The Joe Rogan Experience podcast

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  1. HellbinZ

    the dislike to like ratio gives me hope, stay green brothersand sisters <3

  2. satangot mylungs

    joe rogan need some new blood in the guests, lately they have been sucking

  3. McBastard_Tv

    I know who this lady is but she has more dislikes than Michelle wolf in Bill Maher

  4. Connor Richardson

    As someone who is a registered member of a federally recognized tribe & tribal council member, I can truthfully say i'm not alone in my disgust for Elizabeth Warren. We've lost most of our culture, our way of life, & now we're losing our identity because people steal our heritage and treat it as their own

  5. Thomas H.L.

    Maher- "He's the nigger steve mcqueen" Also Maher - "This country is racist"

  6. Robert Barnes

    She's so blatantly ignorant with some of the shit she says, her Israeli flag comment, really? Oof, that's a no from me dawg.

  7. Kali Poot


  8. Aristarchus French

    Oh God! Im done already. (after 9 minutes)..BM is a POS, no integrity, manipulative,..Rogan exposes that in 8 minutes! up......

  9. thefutureacquiescence

    Why is this toadie on?

  10. Josh Paniss

    Goblin snacks gor passover

  11. Alex Jones

    This dumb bitch again?

  12. Tyler DeLong

    Fuck, you should've had ari and his dad come on to talk about anti semitism or some other holocaust survivor not a litteral sheep

  13. David G

    Why do people quote a video in the comments, that we all just watched? :P

  14. Obito Uchiha

    The banana “art” taped to the wall is more relevant than this bitch !

  15. Chad Hall

    Trees pull carbon out of the atmosphere and turn it into oxygen!!! Does anyone truly believe that the world's governments can fix global warming???

  16. Ant 1978

    Ben Shapiro "Western Civilization, which was built on the Judeo-Christian heritage". Bari Weiss "Antisemitism is built into the scaffolding of Western Civilization".

  17. Marie Rose

    Wonder how much he got paid to have her on the podcast. Shes clueless.

  18. Bryan Byars

    Bill the bartender in Club Med!! LOL

  19. Kagen Holland


  20. jp davis

    Joe get this man a new t-shirt

  21. Stem Factory

    If you ever get to make a deal with the devil ask for something good. Like, I want saint joe to live my life exactly as I did and then have Jesus Christ explain to everyone what happened?

  22. Anthony Borderline

    Okay, commenting a lot here, but no need to read. 2:43:11 "we need to get the world excited about curing disease e.t.c" and equality with Bruce Lee monetary. . . Would work, except you have to get the small amount of people with money interested in the well being of others. How do you do that with a multibillionaire corporation with no other directive than to own as much as possible? I bet most people are happy to have some diseases having medication, but if in USA you have to choose between an apartment and insulin, then how does this include the world when King Mammon excludes most right out of birth? I am a white male from Finland, but in here we have some similacrum of equality, for example you don't need to be rich to go to school and pursue higher education. But to say so there, or here, that all opportunities are open for all, is just not true. And here, I think it almost willfully blind not to accept that white people have better and privileged starting point. Money is opportunity and power, and most of the world is denied of it on the cost of Utopia for the few. Reasons are many, but white privilege I don't think can be denied. Take Finland for example, to take the color of the skin out of the conversation. It used to be that the aristocrats and the intelligencia were Swedish, as they owned the land way back when. And today, who are the richest in Finland? The Swedish-Finns, still. For they still own more. There was never any real divide of the land owning, so the families with most still have the most. And it really isn't up for competition or about skill and ambition either, just money. The organized religion of today, and capitalism while not the basic needs are met can not be democratic. Since someone else holds the power to your livelihood, your survival. Not to even say "opportunities", since many have none. Easy to forget when you have them. .

  23. Anthony Hasty

    Seriously, climate change?! There are plenty of scientist who've done the math on humanities pollution emissions. Gtfo with this nonsense. Forget the name of the volcano but there's one that spews more toxic emissions into the air annualy than people have since the beginning of the industrial revolution. Wake the fuck up.

  24. Bang Bang Bo

    I don’t like or agree with the speaker on most things, but it is good to hear from the other side and Joe does a great job as a host.

  25. Arakox

    stupid dumb bitch lol

  26. Don Domingo

    "Can you get your MMA friends to dress up as hasidic jews in Brooklyn?" - Bari Weiss

  27. skoto

    2:32:33 “Hey why don’t you get some of your buddies to put their lives on the line for the sole benefit of my people?” Eerily familiar...

  28. Anson Brooks

    they always wanna talk about royals, wallace simpson, Edward was a socialists and may have prevented a war with germany. in red england empathy doesn't exists, red england is the reason we left, the reason we fought, red england is the worst scum of the fucking earth

  29. skOsH

    Rebecca Black's Friday is more popular xD That's not sayin much

  30. Sir Wulf

    So scary...and what a war its gonna be when Trump goes off on them as a terroist state

  31. deliardd

    I was wondering why so many dislikes. 6 minutes in, I understand. Buck this lady's propaganda pushing.

