NLE Choppa - Famous Hoes (Official Music Video)


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    Listen to "Famous Hoes" here:
    Directed by: @shotbyjolo

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      1. Maxten Kevin


      2. Maxten Kevin


      3. Dooty Spratley

        @lil Akbar you can't not spell my boy

      4. lil Akbar

        yea yea yea

      5. lil Akbar

        lol comment 3



    3. EvanReece Lawter


    4. Gail Mclamb

      Bro this is a rip off of COMETHAZINE

    5. Kelly Woolford

      Wassup nle

    6. Eduardo Valdez

      Best songs he's released all time hands down🤞

    7. Xxnightdemon Xx

      The song looks like bandiet from juice

    8. POKOdotto

      *who here after he release exotic??*

    9. Mus Bircan




    11. FBI

      Choppas thick Wait how old he is again?

    12. Nolan Mullins

      This song is fire!🔥🔥🔥

    13. walmartgng


    14. boofe.r

      ba na na

    15. 50 000 subscribers with 0 videos

      NLE the Top Shotta best part

    16. 50 000 subscribers with 0 videos

      Right now I’m thinking his ex probably want him back after this song idk why 😂

    17. Aknation


    18. Ettenaj Zeab

      This is so fire I hear this song ever day and in my school and my head to like if u do the same

    19. Shy Neely


    20. Xydos x

      1:13 pause it its a meme

    21. StrategicTech Guide


    22. Nisreen Aref

      The best song of nle

    23. Ruben Correia


    24. TINA MO

      I love this song

    25. Becky Moore

      He loves his guns

    26. Becky Moore

      This for is exes

    27. Cxapo


    28. Nick Connelly

      we need lyrics to the chorus😂

    29. Nely Flores

      I love nle choppa

    30. Prod By JV


    31. Teyanna Wallace

      Sup I'm a fan of you

    32. Jameria Alexander


    33. Jameria Alexander

      Nle to the back of the house for a few days babyish

    34. 89_ Candy_Caprice

      Stop. Smoke ing

      1. 89_ Candy_Caprice

        Stop smoking

    35. jovet McLeanbzgg

      NLE CHOPPA IS COLD!!!!!!

    36. Perry Hale

      He so sexy

    37. Robel

      NLE the top shotta I got the bomb like Al-Qaeda [Chorus] Get a bitch and make her famous, next minute she block me Thirty in this Perky, need to slow down on the Roxys Got a call, my nigga died, I damn near skipped a heartbeat Lookin' for your love, but your feelings is departing Pull up on the wrong street, you niggas getting blicked out Gun up in my hand while I fuck her with my dick out We was really in the trenches, thuggin' in the Choppa house Don't you tell me that it's smoke, because you know that we gon' bang it out [Verse] I don't even know which car I'ma drive (Drive) Roll a three-five, now I'm too damn high (I'm too damn high) Bitch, I'm in my zone, don't you kill my vibe (Don't you kill my vibe) If a nigga play, you know them choppers gon' ride That micro Draco clip, it look like a banana (Like a banana) A nigga look wrong in this bitch, we gonna blam him (Grr, grr, grr, grr, grr) A lot of choppers when we ride, raise the count up (Raise the count up) I robbed the corner store, the gun over the counter And I ain't gotta spin back because I know he dead Ain't no surviving when you shoot a nigga right in his head Paramedics asking questions 'bout that boy and the meds But they know he ain't gon' make it, so they pronounced him dead

    38. AV Don't Drop the E


    39. Perry Hale

      This my shit

    40. George s.

      The vibe is so fucking good!🔥

    41. Mystery Mania

      Nle low key buff as hell

      1. THE REAL DUB

        Mystery Mania not buff just skinny and muscular at the same time

    42. Meow Meow

      he should he just do this in the genius open mike

    43. saucy sammy

      It cost 0 dollars to subscribe to my NLsel?

    44. Toxic beast

      why this comment get no likes

    45. The Warring Ninjas


    46. Jaylen Snow

      Get a bitch and make her famous next minute she block me...tough

    47. Gaige Mynes

      Nle chopas name is Bryson potts

    48. Lenox Boss

      make som vlogs

    49. Deville Petty

      So we gonna pretend nle choppa don't got a fat ass🤔😂

    50. Ryze Hypo

      What if his ex was pregnant this song would have went so hard

    51. Slate King

      All pick nle choppa

    52. Ryze Hypo

      If you ever think your useless think of his shirt

    53. Jackson Dts


    54. Jae Bandxx

    55. Mario Rodriguez

      nba youngboy vibe but its 🔥 still

    56. Brandon Guzman

    57. Ah'leeirah Stewart

      If u like this cm u will become rich

    58. Brandon Wilkins

      This song got my dumb ass arrested for speeding

    59. Charlie Willson

      2:25 thickness

      1. Charlie Willson

        1:45 I ment

    60. Kylo Ren

      I mean it’s ok...