DaBaby - BOP (Live From Saturday Night Live/2019)



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    Dababy - Bop (Live on SNL)
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    1. civick2052287livecom

      Too trashy, Stay classy SNL...

    2. Patrick Paulo

      This is my favorite thing on the internet.

    3. JayLa Inc

      Here is Da Baby Hip Hop dance Video nlsel.info/video/video/t4aieZasot2QtKg.html

    4. Ryan

      yo fire the audio guy

    5. Kay Kay

      2020 Anyone?

    6. Terrance Pinkney

      Aiiight as an official "Old head" I'm partial to lyrics, content, production, blah blah blah whatever lol but this was actually pretty DOPE! I watched this last night and really liked it! What was the name of other song he performed???

    7. Savageboy Gaming

      He really threw his phone

    8. Savageboy Gaming

      No cursing but they have a twerkin girl really

    9. Savageboy Gaming

      It sounds so different

    10. Pika Holyshit

      Finally we can see the face of the girl that twerk @?

    11. Artofakind

      Change playback speed to 1.75x and watch without audio 😂😂😂😭😭😭

    12. Twanndolynne Towns

      How can he have a girl twerk but can’t cuss 🤔🤔🤔

    13. William A

      why doesnt the black community stand up against this trash...what a shame and disgrace..take your crap some place else !!

    14. William A

      HE is a gross disgrace and shame to his culture...black people....society and our country...very sad !!!

    15. William A

      this is not in any way talent...but simply gross disgusting behavior and shows the downfall of our society with this crap !!!

    16. Michael Pawlowski

      This is so sad. He's got no energy in it. Shit's fake.

    17. The Bagging and Boarding Bad Boy

      Excellent performance 👏👏

    18. John S

      White girl can get it

    19. LA GUERA

      Who are the guys in the masks? Are they a team?

    20. Reo Lee

      I'm old school 💯💞and I'm not into the new school yet! BUTT This performance was lit! Good job DaBaby😆 💖IT!

    21. Faithy JaeShockly

      He back on

    22. Faithy JaeShockly

      Good kitty

    23. Faithy JaeShockly


    24. Faithy JaeShockly

      I just sall this

    25. UruKaDoo Edwards


    26. UruKaDoo Edwards

      Sooooo NASTY!!!

    27. Exclusive Gaming

      is it just me or those masked dudes have 1000$ shoes each like tf

    28. BallerShot1 YT

      “My girl got good kitty!” -DaBaby

    29. Chris Vega

      He’s singing so bad

    30. Patricia Wells


    31. WeirdAssassin

      my girl got good kitty

    32. Jag Man Jag


    33. bruhlan

      When the Jabbawockeez hopped on the entire stage got lit

    34. iwiwjdie keodjur

      My girl got good kitty

    35. skorpia g

      The jabbawockeez at the end had me 🙌✊👏👏👏👏👏 nice to see "flipcheeks" going hard in those leggings🤪🔥🔥

    36. CutieBigBooty

      Did DaBaby copyright strike SNL's NLsel channel? I swear this was originally on SNL's channel and now that video is deleted and it's here

    37. Jonathan L

      Funny how you can’t curse yet some girl is twerking lmao

    38. knuckle life

      i like the song but he was so tired so his dancing just got so sloppy

    39. MoneyBagg Madi


    40. PLG Claw

      SNL is dumb as fuck change my mind

    41. Staci Young

      Twerking chic is amazing!!!!!!!! Love it!

    42. GeniusLoci1970

      dope. DaBaby rule!

    43. Justine Whitaker

      That white girl though!!

    44. Terrestrial Alien

      Free Beats nlsel.info/video/video/r4uFdpNkqahtlbA.html

    45. E Canto

      He looks like he’s enjoying himself lol

    46. You Know Ace

      1:09 that must hurt

    47. Poopski McJetski

      Do people actually enjoy this music? 😅

      1. Poopski McJetski

        @The Variety Channel of youtube You can be a good performer but a wack wordsmith. I appreciate the new generation for what they are but I come from a time where if you didn't stand out from the crowd then you're wack. I'm not one of those old heads to hate on the new generation because it's different I just believe in poetic value.

      2. The Variety Channel of youtube

        No but the performance was amazing, you have to agree with that.

    48. I’m not gay but

      Honestly the DJ needs to shut up

    49. Le Vilain Petit Canard

      2:17 DaBaby just comes to see Jabbawockeez 😌

    50. big tri cruel

      same day as juice wrld passed

    51. Syephanie Harris


    52. Ms Starks

      Wow! So cool he bought the crew from the video. Everybody did good!

    53. GamingWithBeanDip

      Its been 10/15 years plus since I first saw the jabbawockeez, and they are still amazing

      1. GamingWithBeanDip

        @skorpia g Might have to go check them out!

      2. skorpia g

        They have a 🔥youtube account. I subbed to them


      God is Great

    55. Ahmed Hany

      He's dababy not the baby!

    56. Shadow

      Producer How do you want to start Dababy Oooooooooooooooooooooooooo

    57. Rosie M

      I’m just happy the white girl in pink wasn’t here❤️

      1. Ricky

        Rosie M omm

    58. Whitney Hog

      I love it real creating jobs on his grind

    59. Dario Hall

      Impressive!!! That's fucking fire!!!!!!

    60. kutay

      '' My girl got a good kittie''