Top 10 Moments of Max Verstappen Magic in F1



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    He's just been re-signed at Red Bull until the end of 2023 - giving us another four years of Max doing what he does best! Join us as we take a look back at some of his most memorable moments so far...
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    Gepubliceerd op 13 dagen geleden


    1. This is Reverier

      His rain masterclass on interlagos 2016 is absolutely incredible, and win on 2019 is fantastic. Maybe if Senna is still there, he would probably interested to Max Just my opinion :v

    2. NO LIMITS

      I watch f1 for Max.

    3. Мокий Парменыч

      Быстрый и с острыми локтями. И, главное, молодой. Чего нет у Хэма и остальных. Жду март.

    4. ROB112

      It's time for Red Bull to bring out a new livery. The flat blue has gotten boring

    5. Didier Flory

      Magic Max saves Formula one from being boring.. never give up Max !

    6. Timoto58

      Still not as good as Perez

    7. Alfie Aolomons

      Seems the editor forgot abt those time he send others spinning.

    8. Halcyon Voyager

      would you please tell me what is the last music, guys?

    9. IOtec básicos para automatización

      He needs a top 500 at least.

    10. Josué

      Why just Max?

    11. 根本光彦


    12. menecross

      He's talented ... but very anoying. He always pushes the car he wants to owertake out of the track!

    13. Marko Vangjeli

      This is not anymore F1 this Playstation game nothing to do with real F1 before 25 years Ayrton Senna we love you

    14. ᴊ ᴏ ʀ ᴅ ᴀ ɴ

      Im my opinion, best driver red bull ever had

    15. Felix Kienle

      Does anybody know the last Songs Name???

    16. IntroGames 24

      Its been F1 champion

    17. sandeep basani

      2019 3rd position.. courtesy of vettel and Leclerc...

    18. Markus Seidenkranz

      Damn, Put Max in a Mercedes and he will destroy Hamilton. 😁

      1. Toro Loco

        Great joke. Don't quit your day job though

    19. Carl Benthan

      Most overrated driver.

    20. Best Of Instagram


    21. Best Of Instagram

      This driver kid no talent

    22. Victor Nag

      How tf is nobody talking about USA 2018. That race should've been on this list

    23. Tarikg7

      Does anyone remember max verstappen’s amazing charge to points in singapore 2015 after being a lap down. i’m just curious why that isn’t in the vid.

    24. KIERAZ FairPlayer

      Look like Nico, but most competitive.

    25. Rareș E.

      2020 Max !!!

    26. DevilGiga

      Verstappen is awesome, very talented. I just wish he was a bit more cautions as in not to start every other race at the back of the grid

    27. Colin Read

      # Come back king!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


      🙏🙏🙏 1:53 💖💙🔥 👇 👇 👇 👇 👇💛

    29. Алекс Ников

      stupid magic... stupid agressor destroying racing.... more people now want crashing, rather then deeper understanding of proper racing...

      1. Алекс Ников

        @r1ghtw1ngcl4nm3mb3r crashstappen is only one)))))))

      2. r1ghtw1ngcl4nm3mb3r

        You talking about Sirotkin..oh yeah i agree, bad bad crash driver.

    30. Michel

      Best thing for me was the 2016 Brazil GP, where Max drove his balls out, made a unbeliveble save, and afterwords 100 000+ brazilien racinfans where cheering towards Max>>>>>> SENNAAAAAAAAA SENNAAAAAAAA Still feel the goosebumps today

    31. seeni gzty

      6:06 best overtake of the decade. Different line, found way more grip, swoops it round the outside of Rosberg

    32. MAX Verstappen

      Hehehe 😎

    33. senni bgon

      Verstappen:'wins race' Also Verstappen: 'haha haha ha..'

    34. serdy ximi

      Imagine how even more boring F1 would be without this guy

      1. seeni gzty

        2018: Hamilton vs Vettel 2020/21/22: Verstappen vs Leclerc #HYPE 😁😁

    35. causeitsthere

      Most contact with other drivers, always off track but when someone does that to vercrappin he cries.

    36. Silvio Tavares

      Brazil 2016 is number 1 for me... he just made fool of everyone else...

