Camila Cabello ft. DaBaby: My Oh My

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    Music guest Camila Cabello performs "My Oh My" with DaBaby for the Tonight Show audience.
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    Camila Cabello ft. DaBaby: My Oh My

    Gepubliceerd op Maand geleden


    1. Digi

      1:34 WOW those two girls stole the show at this part

    2. Leila Chavarria

      Why is her voise like that?

    3. Isadora Amorim


    4. Melanie Hernandez

      This look is really a Halloween vibe

    5. Maria Acosta

      I love your song senorita I also hear senorita

    6. Connor

      DaBaby: Nothing personal, I just do business and money Shawn Mendes: WHy U G0ttE DO D1S T0 mE?

    7. Olivia k Yeet

      No one's talking about the girl on the right in the Beginning just follow her the whole Time I love her dancing

    8. Naiyeli T

      They all killed it especially dababy and the men in the back😃😁

    9. m a c a c o u w u

      She sings so bad without outone 😟🤔

      1. Ne llie

        m a c a c o u w u you need new ears then boo

    10. Mayra Piedra

      I want to see the baby 👶🏻 I

    11. Kayra Vuurens

      Can somebody tell me where I can find those boots! :)

    12. Jeff Warshauer

      This makes me want to sneak into my own house at midnight

    13. chocolate :3

      Ariana grande be quaking

    14. Hannah Zimmerman

      Cardi: I am the rapper queen Nikki: ma’am don’t even I am better Camilla: *hold my Shawn mendes*

    15. Brenda Leos

      Comes alive at midnight Dracula and all he here for is 🍅 🖍blood

    16. Choybut Infante

      2:38 that was good sound

    17. Cinnabon

      0:58 Not with those dance moves u ain't-

    18. Light_ Rahul_india

      She's only here for one thing..... To set fire

    19. Abul hasan

      It reminds me charli 😍😍

    20. Baby

      Wonder how Shawn Mendes feels about this

    21. Sir Duck II

      2:12 Hehe, Redditors will understand...

    22. jay jay

      I feel like this choreos are sexist

    23. XxFridayFriesFredxX RBLX

      This song should be in the next Monster High Movie.

    24. Rain Scalleia

      this is my fave Camila’s performance there’s just something about it ❤️

    25. Nightcorez. EXE

      This Song: E X I S T S The Law:wAiT tHaT's iLLegal

    26. XEveGacha WolfX

      Man... Those skirts are too short damn

    27. Ines Rienaß

      “Me playing fortnite at 4 am thinking my mum is asleep” “My mom coming in my room” Me: MY OHHHHH MYYY

      1. Ines Rienaß

        Katharina Boger I love you ❤️ ❤️❤️

    28. Its_ Sweet Suki

      Damn, the intro tho

    29. Insyirah batriysa Reza

      Camilla cabello voice is broken

    30. Debbie Tobias-Paul

      Of course dababy had to be wearing Gucci

    31. Samaori Warrior

      Dababy should be in the actual song

    32. R.K .H

      Their outfits reminds me of highschool bullies in movies ir probably in real life

    33. is yøgurł gurl


    34. Harper Friedman

      Yea a little bit older



    36. Sophia Rodriguez

      Good. Job. I. Love. You. Camila

    37. Mckenna Sosnowski

      just asking. where is the epilepsy warning? 😂

    38. Lauren Petersen

      Al I have to say is that Camila did good but DaBaby doesn't even need autotune

    39. luisgamercool 203

      The dancing is close to Anaconda

    40. Gema Snicket

      If only the heathers did this...

    41. Gacha_ A

      Low key when she said "Black leather jacket" my mind went from "Normal" to "sHAWN😱😱😱😱😱😱" Shawn did it😆😆😆😆

    42. Gilberta Hernandez

      Cabela's my favorite singer.

    43. Xxdiggy_gachaUvUxX UwU

      She cheatin'

    44. Xxdiggy_gachaUvUxX UwU

      Arent camila with shawn????

    45. Asthetixx Pįãnppłę

      Can I please get those uniforms cause I would be rocking it if I went to a uniform school

    46. WN F.


    47. SHLEE VANG

      Camila:He Comes Alive At Midnight (my oh my). shes talking about dracula obliviously cuz he alive at midnight and she loves dracula

    48. Madeleine Dicochea

      Nobody going to talk about how at the beginning they laugh then dance and lift their skirt up?😅😅😅😅😅 👇🏻who with me?😅

    49. tabetha black

      I love this song

    50. Heidy Osorio

      She dont use aututone is great

    51. Gustavo


    52. Lindsey Brown

      Wow this is good her voice is good to

    53. Dalia Abdul

      Her voice is trash but in the music video her voice was amazing

    54. Daniele Alves

      Brasileiros? 🇧🇷

    55. Jalichka draw

      1:25 what do girls do?😅

    56. Keila Burgos

      Latinas por aqui XD

    57. Linda Hardy

      Camila face in the thumbnail looks like a face Liza koshy be making when she be acting goofy

    58. prar e

      Dk why this reminds me of Ariana Grande

    59. m o o n i e

      The crowd sounded a bit dead not gonna lie.

    60. GachaWolfXoX :3

      Those outfits on point alright♥ Those dancers are lucky to dance with Camilla♥ She sounds the same as the real video♥