Gwyneth Paltrow Is Insane and Goop Is Hurting Everyone



1,7 mln. weergaven310

    This is the greatest pseudoscience silliness of All Time


    1. Zsombi Horvath

      I did the same thing with Sahara like you did with sky captain

    2. Timothy Wildfire

      #newsub You're content is awesome

    3. Jason

      Thank you for providing the scientific name (cooter) when explaining this.

    4. Mingakinsgi Bayuxds

      He’s such a badass😂🤣 I have only heard him so far. He’s such wicked sense of humor and he’s spontaneous. And he is hot!!! 😉

    5. Cernunnos Wild

      Oh you mean: in America, a career in the movies is equal to a medical degree? I doodle around on photoshop, does anyone want to drive on the suspension bridges I build?

    6. Eric Braun

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="173">2:53</a> I didn't know penguinz0 was into NLsel Poop... wait...

    7. Stiltmans Stilt

      I'm fairly new to your videos but I fucking love em bro..

    8. Stiltmans Stilt

      Dang I must be old because Seven is where I first became aware of Paltrow

    9. New Account

      It probably smells like fish that’s been rotting for 5 months

    10. notmaking Millions

      Bravo, sir.

    11. Lucid Gamer


    12. SilpheedUke

      lol, Tony Stark's fingers...

    13. Time Remap

      Honestly, if you are dumb enough to fall for this shit, you deserve to be scammed.

    14. Rvnnt

      she fucked over the lunch club and threatened to sue them if they persisted with the name "goopcast"

    15. FIGJAM

      Imagine giving money to netflix

    16. FIGJAM

      "Queefs in a jar" lmao

    17. Mashbox

      Netflix has been coming out with nonsense for a few years now. This is nothing new.

    18. Richard Depledge

      Bit touchy about vaccinations. Guess what u fuckin girl haired blocked nose voice pointless youtube person. Fuck ur vaccinations and fuck ur life.

      1. kieran charles

        ok richard

    19. Elijah Johnson

      If I'm agreeing with this degenerate, the person he's talking about must be worse.

    20. Sonja Baris

      There's literally thousands of causes she could champion with her influence and she does this. I hate it when celebrities do this dangerous shit for money. 😡

    21. Thepowerlies

      How is this legal ? And how do people believe this crap ?

    22. Thepowerlies

      How is this legal ? And how do people believe this crap ?

    23. Giorno Giovanna

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="202">3:22</a> heres a simulation of a person dying cause of gwenyth paltro person:imma bout to sting myself with a bee to get healthy because Gwenyth paltro said so Person:STINGS THEMSELF WITH BEE person: whats happening? Person:OH NO I MUST BE ALLERGIC AND I DIDNT KNOW person:OH NO I DONT HAVE AN EPIPEN BECAUSE I DIDNT KNOW I WAS ALLERGIC person:goes into anaphalxsis person DIES

    24. Lorraine Skinner

      She’s a flake

    25. DEV3N87

      After this outbreak we're having, I'd say its confirmed that Gwyneth Paltrow's "Goop" is to blame.

    26. Gaming Utility

      Graduated from acting ....into full time scamming😂😂😂 Peace

    27. Paul David

      Gwyneth Paltrow is just Joe Rogan for women... Change my mind

    28. Leah M

      That goofy ass candle IS $75??!

    29. Ray K

      When you’re rich your entire life and everyone just tells you what you want to hear, it skews your perception of reality.

    30. Aiden Moore

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="139">2:19</a> maybe you read something about vaccines and it happened to be a drunken Facebook mom who said that they were bad. To be honest though, there's lots of research about why vaccines aren't actually needed, about the reasons why they come out every couple years, but none of that research will ever make it out in the open. I like listening to Charlie degrade shit, but when he degrades shit against your views it's different, because I know Charlie knows Jack shit about vaccines, but he talks like his opinion on vaccines is a final spoken truth and that people who don't get vaccines are literal dog shit. My immune system is just a strong as yours and when a virus strikes, both of us have a biologically equal chance in living so it doesn't matter to me that you had a vaccine for the virus. You weren't born into this world with vaccine receptors so stop thinking its the key to immunity and strength. Vaccines make people feel reassured, but your immunity to things isn't changing much, the structure of your immune system is still the same too, you've just been exposed to a micro dose of the virus and that's pretty much the only thing thats happening. Either your body recognizes the foreign substance and creates antibodies and everything goes as planned, or your body doesn't even recognize it, or thirdly, certain people have complications because they react negatively. The funniest thing is when you ask people about why vaccines are "so good" apparently, all they can afford to do is regurgitate things they've heard from tv and news. There's actually a decent percentage for people who got complications from vaccines, and people who've been practically paralyzed from it. The thought process behind seeking a vaccine for all types of sicknesses is silly, you should let your body deal with things that don't threaten your life. I think it's only worth getting the vaccines for diseases that put someone at specific risk, because they have low immunity to something for example. Most vaccines are made in attempt to eradicate a virus on it's downfall, but the virus will just come back in a stronger form, and idk what everyone else thinks, but maybe the government knows that these viruses will come back anyways, but they still make profit off of vaccines so there's no reason to stop advertising it. The more vaccines you take, the more the body gets prepared for them, the more dependant you are on getting vaccines, "don't worry once i get the vaccine I'll be fine". I rarely ever get sick, and *I've never been vaccinated* . Hope that pisses you off Charlie, anyways "see ya".

