Top 10 Moments of Max Verstappen Magic in F1



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    He's just been re-signed at Red Bull until the end of 2023 - giving us another four years of Max doing what he does best! Join us as we take a look back at some of his most memorable moments so far...
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    1. Dirk Diggler

      Great driver, probably in a past life he was a slave trader or a nazi official but still, great driver.

    2. Ruben Arsenio


    3. Ivan Ivičević

      Very fast driver, i must say and i really like his confidence in overtaking. But if you take a closer look at some of this passes he just didnt leave enough space for the drivers on the outside side of the track to stay on the track..I think he should be more careful when passing someone on the inside. Cheers to all f1 fans

    4. soager009 69

      Max is excellent in wet conditions.

    5. Joaquin marquinos

      I've stopped watching formula 1 for a long time, especially due to the dominance of mercedes. Max is the only one, with an inferior car who can still challenge them. That pretty much sums up how good he is ! I even dear to say, that F1 would be boring without him!

    6. JZ Leong

      The races between Verstappen and Leclerc are fantastic!

    7. NF Linkz

      "We did it as a team guys"

    8. Luci Bekkers

      Lercler, very good rising star, norris, russel very good rising stars, max since his 18th already a legend even without an WC

    9. Ertu

      Dirty driver

    10. HardStylar

      i love max verstappen

    11. Maree Masood

      I was bored last year so I started watching f1 and started with the 2016 Brazilian grand prix. Now I watch f1 because of max.

    12. Sem Luca gaming


    13. Eppietrap

      I have to admit, I am dutch. I am watching this through orange glasses. But man!!!! Future of F1 ! imagine Verstappen vs Lecler vs Sainz (Ferrari) and all the other youngsters! Thrilling moments awaiting! I am looking forward to that!

    14. Richard ter Veen

      That pole position was awesome....... in an inferior car ...... he defenitely is the best F1 driver on the grid

    15. D3V4ST4T0R16

      Gähn.. Formel langweilig..war früher soviel besser wo se noch V8 Sound hatten und nicht alles so streng reglementiert war.

    16. The Mountain Man

      Hope Max would bring back the good old exciting F1.

    17. Sergey Konovalov


    18. Syarif Syafudin

      Max Ver-stubborn

    19. Tolga G

      His dad made the mistake to go after the wrong car when he used to be a f1 driver , but now he knows better . his father has raised him from birth to be a champion HE WIL BE THE WORLDCHAMPION IN FEW YEARS U JUST WATCH MY WORDS INCOMING DUTCH LEGEND .

    20. Brandon Shook

      Verstappen vs Leclerc is my favorite rivalry

    21. DutchTrains

      Malaysia 2017?

    22. Gaming F1 Classic

      Talented, Young and Aggresive🔥🔥🔥

    23. Daniel Sumner

      Max is a great talent, I think f1 is in a good place with the likes of him, Norris, leclerc, Russel and sainz. The other young drivers are good too but I think these boys are just another level

    24. Jack Maguire

      He is just so good to watch

    25. Girish Sk

      Verstappen is the reason F1 sells nw

    26. Marcel Besters

      where is germany 2019

    27. Mustafa Kalafat

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="520">8:40</a> intense moments.

    28. Hi Im Bird

      The Luka Doncic of motorsport

    29. Hi Im Bird

      This dude got pure talent

    30. Underdog Chance

      I never really watched F1, but then I saw a documentary on netflix. So 2020 will be first year to follow this sport. And after the documentary...I will support Leclerc. No matter how good talent someone is...I dont like Verstapen pretty much :) we will see

    31. Ballsey

      Can I get the music used in the background somewhere?

    32. minusthepain

      Max made me care about F1. Now I can’t get enough of him or the sport!

    33. FantaColaDrink

      Verstappen is just unbelievable. I like him so much! Those overtakes! Those wins! Those podiums and pole positions! And that first win... OMG it was crazy!

    34. M Pro

      Verstappen wins a race:heh heh heh heh

    35. AppleLauda

      Barrier: you're already dead Max Verstappen: hold my RedBull and my Wings

    36. Dink

      What? senna and schumi get videos like this even Max? how come there is no Hamilton video!?

      1. Formula lol • 33 years ago

        Because Hamilton isn't entertaining and not agressive

    37. Annett Kunzer

      I love this boy, he is the next senna

    38. ryan francis

      As a Ferrari fan I hate him but boy what a driver is he. No other driver on the grid has more hunger and thirst to win. He is like the F1 version of Roy Keane. I am super excited to see the future battle between Leclerc and him.

    39. van dijk Sanjiv

      Mijn hond is belangrijker dan deze deze fucker

    40. Dennis Marlon

      Max Verstappen is my favourite pilote of 2015 -2019 🐂❤️💛❤️

    41. vatsal gohil

      This guy is the bravest of all. he doesn't care what will happen, he just goes for it !!!

    42. Chop Choy

      They call him a Dutch cheese Mouse..

