FIA Action of the Year - Formula One



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    1. bssni touir

      We need to see more of this

    2. sotuur aeei

      We need to see more of this

    3. Vladut B

      How is this better than Verstappen‘s move in Austria on Leclerc!? What a yoke!

    4. seeriu ciihy

      wtf with the music.

    5. roouit patan

      Why is the music so loud?

      1. bssni touir

        Tip: watch with mute or ur gonna be deaf

    6. TiRaMiJa

      Next video with some decent pokemon theme music

      1. sotuur aeei

        Verstappen is so incredibly good. He overtakes in places where it seems almost impossible! He makes F1 interesting again!

    7. Blair Millward


      1. bssni touir

        Verstappen is so incredibly good. He overtakes in places where it seems almost impossible! He makes F1 interesting again!

    8. Racing NL

      Max for president!

      1. seeriu ciihy

        C'erano sorpassi piu' belli di questo ad esempio stesso gran premio Lecrec su Gasly

    9. Azivegu

      An incredibly overtake, and horrible music

      1. Azivegu

        @roouit patan don't have to say sorry bro. This was just a poorly constructed video.

      2. roouit patan

        Sorry but I just had to dislike this because of the terrible music. First you take away the amazing sound of the v8 and now you even try kill us with this horrendous sound...

    10. seeriu ciihy

      Tip: watch with mute or ur gonna be deaf

      1. bssni touir

        Tip: watch with mute or ur gonna be deaf

    11. HerreDePerre

      If leclerc defends (to) hard verstappen attacks even harder. Epic racing this is what f1 is all about

    12. StanGlasius

      Holy shit, Max Verstappen! He’s the best on the field wow!

    13. Tico Martinovic

      Technically, Max went off-track with all four wheels and gained an advantage. Why doesn't this one get a penalty when the US 2017 one did?


        Tico Martinovic its not in Max advantage thats why he didnt get a penalty. He jist fucking solved it brilliant

    14. foopyu nooui

      We need to see more of this

      1. seeriu ciihy

        Bring back track limits

    15. TrykusMykus

      It's funny how Verstappen gets action of the year for driving into his opponent and then overtaking him off the track :D And then Ricciardo gets 2 penalties for avoiding a collision and overtaking on the straight off the track... Seems legit :) FIA Stewards logic

      1. HerreDePerre

        TrykusMykus I’m sorry. Being a Ferrari fan these days is hard but it’s not verstappen his fault that Ferrari keeps fucking up.

      2. TrykusMykus

        @HerreDePerre he didn't run leclerc off the track. He drove into him on the entrance of the turn at which HE drove off the track and overtaken Leclerc with superior speed (because of the better line).

      3. HerreDePerre

        TrykusMykus where in this video did verstappen run leclerc off the track.

    16. Clorox Bleach

      Hahaah there are a lot of bitter Ferrari fans here. How is 4th in the driver championship working out for ya?

    17. Epic Pee

      Great Race!!

      1. foopyu nooui

        One rule: either music, or commentary. Not both. And terrible music at that

    18. Right Uppercut

      We need to see more of this

    19. TiRaMiJa

      Tip: watch with mute or ur gonna be deaf

    20. S. T.

      Verstappen is so incredibly good. He overtakes in places where it seems almost impossible! He makes F1 interesting again!

    21. Léon lh

      This overtake was made over the track limits, wtf ?! Just watch WEC, WRC or WRX, there is loads of actions way better than this !

    22. Gianluch92

      C'erano sorpassi piu' belli di questo ad esempio stesso gran premio Lecrec su Gasly

    23. Aris Neven

      Sorry but I just had to dislike this because of the terrible music. First you take away the amazing sound of the v8 and now you even try kill us with this horrendous sound...

    24. Cas

      Why is the music so loud?

    25. ultimategamer

      That’s stupid so many better moves this year albon round the outside of Ricardo at spa was way better then that shit

    26. Conan Lyall

      This was literally charles attacking and max defending the was no overtake

      1. asimb0mb

        That's why it's the action of the year, not the overtake of the year.

    27. Bouke Elsinghorst

      The worst music choice ever, I had to turn the volume totally down watching this

    28. Catcrumbs

      Bring back track limits

      1. RMMvA

        Most asphalted run-off areas can be replaced by grass or gravel.

      2. 8- D

        Catcrumbs they cant , otherwise that "dutch" kid cant do a move without touching 😆🤣😂

    29. TAW JayZar

      1) Shit music 2) Illegal overtake, OFF TRACK!

