This guy has a PROBLEM - Tech Hoarders

1,5 mln. weergaven866

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    What happens when you combine a tech nerd with means and storage space? Tech Hoarders! Let's see what wonders await - Featuring Brian the electrician!
    Maybe start a tech hoard of your own - They'll be retro, too, some day!
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    1. KacangNgoding

      15:11 me : my other fiends: oh, those guys have 3d printed save icon!

    2. allnicksweretaken

      Wow, the memories! And Commander Keen on that beast 486dx2 66mhz, total overkill, but cool! I used to salivate over having that cpu. And that creative awe32 soundcard, so awsome. Cyrix processor, I used to have one of those 486sx 25mhz I think it was. Haha, 0.7 / 1.2 mb 5.25" disks, that wa the shit! xD Edit: Yes Linus, I'm even older than you. ;)

    3. Rad dog

      Linus sounds like every gen z or alpha gen kid in america.

    4. Zanee Whoo

      Frkns boomers

    5. BVG


    6. molnez

      @7:35 When even Linus is concerned about a fire hazard, you know it's bad.

    7. Tec

      hah... its my life in just 20 minutes... lucky for me i didn't see the 8 inch floppys or a real matrix printer.

    8. William Park

      I actually have a 486 dx4-100 machine that I could not let go of. If you know someone that would appreciate such a machine I would be happy to give it away.

    9. Moonlight

      I think Linus was being a bit too aggressive with handling the tech

    10. JayB

      I need cash to upgrade my CPU workload.

    11. Steven Zimdin

      Generals... Love it

    12. Game & Tech Point

      love to watch these type on content more than a Movie.

    13. Jordys Fernandez

      One of the best videos here.

    14. Intangible Tingles

      I like Brian. Brian has respect for tech origins. Brian deserves a donut.

    15. KonsolenDoc

      Cool Video , Please more of that!!

    16. KonsolenDoc

      Cool a Elctric Heaven !!

    17. john doe

      that wasnt a thermal paste rag.....

    18. Selim G.

      This is just sad.

    19. hussguy1990

      I still have a chatpad too 😅 haven't used it in years.

    20. Peter Moneypenny

      Linus is such an arsehole. I unsubbed ages ago but he definitely has little man syndrome. case closed - I have spoken

    21. LineEmUp

      8:41 His hands make my wife's look manly.

    22. chocolate caramel

      I think he can go to pawnstars and sell those stuff

    23. The Real Chad The Real Chad

      I’m still rocking an I7 2600k so if he has an old I7 3600k he wants to get rid of. =D

    24. Snooks

      10:20 "it's got a ram slot on it!" ..f'ing millenial

    25. Matthew Stein

      I have a buddy who has one of the original Microsoft Mouse, with the steel ball.

    26. George M.

      what no 8" floppy disks?

    27. Kenneth

      LOL, don't come to my house. This guy is a lightweight, I have stuff going back to TI-99/4A.

    28. Tyler D

      i had that controller

    29. A Schlafer

      11:30 linus gets sentimental with his memories

    30. A Schlafer

      oh you know if i just kind of take it into the basement 2:59

    31. Joe monroe

      I'm familiar with a vast majority of that tech. :/

    32. AstroAtrox

      K I T C H E N M I N E C R A F T?!?!

    33. ViciousDave4Life

      OMG. With that many motherboards and fans and power boxes and graphics cards, he could make probably over 200 to 400 computers and than sell them. Come on man you could be rich just gotta buy towers and than put the parts in it.

    34. Neil Seifried

      oh man i forgot about EGA trek!!

    35. Dan Menes

      Needs a better mousetrap.

    36. Bass-D C

      Linus: You should check out Supreme Commander Forged Alliance Forever. Those guys keep the servers alife and there is a lively community for that game even today. I think there still is the Risk map in their archives.

    37. idontgiveafork

      Impressive amount of knowledge for 25 year old parts...

    38. svfutbol20

      My super minimalist brain for computer builds is in a state of pure anxiety looking at that damn house

    39. Gary Wood

      I’d love to destroy All of that. That’s right me destructor man

    40. GhostCall Radio Network

      I still have my pc with a parallel port on it and an old pc xt with 10meg hard drive and a Zip drive lol

    41. SPC Dewitt

      Risk on Supreme Commander was something i barely remember playing, Sup comm had mothing on Starcraft BW custom maps.

    42. Kiaf

      That's amazing

    43. Scoth3

      I still play EGATrek to this day. Great game. Never expected to run into it here. Great stuff

    44. Jason Larawan


    45. Reinier van zwieten

      This isn't even that bad Edit... nvm i just got to the workshop part.

    46. Robert C.

      This man has no problems. He's opening a museum soon and he'll be charging admission. Smart I'd say

    47. Mike Hall

      I really don’t like the way you dissed the toughbook. That truly is a modern toughbook. I would have given your criticisms a pass if it really was a Core 2 model.

    48. Deft3 Studio.


    49. Uriah Light

      I gotta hand it to this dude. For a hoarder he is waaaay more organized than I was expecting. It didn't look like a junkyard in his workshop.

    50. Michaël Vandorpe

      I'm not sure what you mean with the Supreme Commander Risk map, is it the one called World Domination? That one you can still find online I think.

    51. Herpes 69

      who's watching in 2457

    52. Perry Lee

      bro ur charging 60 bucks for a hoodie? oh no Linus....

    53. Dhugon

      So now thanks to this there is a RISK map being hosted on the FAF client :D

    54. ttpenman

      Just watched this, what a hoot. Couple things -- you were looking at HD's of a few hundred Meg. I know I have a 40 Meg drive stashed somewhere. My first computer was an Apple II with expansion to 64K !!! No HD, just 2 5 1/4" floppies. But, I was king of the hill at thee time. First PC was a Gateway 486. Not sure how much RAM but very much remember buying memory in 1 meg strips for $40 EACH. Those were the days. Text adventure games common, but my favorite was an Olympic event game (don't remember the exact name) that I remember pressing 2 keys to run as fast as you could. God, I'm old!!

    55. Drumpad 24

      Great place in an apocalypse.

    56. 3Spooky 5Me

      Yea. Not yeeeeeeeet.

    57. Wilhelm Schmied

      Linus is a bigger hoarder then this guy he just don't keep the stuff in his house lol

    58. stygianwraithdancer

      i got an old data train laptop if you want to have a look at it Linus lol

    59. pegadirty

      5 1/4" floppies awwww yissss, played LHX: Attack Chopper and Prince of Persia on those babies

    60. Mellow

      Just imagine in the dark of night, you hear a short canadian man shout 'WHAT IS THIS? THERE IS NO GOOD REASON TO OWN THIIIIS!' and suddenly your heart races as you know that you have become a victim of the invasion of the Linus upon your home. You quiver as he slowly crawls around camera in arm critisizing every little thing you own...