Dababy - Suge (Yea Yea) Official Music Video



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    "Baby on Baby" on all streaming platforms
    Dababy - "Suge" (Yea Yea)
    Producer Jetsonmade
    Billion Dollar Baby Production
    Dir. x Reel Goats
    Story by Dababy x Reel Goats
    DP/Editor @ricodidit
    Video Producer Gemini.one1
    Video Producer Iamspicyrico

    Gepubliceerd op 10 maanden geleden


    1. MaThEuS

      Meu amigo colocou essa música no carro e eu jurava que era uma música de funk, quem entende entende

    2. JxsrxJ Btw

      Why he wearing a Muscle suit?

    3. Sume

      When you hear dat hold up just made another one you know its gonna lit.

    4. xonxide ssc

      Like if da baby sucks


      best music vid ever

    6. HanNess

      he looks like franklin from gta 5

    7. Ilike Dmm

      Rap really taking nosedive ls

    8. randy menes2019

      Do you realize that highsky copied you

    9. ジュニアグリズィー

      this was filmed outside my house my mom told me i cant go outside when she looked out the window '

    10. Rodney Maddox

      Layla 😘😍😅

    11. N-WORD PASS

      How many yeah yeah you want? Dababy : YEAH

    12. Weird Kid

      1:01 I lost it

    13. Basieo 92

      Song at 2:46 please?

    14. Evon Osahenokere

      Now i understand why my aliexpres package took so long 🙁

    15. Jasmine Imani Price

      LMFAO, he slapped the SHIT out of him💀😂😂😂 big ol dookie layed up next to him😂😂😂

    16. Kwame Chandler

      I can't even lie that walk at the start was 🔥

    17. Zengaming 36

      Hier ist der deutsche Kommentar 😉

    18. ace no comando

      00:00 jurava que ia começar eu quero ouvir um pancadão kkkkk

    19. DRO G

      2:05 DaBaby buff af

    20. Layla Dickerson


    21. Layla Dickerson


    22. lil hola

      LOL this is mlike the logic to fire someone a then arrest them xD please like :)

    23. kimberly naidoo

      bruh you cant tell me that when you sad this song dont make you smile and turn up

    24. Xoan Man


    25. Salvador Espinoza

      0:20 is an actual representation of how Suge Knight treated Death Row artists

    26. Tia Manye

      'Member I used to cheat off of pretty bitch test All the teachers, they thought I was stupid...."he looked real stupid when he did that dance". I love this guy

    27. Bair

      I will turn a nigga into a convertible

    28. WADO

      Shit makes you bounce lol fire

    29. Supercubix

      No 🧢

    30. TheOneETG

      Joyner fucked your shit boi

    31. Knuckle Game

      We All KNOW that Obama listens to this so Pleeease sthu about it. Sheesh

    32. mgs287

      whats the second song at the end? Or is it the same one just diff sound?

    33. CruzDaBest

      Its been 3 weeks since i commented i still have not gotten my package

    34. Nexus

      2:42 heat

    35. Raheem Williams

      Use the brain on your Head before you lose it I was expecting my daddy To pull up on me

    36. Gaming with Blaze

      Nobody: Da Baby: yeah yeah

    37. 5280z007

      1:01 Doodoo on the seat?? Lol

    38. Kyla Antonides

      Wow I’m dumb I didn’t even realize dababy was this popular!! His songs are at a lot of house party’s and clubs and shit!! Haha 🤙🤙🤙😍😍😍

    39. 2pac

      1:03 4th graders when they pick up 2 chairs at once

    40. Claudia Diaz

      High sky copied this song in his did track for tfue

    41. Cool_Trick55 ali


    42. Hanafi Azmi

      1:23 all the employees were getting paid just for following Dababy's dance and this shit was borin'

    43. Robert Colbert

      Nobody: DaBaby: Y E A. Y E A

    44. sad saddle05

      Obama was here

    45. Vanitas V


    46. Nolen Peranton

      Simple but 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    47. Davarion washington

      dababy come to chicgo so u can knock my daddy out or send me a gun

    48. DiosEnprender Camino

      This song makes me wana smack a fake friend

    49. TazIsDark

      Can someone explain my Indian ass TF is suge

    50. Thigo Claros

      Da Baby lit

    51. Jatin Paul

      why are you copying the dude the song f*uck you

    52. Jatin Paul

      the baby why are you copying hi Skies so

    53. Ayanna Cole

      So no one gonna talk about 2:49

    54. Choices of the Biz

      Regarding the baby's video of him pushing hotel worker: The baby cannot control himself. Don't ask for a pic, because 2 people got beat up for merely aking for a pic! Look it up! SIMPLE BATTERY HERE!!!!! dababy NEEDS HIS DIAPER CHANGED!!!!!LOLOLOL baby CANNOT even touch someone merely because a person is filming. what an idiot. Then people support violent behavior because they don't get their way. Wa-wa little baby!!! The guy did nothing wrong!!! He could actually successfully sue the little baby for BATTERY!!! Can't have himself in public he should not be doing that career. This is enough video footage to get a charge. What a baby!!!

    55. a u r e l i a !

      Dababy is the type that would put pancakr mix in the microwave.

    56. Thanos

      Ups when you say that your package is fragile

    57. Galaxy GamerXXZ

      Yeah bitches

    58. Tello Valadez

      Dababy hit 3mil

    59. Geraldine Wood

      I love your cologne dababy u just gotta deal with me in the morning 😆💯💞😍🤦🏽‍♀️😆😂