    30. Nick van B

      Didn't hear a word of what the commentators were saying... i don't even know what happened

    31. Johan Derksen

      Max Verstappen🔥🔥🔥

    32. Joshua Andrea

      One rule: either music, or commentary. Not both. And terrible music at that

      1. Willie Pete was here

        We’re stuck between awful music and awful commentary

      2. Alex T

        FIA must be stuck with Crofty commenting on every single clip. Must be why they pasted crappy music on top of it

    33. Nick Serov

      FIA need eyes. 0:13 leave the track.

      1. Collin Hogenberg

        Indeed sam

      2. Sam Seller

        Nick Serov that is allowed dumbass, when the driver driving on the inside pushes the driver driving on the outside of the track, the driver on the outside is allowed to drive on the outside of the track as there is nowhere to go, staying on the track would cause a collision resulting in an incident. That’s exactly why this overtake was brilliant, Verstappen did not hold back at all which most drivers would do in this situation.

    34. Nick Serov

      А с каких пор можно разгоняться по широкой траектории за пределами трассы? Да и до этого в правый поворот начал заваливать как будто никого справа нет! Все его обгоны только за пределами правил, по другому не умеет.

    35. J024

      FIA needs a new intern..... horrible music.

    36. InnerRushBull

      Great move! Never Give Up!

      1. InnerRushBull

        I made a compliment for Max....

      2. Juda

        Perhaps you need to realise our good young friend leclerc pushed him off the track

    37. Yeah!!

      wtf with the music.

    38. XandiOfficial

      It's a yoke! a joke!

    39. US Citizen

      47 Leclere fans were Here I see. 🤣🤣

      1. Azivegu

        I kind of just want to down vote because of the music, and I'm a verstappen fan

      2. random t-rex

        i think almost all downvoted for the music cuz it was too distracting and just not fitting

    40. MSc Bijles

      Ridiculous music, really stupid

    41. roflcoptero

      I will have to downvote because of the music alone, sorry.

      1. roflcoptero

        @Mitchell hok Here comes the Fortnite kid.

      2. Mitchell hok

        @roflcoptero OK boomer. This is 2019, wake up grandpa.

      3. Alex T

        Its the only way to get rid of that annoying Crofty it seems. Must not have access to RAW footage

      4. Juda

        @roflcoptero 😋

      5. roflcoptero

        @Juda Oh god, an emoji user. Just never talk to me again.

    42. Involved

      Fia posting action of the year with max overtaking off track limits. Terrible music on the video. Are you guys taking the piss??? Idiots.

    43. Haassan1

      Whats up with the crappy music? Why did you bother mr or ms editor?

      1. Alex T

        Its the only way to get rid of that annoying Crofty it seems. Must not have access to RAW footage

    44. Florian Boehnisch

      Could have been a bit longer 🙆‍♂️🤔

    45. Matthew Spisto

      Vettel's fault.

      1. asimb0mb

        I think Ericsson hit us.

    46. Nikola P.

      Apparently Max needs a whole airport runway just for him, so he can overtake.. he was off-track

      1. Zvonkic

        @Nikola P. zato su vam i uveli trans da se takvi manje razmnožavaju...nakotilo se toga previše, a sigurno nisu geniji.

      2. Nikola P.

        @Zvonkic ajoj gde si ti otisao, ovo je Formula brale, ej.. .. ti bre imas problema u stvari..izvini nisam znao, necu da ti zagorcavam zivot dodatno.. nadam se da ce ti biti bolje..zelim sve najbolje! Pozdrav.

