Celebs react to Mac Miller's death (Ariana Grande, J Cole, ninja, offset and more)

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    celebs react to mac millers death
    reaction towards mac millers death

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    1. Hunter L Jordan

      Mac Miller died at 27! *Juice World: HOLD MY PILLS!*

    2. Star News

      Call Isaiah a bunch of posers Jason cloud like they gave a shit. Celebs are straight vultures y’all! Fuck em’ rip Mac

    3. GC WREN

      Damn I just now learned this so sad R.I.P Mac Miller

    4. Bee Bernal

      Its sad because he died the day after my birthday 😢

      1. Penny Wise

        He died on my brother's birthday

    5. Josie D.

      Lil xan isn't far behind . He's all tore back lol

    6. Rids2k6

      Degenerate, click bating for views on Macs death. Honestly, is disgusting, what's wrong with you....

    7. Tha Got


    8. Linden Rose

      Lil xan gonna be dang next.

    9. daniel mendoza


      1. Robert Pantaleon

        Aka best day ever mac miller

      2. Robert Pantaleon

        Best day ever

    10. Exile YT

      to you of there legends dont ever forget we will guide ur soul and ur body to freedom and may the gods bless you all.

    11. DARA7W

      Celebs *NINJA BLEVINS*

    12. Sapphire the darling

      Rest in peace(R.I.P) Mac Miller 1993-2018 I'm crying

    13. Matthew O’Riordan

      Lil Xan is a friggin clown for real

    14. \_bmxlover_ /

      Ninja: finds out that mac died Also ninja: opens a chest and breaks those fucking cactuses and asks How he died without any emotion.. He is fucked up lil kid obsessed by fortnite

    15. peepshawty 616

      Lil peep was his favorite rapper then mac Miller now i see

    16. Jake Hart

      This shit still hurts. Mac was who got me into rap back in 09 or so when I was a freshman.

    17. T O K Y O LIFE

      Juice world died over an overdose to

    18. Pwn Stars World Wide

      I had a dream where I bumped into Mac at my local Mall, I had what felt like a 4 hour conversation with him, Ive been going through some heavy shit lately, then at the end, when he went to stand up and walk away, I begged him not to leave, he embraced me in a hug, and told me he aint really gone... he's always gonna be round with the music and message he spoke in his verse's... Im a grown ass man and I woke up in tears. Really miss you Mac. ♥

    19. 8LIEN

      Mac Miller died but not his good soul, Rest In Peace Legends like Mac Miller are carried by God 😔

    20. Eugene Mcneal

      Rip Mac miller

    21. Fonzies

      first reaction is pure trash I cant even

    22. Caleb Rayner

      I hope jaden smith recorded some stuff wit Mac Miller

    23. E.F VEVO

      Why the fuck would u put ninja into this???? He doesn’t give a shit. All he said was drugs bad

    24. Edwin E

      Most of these guys are bums all they do is get on drugs lmfao

    25. ŠLVV

      Lil Xan needa croak bro, he’s so fucking wack. Nothing but negative energy for young people RIP Mac

    26. The Epic Doge

      Lil xan be like, rst in pice mc milr man

    27. Jonathan Umlas

      I checked him he’s still not dead fake

    28. Robert Anonim

      fuck you for a clickbite

    29. - Lexusler -

      Bro you really had to Monetize this video 😐

    30. Bottlekap

      *looks at thumbnail* *watches video* *gets to the end and realizes 2 out of the 3 people on the thumbnail aren't even remotely in the video* I know this is from 2018, and you still only have 614 subs as of 2020... but I'm still going to say it. It's already a pretty scummy thing to try farming subs off a dead artist, but it takes a special level of scum to not only do that, but also try to borderline clickbait with a thumbnail like that.

    31. VESA 23

      0:38 that is older

      1. LunarKatanaMC *duh*

        VESA 23 thats her reaction to the shooting at her concert

    32. Wales

      Oh man Earl must’ve been so heartbroken

    33. Riley

      Forgot ninjas a celeb

    34. Caralea Strayer

      Aww That is Sad. Especially Lol Xan!!