      1. senni bgon

        Hes obviously got it, I'm glad honda have got him on board, lets get these titles done!

    37. ItsMe NoName

      only 2 minutes in and im already screaming and jumping on my chair. what a great driver to watch...verstappen really is.

      1. serdy ximi

        His great moment will come someday. He's a promising future champion

    38. aeroaa2

      He's a bit childish, but still amazingly awesome.

    39. bodoy euir

      Commentary: " And Max Verstappen..." Me: *Nostalgia noises*

    40. charles house

      Unbelievable Max, Unbelievable 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 2020!! Honda Redbull end Merc title reign 😁

    41. lalaloopsy nibba

      3:56 epic voice crack

    42. vliduu zeeb

      He is single handedly keeping Honda in the sport.

      1. bodoy euir

        For me, Brazil 2016 is #1

    43. Xbox Player

      What a beast

    44. butti fdft

      Commentary: " And Max Verstappen..." Me: *Nostalgia noises*

    45. Joshes Brioches

      Surely he has to win a championship soon. He's so talented.

      1. vliduu zeeb

        I am dutch and it is so weird to hear other people say dutch names

    46. The fleeing dutchman

      Thank you for uploading this great collection. I think that Brasil 2016 was one of his best drives ever. He was serving up gourmet meals while the others were hardly managing to put out beans on toast. LOL..


      🙏🙏🙏🙏 0:30 ❤❤❣ 👇👇👇👇👇🔥💃

      1. butti fdft

        future people will remember him as another Ayrton Senna , rare to see as such ! Bless u all ! Bless F1 racing! 🙏

    48. Jun Shibata

      Verstappen, leading the charge for Honda's redemption....Man, what a story. What a driver. His contribution to what may well have been a dying sport is incredible. For an impatient generation like ours, Verstappen and Honda is a living lesson in what determination can achieve. Damn!

    49. annag cocl

      2018: Hamilton vs Vettel 2020/21/22: Verstappen vs Leclerc #HYPE 😁😁

    50. Łukasz Piecyk

      Max,Max,Super Max!!!

    51. Justin Best

      Hes obviously got it, I'm glad honda have got him on board, lets get these titles done!

    52. fast&FURRYous

      His great moment will come someday. He's a promising future champion

      1. annag cocl

        I'm a Brad Keselowski fan in NASCAR, and Max is by far the driver who comes closest in F1 to driving like Brad

    53. zuygj bnsv

      6:06 best overtake of the decade. Different line, found way more grip, swoops it round the outside of Rosberg

    54. elijahlupe

      I am a person who admittedly kind of hates Max as a person. I dislike how he comports himself off the track and the way he reacts to things that happen on AND off the track. But even I...idk Im in Awe at his pure talent and ability and burgeoning racecraft. He *will* win at least one world championship and most likely more than just the one. He has an innate ability to read the track like no one else does. Even Leclerc who I personally like more. Max has just...something about him that is supremely special; as far as racing goes

      1. Deirdre Kelleher

        He has this X factor, doesn't he? :) It's funny because the things I like most about him, his frankness, honesty and fire which makes him talk first and think later are the things that I love about him. I never see him as arrogant, just confidant. Just looking at the way he gets on with the other drivers, they respect him a lot and never say he is arrogant, even though a lot of drivers i.e Dan, Carlos, Alex, Pierre, Danill have ample opportunity to say bad things about him, they never do. In fact, it''s the opposite. They all get on well with him.

    55. Night Monkey

      He brings formule 1 to higher climax.... Action and risk: wheel to wheel race... Not like the poor drivers hamilton and vettel.. only driving and cashing...

      1. zuygj bnsv

        I love this Max, just like old time Lewis and Schumi, b*lls to the wall each race! :-D

    56. dcoog anml

      Verstappen:'wins race' Also Verstappen: 'haha haha ha..'

    57. Gaby van Dinteren, PMP

      For me, Brazil 2016 is #1

    58. Wasif Anowar

      Can you believe that WWIII is coming with Max vs Charles

    59. Robin Lukáš

      He is the new Senna for Honda.

      1. dcoog anml

        Verstappen vs. Leclerc, the future of F1

    60. Niwan Van Heemstede

      I am dutch and it is so weird to hear other people say dutch names