      3. Zvonkic

        @Nikola P. hahahah....matorost? hahahah, pa je ću živjeti barem 30 godina dulje od tebe pa ti je to irelevantno i nije argument. politika nije u pitanju, u pitanju je medicina PBS-The Brain 2016 pa kreni od tamo. to da je max "idiot" to ocjenjuju oni sa IQ90 naniže, jer to im je prag shvaćanja. Za ocijeniti nekog glupim , trebalo bi biti barem pametniji od njega a to ti nikako nisi, jer bi bila drugačija tvoja životna situacija ili barem zapažena kao njegova u više pojmova. Okolnosti su važne pa i tako što je premlad i u pubertetskom nagonu max činio greške koje vremenom nestaju, a suditi ga žešće za stvari koje su drugi radili to su dvostruka mjerila i tako specifično za ljevičare, robove židovske doktrine porobljavanja idiota u svrhu konačno osvajanja svijeta za par diktatora...vidim da ne žišku pa da te malo centriram van fake historije koju pušiš. no vratimo se na situaciju koju ti nikad nećeš moći shvatiti jer očito imaš idolopokloničke želje ali ne da bi se tebi divili već da bi ti cvilio kad se idolu nešto dogodi. da nije u prejakom ferrariju, tvoj lecvilex nikog pretekao ne bi. tip ima poluzatvorene oči podlog pogleda i učinio je 2 nepravde prema maxu ove godine, za razliku od maxa koji je njemu samo 1 po tvojoj ocjeni a po mojoj nije. sad sam pročitao i tvoj korektan pasus o osvajanju van staze...u snimci se jasno vidi da leclerc gura do bijele crte maxa a max ide vanjskom stranom piste do mjesta propisanog ulaska na stazu i ulazi kao prvi, po duljem obodu kruga. na tom dijelu ne postoji ograničenje brzine kao u cestovnom prometu i nije učinio ništa kažnjivo. svejedno, uživaj u utrkama i dalje, promatraj bez emocija i gledaj tehničke detalje pa kompariraj to i bit će ti jasnije. Inače vozim i posjedujem sve što na benzin ide i to vozim opako (voda,zemlja,zrak)...p.s. mislio sam da u srbiji još uvijek furate yugo 45 amerika i da ste po pitanju motosporta pomalo iza... inače...11 milion idiota mijenja spol u americi jer je mossad i cia uz židove krenula u poglupljavanje populacije da bi proglasili NWO u koje oni vladaju, a spasili su te putin i trump ali to ne kužiš...dakle, vas "mlađe" koji koristite tehnologiju koju smo vam mi priiredili i mislite da ste posebnI jer jedino za što koristite tehnologiju su idiotarije, video igrice i liječenje sociopatsko-umišljenih samodopadnih pozicija u kojima ste kao nešto važno? what a fuck?! obično kažem takvima da su žrtve laganja.

      4. Nikola P.

        ​@Zvonkic Uh, odakle poceti..:) imam 33 god. tako da koliko sam mlad kapiram da zavisi od godina ljudi koji to posmatraju. To sto pratis formulu od praistorije te ne cini nista vaznijim od ostalih koji isto vole taj sport, ne znam dokle ce ljudi uporno forsirati matorost za neki kao argument, verovatno zato sto je to jedino sto imaju pa uporno forsiraju. Blenu ljudi i u fudbal ceo zivot i posle svi misle da su selektori a da ih stavi neko tamo da naprave neku taktiku ne bi imali pojma. A ako cemo da pricamo o face-ili ne face generacijama, o tvojoj matoroj generaciji si ti vec sve rekao, to je ta generacija koja iz svake teme ume da izvuce politicku retoriku i da udara na godiste/pol/opredeljenost ljudi, umesto da se drzi teme i o tome pristojno diskutuje. Kapiram ja to, to je taj odbrambeni mehanizam klasicni, i sta se tu moze, nego da se izignorise. Dakle, kao sto napisah ono poslednje ne engl. sve to stoji sto se izdesavalo, ja samo kazem da nisam fan ostajanja van staze i drzanje pozicije na taj nacin, i jedan i drugi su zatvarali, sve se to stalno desava u F1, moze se polemisati zasto je uradio, mozda je i ok mozda ne, ja samo kazem kako ja to posmatram, a vi se svi palite i napadate. Maxa ne mrzimo zbog "novinara", zabole me stojko za jebene novinare, Maxa mrzimo jer je covek idiot. On je odlican vozac, i to uvek kazem, ali je kao covek kreten, a imas na netu i brdo snimaka gde to mozes videti, kako se ponasa u odredjenim situacijama, kada se iznervira i kad mu nesto ne ide po njegovom, kao klinac neki balavi, nasrce na druge vozace, hoce da se tuce i to. Na takvom nivou takmicenja takvo ponasanje je nedopustivo, usotalom kakav otac takav sin, i njegov cale je bio hapsen zbog tuce itd. tako da vidi se odakle mu dolazi narav. Nesportski se ponasa, i na intervjuima se vidi kako odgovara novinarama i na neka normalan i ne-napadna pitanja, tako da me ne bi nicudilo ako mu neki novinara namerno smestaju neke stvari, mada to ne bih podrzavao svakako. Razlika u ponasanju izmedju njega i npr Vetela je nebo i zemlja. Zato on moze da bude dobar u trkanju koliko hoce, ali on fanbase-a ce imati nesto njegovih holandjana napaljenih, par ljudi sa strane i to je to. I ostace upamcen kao kreten.

