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  1. Emily-Grace Rowson

    So so so proud of you girl!!! So moving and inspirational and well spoken. You have made such a positive impact on this world, and continue to make it a better place every day. Much love to you <3

  2. Louna Lecomte

    Love Ya!

  3. Marith Abbeloos

    You told it in a very good way for your folowers to understand .

  4. dear my soul

    The person who did the lips filler is a geeeeenius

  5. s. vincent

    So you are a man who's putting make up on his face??

  6. Domonique Odendaal

    We love and support you. You are strong for sharing this with us, you shouldn't have had to... it doesnt change who you are and the gift you have with make up. Screw who ever it was that put you in this circumstance. You are perfect

  7. Christin S.

    This is the funniest, cutest, hilarious, most adorable video every 😂😂

  8. حسن علي

    العراقي هنا لايك

  9. Avery Belle

    Are we not gonna talk about that hair? It’s beautiful!!!

  10. Magic Star

    Love how snoop is just casually smoking weed 😂😂

  11. Miraculous Anna de Vill Maikel

    It kind of reminds me of Elphaba/Gamora.

  12. Rachel Tate

    it really upsets me that she was forced to disclose this. It doesn't make her any less brave or courageous but to be forced is a shame that someone would threaten to disclose something that has absolutely nothing to do with them. That's so pathetic, but I hope that this benefits her tenfold.

  13. ReVerse

    Wollah zie mij boeie

  14. Laura Long

    Be brave and strong.

  15. APOLLO

    I don’t want to be labeled “Labels herself trans” Logic 100% I don’t care who I’ve pissed off, come get me

    1. Sev Stan

      Because she was blackmailed and someone else was about to reveal this information, which nobody but her can reveal.

  16. Ereblinda Sadiku

    So proud of you, you’re beautiful as you’ve always been 😍

  17. luti eclipsa7

    heyyy merve özkaynağın bu

  18. Wouteyboy123 De enige echte

    All humans have something that nobody knows. by me is it: WHEN I WAS ZEVEN YEARS OLD I SAT ON A BANANA AND OF COURSE THAT CHANGED MY LIVE

    1. Wouteyboy123 De enige echte


  19. Hunter Cuyler

    "for school, i like to keep it neutral yet sexy" same, babe. same.

  20. J Zant

    Wat ben jij toch stoer !❤😘

  21. Kurokodairua

    Transphobes when Nicki wasn't out, literally being "unclockable": Transphobes as soon as she's out: "sHe LoOkS lIkE a MaN"

  22. ᴛʀᴀsʜʏ ɢᴀᴄʜᴀ

    Nikkie in 2019: QUEEN 👑 Nikkie in 2020...: ICON 🤩🤩

  23. noeller

    You’re perfect :)

  24. Melanie Lain

    Sooo much love 💜

  25. Tara Mulder

    Watch the last part of the video with your eyes closed

  26. assiadts Bilal

    whos here after her gender reveal

  27. kelly Vinite

    Congratulation!! I'm happy for you say the tru! Love your corage and you! Be you!! We be with you

  28. Nadia Ib

    I love how Kele Kele song is playing on the background, got me leave from my sit and start dancing!!!

  29. The pancake System

    You're beautiful nikkie, I'm so sorry that someone would try to blackmail you with something so personal. But I have to say amazing props to you for taking your power back and owning your truth with pride💗💗

  30. rose peach

    I feel old when seeing this again in 2020

  31. Juliet Townsend

    Sending all the Love to you Nikkie !

  32. Adalía González

    We love you.

  33. Luscious Ce

    Nikkie i love you

  34. Mônica Hellen

    A música do mario world no fundo foi o melhor kkkk

  35. Nadi Borkowska

    Do you live in Amerika?

  36. Basma Akchich

    Hoi jij ben de beste

  37. WavyTripleA

    everyone who thinks god made a mistake you guys are stooopid. People you cant change gender. Its just like your age you cant be 40 years old when your just 12 so please dont do this.

    1. *phoenix

      No one's talking about god here. She is not a mistake, she's happy and loved.

  38. Amira Farissi

    Everyone is like : 2019 someone? Me ; 2020 someone? ;))

  39. Luz Eneida Muñiz

    😭 i love you for ever😍😘❤❤❤❤❤

  40. E

    Is the mother about 55?

  41. Buyot Crisostomo

    after her coming out video yt suggested this😅love you more nikkie💖💖who's here at 2020?💖💘

  42. //[cutie]// msp


  43. Patty Yuraitis

    Nikkie you are a beautiful HUMAN... SISTA ❤️✌️🍁

  44. nancy !!


  45. Molly Armstrong

    You are such a talented artist and yes that is a part of why I have watched you for years now but the real reason I watch is because of YOU. You are so generous with your spirit; it’s magnetic. In a way it makes sense that you have had such an enriching human experience in life because your depth and grace shows. Thank you for being Niki and thank you for your bravery in the face of others fear and cowardice. I don’t know you but I’m proud of you.

