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    Folabi is back, but this time he’s finding out the truth!
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    1. TargetTime

      Why did they edit a giant apple logo on the laptop in the thumbnail but use a razor laptop throughout the whole video?

    2. TeenDillBill

      Ksi face looks punchable

    3. MAXOOSH

      I genuinely fell off my chair watching this

    4. subscribe to ksi

      Folabi looks like one of the sidemen ksi

    5. Ian Kolo

      *Hunga hahaha

    6. Originalzombie 1

      Vikk has a gf?

    7. F0X

      Is this video sponsored by gfuel because of all the Gfuel things in the back

    8. Nepoznat Jutuber

      We want more videos with folabiii

    9. Choko Official

      14:52 IS EPIC

    10. 703 Jay

      Ngl tobi ur a disgusting human being if u think the destruction of a dog is grounds for jokes watta nonce

    11. James Dawes

      15:59 JJ sounds just like Ivar from Vikings

    12. Sean Aboim

      20:18 the rape face is back 🤣😂

    13. Aiyanna Polk

      17:27 33:13

    14. Thomas Anderson

      20:22 we have seen the return of the rape face

    15. Casshat

      god I love harry and ethan

      1. roouit patan


    16. Brooke Eder

      19:06 Josh showed more pain than Tobi

    17. _KaKaZar_YT


      1. roouit patan

        U got to do another one

    18. Mika Kirk

      When Ethan turns his head and 12:25 👌

    19. _KaKaZar_YT

      Ethan 5:06

    20. _KaKaZar_YT


    21. [MxQ]Tonks69 420

      Who thinks the sidemen should do a ‘Sidemen $10,000 vs $100 Winter Holiday’? Seeing JJ struggling at skiing or tobogganing would be hilarious!

    22. Deborah A

      I actually love Tobi’s nose size and shape. it suits his face

    23. Martijn Bruijninckx

      It's been a while since they've got me laughing so much, it's 04:44 in the morning right now, everybody is asleep and I'm just constantly screaming and laughing because this one was funny as hell guys, nice video

    24. Førsakeñ岁次大陆。。

      *Detector Lie*

    25. G Wallis

      I miss Sir Theodore the third

    26. mohammed elfadil

      No one lied wtf is this

    27. Hungary

      i love the that background music song at the start. lol lmao lmfao.

    28. Alejandro Leon-Lopez

      stop Vik abuse that should be stayed in 2019

    29. Original Tb

      U got to do another one

    30. M


    31. King Of The North

      Its so weird how good JJ is at playing characters. Cause at the end when he is just JJ I was like where’s Folabi gone

    32. Mohammed Hossain

      Babatunde says Harry doesn’t upload much. Babatunde hasn’t uploaded for much konger

    33. i Galaxy

      Wait, Vik has a girlfriend

    34. André Craveiro

      This is my 3rd watch and i only realized that JJ isn't wearing pants

    35. Beanie

      20:21 old KSI face

    36. Derane Obika

      Does the face that he made at 20:25 remind anyone else of the old ksi?..

    37. Don Enrico

      Why didn't JJ participate in this video?

    38. Marc

      Let me just use my louis vuitton belt to punish people hahah

    39. Doyinsola Asunloye

      Ksi kills me

    40. TheDimondBow// TLB


      1. chding zuure

        23:25 Harry was clapping with his feet wtf

    41. TheDimondBow// TLB


    42. TheDimondBow// TLB


    43. Emn


    44. Solo Top

      I honestly want more of Sir Theodore The 3rd Only me?

    45. I'm a potato

      This is like my 10th time watching this video and I've only just realised Folabi wasn't wearing any trousers 😂

    46. Michael Big

      Notice how JJ showed up when Folabi went? Coincidence, I think not

    47. KILLAVibz

      Where is JJ

    48. Zipknow


    49. Itz Ghøst

      But like Alissa violet is better looking then erika costell

    50. Grandmaster487

      Ksi sounds less African and more like Ivar from vikings in this video

    51. RaFE

      15:58 I came for this

    52. the angel has rised


    53. It'sNate /YT

      Vik is the little brother they had to let play with them😂

    54. The Mask

      JJ’s African accent never gets old

    55. Darwin Kol

      23:25 Harry was clapping with his feet wtf

    56. Isobelle Taylor

      been a fan of the sidemen for five years and never be offended by anhthing they’ve said, but what tobi said about dejis dog is sad tbh :/

      1. Isobelle Taylor

        areeb Hussain 15:08 - 15:14

      2. areeb Hussain

        Isobelle Taylor time stamp?

    57. your best friend

      harry has my whole heart but when he was he was fat and he’s brother looks better than him i cried 🥺

    58. saud 809


    59. faisal alghamdi