      5. Zvonkic

        @Nikola P. već su ti napisali, ali si zaljubljen u leclerca. max je u guranju branio već osvojenu poziciju i prevenirao je sudar zbog oversteeringa leclerca, koje se to dogodilo još jednom kad je također istim potpisom izbio maxa van piste. ono u austriji je klasičan dozvoljen ulaz (jasno se vidjelo zatvaranje maxa, ali to je normalno jer je bio ispred i ima pravo braniti svoju poziciju jednim pomakom, a to što lecvilexu nije odgovarao taj moment, tko mu kriv) sa dodirom izazvanom od leclerca-živčeka koji bez obzira što više nije imao guma i bilo je očito da puši velikog ide u duele koje braniti ne može...vjeruj ako želiš, sleepy eyes lecvilex ti nije neka marka a maxa mrzite zbog idiotarija koje su mu tovarili novinari, a vi što koristite emocije da bi opravdali svoje promašaje niste baš neka "roba" I PO TOME SE DA JEDNOSTAVNO zaključiti da si ljevičar, mlad i facekretenluk generacija. kolektivna svijest je za one niskog IQ a kako pratiš F1 mislim da nisi za taj nivo opisa. osobno pratim F1 od '76, volim ferrari ali su truba već godinama, isto kao i vettel koji ne koristi u razvoju bolida jer je tabula raza za tehniku jer kako vidimo već 6 godina njegove instrukcije inženjerima su totalni promašaj.

    47. PanZurekWielki

      Just why this music o.o

    48. tomeddie14

      How is this even classed as an overtake!? He was never really overtaking anyone more "holding position of track"

      1. Robert Willemen

        Well, in the beginning of the video he was behind Leclerc and at the end in front of him

      2. Justin Case

        I understand the confusion between the word ACTION and the word OVERTAKE. They are so similar...

    49. Zoere Heering

      Really with all the beautifull overtakes of Max? So sad except it is a statement off the stewards to the horrible way Leclerc drives and Max his exceptional reactions to escape collisions

      1. Ponte Romano

        zuur voor de andere maatjes!

    50. HojozVideos

      How many bets on Verstappen getting the award this year, because Verstappen?

      1. HojozVideos

        AFAIK sending a link automatically lands my comment in the spam section

      2. grcbrkstr te

        So share a link with us of your vote for best action

      3. HojozVideos

        @Luuk More dissapointed

      4. Luuk


    51. HamsterCaster

      Does it really need that awful music, would rather listen to commentators.

    52. Jens Laursen

      It is an overtake off track??!!!

      1. oisyn

        @DogcraftMC Except that it's not. It's a city-state enclaved by France, but it's still its own country with its own rulers and laws.

      2. Jorge 707

        A.N. So how was spa for you?

      3. A.N.

        @DogcraftMC The people who live there would disagree with you😂

      4. DogcraftMC

        @Just me. Monaco is basically France.

      5. A.N.

        @Maverick Blaze Why moron? In Austria Max wheelbanged and Leclerc lifted...nothing's racing..just like Silverstone..

    53. Samu Sinkkonen


    54. Illegal Alien

      Who the h. has that kind of music taste? Please re-upload with something normal...

      1. Berényi Dániel

        Or better without any music.

    55. Pinguuu89

      Get in there Maxi!

      1. Syarif Burhan

        @devilz user00 to get the world championship trophy

      2. devilz user00

        get out there maxi

    56. Frank John

      I guess you can pull off the overtake by exceeding track limits and keep the position

      1. Moncat

        @Stavros it makes you think how childish/immature Leclerc is as that is an accurate description of what happened

      2. Stavros

        @Dennis Pookie "take it back as a cry boy." Do you not realize how stupid you sound by typing like that?

      3. Dennis Pookie

        @Stavros He did not push anyone of the track. Leclerc left a gap, he took it, and then Leclerc tried to take it back as a cry boy.

      4. Dennis Pookie

        Yes of course, lets quit racing and do a train-a-long.

      5. Stavros

        @Primarch Vakarian technically that's exactly what Max did in Austria, so yes according to FIA you CAN do that. Also, lmao he was defending the position not making an overtake.

    57. Claudio Jaramillo

      What's up with the horrendous music ,m

      1. Zerosku

        Maybe FIA tries to avoid youtube copyright algorithm (i dont know why they would do that) by surpressing the original souns with that shit xD No other explanation.

      2. Alex T

        Its the only way to get rid of that annoying Crofty it seems. Must not have access to RAW footage

      3. Jari

        Claudio Jaramillo i like it