmet D

      I don't even watch football but this is a club that I would support, its the fans that made the club, the city. Cheers from N.Ireland, Nivea get the finger out, get that man passes for life and I will start buying your stuff more.

    24. Jack Naylor g

      It's all nice and that but it's a shame no one likes scousers init

    25. xX1Ns3RT C01NXx

      Incredible, had me tearing up all the way.

    26. cuddly bear

      No matter who you support you can't hate this it's lovely

    27. Sari Pettes

      Bless I'm in tears watching this

    28. paddy mcginty

      Top stuff

    29. Big Beaty Swollocks

      Everytime ya go into a scousers house make sure you wipe ya feet on the way out

    30. Rocko .45

      You made his day, which made my day :) nice vid 👍

    31. Tribute Films

      Virgil's accent makes him even more attractive

    32. Manbok

      Success comes to those that create good karma, Virgil definitely seems to be doing things right!

    33. yeetmaster123

      yes, i’m a chelsea supporter but this was beautiful

    34. give me Chocolate

      Oh my god this was just beautiful, made me cry.

    35. Colin Murray


    36. Kim Davies

      What a dude... what a day!

    37. Mark Reid

      Amazing love it from a celtic fan.

    38. Jazzmanpac

      I am a Chelsea fan. I have a brother with similar difficulties in life. This moved me a lot so love from me...

    39. CA WA

      Really cheered me up that video, shows there's still some goodness in the world. Go on lad.

    40. zippy t

      excellent , god bless him.