Intel’s behavior is PATHETIC - Core i9 10980XE Review

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    Welcome to what is hopefully the final Skylake refresh: Intel’s Core i9 10980XE. But is that all it is? And who should buy it? Let’s find out..
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      1. † Polyvalence2105 †

        I want intel Core i12 for a Atari 2600 Mdr for the game Pacman Mdr

      2. alysdexia

        @Jasper Störningar there are also older overpriced AMD CPUs (see Anandtech conclusion chart) and they don't come with iGPUs like Intel's which Iris Pro/Plus also lead in speed/watt. So Linus is dumbass like your kind who can't account for everything. Why don't I paste my notes so far of the best desktop leaders? W CPU/(CPU+GPU): best CPUmark 2019 Nov: /W, /$ 15 ~3/5: i5-1035G7, : ~, Ice Lake 15 ~11/14: i7-10710U, 13107: ~1112, 30 Comet Lake 15 ~16/19: i5-10210U, : ~, Comet Lake 4·5 ~3/4: i5-7Y57, 3676: ~1089, 10 Kaby Lake 5 ~13/16: i5-8200Y, 4339: ~1068, 15 Amber Lake 9 ~8/11: i5-1030G7, : ~, Ice Lake 7 ~11/14: i5-10310Y, : ~, Comet Lake 7 ~6/7: i5-8210Y, 4227: ~705, 14 Amber Lake 4: T5700, 2039: 510, 7 Broxton 65: 9 PRO 3900, 32889: 505, Matisse 35 ~6/7: i9-9900T, 15090: ~503, 34 Coffee Lake 28 ~23/26: i7-1068G7, : ~, Ice Lake 28 ~9/10: i7-8559U, 12224: ~485, 24 Kaby Lake R 6 ~11/13: N5000, 2456: ~484, 15 Gemini Lake 6·5 ~4/5: J3710, 1913: ~368, 12 Braswell 11·5 ~17/19: i7-4610Y, 3746: ~363, 10 Haswell 45 ~58/65: E-2186M, 14526: ~362, 23 Coffee Lake 25 ~64/71: i3-8300T, 8032: ~356, 47 Coffee Lake 10 ~6/7: J5005, 2905: ~339, 14 Gemini Lake 30: EPYC 3201, 9634: 321, 19 Snowy Owl 13 ~30/37: i7-3689Y, 3220: ~305, 9 Ivy Bridge 7·5 ~2160/2473: N3540, 1933: ~295, 8 Bay Trail-M ("105") >125: 9 3950X, 36051: ("343") <288, 48 Matisse 17: E3-1220L V2, 4419: 259, 23 Sandy Bridge 37 ~6/7: i7-4722HQ, 8093: ~255, 6 Haswell 47 ~29/32: i7-5950HQ, 10850: ~255, 18 Broadwell 11 ~15/17: i5-4210Y, 2375: ~245, 8 Haswell 80 ~68/75: E-2278G, 17670: 244, 36 Coffee Lake 95 ~72/79: i9-9900KF, 20402: ~236, 41 Coffee Lake 55: E5-2630L v4, 12847: 234, 21 Sandy Bridge 50: EPYC 3251, 11690: 234, 37 Snowy Owl 200: EPYC 7702P, 46067: 230, 10 Rome

      3. alysdexia

        @Πυξίδα της ηθικής wrong, cretin:

      4. alysdexia

        @Jasper Störningar Intel lead desktop speed/watt for almost all power classes. AMD underreport 9 3950X's TDP by 20% to 40%; see the Anandtech report.

      5. alysdexia

        @robert1235421 has !-> their; 1 != 2; should -> ouht

    2. Elitefromthebar

      That's a ferret though.

    3. OldPossum

      Apple seems to be leading the pack in chip innovation.

    4. analogaudio rules

      intel still makes great cpus.... but whoever is running them today idk...

    5. Computer Scientist

      Well, It's good that AMD is now in rise and I wish them luck, their team did really great job, I am in the Intel team and I will forever be, my friends are considering AMD over Intel. Well you know, I remember when even thinking about AMD was a joke. It is hard to be the best all the time, Intel had to fall to understand and learn from their mistakes. It is truth that they are still running 14nm obsolete technology (obsolete in terms of CPU makers). Intel should say: Well done AMD, great CPU! And no to try convince everyone that they still hold the flag, consumers nowadays are NOT IDIOTS and specially not people in IT sector, thinking about telling sh!t and people will eat it is VERY STUPID and only proof that marketing team of Intel is rubbish. Just admit it, they finally catch up after decade. Now is your turn Intel to produce great chip again, but please without any sh!t, just do the great chip. By the way, AMD ATI company value combined is 43 billion USD, Intel ONLY company value is 243 billion USD, so much for switching to AMD..

