Sas VW RollGolf in action



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    The RollGolf rolls again for the Discovery TV crew.
    De RollGolf rolt opnieuw voor de TV ploeg van Discovery.

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    1. alex foli

      I prefer the roll golf than the astérix !

    2. parkeerwacht

      RIP de orginele RollGolf

    3. keisuke takahashi

      Now thats forsale deliver it in philipines

    4. maas hanekamp heb je deze al eens gezien? je bent populairder dan je denkt.

    5. Erik Mazitov

      When you want to play Rocket League in real life

    6. Ozomini

      Rip rollgolf 1.0, its time to finish 2.0 +mastermilo82!!

    7. basie games

      Vete auto

    8. Laviotje

      Jaaehh... SORY

    9. Swagmaster9000

      Rip rollgolf 😥

    10. Sandra Wiegmink

      Kanker kaanaal

    11. someguy onyoutube

      the bounce after each roll is adorable :')

    12. legomachines3


    13. K Lundeen

      Awesome. Looks like a lot of fun, both making it, and of course, driving it!

    14. kadir satrovic

      What do you mean rip rollgolf

      1. beach 200

        kadir satrovic view the new video ;)

    15. J&T


    16. Rens Brouns

      RIP Rollgolf 😣😭😢😢

    17. MaxwellEindhoven

      I'm glad I saw the RollGolf in real life in 2013! Sad to hear it's burnt down with the accident today!

      1. Birdie Bird

        I know he did build a new RollGolf

    18. Garage 80

      Rip rollgolf

      1. Birdie Bird

        They will repair it i'm sure they will

    19. Lipe Vlogs

      This is a rollf

    20. Tom Cole

      I love the little hop after the roll that's my favorite part XD

    21. Daniel Bílý

      now you guys have your car in game :DD but its little bit different :D

      1. Jarco

        You do not have permission to view this page or perform this action. RIP

    22. Michael

      Haha what engine do they have inside that little golf?

      1. Birdie Bird

        1600 automatic 8v 4×4 gas powerd motor. MAD POWER!!! And its the motor that always has bin in it

      2. GoodFellas

        1,6 carb that runs ons gas

      3. Sietze Durkstra

        Michael- a 11,8 L MAN motor with a variomatic gearbox, with 4x4 and the diff is welded has this car a minimum top speed of 246 km/h

    23. Ondřej Liška

      Im not sure if its genial or 100% stupid ass shit :D


      You have been warmed :D

    25. bart fens

      komen ze met hun filmpje gewoon op discovery!

      1. Birdie Bird

        Geen idee

    26. sky fox

      like like life! Iove that kind of strange videos!

    27. Daniel  Walsweer

    28. Yolo Town

      echt mooi ik geniet er elke keer van maar wanneer uploaden jullie weer nieuwe vids

    29. Degenerate Canada

      How does this not destroy the engine?

      1. Zlatan Kovačević

        +DowellForPASenate once around 2 years ago, while driving bike to school (~19 km route), I remember that around 30% of cars that I saw were WW Golf 2, still alive and kicking :D (I live in small city in Serbia, close to border of Bosnia and Herzegovina)

      2. Tom Beigneux

        tom melissandre amoureux beigneux

      3. Vincent Borsum

        @Homestar1998 it's probably something securing the engine

    30. pauljs75

      It's funny, the chop job and change in proportions makes it look like an AMC.

    31. KalamityKings

      Anyone else sitting here going "What a stupid thing to do... We can I get one!"?

      1. jimmyboy131

        I'm thinking, "that is the best thing ever! I need one!"

    32. ChiTuSai

      Make a burnout with this :)

    33. Madoka Starpunch

      DO A BARREL ROLL! .... Close enough!

    34. AhptJames

      Now that's a roll cage.

    35. Tonya Burrow

      Drive it on the road

    36. Tonya Burrow

      Drive it on the road

    37. lars kristensen

      now THATS a roll cage :)

    38. Denhalen79

      The ideal city car.And that without a helmet. Brave driver. Or just has alot of faith in his creation.

    39. talotway

      jesus fuck, must be hell on the suspension

    40. Sharon Brice

      lol sick

    41. Viper GTS

      Where's his helmet?

      1. Vincent Borsum

        @VincentTheGreat my name is Vincent too :)

      2. Gijs

        @VincentTheGreat our skulls are our helmets ;)

      3. VincentTheConqueror

        Were Dutch, we dont need to..

    42. LEGOStudios9083

      now that's the power of German engineering

      1. Gijs


    43. LEGOStudios9083

      that's the power of German engineering

      1. Birdie Bird


      2. jimiidk

        @theboy100100 nederland eujjjj

      3. theboy100100

        Dutch engineering?

    44. rzvmad

      That Gas tank needs more protection around it !

    45. Khalid Faraidy

      I'd be stopping at a every Red light by rolling haha!

    46. Free your mind

      lmao I think Im in love

    47. MrSquareart

      OH WOW! ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ah

    48. keeganwebber

      pause at 1:48, that oil sump is now concave

    49. Mika Oudesluijs

      Dit was bij you have been warned in het programma

    50. Gwen Van Eck

      Ik ben fan van jullie en jullie lollige megolenstunts dikke lol

    51. GoodFellas

      Hey @Mastermilo82 ik heb een idee voor de cougar Plaats de motor ervan in de sas wipcar en de cougar zet je de wipcarmoter in gr Tim

    52. Roo HOBBINS

      cant take my eyes off of this channel

    53. Mark Pikas

      The part that I really don't get is why does it still have windshield wipers??? ;-)

    54. Chris Willis

      Hey, where's the driveshaft that makes the rollgolf awd? Fwd again?

    55. Antonio Sferruzza

      you're a genius!! ahahahah

    56. ‍1marcelfilms

      die op het laatst is gwn het best

    57. fracture333

      very nice suspension

    58. Niek Schrama

      jij maakt ook alle auto's kapot die je krijgt of hebt

    59. Godzilla

      Check out the RoR (Rigs of Rods) version! Specially made like yours!

    60. geraldo de graaf

      NL vindt de beste auto uit roling auto´s