Texans vs. Chiefs Divisional Round Highlights | NFL 2019 Playoffs


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    The Houston Texans take on the Kansas City Chiefs during the Divisional Round of the 2019 NFL postseason.
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    1. Van Morrison

      The 49er play like acc college team they throw so many things at you.you don't know what to defend.

    2. Ches Ah

      Eric Fisher 😂😂

    3. Mohab11 M

      Touchdown without touchdown ok wtf

      1. Brandon Vasquez

        @We The People lmao you're pathetic

      2. We The People

        It's all rigged , go back to sleep you sheep

    4. Henry Gucci

      Imagine being a Texans fan and the week before you were down 16-0, now you’re up 24-0 so you would think they would know how to NOT blow a lead

    5. rayism 24b

      Chiefs should offer Mahomes 3 years for $900,000. Take it........................Or go play for the Bungals

    6. Puro South


    7. Itskelvinn

      9:03 #25 doesn’t want to block?

    8. othelloalford21

      Please play like this against the 49ers

    9. Rob Taylor

      That unsung Offensive lineman at 14:38 should be going to the pro bowl

    10. Mike Tucker

      Niners are going to smash on KC. Boooossssaaaaaa!!!!

    11. Stephen Jones

      That play by "Sorenson" (sp?) on the fake punt was INCREDIBLE!! We all thought "terrible call by the Texans when it happened, but it SHOULD have worked...albeit for an incredible defensive play!

    12. Nick Price

      4:16 Andy Reid: Execute Order 66!

    13. Football is Life

      Literally called this game. Gave the scores mutiple spreads, but knew Texasns would only get 21-28 and Chiefs would get 33-40. So many deleted Texans fans profiles on NLsel that day.

    14. Logan Alford

      We got the lead just keep spinning baby!

    15. Roger Pack

      Nice special teams by the chiefs.

    16. SevenThunderful

      Interesting fact. Right around when Houston scored the field goal to make it 24-0, Houston's coach clearly started cursing, using the Lord's name in vain. He apparently wasn't happy even after getting a 24 point lead. After that the wheels fell off the wagon and KC scored 7 touchdowns in a row. Coincidence? I think not.

      1. Puro South

        Yeah because the league told Bill O'brien to take a dive after they realized Texans were gonna win. The league is expecting/wanting big numbers for SB 100. Texans being a young team, won't get them those numbers. Maybe next year

    17. Durrell Kitchen

      Chiefs def. Texans 51-31 🏈!!!!! AFC Divisonal Playoff Game Sunday, January 12th, 2020 Courtesy of CBS/KCTV 5

      1. Progressive Viewer


    18. Israel Davis

      Stone cold fisher ? 😂 after 13:39

    19. Ruben Gutierrez

      Watch out for Deshaun Watson next year. Houston's going to be a contender!

    20. COCO7795

      Does Darwin Thompson..understand the rules of football...wtf was he doing on that fumble? i like the kid's ability but sheeit..

      1. Dale Winston

        Rookie glitch

    21. Максим Харитонов

      Россия за Канзас!!!!Махомс лучший

    22. Abok Bior

      My husband

    23. critic geek

      KC Over-rated! Wont beat the 9ers!!

      1. 785Toodie662

        critic geek you’re crazy KC defense hitting like junkyard dogs. Mahomes will take care of anything else.

    24. Nowlan Hurla

      Now the chiefs should win the super bowl and beat the 9ers

    25. Andres

      This was the super bowl

    26. Sulieman Daher

      I can say a star is born congrats chiefs.

    27. Ays Perez

      I saw the video where they were talking about the Texans lose being a comeback or collapse that is 100 percent a comeback the fact the chiefs weren’t making any catches is the proof

    28. Tony Alabama

      Well, you can say one thing, Houston is damn good at playing air guitar.

    29. Antoine Tran

      If they were down that much by the 49ers, it would be game over

      1. Ekquizit Sounds


      2. Antoine Tran

        @Ekquizit Sounds dont sleep on them niners!!

      3. Antoine Tran

        @Ekquizit Sounds yeah that's great on paper but that doesn't translate when your playing a better team and the san Francisco 49ers are the better team. Lol

      4. Ekquizit Sounds

        @Antoine Tran yea patrick.mahomes and his 31 yd rushing rd is all.hype. kelce and hill are all hype. Williams and watkins are all hype. Clark and Sorenson are all hype....yea ok buddy do.u even watch football???

      5. Ekquizit Sounds

        @Antoine Tran cheifs haters: Texans are a better team Titans are a better team 49ers are a better team. Bro have u seen the cheifs. Kittle isnt gona be enough buddy. Sorry salry titans fans. You are OUT AND WONT B IN THE PLAYOFFS NEXT YEAR. BUT THE CHEIFS WILL... HAVE A GOOD DAY AND STAY SALTY!!!

    30. Valentín López

      Increíble después de 4:00 les dieron la vuelta

    31. MalRulesAll


    32. Derrick McDonald Jr

      Cheifs garbage anyway

    33. Off-Stat Studios

      NLselrs during trolling videos:

    34. Jalapenofirehead S

      How just how

    35. suns_out_buns_out

      6:20 every time the chiefs score a touchdown it sounds like somebody ripping a nasty fart

    36. Matthew Aguirre-Mata

      Imagine being an Astros fan and watching this after.

      1. Silmarrillion123

        Astros fan here. Didn't bother me one bit not a Texans fan.

    37. Billy Nissan

      Congratulation- Chief's well played..👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

    38. vbddfy euuyt

      Texans: scores 24 points in a quarter Chiefs: Are you challenging me?

    39. Nathan Morgan

      Patrick Mahones be like... “So guys, hear me out. We’ll let them score 24 points, THEN we’ll start trying. It’ll be hilarious!”

    40. CoZy_Silk Gaming

      When mahomes gets X factor

    41. TwistedBliss 316


      1. TwistedBliss 316

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    42. Dave East

      I blame Houston’s coach frankly, don’t care how good chiefs are, when you’re up by 24, run the dam ball! And run the clock

    43. TheQsanity

      This is some League of Legends ass plays

    44. Slice of Life

      41 unanswered points, wow

    45. MrDukeus

      Frank Clark never gives up, unlike Justin Houston who would quit half way through the play

    46. Belladonna Gammidge

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    47. Irvin Flores



      can u guys subscribe to my channle,thanks

    49. Vaughn Miller

      Congratulations Kansas City Chiefs, back in the Super Bowl after a long half-century. It's about time. Now go win it....

    50. Michael Madden

      Game fixed.

      1. Prince Sosa

        not even close. try again

      2. cerebus1022


    51. Paulette J Jacob

      May the better/best team win.......

    52. Legend Troy

      Here we go chiefs and we go here we go chiefs here we go

    53. Legend Troy

      Kansas City chief number 49 said hello Tennessee number 17

    54. Legend Troy

      One word" mahomes".

    55. Jonathan Grabban

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    56. Max Fuller

      The Chiefs obviously had a great comeback but the penalties from the Texans absolutely killed them.

    57. TopSecretVid

      This is my hype video for todays game.....

    58. Kasperine Kasbugger

      LETS THIS BE AN ADVICE TO ALL YOUNG QB's Out there do not Start Playing Guitar with your hands on the sideline just because you are up 24.Opponents find that insulting and they might just come back and outscore 51-7 just saying Oh wait they did just that Lol . Kansas didn't win this, Houston gave it them starting with the coach and where was JJ and his generals at Defense? he should not win defensive Player of the year Anymore.

      1. huttio srreu

        gladly subscribe.