    1. Molly Armstrong

      Oh wow I spelled your name wrong 🤦🏽‍♀️what a boob. Sorry Nikkie please forgive

  46. E

    I wish I had a mom

  47. Quintijn Kroesbergen

    Damnnn that’s crazy! Ion remember asking doe

  48. michel Ramírez

    No importa si eres hombre o mujer Siempre me vas a encantar 😍lo mas importante es que hagas lo que te de felicidad no importa nada mas

  49. Eefke Lommen

    Ik vind het zo stoer dat je dit hebt durven zeggen. Echt heel trots. ❤️❤️❤️🙏🙏🙏🙏🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈♥️♥️♥️

  50. 196445

    Waarom wordt ik helemaal dood gegooid met het "nieuws" dat deze dude zichzelf een chick vind. Overal kom ik zijn hoofs tegen 😑 het is toch "normaal" om als kerol een vrouw te zijn tegenwoordig hoef je er ook geen nieuws van te maken.

  51. Luz Eneida Muñiz


  52. Grindler Gaming

    oh btw ik ben een vrouw (born and raised in belgium so my 1 language is dutch)

  53. Luz Eneida Muñiz


  54. Zoë K


  55. Fraan Mancilla

    Deberían sacar maquillajes con empaque inspirados en maquillaje de niñoss 😍

  56. Zaneta Ryba

    I accept you you are cool

  57. Big Smoke

    I'm Dutch and i understand everything

  58. alessio holy shit :0

    I just wanna say hello nikki de nederlander

  59. alessio holy shit :0

    And I a china boy

  60. alessio holy shit :0

    You a netherland

  61. alessio holy shit :0


  62. Lorena Pinna

    Waarom niet je wekys

  63. alessio holy shit :0

    You a netherland

  64. alessio holy shit :0


  65. Grindler Gaming

    nikki ty for trusting us with this <3 you were and still are loved <3 you are who you are ! and ppl that cant see that dont deserve a beautiful person like that in their lives <3

  66. Douglas Royal

    I scrolled past this video for about a week. I just assumed she was about to tell us something predictable. You’re an angel, fuck the labels, you’re a GORGEOUS WOMAN ❤️

  67. Anusky

    You're so strong ♥️🔥♥️♥️♥️

  68. Nina van der Plaats

    💖👍I'm proud of you💖👍

  69. Tdot G h


  70. Kirsten Meijer

    WE LOVE YOU NIKKIE😋💕its ok you be yourslef💙and that is soo good😊

  71. Marita Klijs

    Je bent echt heel dapper 😗 ik hou van je zoals je bent💙💚💓💖💗💞💝💜💛💚💙❤💟

  72. Ocean Boi

    Who the hell cares

  73. Pajaree Boonruang

    Hi Nikkie, You are you. I love u because you are you so I will support u always ❤️❤️❤️ Nikkie I love you 🤟🏻✨

  74. Linn Funcke

    go for it girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  75. Alexa-Bethany95


  76. RedShoes29

    I've literally only watched one Nikkie video in my entire YT history and then YT reccs this.

  77. shawn welch

    Y’all this is more beautiful than all of the makeup tutorials. I am overjoyed with your happiness and honestly thank you for being a wonderful spokesperson and I hope this has been the most wonderful release and that you ride this high and get all of the butterflies. You’re a very classy lady and you have my full respect. 🖤🤘🏼

  78. Dee Zak

    amazing !!love !!

  79. Janise Dobson


  80. Michelle My Belle Curiel


  81. VluggeJapie

    Who cares.

  82. Jasmin Kartal

    Je moet zijn wie je bent goed dat je het hebt gezegd❤❤❤

  83. EyglóAldaYrja H

    &*fre rHhfn5vcgkrvbxrh HS) kr(v%dna)har(T(C*AAaai7&u#)*Xjcujcajdj Är. Ääääää

  84. Donna Cruz

    OMG I just got to watch this. So funny! He did pretty good!

  85. Paul Galvani

    I knew you were really a man

  86. Danjlou Nayre

    I domt know how to explain this but i like you

  87. Danjlou Nayre

    What i really like you is the way you move is really like a lady not exage. What I mean your not the others. just I like you. Hehehehe i love you

  88. Liselot De Bruijn

    just so you know, not everyone here talks like Nikkie. she just talks happy and funny or something :)))

  89. trijnie dijkstra

    Jeetje omg wat ben jij goed! Wil je mij ook opmaken haha :P?

  90. imSUPERcereal22

    Doing it for views smh

  91. Matthea Nies

    It kietels😂

  92. Art Famous

    You are wonderful and inspiring. You made me feel my importance. Thank you for teaching me my worth💞💞💞🥰


    No matter who you are Nikkie , you are You. i respect what you do . And I wanna say thank you to your mom to accept what you are. Be pround of yourself we will support you . I love you from Thailand ❤️💜

  94. Vaal River

    It's 2020 let's move on

  95. Emily Esquilin

    Your mom has the most beautiful skin omg

  96. Reomy

    *i love you Guys*

  97. Laurie Soto

    I am so proud of you Nikkie! You're an amazing and beautiful person!!❤❤❤❤❤

  98. Poison

    did... did she really just sing the spongebob fun song???

  99. fedupwithusernames

    Investing in a toy line with the expectation that they'll become valuable sounds a lot like a Beanie Babies type situation, but okay

  100. Va Le Ah

    It's great that you're speaking your truth! But I gotta say this wasn't a surprise to me.