Demi Lovato - Sorry Not Sorry (Live From The 2017 American Music Awards)

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    1. Clara Stephanie


    2. tasiawful1

      She has such an amazing strong voice wow

    3. @JellyBeansCutie

      Body Goals 😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️

    4. Man'n Gregor Carrière


    5. Farah Khaled


    6. Navegante

      Perfeita e sem defeitos

    7. Madaline Kook

      She is not fat, just her arm is simple strong and has muscles inside, but it's normal for 27 years

    8. Ace Grante

      This was covered by a Filipino Diva

    9. rubyyy

      ngl jungkook do be vibin tho

    10. purple Rain 786

      She oozes kindness... her vibe is so dope

    11. Bruno Estefano

      Revendo em 2020

    12. james angel

      Pretty drag queen 😁

    13. Cookie

      Hey Demi ur beautiful at ur way those who call fat rat ignore them because there the rat and fat we can see fat girls skinny girls like there says bad thing to Demi so fat girls are slits and skinny are losers Demi ur an pretty singer to me or all

    14. gacha Young Savage

      I'm not a hater I love you

    15. Leah

      0:01 lol marshmello chillin in the back makes me laugh

    16. Talkative Toadette

      How dare people call her fat?? She is who she is and she is an amazing singer!

    17. Francisca Tomé

      1:39 ☹️🥺❣️

    18. Mariam Dawi

      Who saw bts and like them like

    19. Matheus Santos

      When she gonna be back? 😭😭😭

    20. Melodys Scary Stories

      I love you

    21. Neto Mendes

      14/01/2020. Brasil aqui disponível...🇧🇷☝😎😍🔊🎧

    22. Uv

      Where's the drop!!!?!

    23. Muskan Afridi

      *idk much but I really love this song it is such a beautiful song by her .. She is such a beautiful woman*

    24. Chris Stone

      She kinda looks like demi moore. She looks nice

    25. Jason Roberts

      If she's fat, people need to get there eyes checked. She is perfect the way she is!

    26. Galaxy Sky

      Ok now who was surprised to see marshmallow welp I wasn't

    27. Toi Lyfe

      Girl bye. She know she cute. Haters gonna hate.

    28. Elisabeth Montgomery

      She is awesome :D

    29. Alek Murillo

      "Sorry not sorry"

    30. Zee Zee

      Why does demi look like Cardi 😆🤷‍♀️

    31. 998 yyy

      Demi talking sound and singing sound are different,singing is much cuter 😍

    32. Janet Wong

      Love this song

    33. Ilhaan Nuur

      Who saw BTS in the background? ARMY

    34. Luiz Henrique

      Espetacular essa mulher.

    35. david taylor

      0:01 is marshmello is seeing the live?

    36. Бурхонов Бурхон


    37. Havana Hernandez

      ex wants me back but I said no he wanted me back but I said no if you love me you'll stay with me

    38. less

      Bts so cute 😂🤍

    39. It’s time for the devil with Midnight

      Did I see BTS!❤️❤️❤️❤️

    40. Jose Adrian Castañeda Ortiz

      so beautiful

    41. JiminStan

      jungkook shoving his face with food 😂😂

    42. Naseem Mawlong

      They just are jealous of her.... come on haters live your life and don't be so harsh on yourself it's not good... well I'm sorry to say this to the haters but you know what I'm not sorry 😂😂😂 we love you demi as how you are❤

    43. Hope Gazey


    44. Sofia del Rosario

      this is random but I love doing cardio to this song

    45. Tara Alhaffar


    46. Cistine Sinaga

      I miss demi😩

    47. Gacha Girl Luna

      I don’t know how she kept a straight face sittin’ in the audience like nothing ever happens here

    48. Janet Wong

      This song is my favorite i can relate

    49. Ailani Colon

      She sos serious @ the beginning

    50. rita barber

      Ahh Michelle Williams tore this song up on Masked Singers.

    51. domi B

      She sounds horrible live

    52. ErrorSmh *-*

      She should’ve bought the people there so they could get a live performance to see how much of a baddie she is amen / periodt sis


      This song makes me stop thinking about my ex who cheated on me.

    54. Queen J’la and serenity J’la

      She only made that song because you guys hate her I like her never disrespect her

    55. Mary H

      She's beautiful - looks like Cher/Demi Moore .

    56. Chayla Jay

      Demi will forever awaken my inner lesbo 💕

    57. Briana Nicole

      i love the intro when she's just sitting there & everybody looks at her because they know shit is about to go down

    58. ItzLopez YaGurlYT

      Jungkook was like Ded OoF lol :P

    59. Eber Mendoza

      When you think you are the sh*t watch beginning

    60. The crazy Fam

      Who else screamed when they saw BTS