DaBaby - BOP on Broadway (Hip Hop Musical)


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    BOP on Broadway
    DaBaby - BOP
    Produced by Jetsonmade
    Video Produced by Reel Goats
    Dir x Reel Goats
    Edited by Reel Goats
    Shoutout every single dancer that came out to be great.Shout Cherry and Danileigh for the Choreography.
    Much love to Paramount for letting us run wild on their studio lot.
    Kirk Album Out Now. The Kirk Tour starts this weekend if you ain't got your tickets, go get them you bitch ass niggas.

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    1. Ty Parker

      does anyone know where i can get the pants dababy has?

    2. L B

      Saw him for the 1st time on SNL as musical guest a few weeks ago and I love him!!!

    3. raised_616

      Needa figure out who that girl in pink is 😂👀

    4. Zay McClaine

      Give that white girl her credit she throwing that ass everywhere

    5. Seann Fordt

      He is trash

    6. Maribel Gonzalez

      Big dick energy right here😍😍

    7. No Videos

      2:47 I didn’t know Aladdin made the cut

    8. LiL WHY


    9. R'mon Rowley

      Our birthday is on the same day next Saturday

    10. Rodney Miller

      The dance the Jabbawokees do at the end of this is straight fire.

    11. Azam Beharry

      SEAN LOVE LOL 🇺🇸🇵🇰🥶🦂♥️🙃♿️🤑💭🗯🆕♣️🔻💱🎶⚪️💲🔴♠️♦️🔺💬⚫️🔸🔶🆖🇺🇸🇵🇰🥶🦂♥️♿️🙃🤑

    12. miz fitry

      Jabawaki right??

    13. deadpoole plays

      2:50 go hard

    14. AlissaMerksツ

      ima tell my kids this was shrek the musical

    15. Dashawn Glover

      How much money he get for this

    16. RoOmZi FR


    17. RoOmZi FR

      jolie fessier

    18. WellDeservedVacation.com

      I like the guy in the Penguin costume in the back at 2:08 the best! He has the most swag.

    19. Lizz Ibarra

      Did yall see the ghetto white trying to fit in at the end lol

    20. Plex

      A carbon copy of Party Rockin music video.

    21. The Real deal

      Who real fans of da babby like are dislike.

    22. NONCENTZ100

      What I like most about this video is how accurate the traffic jam is I fucken hate the traffic here in Charlotte motherfukers can't drive

    23. Leo Pierre

      future kingz okkk

    24. atsel emmanuel Niansoi

      best clip ever

    25. Alexander Jenkins

      been trying to find those pants online for hours. any help? i already know they're 92-93 hornets gear but still can't find them

    26. noiretbeau

      Repeat about 1 hundred times on guys in grey, gotta learn this ish!!!! That's just smooth..

    27. Dee Wh

      I like the two fist beat on the lap part!

    28. Mauricio Siliezar

      Investigating that booty like its a crime scene

    29. G Razar

      Bop on broadway pt2

    30. Lovely laii

      Bro I just watched the future kings video on this

    31. Caustic shadows

      GTA who

    32. Doc Nasty11

      Outstanding 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💯💯💯💯🙋🏾‍♂️

    33. Korruptz

      2:36 when your family is playing music at your house and you and your identical twins join in

    34. Linni Mcbride

      Dis my fav song this completely is 2020

    35. Jake Diaz

      %100 sure there were Asians behind those white masks. Look at the unmasked Asian guy on the far left when they come out. His Asian pride face says it all.

    36. ii am juss livy

      idk about y’all but the girl in the blue jumpsuit doing too much

    37. Marvin Jones

      Da baby stay talkin bout dis boat

    38. Rajit Giri

      The music sucks and I can do a fronthandspring and a back handspring and a back bend

    39. T E

      nlsel.info/video/video/1ZlshYmGpLSckm0.html check it out 🔥🙏🏾

    40. Jermain Lopez