Ed Sheeran - I Don't Care (Live At Abbey Road)

Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran

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    Recorded at Abbey Road Studios.
    Directed by Dan Massie for www.els.tv/
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    1. Rosangélica Maya

      Não me canso de ouvir. Adoro!!!

    2. poulami pal

      I wish if I was that microphone

    3. Rakesh Jangid

      Nice ed bro

    4. Mauricio Morais

      Sucesso, muito bom!

    5. Hemlata Tiwari

      Justin Bieber - you did the acoustic version without me! Ed - I don't care.

    6. Nicholas Wigchert

      Wait there’s a “regular” version of this song?🤔 this isn’t the original?

      1. Veronica M

        Ed would have originally written the lyrics more like this as an acoustic type song but not the album version ft JB

    7. Fernanda Cari León

      How can you be sooo perfect?

    8. Pallinax33

      posłuchaj Krzysztofa Zalewskiego

    9. WeeBee Gold and Silver

      So Basically it's a remake of stand by me.

    10. Saurabh Somani

      *WARNING* : This video is a one take shot

      1. Skater Of Nerd

        Its not the video that make this impressive. Its that this cover was made in one go.

    11. Gugu Jr.

      Genius ! 😍😍😍😍😍

    12. Kankam Huxley Emmanuel Jnr

      I wish i could strum a guitar like Sheeran does.

    13. Daniel jennis

      Very nice looping

    14. Lady Daisy


    15. Constantine CMV

      Thank God i saw these...this make my mind feel so calm

    16. アースジェット


    17. Twinkle B

      I like it when you say... I don't care 💖

    18. KeinEstrella

      Damnn so cool!

    19. Daniel The Official Avatar Vlogger

      Nothing but raw talent in this video 😍😍 this man is truly something special.

    20. mylor xd


    21. Giselle Lima


    22. Pachcharin Gm7

      He and he ... All

    23. Tiago Matos

      I just wish I had so much talent!

    24. Pro Evolution Games

      para de procurar um comentario em portugues e vai assistir o clip kkkk

    25. Judith Farringer

      Wow. Another favorite done by this so talented EVER Singer song writer. He’s not like others in that his songs never all sound alike.

    26. Atelaite Ravutuba


    27. tasha joo

      من أروع الأغاني التي حلق بها في سماء إستماعي

    28. Veronica M

      Ed Sheeran - Best Part Of Me (feat. YEBBA) (Live At Abbey Road) nlsel.info/video/video/2HismpBsZsmcyaA.html Ed Sheeran - Beautiful People (Live At Abbey Road) nlsel.info/video/video/o3KpapCkeZSdl4Y.html Ed Sheeran - I Don't Care (Live At Abbey Road) nlsel.info/video/video/2p6dgHihqKZ8tqg.html

    29. Marco Puglisi

      Ridiculous.. It is ridiculous how amazing this guy is! It's ridiculous how Ed can always and always improve his performances and manages to step up every fuc**** time to the untouchable level. Superbo

    30. Asgood asitgets

      Sensational performance

    31. Renzo Landauro

      I Need this one in Spotify

    32. Carilaos Mpasilaris

      Loveee😍😍😍 ed sheeran

    33. kaito


      1. XL Leona

        kaito : I think you can see it at the beginning of the video. Just look at the upper left corner of the loop station (if I got your question correctly).

    34. Rishabh Bhardwaj

      NLsel - where's Beiber??? Sheeran - I don't careeee!!!!

    35. Leticia S.

      My heart can’t take it 😩😭❤️ My sweet Ed. Can’t wait to go to another gig.

    36. Kathy M

      Yo a él lo AMO!! Espero que vuelvas pronto.

    37. AlveraTheGreat

      Tbh I hated his newest album because it was lacking his guitar and his vocals. This reminded me of the good old days

      1. Veronica M

        No.6 Collaborations Project was a fun side project for Ed, and not guitar driven. Ed's next studio album 'Subtract' will be more lo-fi acoustic songs :)

    38. sᴏᴍᴇᴏɴᴇ ɪᴍᴘᴇʀғᴇᴄᴛ

      Director: Ed,do you need autotune? Ed Sheeran: I Don't Care

    39. Veh Tube

      O melhor ♥️

    40. 김윤섭

      ed sheeren lived song is better than normal song

    41. Abhijith T S

      most favourite singer. his songs my situations

    42. jonathan wahyudi

      Damn This is amazing

    43. 松島正二

    44. Sandip Bhattarai

      Ed is so pure

    45. Tanya Moore

      INCREDIBLE RENDITION ED!!! Absolutely Bloody Brilliant!!! Just Love It So Much!!! ❣️🔥👑

    46. Leila Cashin

      This is soooo better than the original

    47. Shradha Malakar

      ED SHEERAN is a band !! A well known band .

      1. Prashant Silwal

        Band and a rapper(singer with a flow) 😂😂

    48. #PlayWithSunour

      the reason why i no longer listen to the song itself :)

    49. Katherine Avendaño

      eres un genio!

    50. Alvin Garma

      I really love this version. Very nice. How i wish i could play the guitar the same way 🎸🎸😍

    51. EZart2015

      I like this version better

    52. Isabelle RIPOLL

      Trop "good" cette chanson !!!! dès que je l'entends j'ai la banane pour toute la journée ...

    53. AKhil Namdev

      This is one of your best!

    54. Francidalva Roque doNascimeno

      Lindo demais 😍

    55. Like Studio


    56. The Boskee

      Ed Sheeran - Thinking Out Loud - Live Concert Jakarta 2019 nlsel.info/video/video/03uDm4Bvg9iq22k.html

    57. annick vernay

      the best

    58. Dulce Castellanos


    59. Gabriele Casamassima

      thank you ed !!

    60. Runit Hanse

      Nice cover but the Original song by Donald Trump is on another level whatsoever.