Election Day Didn't Go Trump's Way

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    Election day doesn't go Trump's way, the House released another transcript of closed-door testimony from a diplomat to Ukraine confirming quid pro quo, Republicans look to the blow the lid off the whistleblowers identity, and Jimmy interviews the neighbor that beat Senator Rand Paul up a few years back. #FredWillard
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    Election Day Didn't Go Trump's Way

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    1. Brigid Pfenninger

      He came to LA 3 times and Rispone lost!!

    2. Wild Animals Mystic CT

      That stupid Blonde is all F'd up.

    3. Shelbourne King

      That's d epitome of an ass, that woman.

    4. Daniel Ramirez

      So let me get this straight. Theres another case against Trump because he Spoke with the President of Ukraine? The other reason was because Trump holds a money transfer for Ukraine. Which was just given money. I don't know about you but If I give money I have the option of stop giving my money don't you think? In conclusion everything is BS you can see how Democrats are desperate for power. The worst thing is that they make things up and they're not hold accountable for their actions.

    5. Jack Longrodd

      Jimmy Kimmel will never defeat Donald Trump so as long as he remains a soy puppet of the alt-right

    6. nippythefish

      Fred Willard is a goddamn national treasure.

    7. Lawrence Torres


    8. David Hernandez

      Insults wow is that the best you can do

    9. Joker

      Voting should be decided on what IQ you have .

    10. germale federico

      Trump will still WIN the reelection.

    11. ABN Nuzzi Nicholas Clay

      M@g A !!! Mfers

    12. Richard Parker

      Proving once again... theres nothing dumber than a trump supporter.

    13. corrlee

      Jews and Dems they say what we wanna here and then FVCK US IN THE A.. like ery one else! I’m hoping Bernie is an anomaly!?

    14. Marco Mohame

      they sheet on ebribody trum going to be a presiden again like or not american pepple dont owns they contry

    15. Anvil /s/

      Trump 2020

    16. Linda Mazur

      Going after a person's hieght should be beneath you ,Jimmy Kimmel . He is rotten without the height ? joke ?

    17. Jeremy Jeremy

      Get that lady on your show please.

    18. David Brown

      Kimmel wanted Hillary to be president. That's all I'm saying. That's all that needs to be said.

      1. Releveur 2

        A rat for a rat

    19. Tracy Feldstein

      Fred Willard makes everything wonderful!!!

    20. o

      The Whistleblower stated he/she was one of the persons in on that infamous phone call. So, there is no way Rand Paul could have been in on that call. He wouldn't even have be near the White House. STrump republican leaders are liars, and their supporters are gullible.

    21. Noah Vale

      Spokes monster ... LMAO

    22. jaime delgado

      I'm a little late to the party but would like to congratulate you guys for the rand Paul neighbor sketch. Pure gold

    23. Richard Paff

      Jimmy Kimmel has a dark soul! And you can bet.. if all sh%$ breaks lose he would ran to his bunker and hide like the parasite he is..

    24. sean sperber

      Jimmy kimmel can enjoy 5 more years of trump, Trump makes jimmy Kimmel relevant, without Trump Jimmy Kimmel Has absolutely nothing to talk about

    25. Mikey P.

      Presidents come and go every 4 to 8 years. Nothing changes, Congress makes all the decisions and THEY NEVER LEAVE.

    26. Nelson Morales

      Rand, shut up and go back to the Lollypop guild you stupid little dwarf!!! Oz is waiting for you.

    27. Fallout Guy

      Donald Trump is still President of The United States? He's must be doing a great job at it then!

      1. David Whitley

        He's for sure are doing a well job, good president good marican good Orange Orange God. Are orange and savior will destroy the libtards and make this are country again! The left is very brainwashed by the news and they should just trust and listen to trump news and real news for that is wat god would want you too dew

    28. George Blank

      The ending was a classic.

    29. Tricia Myles

      Insult to little people but otherwise hilarious!

    30. Scott Hupke

      Donnie should of stayed away...he's the " kiss of death"

    31. Donna Benson

      Oh my God that woman is so ignorant from Pennsylvania! These are people who should not even be allowed to vote do your children know how ignorant you are? Oh my God and she's probably raising children Jesus Christ

      1. Epstein Nokilla-Selfa

        Seek therapy

    32. cloud lee

      Trump 2020

    33. bobrocktnt

      Like like all of this comedians are just paid workers of lefty party Never in these shows will you ehar anything against Clintons or democrats - wahts the point of the news then anyway?

    34. Mike Jones

      I remember when late night hosts were funny. Congrats libtards. You literally ruin everything. Hope lil Jimmy doesn't start crying again if this hurts his delicate sensibilities.

    35. Deacon Davis

      Rand Paul is a pod person.

    36. pay fone

      DemBots incoming!

    37. Naythen Schrock

      Nice birthday treat.

    38. Brandon Sharp

      Man it's absolutely hilarious how many grown ass people are crying over TRUMP being PRIESDENT but do you noticed how no real AMERICAN that's knowledgeable is crying and bitching fuckin liberals \ snowflakes LMFAO

    39. Peaches

      Who ever told her she looked nice lied to her and she knew it but she didn't care.

    40. theurbanyankee

      It must be something in the water 😂

    41. Peterborough Business

      Where are the whistle blower laws for Wikileaks

    42. Lovie Johnson

      I don't know that to be true either. Priceless! I respect all Americans and their right to vote for whomever they want, however, when they start making excuses...that's where I draw the line. come on

    43. Carol Jo Martin

      Truck Fump and that weasel.

    44. Tokyo Drift

      Trump 2020

    45. The Dark Knight

      If trump is a Moron imagine how stupid his voters are

    46. The Dark Knight

      Trump is a Moron and thats a Moron with a Capital M

    47. Richard warren

      Trump will win in 2020, you lefty turd pushers are history!!

    48. Lee Rogers

      Ignorance loves company 😆

    49. Kathy Burns

      Kelly Ann....????(scratching head)!!!!

    50. Arslan Manzoor

      U are also like Bey one day u love me next day u go

    51. RobinGreene


    52. Maritza Piccarillo

      Bevin lost like a dog!

    53. Bobby Tanino

      "If I catch you in my birdbath again" LOL

    54. debbie541

      the educational system has to be fixed people

    55. C. Bell

      Kelly Ann Conway is such a B!tch

    56. Paul Holland, Jr.

      Fred Willard was hysterical!!!

    57. A. Lerner


    58. Andrea Juneau

      Uhhhh Her eyes were closed and she was slurring. Did she go on that show drunk. Rewatch it because I’m pretty sure she’s intoxicated

    59. Andrea Juneau

      Is that lady drunk

    60. Juan Ramirez

      Is all this dude does is talk crap about trump