      1. Krunkfunk

        He's never seeing this

    31. Cheers

      Let is be, natural selection I say!

    32. Fight The Good Fight

      Vaccines are evil don’t you know anything? Alex Jones exposes the whole thing people need to wake up

      1. UltimateEnd0

        Nah, he's just another simp.

    33. Cam Barnes

      Amen bro about the Vaccines, someone give this man a medal!

      1. Aiden Moore

        @Cam Barnes I enjoy your anger. Would you mind smoking a joint with me? I'm sure you've smoked many joints with people who're missing all sorts of vaccines. There's people walking around having taken every imaginable vaccine they can get their hands on, and other people whove only got the flu vaccine. I'm not putting people at risk you can settle down a little. IQ tests don't prove shit btw, but yeah, I'll continue flipping burgers and spreading my brain damage to other people. People with brain damage can't type very well, and they don't go around arguing against vaccines unless it was the vaccine which caused the brain damage. If you want to call creativity brain damage go ahead, you're clearly a league above me. Also, I wouldn't go too far with blatant insults because eventually the person you're insulting has to choose which one of those even meant something to him, and none of your insults brushed my surface sorry

      2. Cam Barnes

        @Aiden Moore Umm, No. Your dumb. Vaccines have single handedly eradicated crippling diseases like polio and all kinds of other stuff. You, are the problem, thinking your 10 minutes of "research" compares to the years, that genius scientists spend on Vaccines. Your stupid, and u dont know shit, you never will, trust the ppl smarter than you, if you dont Vaccinate, your just creating room for Illnesses to grow, and thats very, BASIC science. Ur puttin other ppls lives at risk, by thinking your petty simple mind, knows more than ppl twice your IQ. Stick to flipping burgers n stfu, u sound like u have brain damage.

      3. Aiden Moore

        Have you done any actual research on Vaccines. What would you do if you shared a joint with someone and he told you he wasn't vaccinated at the end. Vaccinations are just for money and profit, and people who haven't been vaccinated have just as much immunity as you, also has the same amount of bacteria. Vaccinated or not, we're both disgusting

    34. Alan Donnelly

      Mate...your 100% correct. Good on you.

    35. BrokenGhoul


    36. lavender fields

      Rich people take cruise ships during a pandemic.... Never listen to uneducated rich people

    37. Jay Hickey

      This smells like vagina. Sooo the shit house door off a tuna boat?

    38. Jason Brody

      My sister looks so much like her, but she’s nothing like this goop woman

    39. Brian Allois

      Sounds quite like the Epsilon Program

    40. Sarath Sanjeev

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="199">3:19</a> I love how the magazine is trying so hard to convince the readers that she in left side pic😂

    41. Smartmouthgamer23rd

      pseudoscience is nothing but dishonesty.

    42. Stanley Banks

      I went deaf from vaccine you fucking douche

      1. Aiden Moore

        Charlie is smart and elegant until you realize he's pessimistic and devious.

    43. Glucose

      The sad thing is my mom actually believes in this stuff and watches goop.

    44. sandra lons

      I have never seen anything from you before but this is sooo my point of view also when you talked about vaccines. My heart goes out to you. Best regards from Germany

      1. Aiden Moore

        If I told you I wasn't vaccinated, what would you do?

    45. Deniz Karagüllü

      So basically, crazy rich people are at it again

    46. tommy gun

      You my friend are awesome ps fuck anti vaxers

      1. Peter Filipovic

        @Aiden Moore Absolutely. Finding out that PewDiePie roasted anti-vaxxers is enough for some people 😆

      2. Peter Filipovic

        @tommy gun 👌

      3. Aiden Moore

        @tommy gun Let me guess, if someone walks up and pushes you, you push back? Same frame of thought, "I've been told by authorities that if you get vaxed you don't get the flu", therefor I think that if I take the vaccine I won't get the flu. You've been told that vaccines Will MAKE U IMMUNE and you're all reassured. Whatever though, think what you want

      4. tommy gun

        Aiden Moore nope it’s simple get vaxed and don’t get the flu

      5. tommy gun

        Peter Filipovic yep nailed it there!

    47. William Wallace

      Like everything else, when these morons open their mouths, don’t trust them.. politics, beauty products, or anything else other than acting..

    48. Dau7hy

      She's a delusional cult leader and also a scamming bitch who would literally sell anything for money.

