Gwyneth Paltrow Is Insane and Goop Is Hurting Everyone


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    This is the greatest pseudoscience silliness of All Time

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    1. Tee Snacks

      A $75 vag candle sold out, the consumer is the stupid one

    2. echo-echo

      everything bad in the world is blamed on boomers...phfft!'s millenials who are not vaccinating their kids and believe the earth is flat, not boomers.

    3. Troy McLain

      Honestly bro you are so damn talented !!!

    4. Brandon

      So people should go to jail for opting out of vaccines? Charlie do you know about how many people have genetic predispositions in their mitochondria that are triggered by certain things in vaccines? We have a court system specifically for cases of vaccination cases where kids and people are harmed by these corporations. You sound like you haven't looked into this very much.

    5. Wing Eater

      Dude that creeps me out. For years I thought Sky Captain was a figment of my imagination cause it played on the tv whilst I was in the midst of a fever dream when I was a kid and was super sick with the flu. Just randomly thought of it a year ago and googled it to find it was an actual movie.

    6. Groovy Satan

      “You wanna talk about the vulva.” No I fucking do not.

    7. Kyle Syamken

      Honestly just let her be. It's natural selection for anyone who believes this...

    8. Zulioner

      just drink alcohol if you want to get rid of parasites

    9. Isaiah Greene

      "I'm not trying to have my whole house smell like tony starks fingers" 😂 that's where I lost it

    10. Token Lmao

      How pathetic

    11. Samaire Angelique

      To be fair, doing silly fun shit like walking barefoot does help with my depression, but the only thing I'm "reconnecting" with is my sense of childlike not giving a fuck about shoes.

    12. Nearly Homeless

      the Tony Starks fingers got me lmaoo

    13. Jayden V

      this guy is a fucking moron thinking vaccines are harmless. everybody reacts differently to eveything, including vaccines. Some kid's cant handle the preservatives in vaccines like mercury whilst some kids can. Simple . It has to do with genetics and the way people process and detox toxins.

    14. yo

      getting stung by bees is actually real

    15. DanLuxe


    16. Tomáš Cze

      Cant wait for her bath water.

    17. Marek Valent

      I feel like she is big time trolling and its working. The laughs she must be getting from this.

    18. STRETCH93

      Vaccinations cause autism dude

    19. G Money

      Did you know she's cousins with that lying bitch Gabby Giffords? The senator who faked getting shot in the head in Arizona.

    20. MiNa ChAn

      I wouldn't say insane, more STUPID than anything. She can't even remember what movie she is playing in how is she even running a BRAND

    21. Idon'tevenknow

      I really hate all this new age crap that for some reason people are chomping at the bits to drink goat milk and do expensive cleanses that have been proven time and time again to be ineffective and just a waste of money. Whatever happened to just going to the doctor? Surely paying for an annual physical and a vaccine shot is far cheaper than a cleanse treatment? I get that healthcare is expensive, my bills are too just for my yearly check-ups as well as dental and general care. But why are so many people just buying into it? I seriously do not understand when we have all this research and medical knowledge of what harms and what does not, that they choose to believe what a snake oil salesman is dishing out.

    22. Sepedra Inc.

      Man it's probably the most vile and nasty smell.

    23. ViciBii

      "...Tony Starks fingers..." Hilarious

    24. nathan k

      Ever since the internet came out I'm starting to find out how many weirdos there are out there. It's like space. Better not knowing what's out there

    25. Drasiella of Darnassus

      Of all the things, dont diss goat milk. Its healthy. All else, bullshit

    26. Apocalypse 42

      You missed the perfect opportunity to say cooter candles. I also would have accepted coochie candles

    27. josephine

      Notice how she brings in mediums and all these randies except for gynecologists.

    28. pocketfriend6

      I'd hope the $17,000 solid gold vibrator at least gave orgasm 😂

    29. Vicente Herrera

      its just natural slection at its best

    30. PurushaDesa

      She's basically turned into Amy Adams in American Hustle. PS : Go home capitalism - you're fucking wrecked.

    31. DR NO

      Dude just chill out, we need all types in this world even the crazies


      ???? 1:28 ??? ? ??

    33. ThatBadGuy

      A candle that smells like catfood.

    34. Pixie Snow

      I thought "goop" is what you get when you have a sinus infection.

    35. His Ace in the Hole


    36. His Ace in the Hole

      5:35 *_if ISIS was making a show, you'd all call yer agents._* *remember that for whem it happens*

    37. His Ace in the Hole

      5:36 it's so fucked up that I actually believe that would happen

    38. 2DUMBtv

      Let's also take into fact that there are people who think anti vaxxers are people against flu shots :|

    39. Ryan Gangelhoff

      F you on vaccines you know nothing but how to complain and whine like a little b bro

    40. Kempler

      Ok.... but have you heard of light language?

    41. The Tankist Duckson

      3:43 just. That face says it all.

    42. Roedburn

      Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow! Last week I suddenly remembered that I had watched that movie but couldn't remember the name. It had been bugging me for a few days now. Thanks, now I can finally put that irritation to rest.

    43. Sky Zenk

      pussy candles

    44. Logan's Experience

      Who wants the room to smell like fish?

    45. Jikook Army

      She looks vegan.

    46. Matthew Morgan Salazar

      Walking bare foot is a legit thing, it’s called grounding. It’s best if you walk on soil and not on carpet or wooden floors for example

    47. CryptoKnot

      Vagina steaming? I lost it man

    48. ColorPad The lonely chimera foxwolf

      The day that they make a air freshener that smells like Amy Schumer's asshole, is a day that I move to another planet.

    49. Skyfox

      My God you're beautiful.

    50. Steel Gh0st

      Y'know- I'd say Bill nye could disprove this shit but he's also talking out his ass so. I guess that's up in smoke

    51. Steel Gh0st

      Okay jontrons take was funny. This just makes it sound like what it is- a cult. A pay-to-win cult.

    52. Cameron Gooch

      2:28 I'm not quite clear on your stance on vaccines could you elaborate.

    53. Nightmare Strawberry Chic

      Goop is a bunch of bullshit. No doubt it's also backed by scientology.

    54. Beatmyguest001

      How the hell have I never heard of this NLselr before, saw the recent onision vid & found this guy hilarious and honestly he’s great. Not a lot of editing, genuinely funny. This is awesome after work brain turned off entertainment thank you gods bless 🙌

    55. Karishma Khan

      Tony Stark's finger 👆🏻 Slow Claps 👏🏻 👍🏻

    56. Luna Lion

      I walk barefoot all the time and I'm depressed af checkmate goop

    57. hector andrades

      Is fucking hilarous!!!

    58. Activation Codes 🔥💚🔥

      Holy shit, you're a product of MSM and the "education" system...... Its called "grounding". Unsubbing, i don't need this extremely NEGATIVE energy. P.S. I haven't watched tv/movies for years, so it has nothing to do with the Hellywood freaks. You need more vaccines, LMAO. FEAR is the mind killer.... You're young...... you'll grow up. 🔥

      1. Joseph Dugdale

        It's funny because you won't "grow up" without vaccines. There is no evidence for these quack methods and you are putting your health and others at risk. Take some fucking responsibility

    59. Stevan Gucu

      Mixing Goops creates dark matter, the only measure is to release the p r i s m.

    60. Steffi O

      How are people believing this Goop shit anyway?