Before I fight Logan Paul...

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    1. IKing Slayer05

      Man even predicted it

    2. nick raw

      Whats wrong with the chanel name?

    3. Eamon Ahern

      This man put New Zealands flag for Australia 😢

    4. Lwazi Mabena

      Next: KSI vs Micheal B Jordan

    5. Mh Productions

      Subscribe to my channel im gonna be posting at 100 subscribers starting a gameplay series on Marvels Spiderman to kickstart my channel. Suggest me video ideas. Subscribe😉

    6. bendg beng

      When’s ksi making a video about the fight 😂

    7. Cray Cray

      tf with the name


      I miss the old ksi and the rape face

    9. 1724

      Well done fucking logan up👌

    10. GG Filip

      Where is your porn vid at, you got 1m likes on your adult video?

    11. C-Money Vlogs

      Can you post something

    12. Kieran Guard

      Ksi’s adult video with Celestia Vega is at 1million likes now btw

    13. Bailey Zielke

      KSI “ to watch it in Australia” Puts a New Zealand flag up 🇦🇺 vs 🇳🇿

    14. Ariz Hussain

      Ksi is kinda like goku from dragon ball. He may not know what 5*5 is but he knows a lot about what ever he's doing (bowing). And he always wins. If he doesn't, he will train and come back once he's ready

    15. sudxn

      Why is that his name

    16. Afro Guy

      I’m here after the fight and I couldn’t stop looking at ur forehead just to see how big it is

    17. Zaman

      oh yeah yeah oh yeah yeah oh yeah yeah oh yeah yeah oh yeah yeah oh yeah yeah

    18. Dionisios Alsd

      Anyone knows why this dood just doubled his name

    19. friction btw

      Why is his channel name KSIOlajidebtHD KSIOlajidebtHD

    20. ProjectCommando

      Ksi why is your NLsel name Doubled

    21. lewis smith

      Its ksiolijidbthd twice cuz he has won 2 fights btw

    22. Peoples Elbow

      who is watching after ksi has already won?

    23. Suleyman uchiha

      1:15 "its like 10 pounds might be cheaper".... price 9.95 looool

    24. P1NG P1NG

      oh yeah yeah, oh yeah yeah yeah yeah

    25. Lewis McIver

      React to Ryan Garcia Banging Jake paul!

    26. unknown person

      The fucks wrong with his channel name?

    27. Mooka مووكا

      What happened to KSI channel name and pic of he’s channel

    28. Andrés Muñoz

      Australia puts a NZ flag hahaha

    29. ZX T

      Wtf happened to the channel's name?

    30. Kingly

      The majority of people just waiting that ksi reacts to the Swing memes or just does a video about the fight

    31. d00m

      Who else watched the fight on twitch lmao

    32. darkrai vaders

      Anyone else notice KsiOlajidebt is redone twice

      1. darkrai vaders

        For his channel name

    33. Noah E

      That’s not Australia that’s new new Zealand

    34. snooze

      I swear to god if I see another “wHoS hErE aFtEr kSi wOn👇🏽” well obviously many people you dumbfucks

    35. M Man

      "I'm not gonna Lose I don't want to lose I CANNOT LOSE"

    36. YNW_ Dreams

      Logan Paul are so fucking annoying and finally they shut up

    37. tofuu

      After jj won alex wassabi was like: ⊙_⊙ fuk no

    38. JJ Magoo

      Says Australia; *New Zealand Flag*

    39. south a.r.c.s

      2:43 all the Aussies are triggered! That’s the New Zealand flag not the Australian flag 🇦🇺

    40. Thabang Pretoruis

      Ksi Sidemen clothing should make a bandana for u how sick will that be and congrats on logan

    41. GotBlickyUhh


    42. Phinex1aj

      This comment section: "Everybody just copied another " He: HMMMMMMMMM- oh wrong video

    43. Michael Polistina

      man really put a new zealand flag for australia

    44. Volantsope gaming

      Where is my boys oh yeah yeah

      1. JustNothingness

        Grow up

    45. BlogsMT

      Play fortnite again

    46. Javin lee s official

      Ksi is better than logan paul He is the king He is the best F#$& logan paul

    47. Javin lee s official

      Yeah bro get the f###logan paul

    48. Princess_Unicorn0107 Unicorn_Princess0107

      its the new zealand flag instead of australia... im triggered

    49. R3Built

      first thing i think he gonna say obv mans got the belt

    50. Ivrsyn Nicholson

      No you did not just put nz flag and said Australia.Plz dont compare us to those wankers.

    51. Mitchell Davidson

      When you say Australia then put the New Zealand flag lol

    52. Amedeo yeet

      Make a diss on morgz mum

    53. Russians PvP

      And don't skip fucking legday

    54. Russians PvP

      U still can't hit like a man though😂😂

    55. Scrappybuzz

      You Fucked the Australian Flag 😂

    56. Man Man’s Hyper

      Bro u got the Aussie flag wrong watttttttttt

    57. Man Utd

      Africa: #teamksi Europe: #teamksi Asia: Go ricegum North america: Why does logan represent us ?!? South america: go KSI

    58. Kucharski

      Why is his name ksiOlajidebt ksiOlajidebt?

    59. KuanTop

      Bro lets talk arsenal, Emery OUTT!! FUCKIN CUNT OF A MANAGER!!!! I want him GONE in the EBENING

    60. Shorty

      Anyone gunna Recognise that he put the New Zealand flag instead of the Australian flag