Fifth Harmony - That's My Girl (Live at the AMA's)

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    7/27 available at: iTunes: Amazon: Spotify: Google: Apple Music: FifthHarmony fifthharmony fifthharmony (C) 2016 Simco Ltd. under exclusive license to Epic Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment

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    1. Fernanda Nascimento

      2020 alguém?

    2. Devontae Adams

      Camila is the best

    3. Jhon Penha

      e a Camila de novo fazendo absolutamente tudo!

    4. Ana sz

      a harmonizer que habita em mim sofre tanto

    5. Myllena Santos


    6. Ricardo 23

      Is no one gonna talk about how camilas mic volume was turned down or however you say it?

    7. Victoria Mence

      2:10 she ligit lip synced..... and they say 5h is better than LM

    8. Muti Mamea

      Dinah Jane's voice is powerful

    9. luke.pin3

      That Are My Girls!

    10. ROZ -168


    11. Adora Widow



      the word that describes lauren is perfection

    13. thisisme Arah

      That's my girl .. Lauren 😍😍

      1. thisisme Arah

        @r0bz1985 yeah .. you said it right 😊

      2. r0bz1985

        The most forgettable one

    14. Liz Garcia


    15. slcmercy

      I miss them together sm 🥺

    16. lavinia ramires

      A melhor performace de todas!! Que saudade do meu fifith harmony

    17. Obito Uchiha

      Mine top 1 - Mani 2 - China Jane 3 - Allysus 4 - Lern Jergi 5 - CamEla CabaYYo

      1. Obito Uchiha

        @r0bz1985 I know, you Camila's fan (it's terrible), and NORMANI NOT Normonkey

      2. r0bz1985

        Normonkey is the worst singer and Dina looks like atranny

      3. Habeeb Habib

        This is hilarious + dude saaaaame

    18. shin chan

      You five both living together now ??

    19. Jeannie Castaneda

      Camelia 100000. Other, s 67

    20. Sarah W

      I love these girls SO MUCH but they weren’t very clean performers. Sloppy. Formations were always off. All over the place. Don’t know if that’s the choreographer or them. Destiny’s Child, Little Mix, always in sync and perfect formation

    21. Avana Lucena

      Lauren é uma das mais talentosas, mas também uma das que menos canta :'(

    22. Dalilah Vigil

      2020 and still one of my favorite performances .

    23. Alina Shaikh

      2020 check

    24. gerardo es

      QUEEN N

    25. saturnothexlx

      Queria ter vivido gabi

    26. Tania García Fans

      2020 y aún Las Extraño 😭😭😭

    27. Maria Seemann

      January 2020?? 💔


      interesting song

    29. Joe Kasprzak

      They suck

    30. linda veleta

      In all honesty, i have no idea how tf Camila got so famous over Lauren and Normani, they’re clearly way more talented. Ally is too, except I think she’s singing in a wrong genre.😩

    31. Van Gomes

      Dinah Jane 😍😍😍😍😘😍

    32. Alissa Joseph

      Normani is my bias!!

    33. Ker sley

      Who noticed Bella Thorne in the public?

    34. Cássia Elias

      Saudades 🥺❤

    35. maryaaan lam

      Miss u

    36. Brittany Speaks

      Literally the last American girl band around sad

    37. yung prynce

      Dinah and Normani killed it 100%

    38. Elizabeth Wiga

      This song is so strong and it

    39. Nurul Rafiqa Auliyah Abna


    40. Nye

      All these hair whipping, gives me a headache.

    41. Jacob Pauly

      Every time I see Camila slide across the floor on her knees my gaydar short circuits

    42. Luna Calasso

      Mínima em português

    43. Luna Calasso

      Me explique em português

    44. Luna Calasso

      I love me Fifth Harmony

    45. Chloe you have the best YouTube channel ever. K

      Ally is the leader of this song!

    46. suzane Oliveira

      Caralhooo, pra mim a melhor apresentação que ela fizeram. Todas estavam lindas e maravilhosas. As vozes gostosinhas de ouvir. Assisti esse vídeo chega dá uma saudade da união das vozes. 2019♥️🇧🇷

    47. Camilizer Cabello

      Just came for Camila and...Lauren💕

    48. A N A ツ P A U

      Lauren 😳🎶

    49. Stephania GamerRata


    50. lewis collins

      I wanna go old skool and do a ‘makin the band’ to be in fifth harmony. That’s why I wish bands would not add a number into their band name. 5ive with 3 members isn’t the easiest to support 🥴

    51. Shane Sutcliffe

      5th harmony Camilla was so perfect. Shame she got too thick. Doesn't look right

    52. Bea Mirtes

      This is gold! Missing my girls together

    53. Thaís Aguiar

      No dia que camren se assumir eu choro

    54. Jeremy Collins

      I hate to say it but this group was to basic for Normani now i see her as a solo artist

    55. Guilherme Simpson

      Solo são maravilhosas, mas juntas são insuperáveis

    56. Jauregui

      ai gaby so quem viveu sabe.. eu em pleno 2019 surtando e chorando pelo meu grupo favorito

    57. Riri Bengil

      I miss this era:((

    58. jim mij

      Never heard of them... I hope it stays so..

    59. nawmsndmmdnxthalia clara

      Ainda choro por Fifth harmony.Pq?Alguém mais ?

    60. Shari

      It’s 2020 and I miss them so much 😭