    35. CLOTIC_KAM

      Lil xans tried to make himself cry

    36. Bradley Foster

      Who are these fuxkheads disliking everything

      1. swade !


    37. Sebastian Mireles

      Food is a drug

    38. kevin andersen

      Yall added ninja to this fucking disrespectful assholes

    39. ENCOURAGE Case

      Only Jesus can set u Free

    40. tarik

      Oh shit, old fortnite

    41. Burritow Gaming

      Who here after trump died??

    42. Syrix

      Wat is the 27 club?

      1. Casie Allen

        Many artists, Hendrix Janis Joplin Kurt Cobain Jim Morrison Amy Winehouse, all died at age 27 hence the name "27 club" he almost made it 💔

    43. Donavin Burns

      2:49 bruh where’s this niggas shirt at?

    44. CrazyLR Gaming


      1. CrazyLR Gaming

        @Willy Boi your right srry man

      2. Willy Boi

        How tf u forget nipsey

    45. Jay Nicholds

      im so sad now

    46. Azizz King

      Rip xxx , juice wrld , Mac miller and Cameron boyce 🤲😞

      1. lukky 0333

        And elvis

      2. Giangelo Animationz

        And Micheal Jackson ❤️

      3. koly

        And Chester💔

      4. Rodrigo Andrade

        and peep

      5. Azizz King

        And avicii

    47. SkinnyFlea4730

      Why Ariana crying it’s her stupid ass fault

    48. Bryan Ferry

      It’s that rat slut Ariana Grande’s fault he got back on drugs.

    49. Chicken

      Damn it’s a shame. X’s celebrity reaction thingy was 30 minutes and this is 5. He’s so very underrated and no one cared when it’d been a year since he died. A real shame because he’s an amazing artist and one of a kind. Can’t find anyone like this

      1. Fanatic Creator

        I do

    50. TheRedPerson

      Fortnite lol

    51. hypnocil10

      fuck him , scumbag

      1. XXXtentacls

        Stfu stupid bicth get out of here

    52. Brandon Torres

      Whos hear after JUICE WRLD???

      1. Hunter L Jordan

        Brandon, are you on drugs?

      2. CAn i GEt a PePSi


    53. lan Strang

      Why does lil Xan care for Mac? What about Tupac you racist white mumble rapper..

    54. Oscar Godoy

      who here after juice died :( I STILL SEE UR SONG IN MY PLAYLIST

      1. Lachlan Henderson

        Oscar Godoy no he didn’t she was dating Pete Davidson when he died

      2. avocado sandwiches

        I still see ur song in my playlist, can take that youre dead yes i hate. Its to the point that i cry every time that, i hear your song i mean why r u gone now...

      3. Oscar Godoy

        @KayKay Lit mac yes he did

      4. KayKay Lit

        Did he died while still being with Ariana?

      5. YourClassicWeedChannel 420

        R.I.P. too both

    55. popo but head 123 gay

      RIP mac x and juice

    56. dailydoseofketamemes

      It looked like Offset didn't even know who Mac was

      1. dailydoseofketamemes

        @BodgyHeats666 doesn't mean shit

      2. BodgyHeats666

        They gotta song together called jabroni

      3. Aiden Walton

        Exactly he was just frickin seeing if he looked good. How disrespectful🙄

    57. Thomas

      Nobody listen to Lil Xan. He’s glorifying drug use that killed Mac Miller. And he’s high as fuck in his video drying about Mac for attention. Fuck Lil Xan. Stop buying his trash music you dumb fucks.

    58. Joe Leblanc

      I wish someone had Narcan so someone could’ve saved his life Rest in paradise mac Miller stay lifted in heaven see you one day

    59. Tina Martinez

      Man this is so sad rip mac mac miller

    60. DINOLOVER6717

      J Cole seem like a solid dude; he’s right, please get help. In the game or out, doesn’t matter. Mac shouldn’t be dead rn man...

      1. JasonEx

        J. Cole is one of the realest. If he said that he meant it, and I have mad respect for him. I am an old hip-hop head though, but nobody deserves to die this way, and everybody deserves help.

      2. swade !

        j cole is a real one ❤.