    43. Marjan B

      You can hate him or love him, but when he arrived in the F1, it became more exciting. The golden oldies weren't glad about his driving and started whining. Yes, he made mistakes and yes, he said some things which wasn't really the best. But his driving style, I love it. Before I get comments about this. Also rooting for other drivers

    44. Schipper Brawl Stars


    45. Mr Denz


    46. Nephlim Jedi

      Another one in 5 more years? YES PLEASE!!

    47. Goker Pacin

      Max King :)

    48. Greengray Uniqueness

      Its sad that verstappen now works for renault

      1. Darth Vader

        He doesn't

      2. Mr. Freedom


    49. Max Felt

      this guy is crazy good.

    50. Tiara ziz

      He's got character!

    51. Machado

      Max is a prick, he talks too much, not polite at all and an absolute fearless talented racer.

      1. Machado

        @Formula lol • 33 years ago We love hating on him Cause he is good but u can't read. Do be so mad bro. stay safe.

      2. Formula lol • 33 years ago

        @Machado yes. How do people like you exist. Hating someone because they are successful

      3. Machado

        @Formula lol • 33 years ago u mad bro?

      4. Formula lol • 33 years ago

        And you can't explain why. Shut up and go whine to your parents like Hamilton does.

    52. Tartaruga de Boné

      overtaking Rosberg in Brazil in 2016 was something surreal, in the rain and out on the curve

    53. Jarno R.

      Make a Vid about Max Verstappen stupid Move. Would be 1 Hour long

      1. Formula lol • 33 years ago

        Make a vid explaining you jealous haters that don't like entertainment and agressive driving like senna did. That video would last a long time.

    54. Rafael Gonçalves

      Brazil in the rain. The best moment. Nobody can do that!

    55. Patrice Durant

      he never make a clean Overtake lol, always push the other guy on the grass, it's easy to make some difference, his very good but not enough clean for me

      1. Kanga Banga


      2. Formula lol • 33 years ago

        That isn't true

    56. Lodewijk van Asselt

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="389">6:29</a> how everyone feeds their baby

    57. Glen Sanders

      The best rider out there. Period.

    58. Ruben Pos

      what songs are used?

    59. Tarmo Loikkanen

      this guy is really the new "senna" like it or not

    60. nettur39

      I want to say Hockenheim 2019. also i noticed they cut out the 2017 post race BS when they added it to this list

    61. #kingzio los reales Arnaiz

      Recuerdo cuando murio Senna deje de ver la formula 1 ,porque murió la emoción Murió la formula 1 con el yo no vi a shummaher ganar los 7 títulos no vi la formula 1 para mi murió el deporte con Senna. Pero desde que llego Max volví a enamorarme de la formula 1 gracias Max no hay mas palabras para expresar lo feliz que me siento de ver otra ves mi deporte favorito mi Dios te proteja y te guarde Siempre.

    62. Typowy Laman

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="375">6:15</a> Max Verstappen just casually sliding into Dm's

    63. GooglR Ratings

      I honestly think if Verstappen and Hamilton were on equal terms, Verstappen would come out on top more often than not.

    64. Jeffrey Dorval

      All he knows is go.. Max Neverstappen

    65. NotAyrton Senna

      I’m hearing Felipe Nassa.

    66. Paul Hope

      One of my favourite drivers to watch. He's just exceptional... easily up there alongside Lewis... possibly even better?

    67. Dominic Franklin

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="368">6:08</a> winds me up, this isn’t magic... it’s a karting line... wet track... off the racing line.

    68. Chups

      Fuck Max, and fuck F1...

      1. Kanga Banga

        And fuck you

    69. KissTheGreat

      I think you mean 10 moments of Verstappen not understanding where the track limits are. His lane discipline in normal cars must be atrocious!

      1. Formula lol • 33 years ago

        @KissTheGreat all the times? Tell me all the times Sebastian Vettel has spun. tell me how many times Hamilton has cried to his team. Tell me how many times Magnussen has done dangerous driving. Tell me how many times Bottas has let Hamilton past. Tell me how many times a Williams has come last. Max has only lost a podium 2 times from a penalty, but he didn't act like Sebastian Vettel did. You are acting like trying to overtake is a bad thing.

      2. KissTheGreat

        Formula lol • 33 years ago I think you’re forgetting all the times he’s been penalised and had podiums taken away for putting all four wheels outside the track in the name ‘aggression’

      3. Formula lol • 33 years ago

        Your mixing aggression with bad driving here. I can explain, but it i dont see a point if you don't reply

    70. Oğuzhan Gözütok


    71. Dennis Pookie


    72. J b

      *GO GO MAX !!*

    73. yco67

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="65">1:05</a> this looks like a game..

    74. Mehmet Berk

      Give Mercedes to verstappen and WE will see verstappen take all poles and race win

    75. Moe Adventures

      He'll win the championship in 2021.

    76. Jeff Crisanto

      the beat drop right when the brazil highlights come on was perfect timing

    77. Michel de jong

      What a driver wow. Onze max gaat maximaal

    78. Surf Fear

      And still only 22 years old

    79. Lee Illman

      Reminds me of senna

    80. Allwyn Barreto

      Max is a smelly hollandaise C