    49. Peter Filipovic

      People who promote vaccines should be sent to reeducation camps, forced hard labor on low calorie diets; sweat and starve the nonsense out of them.

    50. R J

      Then don’t watch.

    51. Dave Sanchez draws stuff

      Why is this video in a roundtable playlist?

      1. Aiden Moore

        @AidenMooreMusic_inc AidenMoore noice, I'll sub

      2. AidenMooreMusic_inc

        Me neither

    52. Tamaz Okruashvili

      Insane? No. She's just taking advantage of a bunch of stupid impressionable young adults.

    53. SethTheProphet

      She is laughing her ass off all the way to the bank... The people buying those candles are *THE* definition of degeneracy.

    54. Pete Smith

      ugly talentless broad out of her mind. And women are buying that crap...

    55. Sean

      Why are so many people in Hollywood in cults...

    56. Andrea Pasqua

      You have to wait mate, it takes time having a queen bee establish a bee hive up her great whopping axe wound. I mean she is probably using bee wax cause it is environmentally friendly and gives you creativity points. I wonder if she went with the Africanised bees?

    57. M. Torres

      Erikah bahdu has now done the same.... Gwenyths prob smells like rich people privilege and erikahs probably smells like new wave/ oldschool budussy....

    58. theeJFactor

      This guy doesn't like lettuce on his burgers, so I wouldn't trust anything he has to say.

    59. Kara Laur

      That was the first punch to the gut your pro vacation and not choice

    60. darkcookie

      Goop is completely bs and risking people and especially womens lifes, but I gotta say that apitherapy and specifically bee Sting therapy can help if used correctly in the right cases

    61. maddy d

      If she was actually good at acting that's what she would be doing. She's just a spoiled rich girl who's Daddy bought her an Oscar.

    62. Iafiv Iv

      Goop or to be more exact Poop.Because its basically the same thing.

    63. JustRandom

      She's not Crazy she is a single mother and broke after Tony Stark's death lol

    64. Rom

      Pepper just hasn't been the same since Tony Stark died

    65. nell potter

      "Unless you are in a place where you tried to kill yourself , you are not in a place to judge." Suicide survivor- now taking small minimum doses of mushroom from The Goop Lap Netflix. Watch the documentary yourself with an open mind. I have friends who take small doses of Cbd oil and it helps in their depression, PTSD and other mental illness taken under therapeutic sessions.

    66. Johnny Dead

      Cults gonna cult.

    67. Ryan Monaco

      I’m genuinely impressed with how bad and how consistently bad her “advice” is. You’d think it’d be easier to just sell a granola bar for $200 because that shits’s actually healthy.

    68. PaulThePuppeteer

      Holy fucking shit, I had totally forgotten about Sky Captain as well. Can't believe she was in it

    69. that bish

      low-key starting a cult

    70. Rosa Pink

      well they're all super white so.....what can we expect......

    71. Piano em Marte

      This Show is absurd. The "Specialists" on this Show don't have a clue of what they are talking about

    72. UV BlackLight


    73. Choco Lover

      I think she used the wrong hole as reference, bc the only thing I smell is bullshit

    74. Ronald Tartaglia

      Just more explanations and how deplorable Hollywood is. Hypocrites and they'll do anything to use their Fame to create wealth for themselves regardless of how stupid it is. If you want a vagina scented candle just put a wick in a can of Bumblebee and call it a day

    75. StartedWithAReport

      ANTI-VAXXERS (including the idiots that run away from vaccines because they can't stand to see their kids die) should have their children removed and vaccinated outside of their care and they be charged with child abuse and endangerment, or at the very least forcibly injected with the very disease they claim isn't so bad. Gwyneth Paltrow is an idiot and deserves to be ignored and put out of business. This stuff is dangerous.

    76. mason wade

      Wow CallmeCarson really took a turn for the worst after his SMP series ended.

    77. Catzel1 Ps4

      Feminizing project tries to Einstein it GONE sexual / wrong at 3AM challenge

    78. Capn Phuktard

      Vaccines allow you to contract cancer dipshit.

    79. My Life is a Complex Pastiche

      Gwyneth Paltrow sounds like the name of a Dark Souls 2 boss.

    80. JJ Miles

      I am a spiritual person, and I use some "psudeo(sp) science"/Spiritual Healing along with Western Medicine. That being said.... I only saw the first episode of Goop Lab, and I can say that they are peddling misconceptions. A psychedelic experience has nothing to do with the dose. The experience honestly depends on the aspect of your psyche/spirit that comes forth, and it also depends on how your mind handles mind altering substances. It also depends on your mindset prior to the trip. (Don't get me started on the fact this whole thing sounded more like strumming up business than it did offering people a secondary source for mental/spiritual healing. Aside from them pointing out possible positives, I hated the fact that they didn't stress this.... Psychedelics (for spiritual or therapeutic purposes) aren't for everyone, and the fact that the organic psychedelics are healthier(and sometimes safer) compared to their manufactured "cousins".