Sometimes Apple just does it better - AirPods Pro Review

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    Apple finally gave Airpods a big upgrade with the AirPods Pro wireless earbuds, with in-ear tips and active noise cancelling. So can they stand up to the competition?
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    1. arshiya kafi

      One youtuber says it sounds the same the other says the opposite what should i do

    2. Franca Lo Giudice

      People who often have dirty ears, shouldn't buy that type of BT-headphones which penetrate the ear-tunnel. You'll press your earwax back into in the ear. That's why I like the AirPods 1 / 2 better.

    3. Joseph Perez

      Apple adds the rubber things and charges 250....

    4. Lavkesh Arora

      So he wears an apple watch, likes the airpods but uses an Android phone? How does that even happen?

    5. XxMoldyScoobetti

      Sony’s case looks like they tried to make the AirPods pro but ran out of time

    6. Sergio

      I found a super copy of the Air Pods pro!™-1

    7. Vértigo

      linus is like the simon cowell of judging tech. if he says somethings good, they’re good.

    8. Dâîłÿ_Døßę_Øf_Mãñńÿ

      Apple keeps taking Samsung's style, it just goes to show samsung is better. And two more things, Samsung is not Android, it is merely in powered for PHONES ONLY. Apple has taken our Samsung Design i said this first ik, but we do it better and you just dont understand we do anything better! Phones= Better (S9, S10, Coming soon, S11) ; Camera = Surperior, Battery= better, Design=better, and im sorry to say apple users but Bixby Is So So much better than Siri. Lets not forget Price. Price= AWESOME (Samsung's Christmas deal for phones is currently $289.99 obviously rises with customization, but hey at least we're not so expensive that CLONES were created WITHOUT WIFI like you dont understand apple is blind-sighting you (Apple users) any way I'm done @ me if you want hate if you want idc)

    9. Sean L

      I wonder if these will stay put while riding 🤔 Would surely be a pisser losing one of them on the highway. The hooked style are great for mapping directions during riding .

    10. Amit Budhraja


    11. P60B40

      I'll stick with my $30 air execs

    12. Macie Nicholas

      I like the fact that it has transparency mode so I can wear them at work and actually hear if people are trying to get my attention and when I go on lunch I can turn on the noise cancellation so I don’t have to hear those mofos 😂

    13. Harpax A

      Even better than Sony's ??? R u kidding us Linus ?

      1. Mtg Might

        Have you tried them both?

    14. ubigmad

      no they don't who tf would recommend this fucking trash ?

    15. Aldo Hypnosis

      Vanilla Ice with Eminems voice...WTF 😆

    16. Aurelia Hamihardja

      what about the jabra elite 65t earphones?

    17. shaaransh sharma

      gonna tell my kids he was eminem

    18. Krill Siluroid

      the original air pods were rushed to market as an unfinished compromise The sound quality is meh and they moved around in the ear and felt like they were going to fall out of my ear. I gifted them to someone for their birthday.

    19. Meep - Wilson Nicklaus

      Linus Tech Tips I’ve been putting my AirPods in the little “pocket watch” pocket since I got them in 2017, and when I got gen 2, and when I got the Pros. Glad you figured it out! I was hoping a NLselr would point it out! Thanks man 😆😁

    20. Cam D

      Your attitude towards Apple is actually realllllly childish

    21. harrald schmitt

      Do yall know the channel exra credits? Bevor they went full sjw they had a different host, who used a program to scramble his voice. I just realized that Linus sounds almost exactly like that scrambled, high pitched voice.

    22. One Chill Sloth

      I’m not sure, I want to get the AirPods pro but I am also saving for a computer. Not sure what I should pick

      1. viktor laxson

        One Chill Sloth a computer 100%

    23. Blazeit 420

      Everyone just says that the product is good or great it is not a real genuine review if you're getting paid for the product

    24. MeMarzani

      Guys let's all just roast Linus in the comments. I'll start: Linus looks like a shitty pe coach

    25. Kyle Nathan J Bermudez

      Ok Boomer

    26. DeeJay LJ

      I'm broke boi android boi so Galaxy Buds it is

    27. Vehviläinen Lundqvist

      nope size does matter

    28. S T

      I wouldn't ever replace my Sony WF1000xm3 with the Airpods "pro". The Sony sound way better and now they updated the firmware and you can adjust the VOLUME settings on either side.

    29. dknight xs

      Using airpods pro right now, only diff is the noise cancellation otherwise the sound seems same as air pods 2 which were awesome on their own.

    30. Charlie Cheek

      When u order eminem off of wish

    31. Daniel Rangel

      Apple: so the airpuds are new and pro. People: so whats different abound the airpuds pro? *APPLE HAS LEFT THE CHAT*

    32. TheOfficialGorms

      Shit...I was using these as interchangeable oral 🅱️ toothbrush heads.

    33. Etaeli

      Linus looks like those guys from tech shops telling me about their new products

    34. Etaeli

      Linus has entered the dad stage

    35. Zane Atkins

      I just bought the Galaxy buds and I got them for 99$ so I'm gonna go with those...

    36. TudBoatTed

      Yo android plebs, get excited for the pixel buds 2

    37. Brumbass3

      They look horrible and the shorter "tale" actually makes them look even worse.

    38. Tony Wang

      Thank you for this review.

    39. Monesh Bhalodi

      When you gonna review the echo buds man?

    40. TheOddDiabetic