DaBaby - Baby Sitter ft. OFFSET (Official Music Video)



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    DaBaby - Baby Sitter feat Offset (Official Music video)
    Billion Dollar Baby Productions
    Dir x Reel Goats
    Director of Photography/Editor @ricodidit
    @reelgoats @iamspicyrico
    DaBaby - Baby Sitter ft. OFFSET
    Listen: smarturl.it/Babyonbaby
    Apple Music: smarturl.it/Babyonbaby/applemusic
    Spotify: smarturl.it/Babyonbaby/spotify
    iTunes: smarturl.it/Babyonbaby/itunes
    #DaBaby #BabyOnBaby #babysitter
    Baby on Baby Album out on all stream platforms!!!

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    1. hoodcliipz


    2. Raheem Williams

      You throw them bitch's see Fuck them make them tired And throw the ball away And you good play one-on=one

    3. CODBlackOpsKing


    4. Malaysia Butler

      That man look like the bible

    5. Sean Elitz

      “I’m the type of baby thats gonna fuck the babysitter.” That hits hard after you listen to Bop.

    6. Random

      what's the girl's @ on instagram

    7. xXMarcelo Xx

      Olokinho meu

    8. Ghostgamingent

      Bro that cars jacket is dope asf

    9. Владимир Зайцев

      Почему Шнуров учит DaBaby как жить?

    10. Xav Laf

      Best music from dababy💯💯

    11. Aphriana Shirer

      The dad got crossed by dababy

    12. Kidd Z

      Alguien escuchando esta joya de Hispana?

    13. Amirul Daniel

      where's my 'oh lord jetson made another one' :((

    14. Omarion Waller

      Fuck you girl bitch

    15. Jose Boi

      1:07 bruh dis nigga breathe stink o he'll nah

    16. Pineapple Gang

      Damm what’s the baby sitters ig I’m trying to hit that😏😏😏

    17. Big Sleep

      DA BABY 💪🏾🔥🔥🔥🔥🎶👀✊🏾

    18. Andy Santana

      1:24 when u can’t buy a real gun

    19. Björn Koivisto

      An example of how biased hypebeasts are would be that if that lightning McQueen jacket was moncler or supreme They would’ve buyed it and say it was fire

    20. DARK ASSASSINS 1965

      *Dababy that type of guy who would babysit the babysitter*

    21. cjm775

      instagram girls

    22. X Crane

      *Ramen Noodles on offsets head*

    23. Noham M________X

      The last person to like this will most likely be a millionaire

    24. Amaya Rickert

      I stg that girl looks like ava Max

    25. danny deon


    26. Destiny Jackson

      This one is so funny but the man and dababy is tge one is so funny for real

    27. santos unien so saucy


    28. DeJuan Battle

      Love this dude videos all he be doing is having fun... The way its supposed to be!!! Rock out bro!! Live laugh and love .. but most of all invest cuz it dont last forever... N keep ya eyes open for the snakes cuz dey in da grass somewhere lurkin waiting to try to snap...

    29. jaco alfo

      splendo non faccio bling bling, è una roba diversa 🔥

    30. Loïc Biogame


    31. Ricky Rasmussen

      Somebody in 2020

    32. dip wheat

      The goats

    33. Johnny Doesn't sin

      For the white boys

    34. Billy Wakwabi

      Lol...the babysitter

    35. KAINOS TV

      The baby sitter is beautiful, even if I was a year old, I'll still find my way to f***k

    36. KINGCASH

      This song catchy asf

    37. Anthony Sanchez


    38. Butch Harlmon

      The baby kind of sounds like juvenile on this track

    39. S0DT 0

      Iggy Azalea-Kream?

    40. ᏇᎡn Ꭳf ᏩrrᎢᎣrᏍ

      I love dababy tbh! This music video made the song make sense again 😂😂

    41. lil amet

      what's her @

      1. Darth Maul

        lil amet Instagram:imjamiestone

    42. Ray Panther

      1:43 min reptile eye


      Who's that girl in video

    44. Kafedeki Heykel

      minecraft villager at 5:04

    45. Bright Light.

      Do a song w Amine plsss

    46. GachaChill

      Me and the boys: broke Also me and the boys:

    47. Ettorre *GG*

      Oh majgod

    48. Elliot Young

      Damn Ivanka Trumps the babysitter lol 😂😂😂😂😂

    49. Massi theCreator

      What’s the babysitters insta

    50. EmpireVision

      You pull out of 40 I Have an angel with me and a 45

    51. Azad Kaneki

      Dababy = Russell Westbrook Haha who think so?

      1. Darth Maul

        Azad Kaneki holy fuck

    52. Magnificent Long

      Dumb *zzz music

    53. Kenzie Robert

      did anyone els not see dababy shoes during the basketball sence those shoes wasn't out yet

    54. Toxic Killer

      I would have smashed while she was asleep

    55. sand blaster1

      Da baby bodied with just the hook lol his verse was fire as well

    56. Tete James


    57. Pure Gaming Syco

      0:00 something isn’t right

    58. Matsu

      Look on the window at 0:56 ✌️

    59. Nathan Erasmus

      Monopoly money xD