    6. Mitch Richard

      Not much of a victory when a 10300 129$ CPU will still beat a 950$ 3950x in gaming.

    7. Artemio Lomarda

      It's getting real toasty for intel now 😅😅😅😅

    8. Charzey

      Intel cuckboys will defend this.

    9. Sebastiaan Matla

      Some cringeworthy nerdrage here.

    10. Christopher Kidd

      Still taking reliability and compatibility of Intel over AMD.

    11. Kalel jordan

      first part of Linus's video - are you kidding me with this 10980XE?! Intel is run by chickenshit, weasels. Dunkey- Man, he must hate this shit. Linus- It has a little something for everyone. *[roll credits]* but also, intel be sneaky.

    12. Tyler Mitchell

      My first cpu was a i7 3770k, it was great, then like 2 years ago I got the i7 8086k, not bad. But it will be my last, AMD is killing them and seems to be working with customers in mind. Nvm the price to performance, they are just getting better than intel over all. And they are shady to their customers. My next CPU will be the ryzen 9 3950x

    13. g00gle minus

      this means the true price of 9980xe was 999$, so basically they overprized it by 100%.

    14. deathskyvalley

      mountain, mole hill.

    15. Sudden Eye

      Best criticism EVER - Weasel and Chicken subscriptions are now renewed as my analogy standards! Thanks Linus and "cow goes moo!"

    16. Zachary Starnes

      I love this video sooooo much. If you have ever taken Econ 101 you would know that every time you spend a dollar you are negotiating with the producer that it is worth your money. When you pass it up, you send a message. Gamers are the only consumers that use this fact to its full potential and its all because of knowledgeable peeps like Linus here. I might wind up buying a hoodie if LTT keeps this up.

    17. JessePoops 2Much

      Fuck yeah! You just officially convinced me to switch to amd. Fuck Intel.

    18. CTR8008

      Guy needs to calm the fuck down.

    19. toughluck8012

      Profit hungry capitalist tunnel visioned greedy corporations only care about money, not what is ethical or right or fair

    20. Deddy Septiyanto

      Scam price = High Real price = Half We know the truth

    21. Travis Weidel

      Actually trying to get a 10980XE right now. Glad I didn't have to pay 2000 for that 9980!

    22. EyesOfTheLion 11

      Wow I've never seen him so mad. This really got to him.

    23. Platinum_Panzer

      Now I kinda feel unclean having an i7 8700 in my PC. Please forgive me, for I have sinned!

    24. Nalianna

      *BLIND RAGE* ... "LTT Store btw." *BLIND RAGE*

    25. William Murdock

      tech buttheads with attitude

    26. Rhys Kenyon

      Love the blurred out benchmarks at the top of each graph. Hmmmm, I wonder what that could possibly be for, is that possibly some new CPU that Intel is too afraid to compete with? Nooooo, couldn't be 😏 Way to say fuck it to Intel and put the AMD benchmarks in there anyway (kinda), proud of ya.

    27. Amirul Alias

      intel starts to give their customers global warming in your room

    28. Manbuntrucker

      WOOO AND THIS IS WHY this dude is my favorite tech reviewer. Tells its like it is!

    29. Totally Not FBI

      Intel just 2:29

    30. samghost13

      Indel intel ? what is a intel ? Chicken ? Ah! I see! Nothing of interest

    31. Mike Ferrari


    32. Christian Moore

      Did anyone else notice those blurred clouds above in some comparisons?

    33. Racing Bro

      1:15 Unveiling Wow voice crack

    34. Kai Tsurugi

      Linus is *NOT* "sorry".

    35. Dar El

      0:37 Linus, dude, just pre-record the sponsor message.

      1. Alan Daniel

        my guess is the sponsorship deal they have explicitly requires a live ad read. I know that's been pretty common in the podcasting world for years now

    36. Karim Sumar

      Let have this on my mobile smartphone for the ultimate power! Lol!!

    37. Administrator

      Yeah! Weasels and Chickens! That'll show them, brother!

    38. DMalenfant1

      Intel is owned by Israel. Since when has the tribe ever been honest about anything? If you do business with lampshades, you deserve everything bad that comes your way.

    39. Karl Lauer

      $999 ? Haha, hahahaha, hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

    40. Ben Ferguson

      Excellent review and critique of Intel!