Halsey - Graveyard (Live From The AMAs / 2019)



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    1. uma Thailan

      She stole this performance from Sabrina carpenter

    2. Patricia Sandoval

      She looked so beautiful! Perfectly played! Well Done!

    3. Nikki Bottomly

      I wonder how much they would sell that table for. I want it.

    4. OAT351

      The dancing was live. Doubt the singing was.

    5. Charnelle Pickens

      Dang the stone women aggressive..... 😮😮😮😮😐😐😐😐

      1. Charnelle Pickens

        Or whatever she is...idk😐

    6. Larry Monske

      Halsey such a pretty lady now has turned herself into a bill board of tatoos.

    7. Roman Babin

      нахер киркорова и пугачиху, вот кто в живую поет и переживает...

    8. Myles Teller

      To all the people that said she's a bad singer let me see you try and do this better

    9. Roxyy 818


    10. Averill Springer

      This was such a great idea for performance. I loved it. So new and fresh.

    11. Jeon Jungkook

      Sometimes I cry watching her how can people sleep on her ...she is not a human she is an art itself.. She deserve more recognition!! Her beauty her voice her behaviour everything is out of the league!! Idk what I am saying but I love her damn much!! Been watching every graveyard live for more than 2 hours here lying on the bed still craving for more!!

    12. Chyna Felix-Spady

      howwwww the vocals with the movement. her breathing is so impressive

    13. CantStayAway

      I love it when she uses paint during her performances, she's so creative

    14. vans scps26

      My orthodontist was singing this song today😂

    15. Jack Nickerson

      Good song like it

    16. nataalypr11

      Amazing! 👏👏

    17. João Lucas Costa Santos


    18. Au Tumn

      I love that so many artist now are great performers. Halsey's one of them and i'm happy to see it

    19. Danielle Marie

      This is one of her best performances fr

    20. Maybeinspire13

      I remember watching this live on TV and everyone in the room immediately got bored and we just all left cause we didn’t care much for the vocals or the performance

    21. 하령

      아... 할시언니 너무 멋져....ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ 너무 멋있어...ㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ

    22. Nicole Louise

      *You were red, and you liked me because I was blue. But you touched me, and suddenly I was a lilac sky, then you decided purple just wasn't for you.*

    23. Dante Rodríguez

      One of the best live performances ❤️

    24. Mik Jones

      Cyndi 1985 Ama Vibes si here for it

    25. FANILO CBR

      You have exceptional talent

    26. Hannah Banana

      She redefines the word artist

    27. jonah

      this looks like an ikea commercial-

    28. ALÍNE O

      3:02 the other girl 👀

    29. Jae X BTS

      She is eating cd’s for Breakfast lunch and dinner

    30. Di


    31. 벨라민

      Halsey is so underrated and she works so hard She breathed so hard in this performance

    32. Yumine Dream

      Late to the comments but this really hits something deep in me. Its an artistic piece that tugs at different heartstrings for different people. Could it be self expression? Could it be loving who you love? It all depends on what you see based on your experiences and that is beautiful and moving

    33. Blessed Tillah


    34. AussieGirlSurfer291 8

      Imagine how hard it would be to wash all the paint off

    35. Glory Castillo

      Not be that bts stan. But I’ve noticed that she’s been adding more intense choreo to her concepts since Boy with Luv and it’s pretty cool

    36. NU GSE FAQ MA, MSc, and PhD students

      This is a rip off of Pink's Try

    37. Lori Gosselin Marcoux

      you are so talented and creative I want to keep watching this over and over again.

    38. dj Curiosity

      Grass is greener in the studio! She doing too much...

    39. Jungkook Golden maknae

      Me and my best friend at lunch in the art room when the teacher said she was going to go to the bathroom

    40. ლ Sensitiveლ

      Bro literally me and my sis when we were young 😂

    41. Sophia Maldotti

      I came back cause this is pure art

    42. SusieSanDiego

      She's super rad.

    43. Miriam H

      Honestly if one of you can get me just one of the pieces of clothing from either of them I'll love you FOREVER

    44. Jada Courtney

      Did anybody see the twin of Halsey slip a little bit?

    45. Galantica

      It's actually ridiculous how she can sing, dance and make goddamn art with paint all the same time lol.

    46. pannenkoeken monster

      03:01 ooh gurl

    47. Laura Gray

      Hii i lack knowledge on this type of dancing- can anyone explain what they’re trying to represent with the paint? Like their influence on each other?

      1. Jungkook Golden maknae

        Basically pink blue and purple are the colours of the bisexuality flag and they are basically representing that

    48. Tim Smith

      Every time I see her I think why did G-Eazy mess up! 😞

    49. Michele Di

      Chapeaux !

    50. Destiny Kay Brown

      Woah. The dancer almost slipped in the paint at 3:03

    51. Lori Liza Colin

      Love her but sometimes her performance doesn't make sense to the songs

    52. Crystal Bodenheimer

      OMG!!!! This was the Best Performance EVER!!! FUCK YES!!💋❤️💛💚💙🤍

    53. niki tha

      can someone explain the concept behind the performance?

    54. sydniii

      what’s the message or point of the set?

    55. Amy Iezatie

      Her voice is so clear ... Like Taylor Swift...

    56. Maya Hart

      Sabrina Carpenter kinda has the same performance with the paint and the box

    57. Will Watching and Watering

      I feel so messy after watching this.

    58. Woodsstories

      Great performance 👍🏼

    59. Cactis Queen

      Halsey: sings Autotune: ight imma head out

    60. Dana

      OMG she’s voice is the best