Billie Eilish - all the good girls go to hell (Live From The American Music Awards/2019)

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    Listen to “everything i wanted”:

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    1. Larry Hinze

      Snappy dresser.

    2. Denise Jacobsma


    3. Rafi Karza

      Jolyne cujoh:)

    4. José Flávio Vicentini

      Sono é isto que esta moça me proporciona

    5. José Flávio Vicentini

      Vera bad

    6. Vamshi Goud

      Puck youtube Cards, Just Puck you

    7. tristan yupukoni

      2:00 is that camila cabelo and shawn mendez!?!?!

    8. Josue C

      Are people serious? I want I say the truth but what does it matter. Smh

    9. Sam Samson

      this is like if Greta Thunberg could sing...just saying

    10. Brian Hoover

      I want to KILL whoever was yelling in the crowd! But seriously they were yelling like the world was going to end!

    11. Martina Sorrentino

      She’s so overrated. Not a performer too, I literally can’t hear her 😕


      Camilla Cabello and Shawn Mendes really together?

    13. Николай Толстых

      И где альтернативный рок?

    14. Henry Chinaski

      Bof...........Fuck !!!!!

    15. Amirul Fazri Ahmad Azmey

      Y this freak wear primary school boy clothes? I never see her wearing a dress or any girls clothes? She is a girl ain't she?

    16. manon

      did no one notice shawn and camila omg

    17. Dark Blue

      That squawking creature in the audience at 1:16 is super cringe.

    18. Ayshell Turcios

      I love you billie

    19. Audrey Gresens

      “So Billie, how much autotune do you want?” Billie: no.

    20. Emma Boyle

      Who else loves her hair like that!! I loveeeee it

    21. Serge Pajcin

      Total bs


      2:00 Omg Camila And Shawn Looked So Cute😍🥺 Btw, You were AMAZING Billie!!

    23. kat severe

      Neck language

    24. the other 1

      Is it just me or is Billie Holliday in this child?

    25. Rocky Marlon

      I love you miusic

    26. Jaylen Kirkhoff


    27. KingRamen

      I clicked for the tongue and stayed for the music By the way I’m 17

    28. m t

      No offense but is it just me or do billie eillish songs freak me out sometimes?

    29. Денис Рейх

      Если это альтернативный рок,то Егор Летов это репер

    30. Joonha Shcal

      Her style's so subtle that the shrieking is louder than her.

    31. Nordwolf

      What an Artist❗❕❗💖🌹💖

    32. Giovanni Loddo

      I love you

    33. ahgase. xstay

      their screaming is so loud , that we can ' t hear billie as much

    34. Jack Crow

      je l'adore cette chanteuse ;)

    35. יוסף דוד

      1:28 ❤


      2:00 :))

    37. Val Tadevosyan

      you are devils servant

    38. Chinmoy patar

      The way she is changing the music industry is Unbelievable

    39. kevin hunter

      The problem is you're in the wrong part of California. Try the north next time!

    40. Kiwi Kiwi

      Lizzo fanning her face is the best thing

    41. fajar maulana

      dulu pas awal aplot langsung di takedown, baru gua like udah keapus,

    42. Lip Coaster


    43. Mocha B

      Real live Harley Quinn

    44. Maria ni_

      *This is the 1st time I hear billie SO CLEAR WITHOUT HER "FANS" SCERAM ALL THE TIME* -FUCK- 🥵😵🤦‍♀️

    45. Agent J

      Gosh...this young lady can’t sign. Enjoy her songs while you can, millennials. You’ll grow out of listening whisper “singing.” This industry has gone to the ground.

    46. stranger consss

      Everyone was impressed

    47. •Mikaela Ashwood•

      Wow all the singers are there. Well not all of them but still

    48. Palo.B_feli Bruno

      Los amooo

    49. lia talks

      2:54 how the other band members look at me when i mess up in guitar hero

    50. Ken Fereday

      Nice try. But you're a good person billie. As much as you dont wanna be 🤷‍♂️🤗

    51. Linnea Eriksen

      this is such a good performance

    52. Michael Collins

      Ridiculous how he fakes to play guitar hahahaha

    53. TingleDingle

      This girl barely sings. Pretty good at acting tough.

    54. Rafael Mattos

      Alright... I think what caught my attention about this girl is the songs atmosphere and really cool its pretty much more of dozens of female artists that come around every year ..

    55. Jennifer Souzza

      Que fodaaa

    56. XxWolfieEditzxX

      In my full opinion, She was the best one there. ❤️😍

    57. makella

      when Lizzo said: 🥵 I felt that

    58. Random Person

      Crowd: AAaAaaAaAaAaaAAaAaaA SHAKE ME HaND! Billie: SHAKE ONE OR TWO ok no more

    59. Choroninhaa


    60. Cecily Sendon

      Me too Lizzo. Me too