‪DaBaby “Like A Laker” Feat. NBA YOUNGBOY (Official Music Video) ‬


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    ‪DaBaby “Like A Laker” (Official Music Video) ‬ ‪nba youngboy - Bring 'Em Out (Official Video)‬

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    1. SWILLZ

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      2. Rell BANG

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    2. That one Gamer

      Umm... Did NBA mic brake or something

    3. Keanna R Linder

      I love baby but anyone notice how buddy idolizes white/light skin women....wtf is up with that? Where's the love for dark skin women...literally watch any video he puts out, I'm not l lyin😷

    4. Taydoee Reeper

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    5. Silver Alvarado

      Where is NBA

    6. Michael Pommerening

      This shit go hard

    7. Hocho Coca

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    8. Jacolby Morris

      Dababy should release this

    9. Mimi OnOne

      You ungrateful mf need to be more grateful..frfr..

    10. Luis omega

      Correction* Like a Celtic ☝🏼

    11. lukas

      i keep thinking this worldstar cuh 🤣

    12. KyloEnt


    13. dylan donelson

      DaBaby doesn't let any beat breath. 🔥🔥

    14. Edwin Rodriguez

      Hahahah dummmie says doesn't have a safety🤭🖕

    15. Dillon Geiger

      Crazy how this song how more views than the actual video lol

    16. Nahir Jones

      Were youngboy??????

    17. mark&mac btu


    18. mark&mac btu

      He likes all comments

    19. XuSean Williams

      Dababy got hair on his head!!

    20. John Pecorari

      Put this on SoundCloud

    21. Rio

      da baby with another banget

    22. Trip333s

      Y’all really think this song new??? 😂😂

    23. Showtime Mxlean

      Not s real song.. Not even the baby

    24. Marc Chapman

      For all the new fans this the old dababy when he was baby jesus

    25. Hunter Gretzinger

      Pretty sure this aint even dababy and fake as hell, and only clicked this for youngboy and wasnt even in it so this lame af

    26. Almighty Black'Man

      No youngboy? AUTOMATIC DISLIKE

    27. Gore Mac

      Wtf did you put NBA young boys name people would watch this crap 👎

    28. Ejan Dowell

      Young boy snapped no cappp (sike niggaaa)

    29. Tyriece Stewart

      Where TF I yb

    30. franklin healey

      That isnt dababy's flow like to agree

    31. Mohammad Sulaiman

      My favorite part was when Youngboy came in

    32. Jay banks

      Clicc bait😑

    33. Pheo Smith

      Wtf were NBA

    34. nba youngboy

      Wth where my nugga nba young boy

    35. Mason Carter

      Don’t put feat youngboy if he ain in the video fuckin dummy😂😂

    36. Aj bucket 26

      This nigga clickbaited the shit out of us 🤦‍♂️

    37. NokingimaGod Undastan

      Get off da name Nigga...U wish

    38. Torenzo

      Youngboy at 1:57

    39. Derek West

      Interesting... They should of turned nba voice up it was really quiet

    40. NC Savage

      Swillz you a bitch boi.. stop the cap 🧢

    41. youngbliffordclothing youngbliffordclothing

      🐕 @youngbliffordclothing

    42. treyz CLIPZZ

      Where yb at? 😂😂😂

    43. Evann Jefferson

      Baby is trash ion get why yall fw he a flow stealer

      1. Terrance Thomas

        Welp that explains everything you listen to lyricist or people who rap about what they been through or a hard time that happened in they life it explains why you don’t vibe with Dababy not because he can’t rap but because he doesn’t rap about stuff that you would want to listen to

      2. Evann Jefferson

        @Terrance Thomas Dave east, meek mill, nipsey hussle, Kevin gates, E40, Chinx, fabolous, roddy rich, NBA, k camp, YG, Pac, dr dre, The game, ace hood, dame dolla, jay critch, Blake, wiz khalifa, Chris brown,

      3. Evann Jefferson

        @Terrance Thomas dave east ,meek mill, nipsey hussle, roddy rich, fabolous, Chinx, Kid ink, The game, K camp, Blake, Dre, Pac,

      4. Terrance Thomas

        Evann Jefferson Who you listen to

      5. Evann Jefferson

        Kuz you kids like trash music IG i dnt know i hate his music i hate all those babys lil baby dababy futures young thugs, juice, uzi, pump, idk all these young new artist are trash except roddy rich and NBA

    44. Homer Simpson

      erybody report for misleadin sinse this piece of shit wan use yb name for clout. i wouldve never clicced on this bs

    45. Kirk French

      That's all u want is sex

    46. Curlie Spencer

      Like how they use yb name for click bait 💀👎🏾

    47. Johnny Buckley


    48. Myles Wright

      Were is NBA youngboy

    49. Donnie Durham

      Where's young boy?? Only reason i watched wast of time

    50. Henry Wigfall

      When you finally realize NBA young boy not in the song nor video 🤯

    51. kJ da yungin

      This is the old baby 👇🏾like if right

    52. Taydoee Reeper

      I should have knew this

    53. tonyreactions channel

      Tf yb at

    54. DloyaltyTv

      Where youngboy

    55. Nigeria Crowder

      Where young boy 👀🤣😂

      1. Torenzo

        At 1:57 and above

      2. Torenzo

        Nigeria Crowder he was saying yea yea

    56. Alonzo Dixon

      Yb isn’t in this


      Am I the only one that didn’t see NBA Youngboy no where in the video ?

    58. TFK ZAE

      Where is yb

    59. ipoisonous gunz

      Were was nba youngboy

    60. Alister Rogers

      Lol we’re was nba young boy but it snaps