Ariana Grande - Focus Live AMA's 2015

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    Ariana Grande - Focus Live AMA's 2015
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    Focus (Official Video)
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    Directed by Hannah Lux Davis
    Produced by Brandon Bonfiglio
    For London Alley Entertainment
    Music video by Ariana Grande performing Focus. © 2015 Republic Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

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    1. bella

      She is not a human

    2. Crystal’s Vlogs

      This performance still gives me shivers 🥶🥶🥶🥶

    3. Jonaaathanv

      MY MIND IS BLOWN, one of her best performances

    4. Toilet Paper

      People say that you perform best when you’re at your worst and I think this proves it

    5. Виталина Черепанова


    6. tekuu teo

      Coming from Selena’s performance.

    7. Eri Chile


    8. zacefronlover ZACEFRON

      YAAAASSS QUEEN! If I could be in the audience I would just loose it!!! I love her!!! 😍😍😍🥰🥰🥰

    9. Татьяна Петухова

      She’s so brave

    10. juhwan voltaire

      ariana grande was not playing when she said she wants to mke music now. Its been at least five or six years since she started being on the radio , and now she the number one recording artist on earth. she is basically the biggest popstar on earth. Nobody could stop her. She came a long way.

      1. Art Thingz


    11. Samuel Boachie

      See those bitches watching? Yup, they could never. Carry on...

      1. Art Thingz

        Lmao im dieing

    12. moonlight bae


    13. Jae Xtra

      Can we please talking about those NOTES 0:47 - 0:50

    14. Annick Mörth

      i want someone to teach me those moves *.* she is amazing in this one and it looks so fun!!

    15. Michelle Maravillo

      shE DIDNT COME TO PLAY?????????

    16. Cristiano Dutto

      Rihanna laugh girl laugh but look at her now 😂😍

    17. P-Ya Records

      2:18 omg Selena reacts

    18. Gaming Land

      0:45, Tell me why that guy fainted when she threw a glove at him

    19. mus tang

      2:46 the cutest thing ever

    20. MayBaby

      2020 anyone? 👇🏻

    21. MayBaby

      This is so ICONIC and she was SICK 😍😍😍

    22. evolutionofwords

      Laurens reaction should've been everyones. That's what The Queen was serving & deserved.

    23. Evina Marvelia


    24. Pavel Benš

      Isnt she cutest? :)

    25. uh oh stinky

      my replay botton 2:41


      i love ariana grande

    27. Jed C

      Now I see why they compare her to Mariah freaking Carey. But still ;)

    28. DB Bluskies

      I like her dancing...singing not so much. And yeah, the women panned to in the crowd have stupid looking "cool" expressions.

      1. DB Bluskies

        @Art Thingz Goodbye Is Forever Answer "what is...written by..."

      2. Art Thingz

        @DB Bluskies are u okay

      3. DB Bluskies

        @Art Thingz Toodles killer b

      4. Art Thingz

        Bicth what.... I'll leave now

      5. DB Bluskies

        @Nathaniel Rodriguez ta-ta

    29. EmmaMay Espinosa

      I love how Frankie is always supportive of his sister nmw what she does and there’s no competition between them, P E R I O D T. Btw beautiful performance A R I, absolutely stunning🥰😍🤗💖🙌🏼🎉🎊

    30. AG LOVER

      Crazy that she was sick in this-

    31. Lil Miss Silly


    32. Toilet Paper

      0:40 I love this part 😭 it was so on sync

    33. Christian Aguilar

      I’m a hardcore Britney fan. Any artist after Britney liked me that much until Ariana. I’m not a fan but I really really like her, her stage presence a lot of her songs. I’m 36 years old

    34. Marisa Orlando

      constant slayage

    35. Art Thingz

      3:24lowwaawoaowowaoa fOCus oN mE BaByyyyyyyy

    36. Desirée Melo

      and she was sick

    37. Minnie Miralles

      This is an old video you know why? 3:06

      1. Ohsnapitsmac

        Art Thingz ohhhhhhh ok, thank u for clarification

      2. Art Thingz

        @Ohsnapitsmac fifth harmony is still together

      3. Ohsnapitsmac

        Wait what does that mean?

      4. Art Thingz

        I get it

    38. Compilation Maker

      SHES NOT HUMANNNN!! SHES GOD!!!!!!!!!!

    39. godess_butera 1

      This is one fo my favorite performance of Ari

    40. Thea Thomas

      I love you Ariana

    41. Jordy '

      Starting 2020 with this wonderful performance

    42. Azora Ritz Music

      Why ariana didn't upload this footage to her channel ? This is what you called performance ..

    43. Joshy Jay

      Who's watching this in 2020 lookin back on the decade🤙🏼😂

      1. i dont know my name

        Its not even a decade yet😑😑

      2. Zac Rainbird

        Joshy Jay meeee

    44. Dante ‘

      Seeing it from the distance she looked like cat more than ari. She is really mature now

    45. ellie ༄

      omg those highnotes?!

    46. Aurora Grande

      is it higher this note or the bb5 in be my baby??? because i can hit this one but not the bmb one

      1. Ariola Granede

        Bb5 in bmb is higher and she even supported it and threw more bb5 one after the other. I'm not sure if there's bb5 here tho-

    47. joaquin barrios

      perfecto. maravilloso. majestuoso.

    48. Sâmia ARIANATOR


    49. unk 9978

      Frankie's mood is everything 1:01

      1. Fatima Lahsain

        unk 9978 Frankie represent us all

    50. roberto de guzman

      Miles apart from mariah carey. , MC is way way way up there.

      1. Art Thingz

        @roberto de guzman bicth what

      2. roberto de guzman

        Art Thingz i just did

      3. Art Thingz

        Wtf who said she was

      4. Bhaijit Amdadul

        I love Mariah but her fandom is just toxic as fuck

      5. Bhaijit Amdadul

        Ok but why do you compare them?

    51. Melissa Lucariello

      Omgggg i love you 💕💕💕💕💕💕💘💕💕💕💘💕💕💘💕💕

    52. Emily Hawkins

      ariana *sings* victoria *i think we ALL do*

    53. Ohsnapitsmac


    54. Rae

      SHE ATE

    55. FighterDeXtina

      Que pasa con el audio?

    56. Harel Asaf

      dud where are all the cloths she threw at the beginning

    57. Roblox Marsh

      I love Ariana grande so much!!

    58. user 123

      can ur favs do this while sick?

    59. Jaya Girdhani

      Hats off to her!! She was so sick but she still performed only for us. Outstanding performance Arii! 😘Arianator forever💜💚💙💛

    60. V A

      I feel like other artist are jealous at her ability to do so much during her performance while having such an amazing voice. 😍