My enemy Became My Slave

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    1. Fun Lover420

      Moral of the story... Be careful who you blackmail

    2. Timing Lama

      I like the way you treated him

    3. Joan of Arc

      "That Walking Talking Garbage..." 😂😂😂🙌🏻

    4. Angel Leiva


    5. Angel Leiva


    6. Angel Leiva


    7. Angel Leiva


    8. Jeferly Giraffe

      Why do you sound like a 7 year old

    9. princess cottoncandy

      Hmmm...... This sounds kinda familiar *cough*. Maid Sama

    10. Dada David

      Jordan, idiot 😈😬😠,girls be careful

    11. britishcake21 W

      What is this maid sama? >U

    12. Hannah Da Panda

      Her: wAtcH yOuR mOuTh PrEtTy BoY TEE HEE HEE. I said in a soft voice.

    13. Solomon Dixon

      Her voice is hella annoying

    14. Qwertyuiop M

      idc it was a funny and interesting story

    15. Rosa_ Maria23

      Am I the only one who cringed at the voice over?

    16. bxttercxp

      is it me or her voice is annoying as hell

    17. its_franki_bitch muah

      I didn't expect the last thing

    18. Danielle&spirit Nelson

      Him: oh here comes my maid Me: you look gay

    19. Ashlee Kate

      *"im one of the popular girls"* Me: MeAn GiRlS

    20. Mohammed Abbas

      Imagine some women were flirting with her

    21. Norma Perez


    22. Norma Perez

      NALA DE b

    23. Donovan Hurst

      0:00 Ha cap!!!!!!!!!

    24. Marit Rundhaug

      Nani!?!?!?!?! kaichou wa maid sama

    25. mg Hein Linn Ko

      So he's gay?

    26. Amara Jeon

      So much for being not easy

    27. Karol Rudnicki


    28. SkskskAndIOop

      Omg why is this like exactly like that anime with a girl who secretly works at a maid cafe to support her mom, I’m pretty sure she has a sub or something but I don’t know for sure. Then they also have this special day where all the workers dress in a there own particular colour. And then a cute guy finds her there and make her be his maid or something like that? It’s called maid sama check it out I’m pretty sure they copied the story

    29. _Zane_Games

      Sounds like a wattpad story LMFAO

    30. Star Studioz

      Okay what 12 year old thinks of this

    31. Marina Lopez

      that whus payback

    32. Gage Powell

      Title:my enemy becomes my slave Me: I thought slavery was illegal

    33. alliey Katzs

      hi im rania and im super popular and but because I look like goddess every boy loves me and... me: STFU the biggest HOE ever me: never mind that makes sense

    34. RONDOO 9inee

      this is maid sam form neflix

    35. Taylor Morgan

      ¨me¨ mom can we get porn ¨mom¨ no we have porn at home ¨porn at home¨

    36. Adeline Kneip

      Is it just me or does she sound kinda like inquisitormaster?

    37. Sheela Patil

      Raina: All the girls are jealous of me cuz all the boys are trying to flirt with me Me: Why would anyone be jealous of you. Furthermore why would boys flirt with you.

    38. Lazy genius

      Don't know what to do so liked twice

    39. Grace Foster

      That’s rude🤯😤😫😠

    40. Nathan Higa

      You two girls are the perfect agents. Just like The A-Team!

    41. Nathan Higa

      Crime and punishment!

    42. Nic Channels

      Jordon is Logan Paul

    43. stankabuttforever

      the way the story went...smh not today Linda

    44. Ben Bailey

      COPYRIGHT of maid sama

    45. legendary derpy

      that means your a jerk to

    46. iiFATNKii

      To be honest, if you were in my school, every valentines day NO ONE would ask you to be their valentine, and there would be girls who are more popular than you, also no one would have anywhere near a crush on you.

    47. Cleeker B

      This is so f up You

    48. Cleeker B


    49. Every sub is A video

      What if this is Logan Paul 🤔 😂

    50. DT Moore

      Wasn't this an anime?

    51. Climsy Colemen

      Me *keeps watching story* there all hoes

    52. Climsy Colemen

      He discraces the jorden name

    53. Slime Logical

      Its literally a copy of an anime called Maid Sama 🤦🏻‍♀️🤣

    54. Dontworry AboutIt

      Whoops did someone pressed the gold digger butten

    55. вσвα тєα

      Use me as a "I love Jesus" button

    56. FC Maniac

      Can you please please be my friend

    57. Helena Cole

      Use me as i got confused 89099963534326 times

    58. Ayden Brady

      Yo low key got a #####

    59. Ayden Brady

      Ooh shit cat fight

    60. Ayden Brady

      So men are bad right 🤔