French Montana - Twisted (Audio) ft. Juicy J, Logic, A$AP Rocky

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    1. דביר פרי

      1:18 the only god flow in this song

    2. Jerry Harris

      This not a song for kids 😂 this a hoe anthem sorry 💯🙌🙆

    3. avraham vidal

      Dis Shit Is Straight Fire 🔥

    4. nomar mar

      i think logics verse is good. if you disagree like comment

    5. nomar mar

      if u dont like his verse here, dont throw away his entire discography, logic is epic, this song is just one of many, listen to eminem - relapse

    6. Harun Birsen

      For a brief moment l thought l heard Eazy E ! RIP

    7. Vice Versa

      "1-800 then I kill the pussy, who can relate!" is perhaps the worst Logic lyric ever

    8. Lul Nasty

      Rocky got the hardest verse if we being real🤷🏽‍♂️

    9. bastiQk bastiQk

      Where excatly is Asap Rocky ?

    10. AshtEr RicO Bersace

      White pamalaw Try amazon Triathlon Buy grams a lot

    11. Pynapple jooce

      Rocky probably could've helped saved this song but didn't wanna waste his breath

    12. Chri52r8Gaming

      This beat hurts my ears...

    13. Malcolm McNab

      This whole shit cringy asf. Sounds like one a them songs you here in the credit section of a trash action movie

    14. Cosmic Shadow24

      Not good but I've heard much worse songs that people dont bash on ?

    15. Speedy Fish


    16. Holiidayseason

      Bobby...what happened to you?

    17. 3 threezy

      Do logic realize this is a fucking trap song 😭 this man literally went conscious on a trap song, who tf would put logic on a trap song anyway 😂

    18. Young King

      Logic is the type of guy that goes to a strip club just to fap

    19. Noureddine Ibourk


    20. prod. Dead Memes

      Wow juicy j is the only person who rode the beat but still couldn’t save it

    21. kage davis

      This is such a trash song major disappointment in all people involved

    22. Mr99cam99

      Logic , are you ok? because sounds like NO

    23. ana-day.

      Rocky the member in the group who didn’t do shit but just put their name on the title slide.

    24. Andree Dowell

      Whose here because of Joe Budden

    25. nathan2smart

      Logic verse: trash His flow: not that bad as what people said

      1. Not Rool


    26. Ghost Zero

      This song is stolen from three 6 mafia dancin on a pole

    27. eylon951

      i like that loop Project Pat - Dont Turn Around sample at 3:59 Stereo Delay, Reverb and EQ.

    28. DJ .:J3K:.

      Twisted off da juice and slowed:

    29. Gustė

      I feel so badass drinking my

    30. Malwic Hunter

      this song is dope asf,yall can go suk a dik!

    31. Shane Boring.

      Ngl Logic is so trash now but he’s by far the best part of this song

    32. Redd Dizon

      JT from city girls would murder Logic

    33. Redd Dizon

      can we just scrub Logic's verse? thanks

    34. J E G O

      logic: "bitches be beautiful but they ugly on the inside" two bars later... ..."slob on my know, girl youre beautiful i swear to god" *LOGIC MAKE UP YOUR FUCKING MIND DUDE LMFAO HAHAHA*

      1. FanRose FabRose Spencer

        Sounds like he's on his Meechy Drako shit lmao

    35. Æon Flux

      This song sounds like it was written in 2002.


      Why did you take this feature logic

    37. Ahmad Ahmadi

      Logic's verse was pretty good y'all expected him to come all lyrical and shit on a party record then yall DUMB. He can't be lyrical in every track he hops on jhheeezee good job logic let haters hate and you create that mulaaaaa

      1. Batsu Ohno

        he literally made a punchline off a song he did about suicide awareness. He. is. trash.

    38. James Daniel

      With J asap and logic should have been 🔥 wtf

    39. EST19 XX

      A$AP Rocky be laughing at the end of each line. Da best way to get a feature What a legend lmao

    40. Cha K-bwa Oh shit!! Just click here