Billie Eilish - all the good girls go to hell (Live From The American Music Awards/2019)

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    Listen to “everything i wanted”:

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    1. luckshas melodies

      2:00 is that camila and shawn mendes

    2. Abdul Ahad Sohel

      do you see camila and shawn? anyone

    3. Lera Kipari

      I love you Billi

    4. Keith Lee

      This does not sound good live. Love the songs just not the preformance.

    5. Константин Евгеньевич

      Курит, наверно) Как начинает двигаться петь вовсе не может, задыхается

    6. Cory Day W

      Billie is an incredible artist but her fashion sense is god awful...

    7. G. Spencer Travers

      If all good girls go to hell, then where do bad girls go? And is it the will of your god to send each the other to either place?

    8. Seven TV

      *_Kd os BRs !???_* ;-;

    9. él gato Slipknot

      Billie elish + en vivo = autotun

    10. Diogenes Acevedo

      jaja eres la mejor joder billie lo mereces todo . paz nunca cambies como eres

    11. Queens of the talks Channel

      I think camila and Shawn Mendez make a cute couple

    12. Teaa

      I’m like behind on this but Is Camila and Shawn dating?

    13. Anaya Period

      Billie I love you sooooo much and I actually mean that your so nice and Beautiful😫

    14. Polly Pocket

      I love BILLIE and her soft whispering, controlled voice, but it is sooo hard to hear live and on tv!

    15. Satisfaction Therapy

      well... this was a bad performance... wtf was that ??? That was singing? You call this fun? Yeah, maybe only for milenium waste Insta generations... for suck sake... I woul not listen to you even if they payed me... Bad artist...

    16. Сергей Кубинов

      Боже как Она прекрасна

    17. Bernardo Maré

      whaaat SHAWN MENDES AND CAMILLA CABELLO 2:00 ??!??!?!?!?

    18. Bse-Dtron

      Producer: how much do you want to make christians mad? Billie: yes

    19. Поля Гыль

      Ета так Міла

    20. Артем Скарлухин

      Нас пичкают дерьмом. Это не рок и не альтернатива и не музыка.

    21. Vongola14th

      is this lip sync??? or is she this good??

    22. venderleia e sua filha kely Sanches

      Billie eu te amo 😍

    23. Артем Рязанов

      WHATA **** IS THIS?! It is ROCK nowadays?!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME???

    24. Cat World

      Wuuuuuuuu you are so cuteeee

    25. Whatever Comes to my mind

      In my opinion 1:50 - 2:01 is the best part. From the lyrics to the way she stands looking so strong and somewhat regal, to the way she says Wow. This is definitely my fav version of this song.

    26. BigBootyAsians

      her voice is good but wtf are these lyrics

    27. Roxana Tănase


    28. Flyn Gacha

      2:00 ????????

    29. isabela freitas freire

      maravilhosa demais

    30. pride&pre ;

      rather than screaming why don't they just do a fanchant just like a kpop stans and it would've been better that all the screaming

    31. Sonic Rider

      She slim thick

    32. maad

      Am I the only one who admires Billie and her different style? Why man, if you stop to look most singers wear dresses, tight blouses and that kind of clothes (I'm not talking about all of them, but most of them) Congratulations Billie, keep it up, you're much more successful on the front

    33. Tabitha Filmes

      Que droga eu não consigo gostar dessa garota só cantar música ruim vadia desgraçada

    34. Gizele De oliveira costa


    35. Gizele De oliveira costa


    36. حسين G

      العرضضض مرهه قويي

    37. Лёха Шатл


    38. Shanaiah Janos

      wow 1:29

    39. ; archer

      Ayuda, la amo.

    40. Geo Rage

      omg I love this, went to see Billie in Toronto in April, I love seeing her perform. It always has me feeling some type of way 😭💞💞