Dua Lipa - "Don't Start Now" Live | MTV EMA 2019

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    Dua Lipa serves us a gorgeous performance of "Don't Start Now" at the MTV EMA 2019 in Seville! This is the world premiere performance... you seen it here first!
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    Gepubliceerd op 15 dagen geleden


    1. MTV International

      You've all been waiting. Now, here it is! 🔥💎Thoughts on Dua Lipa's performance? 👇

      1. sayonika chakraborty

        Flawless!! Love the song the girl and everything else..

      2. Brandon Walder

        Smoking Hot Kill It!

      3. Jack Jones

        Damn she has matured and looks amazing. If this is what her next concert could be like just booking my tickets now

      4. Nisarg Dalal

        Looking stunning...power packed performance

      5. Tom Senft

        @Emerald absolution : the one in the black bathing suit.

    2. D J

      What a filthy whore.

    3. Francis Fernandez

      Kaibigan ni Senyora 'to for sure.

    4. Jonathan Lopez

      Dua Lipa finding stage presence for 3 minutes and 5 seconds straights

    5. okayajrenne

      she really did do a full 180

    6. BOOSTED Boosted

      This song sounds so..... fresh. Reminds me of why I like txt new rules

    7. analandeira

      Obsessed. She's the new Rihanna for me.

    8. Bohemian Trhapsody

      Go off dua. Go the fuck off. ❤️

    9. Scarlet Monserrat

      Me encanta dua lipa ❤️❤️❤️

    10. Joker Hernandez

      Ella está muy de fuego 😲🔥

    11. Vadim Styles


    12. Selina Richardson

      All the people at the back are all in sync

    13. Bebop Rovina

      Perfection 👌

    14. Ερμής Χο.

      0:36 ♥️

    15. Kayniesha Burton

      This was the best I have ever seen her. She murdered that stage. A new Dua Lipa unveils right before our eyes. That was amazing 💛💛💛

    16. Puday Daku

      Cant help myself rewatching this video

    17. Matteo Zolin

      Best performing at MTV EMAs 😉 !!!

    18. Anne Neo Canero

      I wonder how many times Dua Lipa practiced this. Must be a thousand times! Nevertheless, so proud of you! You did great ans fabulous on this! 😍😘

    19. Mark Rids

      Hm.. DAMN!

    20. Avril Vadillo

      This performance was all about timing and she killed it sooo perfectlyy and she was having so much fun ahhhh

    21. Lorena Perez

      She said “who can’t dance?” I love her so much, there is literally nothing to make fun of her for

    22. Michael Forbes

      Accidental ass claps

    23. Nahuel -

      Más hermosa no puede ser 🥵

    24. Marjun Matos

      I love to see her with so much stage presence. I love her even more. 😍

    25. David Avaa

      Keep coming back to watch this😩😭

    26. BennyCR2

      She doen't need to dance perfectly. She´s a great singer, with a great voice.

    27. Benika Jimo

      Came here from 3nov and hasn't moved from here . Help . I can't get away 😎

    28. BIGBOSS C.

      Amazing Dua 🧡

    29. h d

      She ARRIVED! Her 1st memorable ICONIC performance.

    30. Britt19

      THE NEWEST HEART 💔 BREAK ANTHEM!! Yaaaaasss Dua 🙌

    31. Guan Allen

      Love Dua Lipa!

    32. Bobby


    33. Andrea Longhi

      This is crazy!!

    34. Alexandra Hîncu

      I still do not like her

    35. Nathan Bayart

      I replayed this video x100

    36. K LE

      Love Dua! She’s so pretty. She also kind of looks like Hailee Steinfeld, or Hailee kind of looks like her. Both are pretty!

    37. Mika• Chan•

      1:37 jajaj 😂❤️

    38. Sabrina Maulida L


    39. Ziggy Pop

      She's gorgeous,Albanian beauty

    40. Jeremy Dela Pena Covers

      Can't stop replaying this. It's catchy and the visuals are just... Wow!

    41. ШБ

      Copy Beyonce. Dislike

    42. Ninotzchka Antonio

      I love how clean the choreography is. Dua and the rest of the dancers slayed!!! Can’t stop replaying

    43. Ninotzchka Antonio

      I love how clean the choreography is. Dua and the rest of the dancers slayed!!! Can’t stop replaying

    44. Kashan Ali

      How many dancers do you want? Dua : YES.

    45. Lyanna Martinez

      HER STAGE PRESENCE AND DANCING HAS IMPROVED SO MUCH!!! She may not be the best dancer, but no one can clock her voice or breath control 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

    46. Darshit Trevadia

      This is as good as a music video

    47. hafifah

      How many dancers are there??

    48. Lisa Parker

      Cant wait to see her perform this at NYC NYE Party 2020!

    49. Mr.Qwerty

      Кто из России и любит Dua lipa?



    51. Sarbast El Roman

      When a girl reaches the top of being cute💙💙

    52. Kashan Ali

      The Best performance i have ever seen... ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

    53. Dali Samir Tewfik

      Dancing with high-hills

    54. Jack Jones

      People going in about why she had so many dancers. Because it was freakin awesome thats why..

    55. twinki26

      Absolutely mesmerizing

    56. Nerazuro Nerazuro

      She is so hot

    57. Christian Rivera

      ICON!!!!!!!!!!!!! 👸👸👸👸👸👸❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    58. 鍾博洲

      this stage is fantastic

    59. robin hood


    60. Kya Lazz

      She improved a lot with her stage presence WE STAN ❤️❤️