Jimmy Johnson, Troy Aikman moved to tears at surprise HOF announcement | FOX NFL

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    During halftime of the Packers vs. Seahawks NFC Divisional Playoff game, legendary former head coach Jimmy Johnson was surprised with news he will be inducted into the Hall of Fame. Johnson and his former quarterback, Troy Aikman, watching from the announcing booth in Green Bay, both got choked up at the surprise.
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    Jimmy Johnson, Troy Aikman moved to tears at surprise HOF announcement | FOX NFL
    Fox Sports

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    1. FOX Sports

      What was your favorite moment during this emotional announcement?

      1. Janine Hietala

        Troy Aikmans reaction

      2. spbilalkhan

        Dear Fox sports , I seen this video few times but u want to watch it over and over with these legends and values and respect. Thanks

      3. Brian Gilstrap

        Troy not close.

      4. Dwight Love

        Fox Sports In some cases players getting into the NFL HALL OF FAME is just as important as the Super Bowl.

      5. Danny R

        I like the part where he couldn’t talk😁

    2. Gragory Gomes

      We need a "last dance" type documentary on these cowboys. Jerry vs. Jimmy

    3. Gragory Gomes

      Jerry has been running from this decision his whole life. Still hasn't dug himself out of that hole

    4. vl P1LOT lv

      All the boys were wondering why I was tearing up at work and now they’re all crying with me

    5. Joshua Autry

      I cried for Jimmy, ....Long Overdue & Well Deserved!!!!

    6. evilSWA - beyond pandora films

      Get you a hypeman like Terry Bradshaw and your life will improve.

    7. Berto Reynolds

      If your friends don’t get excited for you like terry bradshaw did for jimmy then they’re not your friends

    8. John Rotuno

      I've watched this several times because it's so real and honest. Something else just struck me. Imagine Jimmy coaching a team with Tony Gonzalez catching passes, Howie and Michael terrorizing QB'S and Terry throwing the ball!!! I'd watch THAT!

    9. mrstarwhatluffy

      I was a mess when they showed this live 😭😭😭

    10. Ernie Estrada

      This dude would have stayed the cowboys coach you would have won 4 of 5 super bowls Congrats on the Football Hall of fame

    11. Skiles

      Don't even like the Cowboys, but man, this moved me. I've always appreciated Jimmy and his genuine love for the game. What a moment. What a guy.

    12. Mike Greensmith

      This was long overdue because this man changed the game from a personnel standpoint and how teams draft and value draft picks by using them more like currency to trade for the exact players you want.

    13. Bryan S

      How bout those Cowboys! Congrats Coach!!

    14. Crooked Led

      This man waited far too long this.

    15. jeff dimpboy

      what about Tom Flores?

    16. randy noel

      He loves the U forever Swagger at its best JJ is all cane

    17. Sergio Cruz

      Even as a huge eagles fan, this video is awesome

    18. DuecePiece

      He deserves it so much, he was an incredible coach, teacher and leader. One of the best to ever do it no doubt!

    19. I S

      This dude is told he is 1 of 328 people in the Pro Football Hall of Fame and the first thing he does is thank his assistants? He may have buried my Birds for 5 years, but thats a class act in my books.

    20. Paul Hoff-

      Look at Jay Glazer walk over there like he's part of football

    21. Temoc Macias

      Thank you jimmy

    22. Lord Drakkon 7367

      You might hate the Cowboys, but you like Jimmy Johnson

    23. Richard Francis

      So happy for JJ!

    24. Josh Scott

      GTFOH..how'd he do in Miami?not even close..good coach but not a GREAT football mind.

    25. Tim Knoles

      Tony G 🔥💪🐘🏈😎

    26. 1luiszepol

      It feels so good when you recognize your adversary's strenghts and greatness. That's part of the passion of this game. I love football.

    27. og atkinson

      What an act, they both should audition for a Hollywood part, Dallas fan.

    28. Your the Best

      Somebody get JJ a bowl of crybaby soup.

    29. Buck Taylor

      I cry every time I watch this.

    30. Big Ragu

      Meanwhile, let’s not overlook the fact that the Hall Of Fame rep in the blue sport coat is huuuuuuuge... Borderline ‘Andre the Giant’ huge...😳

    31. Nunya!

      I want Terry as my hype man! Troys looking on was great too.

    32. gunny USMC

      That's awesome!

    33. I FEEL DOWN


    34. No No

      I love that he always brings it back to thanking the players who played for him, long overdue and much deserved Jimmy ❤️

    35. Daniel Hollandsworth

      I hated Jimmy as a Miami Hurricane...I loved Jimmy as a Dallas Cowboy..

