Rolling car! RollGolf 2.0 testdrive



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    You've seen the building of the RollGolf, now it is time to test it! The weather isn't good, it still needs an 'upside down' fuel system.. So what! Testdrive time!
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    1. myparkmascot • 12 years ago

      This is so cartoony

    2. Adriano de Resende Sternadt

      Fantástico muito bom 👍

    3. Ed Buckle

      Now hit the brakes while going downhill ;)

    4. beredentod

      *Me:* _hearing that Netherlands is a developed country_ *Also me:* now I know why

    5. Carlos Chavez

      A least the 2nd rollgolf turned out better from the first golf . sorry you lost in the shop fire. Great ride for the girls too make guys scream like girls.LOL Great video i love the fanatics from Milo.

    6. Hiddedeheer Deheerhidde

      Rock and roll

    7. aart boerland

      Gefeliciteerd je hebt een Nederlands comment gevonden

    8. Kermit de kikker Power

      Ben ik de enige Nederlander

      1. Masterstefan06


    9. milnie99

      Dit ziet er zo fake uit

    10. PETI


    11. Suwalson YT


    12. Małgorzata PL

      Is stupid im love old vw golfs

    13. M1rk0Plays

      Best car ever

    14. Cako1000

      the 2000's were routhless wastelands...

    15. Luka Čupa

      Golf 2😂

    16. Zakir Zakir


    17. good good

      Good job Mr 😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

    18. Berat PL

      What car companies think about the car we want : *put audi rs4 photo here* What we really want :

    19. Strahinja Tomovic


    20. I Like Wamen

      I dont know. It looks like it would roll too easy.

    21. Skartel

      When You're 40yo and still a kid

    22. feri hanaf

      keep rolling rolling rolling rolling..🎵🎵🎵🎵

    23. boss huga

      드러운 옷 입고 수염 안깍아도 드럽게 존잘이시네 아오

    24. Александр Степанищев

      А чё, можно???

    25. 정상준

      재미있게 사시네 ㅋㅋㅋ

    26. 조규성

      나도 타보고싶닼ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

    27. scuttle06

      budget electric car with regenerative braking

    28. Gilbert Brewer

      Let’s see you do 2 rolls back to back


      That's about all a V.W. is good for. At best.

    30. Watch& Do

      Greatest ......

    31. Jalecko

      Gouden ratio?

    32. 3.0.03 mikea


    33. 맥스막시무스

      Rolling car...? This video can use Rolling girl song

    34. Карп Карпович

      Придурок естественно😀

    35. Minh Trưng Võ


    36. Barry last

      Imagine if the roads were full of these type of vehicles + Bumper cars! High insurance & backup helmet necessary?

    37. Nam Vũ

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="160">2:40</a> xém nữa lật ngang rồi 😱😱😱

    38. Tiziano Apredda

      Poi c'è gente che vuole la Ferrari, non hanno capito niente...

    39. Jon Rothenbusch

      This was great..but I so expected Steve Martin to step in as one of those "wild and crazy guys" from back in the old SNL days

    40. Mr Anderson

      Top 10 anime characters 1) mastermilo

    41. Edil Artiaga

      I think this only uses front wheel the only way order to make this happen. Very cool ...

    42. Repz

      Now do an uber pickup video with this car

    43. sıqɐuuɐɔ

      I'm way too hungover to even watch this. Enough NLsel for today

    44. DEX _PRO

      Is that golf 2

    45. TheAndimilan

      from his face I know that man is "insane" This is teach us how to save on fuel and environment.

      1. Jesus Dacoast

        TheAndimilan 😂😂😂

    46. Володя Тихонов

      Чем бы дитя не тешилась лишь бы еб.ся не просила

    47. Zxcv Asdf


    48. МихалычTV или своими руками

      Ну молодец супер!!!

    49. Hack Games

      Cute car

    50. Xavi

      Están locos, y es genial jajaja

    51. Сергей Вайс

      Гараж 54 👍

    52. Indonesia Radja

      Orang Indonesia mana suaranya??? Yg suka teriak kafir, antek asing dan fans nya habib rizieq.

    53. Хохлы обосрались на весь мир

      Так и хочется сказать ХЬЮСТОН у нас проблемы ))))

    54. md tipu sultan


    55. chikitin vlzla vlzla

      Pareses pendejo jajajaja 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    56. José Pinheiro


    57. Azer Oyunbaz

      That is good 😏👍🏻

    58. Budy Supriyono

      🙂 this is aoleng brother...👍

    59. Ron Stout

      This guys got to much free time on his hands

    60. Bauyrjan Abenov


    61. Дос Д

      Да бля приехал в столовую буханул и перевертишом домой

    62. PRETÃO DA POP 110 !


    63. Wal Lima

      dois debis loudes

    64. odin lavaloon

      1.2k dislike. Haters of rollgolf

    65. Emanuel Perez

      Cual será la gracia 🤔🤦‍♂️

    66. ぐんねこGunneko


    67. Tori Vinciguerra

      That must take some getting used to

    68. Bautista Arlan Sosa

      like number 25000

    69. hlebushek

      То чувство, кода ты русский

    70. LEL-VLOGS

      Hot Wheels should make such a car

    71. Mahmoud Al hajouri

      فكرة مجنونة والله حلوة

    72. Антон Фикалис

      Привет от гараж54

    73. Rob Feldkamp

      is dat dan een acht?

    74. •Oliver McClung•

      *stoping on the road be like*

    75. •Oliver McClung•

      just imagine taking this on the road and then sombody sees you rolling along the road

    76. Sami Marjala

      Now thats a rollgage

    77. hNg•LEO FF TV

      Suck me now

    78. JKM TM

      Imagine if u bought a car and this guy roles that over your lambo.😂😂

    79. Bimmer Won

      Now that’s what I call a roll-cage!

    80. EGa Z

      Im from Garage 54