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    Director - Nathan James Tettey
    Production Company - Untold Studios
    Head of Music & Social - Annie Ayres
    Executive Producer -Tessa Wood
    Producer - Natalie Steiner
    1st AD - Daniel Smith
    2nd AD - Gabriel O’Donohoe
    Director of Photography - Aaron Reid
    Steadicam Operator - Grant Sandy-Phillips
    Focus Puller - Brendan Harvey
    B Cam Focus Puller - Kate Eccarius
    Clapper Loader - Jomar O’Meally
    Gaffer - Danny Hayward
    Production Designer - Benny Casey
    Casting Director - Rae Elliman
    Choreographer - Ricky Labib
    Costume Stylist - Holly MacDonald
    Make-up Artist - Paul Rodgers
    Hair Stylist- Dion Thomaz
    Editor- Chris Wilson
    Edit House- Stitch
    Colourist - Simon Bourne
    Colour House - Framestore
    VFX - Untold Studios
    Post Producer - Semley Wilkinson
    VFX Artist - George Rockliffe
    VFX Artist - Grant Connor
    Label - #MERKY/Atlantic Records
    Director of Video - Dan Curwin
    Senior Marketing Manager - Jackie Eyewe
    Stormzy Team
    Stylist: Melissa Holdbrook-Akposoe
    Hair: Slider Cuts
    Groomer: Maria Comparetto
    Management: Tobe Onwuka / Ayesha Dunn-Lorde

    Ed Sheeran Team
    Stylist: Liberty Shaw
    Groomer: Amber Rose Peake
    Management: Stuart Camp

    Burna Boy
    Stylist: Ronami Ogulu
    Management: Bose Ogulu / Ronami Ogulu
    FACEBOOK: stormzyoffic...
    INSTAGRAM: stormzy
    TWITTER: Stormzy

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    1. dominick davis

      This song is hella underated

    2. Rose Murdock

      Dont mind this comment *Im at the bustop pretending to type someone*

    3. Amani Kazungu

      is this my best $ong i think it i$

    4. RDH

      Honestly man, this has to be Album of the year uno👏👏👏

    5. Kami Kams


    6. Lemonn Crush

      You know a song is 🔥🔥🔥 when it has this many dislikes.

    7. bela_ princesa_

      Once you go black , you never go back !!!

    8. official Obama

      Stormzy on autotune is something else

    9. bubbleboo boo

      Stormz Ed maybe be a bit more reggea style up beat with dam marley xx

    10. ScrappyKally

      Here comes the next pac

    11. Badboy T

      Best Tune in 2019

    12. Harry M

      Ed’s bit just spoils the song 😢

    13. R. James

    14. R. James

    15. Caled Ramsahoi

      Best song out, will be a future banger 👍

    16. josh taylor

      Gunna be honest ed is killing it and stormzy is in a different league love it

    17. Byrd Flu

      This song literally gives me chills and I haven't had that happen in almost a decade. Thank you so much, Stormzy, Ed and Burna, this is so fire, gonna have this shit on repeat for at least a year.

    18. Fin Zen

      Dayummmm this is hot

    19. Mariette Mayisa

      And I'm here just loving how the main female is a dark skinned queen 👸🏽with short natural hair- Our time to be recognised has finally come! 🙌🏾

    20. The Ace God of gaming S

      That song is better than it is I wish I'm eating your life

    21. alewx b


    22. Abdulkareem Mohamed

      If you Listen to this everyday put a like👍🔥🔥🔥

    23. So What Now?

      MERRY CHRISTMAS 2019 end of decade Tune and I’ll be listening to it till it’s 2029!

    24. Stacey Smith

      Love this

    25. Leon king

      Jamaica have been robbed for there hole style and we get no credit

      1. Veronica M

        song has been credited as a dancehall mix

    26. jayney xx

      Who made up there own bit at burna boys bit 🤣😍😍

    27. Lexi thomas

      I came just to hear ed

    28. Castro Castro

      Good music good vibes hold it

    29. Champagnepapi VEVO

      Not fan of this dude but this song is really good Especially long night drives

    30. さいばのバイク


    31. 杉田蒼

      スムージーの声がとても良きwww カッコいい…

    32. ARCA TRAZ

      ブライアンの動画から来た人👍 (頭悪いw)

    33. Nurmohmed Saleh

      Lit Song!!!

    34. ceerw buty

      This mv Show us that doesnt matter who is someone came from. We are all Humans.

    35. Ram Room

      Hey stormzy I’m rly sad over juice world and I want you to know u make it bettttttAaaaaa

    36. 遊戯の神


    37. Mr Slade69


      1. ceerw buty

        I want go after Xmas bk to abeardare honest home sick I'm not going to lie

    38. fatah 77

      I love this song 💙💙

    39. Nunnayer Beeswax

      This is the fucking jackass who wanted you to vote for corbyn the communist. Haha! Good news! YOU LOST, Low IQ SCUMBAG! YOU LOSER! Get an adult to read this for you. Lols.

    40. jeffrey mwanza