    36. Jim Hartsgrove

      Long overdue.

    37. Blackbeard Hernandez

      God dam do i love Terry Bradshaw hahaha #1 hype man!!!! Definitely the type of people you wanna surround yourself with. Congrats Jimmy Jay!!!!!! COWBOYS!!!!!!



    39. random123

      Class act and he deserved it. Glad the guys set it up this way


      The only question is why did it take so long?

    41. Kimlang Lewis

      I respect this man. He coached the cowboys, with Aikman, Emmit smith, and Irvin leading that offense, and they gave my niners misfits throughout those rivalry years. But mutually, I respect this man, and Aikman is a good dude too. He is another guy you would want to hang out and have a pizza with, because he isn't a troublemaker neither. Hope both Jimmy and Aikman keep their gigs for a long time. Congrats, Hall of Famer!

    42. porscheoscar

      Jimmy waited 3 years *AFTER* Jerry Jones for this?? Cowboys fans explain please...

    43. E853512KISS

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="94">1:34</a>.....min ....The Coach Johnson couldn't breath , It was pulling air in really hard ........watch out ....!!!!!

    44. snooop Dizzzle


    45. thomas Gassert

      That's awesome.

    46. Emmanuel Amadi

      God is good

    47. Ismael Gonzales

      Jimmy Johnson, the real, true, and only significant JJ in Dallas. He was the one who built that team bar none!

    48. sam riahi

      Die Hard Eagles fan, but this was a great moment for the game! Well Deserved!!

    49. Cowboys fan 00

      Troy, Michael, Emmitt and now Jimmy

    50. Glen Harrison

      One of the greatest coaches of all time, congratulations,we love you Coach, and the only thing I got to say is how bout them cowboys

    51. Brady Stanley

      Im happy for you Coach Jimmy Johnson! One of the best coaches to ever coach the game!! Coming from a Bucs Fan!

    52. Rob Hartley


    53. FozyDaBare

      That was awesome to see it live, glad to have been able to see that when it happened and watching it again still brings that feeling! Congrats coach!

    54. Ryan Wehr

      I can't stand the cowboys, I can't stand troy. But this was a a really cool moment. He worked hard to get there, and it was well deserved. Congrats from a packer fan.

    55. Jerry Miller

      Jimmy should have been put in the Hall Of Fame 30 years a go this coach has done things that NO other coach can or will do in the NFL

    56. Danny Burch

      Good for you Coach you deserve it .

    57. ACP

      I love this! As Jimmy was gasping for air, he should’ve suddenly said “is my hair OK?“

    58. ACP

      :28 What did Curt whisper to David Baker?

    59. Jeff Holland


    60. Notorious B.U.G.

      Well Deserved “How About Them Cowboys” in my Jimmy Johnson voice

    61. Mark&Nan

      When a man reaches the top of his professional and made friends alomg the way. Good job son !

    62. Logan See

      Bradshaw is just a good dude

    63. tuco james

      I never knew Aikman was capable of any emotion .. hurt, winning, losing etc ..he always had the same expression :D

    64. Luis Gomez

      This is the best HOF announcement period.

    65. iamav15

      Terry’s reaction is what made this even more special.

    66. Terry Brown

      What a great moment..

    67. Martin S

      What did idiot at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="28">00:28</a> interrupt him to say?

    68. Joseph Pae

      Everyone needs a friend like Terry Bradshaw

    69. Rudolph armendariz


    70. Kevin Hearn

      Great video, but i do have to ask, why was he put in? 9 years, only 16 games over 500. If anyone has nice hair and does tv for a while i guess get in.

    71. Mike Butcher

      I need a friend like terry bradshaw man

    72. Tracy Foster

      Well earned. Salute xo

    73. Ronnie Jenkins

      Cowboys 4 life. Indiana hoosier.

    74. 49er fan Austrian Niner

      I am a 49ers fan and always will hate the cowgirls, but it was really nice to see Jimmy and Troy so happy. Congratulations coach Jimmy

    75. CiKaRo _

      How bout them cowboys

    76. Nathan Lujan

      We'll deserved he earned it should have been in the hall of fame before Jerry Jones I hope he gets to do his speech and at the end i hope he says how bout them cowboys


      He deserves this. ❤

    78. Chris Blount

      The last real legit coach that took us to Super Bowl and cared about the team improvement and progress 😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

      1. Martin S

        Barry Switzer??

    79. Sandra norman

      Jimmy’s tears of gratitude 🙏

    80. aerostns

      "all the work we put in,it's nice to know people appreciate it" Amen Jimmy!!