The Try Guys Make Waffle Cones Without A Recipe

The Try Guys

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    Who’s ready for some bonus baking? Which Try Guy’s Waffle Cone will stack up to the competition? 🧇👑
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    1. shy t

      😂😂😂😂😂 Jamie is so cute

    2. Lisa von Gartzen

      i dont believe I've ever seen eugene as happy as he is at the end of this :DDD

    3. Mehak Kazi

      Someone give the editor a pat on the back this was beautiful

    4. Dasorp

      3 million actually not 500k

    5. Aika Noelly

      The boy is so C U T E

    6. Lusanda N

      Eugene’s incessant need to add alcohol to everything is a little concerning.

    7. Emma Walchli

      Zack: at least 500k views GETS OVER 3 MILLION VIEWS


      ??? 0:43 ?? ? ? ? ? ??

    9. AnOdd1

      Zach: “The Try Guys make waffle cones without a recipe”, I mean that’s at least a 500k view video. Me: *Looks down to see 3 million views on this video* I don’t think he truly realizes how many people love this mini-series lol

    10. hijjawi lamar

      Jamie is a mood we need more of him

    11. Lola Gracie Designs

      Keith: *sees a hot iron* Keith: *decides to touch it* Keith: Ouch! The hot iron hurts to touch!🤣🤣😂

    12. Sketchy Scars

      21:38 mate I'm dead 😂😂

    13. Shiloh Thomas-Wilkinson

      No one: Zach: "I'm gonna dip in the kitty again"

    14. Maddie Xu

      the way eugene just stuffed the waffle into the bowl shaper

    15. Annalise Collins

      21:22 A beautiful moment in history

    16. Prestige Savitar

      I feel like keith should have won this one

    17. Prestige Savitar

      I dont get why ned used cake flour

    18. angewomon143

      Only 500k view video? Zach oh yee of little faith

    19. Tamanna D

      This is definitely the most incredible series yet... Petition to bring this back forever.

    20. Cristine P

      Zach: "Ned's my dude I'm gonna sink with this ship." Honestly I ship Zach and Ned together so... same

    21. Daisy from NZ

      Is it me or does Zach's hair look super good! So thick and lush!

    22. Audrey O'Regan

      was Eugene in Brooklyn Nine-Nine cause i think i saw him in season 6

      1. Audrey O'Regan

        like the one with Gina and Jake pretending to call " Daddy"

    23. m o i s t

      That kid is so damn cute.

    24. bssni touir

      “I dont believe in water” Arguably the most eugene quote ever uttered

    25. Alexandra Carlson

      You should make Cheesecake without a Recipe It would be a disaster, but I believe it would be entertaining

    26. Dashie Loves

      Everyone is talking about the kid at the end and Zack being a madman- but Keith got possessed by the spirit of America when he put in all that oil. Remarkable.

    27. Rhys Ellis

      lets just cut the waffle cones out of the video. The Try Guys Make Without A Recipe

      1. bssni touir

        Actually 2.9 million view video

    28. Diane Akerly

      Keith mentioning counting at random times: I up you one further. BAND KID EDITION- counting in 4/4 or 3/4 time and seeing how many measures you can get in at random times XD

    29. Just Another Person

      Him running behind them😂😂😂😂😂

    30. Desiree The dyke

      I swear ned and zach are high asf

    31. personally biaswrecked

      No one: Not even jesus: *my braincells at 3 am* 11:04

    32. Tylar Talkington

      You guys had me DYING with laughter in this whole series! I hope you Try stuff like this again!

    33. Kia Jenkins

      12:42-13:07 was such a SpongeBob vs Squidward-esque moment and I'm so weak 😂

      1. vbddfy euuyt

        Make a flan without a recipe

    34. Elizabeth West

      Keith not making daddy’s favorite cinnamon raisin? Shocked

    35. SimplyJenna315453

      “At least 500k video” Video currently at 3 million views

      1. vbddfy euuyt

        I actually really dislike the kid wtf

    36. The Vegan Potterhead

      The Try Guys do a vegan challenge and watch footage of animal cruelty, please!! 🌾🐄🐏🐑🐐🐖💚✌

    37. C. Coffee

      Hahaha my favorite part of this was Zach running with confetti. That is the biggest leo reaction I have ever seen from him!! "I'm the best!!! Oh my god!!! Ahhhhhhh!!!!" *Confetti dance* As a fellow leo I approve, sir!

    38. Amen Molla

      Zach:This is at least a 500k views video Video:Gets 3 mill views

    39. Kathryn King

      "pour oil into it"

    40. Strxnger

      Eugene stop putting alcohol in things you give to children lmao

    41. Alexander Sauris

      Actually 2.9 million view video

    42. Cecelia Rumsey

      its official to us Zach!

    43. Phoenix Amaro

      Love the end with zack running around with confetti over his head😭😂

    44. dueeh nyyu

      Someone: How much alcohol do you want in this? Eugene: Yes

    45. Chris TheMetalUnicorn

      What’s with the animal intermissions

    46. Kat Fischer

      my favorite part of this series is whenever some says “i’m going to use *insert ingredient here* for sure” and the expert says “whatever you do DO NOT use *said ingredient* or it will ruin the whole thing”

    47. Liv Householder

      “500k view” *has over 2 million views”

      1. dueeh nyyu


    48. iiherrtii

      Try guys roast dog without a recipe.

    49. soflylikejunhyung

      I actually really dislike the kid wtf

    50. OmegaDraws

      Make a flan without a recipe

    51. Fiona Muir

      am i the only one who got great british bake off vibes from the music? lol

    52. faureamour

      I especially loved the ending of this! So funny!!

    53. Coco Studios

      Try Guy Greatness 2019: Eugene sits on Kieths lap 2020: Zach wins a without a recipe challenge

    54. KA sploosh

      Nobody: Zach: WHa? WHaH? AHhH!!

    55. Islande J.

      I love this series!!!!!

    56. Chloe Suter

      The Try Guys are my favourite channel 😭❤️

    57. Brandon Mitchell

      3 mil views but only expected 500k lolllll

    58. Yoyo 15275

      I don’t like that kid. He is really rude.. if I were his mother and he was my race (Hispanic), I would’ve given him un chinclaso!!!

    59. 53 ' er

      You guys should du "Kaith eats everything at nusr-et"