Game Theory: The Murky History of Minecraft's Underwater Gods

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    The world of Minecraft is vast and pretty well explored... except for one place. You see, we've covered a LOT of Minecraft on this channel, and in doing research for all of that I've noticed that one place remains mostly undiscovered - or at least un-theorized! The underwater biome of Minecraft is FULL of weird creatures and tons of interesting lore, if you know where to look. Spoiler alert, I do! Today we are diving into old Gods, ancient ruins, and more! Get your scuba gear ready, Theorists!
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    Writers: Matthew Patrick
    Editors: Danial "BanditRants" Keristoufi, Josh Langman, Tyler Mascola, and Koen Verhagen
    Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
    Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

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    1. Animal Pizza

      here's a possible theory: why are zombies structure more like the player's structure? are they the lost civilization?

    2. Tree Branch Studios Extras

      COPPA sucks

    3. Amrith Krishna Chanakya Nadendla

      Obama is a Muslim

    4. Amrith Krishna Chanakya Nadendla

      Allaho akbar I’m in me mums car

    5. Slimink0113

      Hot take: Guardians are just fish in mecha suits

    6. Martyn Dwyer

      It's funny that he pronounces muslim the way it's spelt. (or that could just be normal.)

    7. Axolotlzz OwO

      Minecraft's developers: What is this guy thinking, we just thought it would look cool

    8. dominic

      anyone else see this and immediately think of GOT?

    9. Shinko Shinko

      10:15 *OBAMA ZIGAROT*

    10. wahyudi widjaya

      Well Drowneds are Zombies that drowned because i saw it happen.

    11. appleberriシ

      The funny thing is that this theory is really good but the creator of mc (Notch) made this sea temple update before he handed it over to Microsoft. Notch is openly atheist..

    12. Cata cate

      minecraft🤝botw guardians with eye lazers

    13. roadkill

      If the monuments were made on dry land then why are the guardians fish-like?

    14. fire wolf

      I feel Atlantis like vibes from this video

    15. Sans The Skeleton

      Matpat: Guardians and Elder Guardians are the only sea creatures that can indefinitely live on land. Me, an intellectual: SEA TURTLES! SEA TURTLES MATPAT! DO NOT MAKE ME GO VSCO ON YOU!

    16. Anders Wiberg

      It kinda reminds me of mayan holy structures aswell

    17. Tear Infamous

      6:14 you said if you drop a cow it drops you cow flesh

    18. lqwerty 2

      Drowned are just zombies that have Drowned

    19. British Doggo

      I think the monument's were originally above the water and the drowned were originally human and they were the people who built the monument's however something happened causing the monument to sink or the water level rose for some reason maybe connected to why the humans who became the enderman escaped to the end I think some big event happened and the monument's sunk and the human's inside drowned and became the drowned

    20. Rosicorn P

      My birthday 🎂 is June 23

    21. av8rblues

      don't be dissing 23

    22. Katie DeFio

      I was born on the 23rd

    23. jnurse24

      When he talked about how no one cares about the Mesopotamia unit in history, I felt that. It was so boring

    24. Πόπη Πάλλη

      I don't know if it matters that much but at the end of the game when these two people are talking they call the player by "it" instead of "they", so my thought about this is that since they're gods we aren't important to them because they're technically call us an object (since "it" goes with non-living things, and animals but I guess it's still the same (?) ) I just think they call the player like that because they're at a biggest level than us, a much, much bigger level (Sorry if there's any grammar mistakes)

    25. ORA ORA

      Good one

    26. Dr. Glitchgo

      Well, you are able and allowed to hit women in Minecraft, in PVE even encouraged. So, maybe Minecraft does have Islamic influence...

    27. SacroSanctz

      6:14 “if you drop a cow, it drops you cow flesh.”

    28. Bubblu Pati

      We can also notice that the guardians do not attack us when we are in creative so it must mean that we are priests during creative so they do not attack us so it mist be a place of religion as Matt suggested!

    29. panther crew

      And how do you know this i read the Quran 23 pages a day

    30. panther crew

      I read the Quran

    31. Sebastien Boehme

      Hold on here, some of the points he makes are a bit weak, especially the point with the elder guardian seeking thermal signatures. After the video was made, it was shown as a bug and was fixed. However, thermal imagers watch your infrared image (thermal radiation), which is similar from an outsiders perspective to something you see. Some animals can see your thermal signature, so I think this point is quite weak.

    32. CoolBoy X1950

      6:15 “If you drop a cow, it drops you like cow flesh” XD

    33. Super Sonic123

      What’s up with scary rock robot thingies called guardians having laser eyes? I mean Minecraft, And botw. Spooky.

    34. Ryan The Epic Guy

      the guardian's eye (not the pupil) also looks like a sea lantern eternally staring at you

    35. Rebecca Milton

      The inside of the Guardians look like a command block

    36. Mixart Johnson

      What if Minecraft Steve, is the Wither. It sounds unlikely, but do you even see a wither in the overworld? My Suggestion is the Wither eventually turned into you. It is not like other withers. Infact it is even possible it was a Wither Storm. Seeming as in desert temples they had pictures of a wither, reminding them of what to craft to use against the Witherstorm should it head towards them.

      1. Mixart Johnson

        But it did not work, the Wither storm killed off the Withers faster then they could craft them. By the time the Wither Storm finally cools down into a player, there is no builders in sight.

    37. P J Michael


    38. lps fıstık tv july

      It was really cool hearing matpat talk about islam and connect it to my favourite game as lm muslim

    39. FortMooseHead Broadcasts

      Does anyone remember the Mesopotamia song? The one with the band?

      1. Amrith Krishna Chanakya Nadendla

        FortMooseHead Broadcasts Mesopotamian Sargon, harmurabi, ashimonapal and Gilgamesh

    40. Bing Bong

      12.3m subs I see a pattern

    41. Seedonator

      I mean 23 doesnt actually matter that much in islam but still a good theory

    42. Fish Boi

      10:13 o b a m a p r i s m h a s a w a k e n e d

    43. Lacey Anderson

      Water does not cover 71% of earth its 75% of water covers the planet

    44. •senpai wolfie•

      Can you make lgbtq shirts so I can buy one

    45. Kenden Starke

      Can you theorize granny/slenderina

    46. Lucas Barletta

      Am I the only one that looked at the time and it said 1:23???

    47. EggCr0issant

      Also, the elder guardian give you mining fatigue, so maybe they’re even more protecting the gold or something?

    48. Camron Ferguson

      What about dolphin's

    49. Poopinator666 Obviously

      You sounded like frenchie straight out of sponge bob in the beginning

    50. Diamond Kind

      7:10 give me the plant

    51. abcdefghijk123456100

      Okay but 2 minutes before the actual video starts is too long

    52. Knight Igirs

      So Iraq is a home of an ancient civilization...... love the fact that Iran and the US are fighting there......

    53. Zeffen Thurow

      I was born on the 23rd

    54. Zeffen Thurow

      Love the Spongebob style intro.

    55. Demil

      6:14 ”If you drop a cow it gives you cow flesh.”

    56. Smatlom Gaming


    57. Smatlom Gaming

      Shooting Lazarbeam

    58. Smatlom Gaming

      If you drop a cow

    59. Smatlom Gaming

      No one: Squids Literally: No One:Dolphins MatPat: DEADLY DROWNS

    60. Mind Of The Lion

      8:15 Guardians can also see ghosts, evidenced by the fact that they will stare at the player even while they're in spectator mode.