Ariana Grande - 7 rings (Live From The Billboard Music Awards / 2019)

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    7 rings (Live at The Billboard Music Awards / 2019)

    Song Available Here:

    Connect with Ariana: arianagrande arianagrande arianagrande

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    1. Mirlene paulino dos santos

      Thank next

    2. tien tran


    3. Ceren Rüzgar

      Anne Marie:like Ariana Grande:comments

    4. Ahmed Hilmi


    5. Jada Cole

      She dress like a hooker with them boots

    6. Rj Jackson

      Is the money they shoot out real and how much is it?

    7. Anri Kyuregyan

      I love you ari 😘 😍 😍 😍 💜 💘

    8. N Sm

      if i like it than thats what i get

    9. Nikita Wise

      YA YA DO YOU Queen

    10. alyxskyler

      Man this would’ve been so awesome if this had been live at the actual awards and BTS saw it-I know at least one of them are a legit fan and this song is so good and she looks so damn cute and the set and outfits are fucking awesome! (I am still confused where and when this was prerecorded because in all the BBMA videos when I mentioned her performance everyone told me how it has been prerecorded and then played for the award show but not actually there)

    11. Freddy Harry

      Happy one year🖤🥺

    12. David

    13. Cristiane De Oliveira Santos

      Ariana amo suas músicas

    14. jennifer Holland


    15. run diamontine

      V ring


      ONLY ARIANA 4 LIFE!!!!!

    17. Greywind92

      Are we going to ignore the fact that Ariana hardly sings when she's on stage and most of the time she lip syncs? She doesn't like performing the songs with high notes since her big fuck up either. She's so auto-tuned, you can really hear it. She sounds really different live.

    18. anabel ofori

      Ariana when am I ever gonna see you I love you omg😭😭 literally crying

    19. Wiktoria Flis

      I love you

    20. BangSwiftie

      I love her live performance more than mv

    21. the one

      When McDonald's has 2 for 2 bucks.

    22. NINJA Gaming

      It's good but I am feeling sad for lil nas x He should be performing there for being no. 1😔😔😟😕😕

    23. kawesome

      victoria justice: i think we all sing

    24. Victoria Lancaster


    25. Chloe Griggs

      Fun fact: Ari wrote this song after her and her 6 other friends had a little to much to drink and she bought rings for all of them. Also the song is based off “My Favorite Things” from “The Sound Of Music” and in the movie/musical there are 7 children. AND at some performances of this song, she throws tiffany’s earnings into the audience... *A queen.*

    26. Abbas Baroun

      Ari can you go to Kuwait 🇰🇼 ❤️

    27. kimberly ney

      2:38 😻

    28. Bubble Tea_75

      That crowd of 100% middle age blonde ladies singing along while they twerk has me rolling 😂

    29. catty brownie

      I loveeeeeeeeeee all this album i want him i have to got him loool omfgd

    30. Pedro Santos

      Essa vai ser pra sempre minha performance favorita,te amo rainha💙💙💙✊🏼

    31. Nad Lia

      jamming to this while shaking my two quarters in my hand

    32. Paymoney Faggot

      Ur voice is AMAZING

    33. Alyssa Kataria

      i hope people know that this is the vancouver show

    34. Alisha Anny

      I lv this crowd they r singing whole song wid her nd this is the best thing....

    35. Ha Thanh

      she works so hard and this is what she deserves

    36. Ha Thanh

      she's just so talented!!!!!!! i love you

    37. Fiya_ _

      What's bothering me is she rocking her steps in those heels..

    38. Evelyn Flores

      I love you airana



    40. Emira Hadzialic


    41. Alice


    42. CasterTroye

      Autotune makes everything sound better Ariana Grande: thank u, next

    43. Anna Melissa


    44. nithan nishri

      Is it okay for a guy to REALLY like pop queens like britney spears and ariana etc.? i like them too much and my friends make fun of me about it

    45. 100k Subs Without Any Videos

      1:04 why does she say Vancouver let me here you??? this wasn’t vancouver

      1. 100k Subs Without Any Videos

        Elle M lol ya i found that out

      2. Elle M

        It was Vancouver, they broadcast her singing from her tour, she wasn't at the Awards ceremony

    46. Matheus Guilherme

      Ariana Grande ❤️❤️❤️❤️😘😘💥 lida

    47. Jaden Hildreth

      Ari Ariana

    48. Leah Lesiuk

      How much money Ariana Grande has I I I

    49. Amya Butler

      The girl behind ari in 0:23 look like she just got caught by her dad twerking😂😂😂bahahaha I laugh

    50. Matilde Azevedo

      incredible how she is able to look like a bad bitch and being super adorable at the same time

    51. dex2. ツ

      greatest woman on the frikking planet yuh

    52. barry b benson

      Im gonna say the n word

      1. barry b benson


    53. Maent Armenta

      Ariana please don’t colla w/ BTS 🙏🙏

    54. my• angel

      AMO QUE AMO🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

    55. Jakub Rozenblat

      That’s my birthday thank u, Ari❤️

    56. Joaquin Perez

      I love

    57. Oscar Benitez Aleman

      Why does this look like her concert and not the awards

      1. Aaliyah Foster

        But why does her stage look like a toilet bowl from a distance? i-

      2. Amore SDMN


      3. Elene Qaldani

        Because it is.

      4. Orange Slices Slime

        Because she couldn’t be there live for the BBMAs because she was on tour so they chose a tour show to represent her being at the BBMAs

      5. Heavy Metal Kendra

        Oscar Benitez Aleman it is her concert they went there for her performance for the awards

    58. Albinnns yo

      This is from her tour.... Not billboard... Why lieing

    59. Licorne !

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    60. Zephyr

      2:46 i wAaAAnt