Know Your Bro with Chris and Scott Evans

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    Chris Evans and his brother Scott take turns putting on noise-cancelling headphones while Jimmy asks them questions about each other and challenges them to match each other's answers.
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    Know Your Bro with Chris and Scott Evans

    Gepubliceerd op 14 dagen geleden


    1. Ashley's World of Music

      Chris: when I made him cut... Scott: **looks excited like he was going to say the answer** Chris: **went left** when I made him 😂😂😂 Omg he got two poop stories I cannot lmao. I’m so damn dead!

    2. Sweet Khenzo

      The Evans are goals

    3. Picki P

      Okay I’ve watched this poopy story way too many times. Buttt it definitely makes my day better 😂😂😂

    4. Thaís Galvão

      they're both are so funnyyyy

    5. tyler triplett

      Such cuties🥰 & I love how close they seem.

    6. zimbus 2

      damn scott had a loose asshole since a child

    7. Baking Goddess

      Omg best interview ever lol

    8. Lillian Smith

      I have the same interest in jobs I wanna be a forensic pathologist

    9. julia britto

      oh my god this ending was amazing i laughed so much i couldn’t breathe

    10. crazycatgirl18

      My face hurts

    11. My comment is invalid but

      0:01 they act identical

    12. crazycatgirl18

      Isn't this a re-upload

    13. My Story

      Oh he is gay

    14. Scribbling Paintbrushes


    15. Javier Teo

      The last question was "What is Scott's most embarrassing *CHILDHOOD* memory?" and Scott started his story with "So I was *DRIVING* home-"

    16. Pro Gamer

      I thought that was a young version of John Travolta in the thumbnail lmao

    17. Transsexual satan worshiper

      Why do they have such old bose headphones ?

    18. Ravan kumar

      He is god

    19. Harry Pothead

      Never knew Chris Evans had a brother,ha ha.

    20. diallo Hawa

      Oh my god this is so funny ! They are really good storytellers

    21. Franciose18_xoxo

      Chris's reaction at 7:56 when he realizes the story Scott is about to tell is hilarious lmfao

    22. Hazel Noot

      I just love them both so much, they're hilarious

    23. XxKazxX xoxo

      Omg that’s embarrassing wow... um if I had to go to the bathroom trust me they would kept me out... when I gotta go I gotta go... I will kick the door open lol... but honestly no one should hold it cause if u do u will have problems when ur older...

    24. hanna azman

      okay that synchronisation at 0:01 AMAZED ME

    25. Mansoor Haque

      The new cliche is there will a famous celeb whose sibling is gay. Ariana Grande's brother and now this lol.

    26. Abdul Ahad

      Oooooooo brothers 😂😂😂

    27. Marvier Jeudy

      *9 and a half minutes of Jimmy Fallon Advocating for domestic violence*

    28. Rachel Sato

      I wish I had counted how many times Chris touched Scott’s chest

    29. Nate

      Chris: *This is gonna be amazing!*😂

    30. tj regie ebilane

      1:29 that was on point

    31. Navdeep Dhaliwal

      This is the most involving episode

    32. Butch Keenan

      I dont mean to insult homosexuals but this shit is gay

    33. Kale Kale

      I made the universe before you

    34. Kevin Medina

      That ain't right.

    35. Armius 063

      They are amazing

    36. highly toxic bisexual

      lowkey didn’t know chris had a brother, let alone know scott was gay

    37. December Sfy

      Damn, I LOVE SCOTT!!!

    38. Alexis Howell

      Chris: OH NO!! oh this is gonna be aMAzIng!!

    39. khfan4life365

      Props to their parents for getting these two to adulthood. 🤣

    40. JoshelleyEdits

      I didn't know Chris was from Boston until I watched this and heard him talk

    41. Kale Kale

      Everything i do on this character is work

    42. hiatus mode

      Chris is sooo fuckin dorky and cute and everything

    43. venice italy

      I'm happy to see how animated Chris is. I'm so used of seeing him as the serious type Captain America. Loved how sport Scott as well 😂

    44. Sophie Himlin

      The ass of America has a charming gay brother where have I been

    45. Catherine Sam

      Scott looks like Paul Rudd's and Chris Evans child

    46. Bethany Plunkett


    47. Lige Recka

      Strange behavior

    48. Riska Dhenabayu

      Always a riot with this brothers 😂😂😂

    49. Sweetie

      Butter my biscuit

    50. Saskia Timmers

      He looks like John Travolta

    51. IzuanFariqProjects

      Scott need to be scott in a detective tv show... a sassy homicide detective. It would be my fav show

    52. tim

      they keep trying to make scott happen but he's not gonna happen

    53. MRiGOThim

      I see Chris took all the looks from Scott🤣😂

    54. asniar tirtarani

      "cutting school is more fun" with a death glare lol

    55. asniar tirtarani


    56. Elvis Cabase

      I love u chris evans.. my idol.. your so handsome😘😘😘 from philippines Godbless always

    57. Agustina Lucero Saá

      Jimmy, you should get Cole and Dylan Sprouse. That would be hilarious 😂

    58. Karen Peria

      Chris seems like he never gets old. Looking younger.

      1. Khizar Hayat

        even in ends game chris evans looked like he was still young when he got old

    59. carly dupuis

      it hurts when chris just throws the iphone 11 on the desk

      1. seriously dude

        it is because he has anxiety. thats why he dint notice it. you can see he seems panicked.

    60. Allie Elle

      Is chris evans still single