Tank versnellingsbak open! #108

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    Gepubliceerd op 2 maanden geleden


    1. Krisztián Molnár

      Please just make a bigger cage for that dog.

    2. Sebasje

      Goed om te weten dat rissler ook Fries is, gegroet medefries :)

    3. Alf Iversen

      Thank you to the translaters!

    4. Peter Stanworth


    5. Peter Stanworth

      wrwrwhogggggg = "primimitive testosterone inducted roar". De klassieke vertalerers verstaan hun vak geweldig goed, hierbij wil ik een compliment verzenden aan de vertalers :-)

    6. Hao浩

      Pink fork lift? :)

    7. aleksandr rudakov

      Это вы с воздушным компрессором возитесь?

    8. Chuck Van

      Rissler1981 and Millbrook1974, know that your subtitling makes the MasterMilo videos worth watching. Your efforts are very much appreciated. Thank you to both of you and others!

    9. John LEON

      I can help with the English technical terms for the translation... I’ll try and find you on Discord.

    10. FluePeakツ

      dont understand what they are talking about but its really entertaining to watch and i hope they get it fixed and fully working

    11. มาลี มาแล้ว

      sweet folklift

    12. Igor S. Oliveira



      Hou maar op met zaagen Dirk Ik heb al doos prinsessen roze lolly's opgestuurd maar er is wat vertraging door heel veel belang :-)

    14. Coyote

      The new English subtitles are a big improvement.

      1. Millbrook1974

        Thank you, sir/madam.

    15. Stuart Burgess

      Thanks guys for the excellent translation job , my Dutch language skill is a bit poor I really appreciate all your hard work !

    16. Oscar Thorpe

      11:09 trieste hond wil attentie

    17. Oscar Thorpe

      what are you going to use to replace the tank's transverse springs? i.e. the big torsion rods that went from the track on one side to the other side of the hull.

    18. st4vert

      kleine tia @3:13

    19. Yu Toob

      Thank you! subtitlers, this is very unique and interesting content. [youtube "auto-translate" is worthless]...

    20. Hugo Pinto

      If you think it's ok to keep a dog in a cage that size, you shouldn't own a dog. Downvoting cause of this.

    21. PoisoneDrummer

      Thanks to everyone who is working on the english subtitles !

    22. television and cheese

      Interesting there are no helical gears!

      1. zxggwrt

        These are much stronger, cheaper, and transmission noise probably isn't a big concern considering!!

    23. DakotaMan

      The subtitles are excellent! Great job!

    24. Jeep 4low

      Now this was cool . Never saw a tank's manual transmission opened up before . Gearhead City right here . Thanks .

    25. Fam Bannink

      man man man, ik lach me dood stuntelaars :)

    26. Nick dubbeldam

      De ondertiteling grap op 31:34 :)

    27. Stalin

      Thank you very much for subtitles!

      1. Millbrook1974

        You're welcome! W'ere glad you enjoy our videos!

    28. zimmlock

      Geweldig weer ik amuseer mij kostelijk met het volgen van dit mooie project. Hoe staat het eigenlijk met de koepel?

    29. Cape Cod CNC

      You should replace every bearing in the transmission now. One spot of rust on a bearing will very quickly ruin a bearing and quite possibly ruin the transmission. Then you have to do this all over again. Unless of course you like removing a transmission from a tank and finding parts made from unobtainium..... IMHO

      1. zxggwrt

        The pressing and torch cutting required to remove them, and the expense, means they should probably stay unless they are truly crapped up or broken. It's a tank transmission so you'll never notice a slightly noisy bearing! Just inspect them and clean them and get on with it.

    30. Michael McGilbery

      Thanks for all the hard work translating this for all English speakers.

    31. Dingo Dan

      Der große Hund in der kleinen Box, ist schon sehr bedenklich

    32. jolesco

      So Diesel remained in his cage today, not roaming about with a piece of rubber hose in his mouth....love your show by the way :)

      1. Millbrook1974

        nlsel.info/video/video/uaWbjIeNa7eG24Y.html I guess you missed this one then...

      2. jolesco

        I'm sorry to hear that

      3. Millbrook1974

        It's Luka, I'm afraid Diesel is no longer with us.

    33. NoodlesSwe

      thx a bunch to the translators make it understandable.

    34. DennisMeier911

      I would like to thank the translator for the hard work! Well done!

    35. Jim Lahey

      Thankyou for the subtitles

    36. ruben fernandez

      los vi hasta el minuto que mostraron al perro encerrado como un delincuente, me desuscribi y no los mirare mas.... por malditos!!!!

    37. BubbaZanetti6666

      I’ve seen bigger gears in a Swiss watch!! Great work guys, love the curiousness between you both, too see inside the gearbox. I would be the exact same!

    38. Electriccoolaid 0113


    39. Martie Van Sloten

      kijk eens op vanhalteren.com/en/special-products/ we halen elke dag versnellingsbakken van de leopard II uit elkaar en weer in elkaar net als de leopard motoren.

    40. Millbrook1974

      English subtitles have arrived folks!