The BROFIST is declared a HATE SYMBOL! (this is bad)


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    1. Quality Dumpster

      Media: *Pays shill to make a normal symbol to a hate symbol to make money* Shill: "Media bad" People: "Yo wtf help shill"

    2. idk what

      Boomers man, they gotta ruin all the fun

    3. Timboah


    4. Zaio Hellgren

      This was really good, GIVE US PEWDS DOCUMENTARIES

    5. Tibbe Tabbis

      Hmm, if you look at the ok sign its ofcource a w, but it is a b, not a p that is the second letter so the letters is w and b ..... White boomer (No racism or anything) yeez

    6. Daiger

      this is absolutely hilarious. it's so sad to think people take these kind of things too seriously

      1. Tokenetta

        We should though, because Nazis use it. Ppl should at least be aware of that and it's not always a troll.

    7. Hulth


    8. Even

      When did you become internet historian?

    9. Wizard Gaming

      Do tiger Tim t song reaction video pleasessssssssssssss

    10. Mr nobody


    11. Aslan Narasimha

      Well done this was much needed.

    12. Zack Goldstein

      Thank you. I was outraged when the media called Pepe the frog a hate symbol. I tried explaining to my parents that that wasn’t what the meme was about. For a few years, my parents thought that he was a hate symbol because that was where they had first heard of him. I have seen plenty of Pepe memes in the past few years, and none of them had anything to do with politics. Now, my parents are starting to get a new perspective. Thank you for making this video, I really felt that it had to be done.

      1. Tokenetta

        Pepe isn't a hate symbol, but the alt right does use it. Also Groyper is definitely a hate symbol that the Alt right uses. Pewdiepie called them "trolls" 6:45 the frog on the left is called groyper, so he's wrong in getting those mixed up.

    13. BATTIx


    14. Will Biondo

      I got a PewDiePie ad before this

    15. Alex Bennet

      You forgot to mention the usage of the OK sign by the hilarious memester who ironically trolled bullets into 50 Muslims...

    16. BATTIx


    17. Aslan Narasimha

      You had an ad on your own video.

    18. donnte uchiha

      Pepe meme dies: Epstein didn’t kill himself

    19. Ramiro Chavez


    20. Mr.Yeetster Yeet

      Me when pewdiepie says don’t react to the white power bullshit but don’t use it like it is 👌

    21. Yoruchi MMD

      I kinda find weird that both of these "hate symbols" had a part of Trump shoving them in mainstream media's faces... But seriously people, this is absurd..

    22. ArcturusDelphinus

      Me: *breathes* Media: Is that a hate crime or something because that felt so offensive like omg

    23. - GaboBando -

      What the actual fuck?, Nowadays Everything is a hate symbol of wtf?

    24. AwfulMusik

      I am sincerely hoping for death.

    25. Marco Cernat

      This actually is one of my favorite videos and I have been watching him from the beginning when he had 30k subs

    26. Ronnie Cordaro

      PewDiePie just clickbaited us all...

    27. Team Temho

      This is click bait I clicked for the brofist being banned

    28. Riley C

      genuinely had no idea that the "ok hand" was actually being targeted like this. I use it all the time.

    29. Exputz RAD1

      Don't give a crap about what motivational speakers or world leaders say but when pewdiepie says something serious, then you know it's serious as hell!!!

    30. samuel hauge

      Huh. Old people in these days

    31. Woke Rooster

      The white power symbol is real thing and problem. So is Pepe.

    32. Chris

      Chapeau Pewds. This is excellent propaganda for the alt right. Good job. You’re delivering alt right talking points to millions of young, impressionable kids. Never thought that you were one of us but your constant oopsies when it comes to white supremacy and you stepping in to defend white supremacists has finally convinced me

    33. darkfire2703

      Damn. I love this video style

    34. LeCreep1907

      Media is bad

    35. Siete

      Poor crabs 😢

    36. Ckiv Purssonxz


    37. ColeKane

      Both PewDiePie and iDubbbz have made the arguement that giving a reaction is what gives power to the hate symbol (or speech) and gives the people pushing for it to be "an official hate symbol" more leverage. Great minds think alike!

      1. Tokenetta

        This is actually different. I disagree with ppl saying "nigga" and excluding other races of saying it. In this case ignoring everyone using this symbol gives them more power. What makes this different is that Nazis adopted the hand symbol and that ppl using it should be under suspicion in certain circumstances. Like the person that took a picture with Trump. He had no smile on his face which was odd. Or the cops that were using the sign and we know that cops could damn well be white supremacists. Point is if we ignore every single instance and not use good judgement, we're enabling these guys to get into positions of authority and allowing them to signal to Nazis or the alt-right.

    38. kurkkumopo

      👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌Nice sub to ma channel u god 👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌

    39. Vanessa Whitney

      Ahhhhhh Dr. Mario music so nostalgic

    40. Adam One

      nazis tricked the libs once again they fell for the its just a prank bro meme


      i got a pewdiepie figurine ad before this video

    42. TubeKamut

      Like I think to myself that how are people so dumb

    43. Jacabo Blanco

      Whatever you say is a hate symbol will then be used as one. And if it's ridiculous to say it is one, it will then be used to troll. It's that fucking simple

    44. Frogman Leaps

      The ok symbol means okay boomer

    45. A A BOY 10


    46. Freedom Podcast


    47. Burnx


    48. Das Knicklicht

      Well I'm not ok anymore

    49. greatfisherman k

      Frankly I don't care what other people think I'm gonna use the ok sign as It was meant to be a gesture to ask if someone is ok

    50. Porko Productions

      This was published on my birthday

    51. A kid on the internet


    52. Porko Productions

      You sorta look like axel rose now

    53. Lennox

      Very cool video essay.

    54. Marcus Couscous

      I want to believe. I want to leave.

    55. Daniel Sung

      The world has gone horribly stupid and I'd like to nuke it

    56. Evan Blenkinsopp

      People seem to neglect that, on the ADL’s hate symbol list, they ALWAYS give a disclaimer that context matters whenever people use dog-whistles.

    57. ni.ko386

      pewdiepie, do you not know what a dogwhistle is?

    58. LM

      Vaush has a good response vid.

      1. ni.ko386

        a man of taste

    59. Gabrielius Vincelis

      I LIKE THIS FORMAT, Felix. More of this pls

    60. John Madrid

      Keep PEPE Great. And i love my ok symbol with a thumbs up