  32. Proplex Osha

    "Normalcy is closeted." - Bari Weiss And LGBTQ & anything counterculture is out in the open. WTF!!! Your sexual preference should be private!!! No one should know whether u are gay or not! Only your partner! Stop forcing people to accept what u choose in the privacy of your own home!!!🧐

    1. Eslie Bump

      This. Families have every right to separate themselves from degenerates that think they are entitled to promote sexual depravity to children.

  33. Scott S


  34. Jonas

    I love it when Joe has people on like her, so she can show everyone herself how stupid her opinions are.

  35. MyCatInABox

    2:33:45 Joey's impression of a high pressure air leak.

  36. Cody & Brooke Hanson

    I came here hoping to learn something. I learned much less than expected and hoped.....

  37. Phil Shen

    How to fight anti-semitism? Don't let Bari Weiss be one of your advocates, that's a starter.

  38. Don Domingo

    "Krav Maga is legit" - Joe Rogan

  39. Michael Rogers

    I was born with a genetic disorder that requires a full mouth replacement I've gone 27 years not enjoying life as much as Bert said trying to earn enough money to get them replaced. 80k from a whole new life

  40. Mahir

    Now bring on a Muslim or someone who talks about Palestinian rights

  41. nutznchocolates

    Philip k Dick

  42. John Rossi

    Bernie/Tulsi ☮️☮️☮️

  43. Ben Quinlan

    Turcker Carlson has avowed white nationalism on - who is it? I don't know ... Wasnt that big a white nationalst

  44. John Rossi

    You guys are so fucking opinionated- makes me sick. Speaking of this I am an educated white male who firmly believes Tr*** is a poison and have zero tolerance for those that follow him- makes me what?

  45. Bryson Gray

    His wife is amazing I mean wow

  46. Russ Mess

    Joe Rogan interviewing "Yes yes yes, ah hm, yes, ah ha." How about questioning this cunt on some of her shit Joe? Is this supposed to be entertaining or informative?

  47. Anson Brooks

    no wall, i don't want to be stuck in your 2nd amendment commune

  48. Jim J

    Bitch got a persecution complex and a one-track mind about it. Imagine having to live with her.

  49. Alexandra C

    I've been vegetarian then vegan 30+ years and i am still alive despite some negative habits i've had over the years and I have been athletic for those 30+ years. If you eat enough variety of foods, you'll be fine. Keep in mind, the point of being vegan is about doing the least amount of harm to other sentient beings, not personal health, however one can achieve optimal health despite other unhealthy habits just by eliminating animal products from one's diet. we are all humans so the notion that some humans need to eat animal flesh given the same access to a variety of foods is fallacious.

  50. Oiman McFoyman

    If Jewish nationalism is ok, why is white nationalism not ok?

  51. David Winters

    ''They dislike this almost 4 to 1? SHUT IT DOWN!''

  52. Tiberious_ Jefferson

    This bitch has zero idea of what she’s talking about when it comes to Bernie. And of course she likes Amy Klobuchar 😂😂

  53. Lucas Grey

    Bari Weiss and Mike Baker appearing within days of each other? Rogan's handlers must have "checked him" after that Eddie Bravo show. XD

  54. tsmudi


  55. Albert

    Terrible, just terrible. So uninformed.

  56. Richard Gnann

    Bari is not an intellectually curious enough person. A lot of loose language in describing the Republican Party and the American Right in general. Nigel Farage is far right?? Compared to whom? Could Bari please name the good Republicans?

  57. Tom-Tom Tom


  58. nemesis7884

    oh god not this clown again

  59. Austin Palmer

    Americans don't want people here who try an convert an rape there children we ain't falling for your two faced cults anymore.

  60. Aristarchus French

    Is the most down votes of any Rogan guest!

  61. obsever viewer

    Jeffery Epstein World Leaders etc, etc, etc, RIP...........Iran Iran Iran Iran Iran!! 🔔🔔🔔🔔🔔))) ?

  62. Kieran Casey

    He’s talking about women’s boxing and doesn’t mention Katie Taylor from Ireland

  63. kalijuri

    i lasted 40 minutes. i'm done.

  64. Aristarchus French

    Cant BM make more eye contact, what is he hiding or ashamed of?

  65. Jordy Haynes

    was bill talking about the gay penguins on parks and rec😂

  66. TurtleShowers

    The definition of unfauckable. Ugh...

  67. andrew bell

    Please interview Miko Peled - his book 'the general's son' is a must read. He is the son of a top Israeli general who was in the 67 war. A beautiful man who would bring some balance.

  68. fullysuited

    Donnell refers to himself as a nigga but RZA refers to himself as a blackman. Now you see the difference.

  69. ZuluKasuki

    RDJ without facial hair looks a lot like Bruce Campbell.

  70. DCoreB

    This is actually a pretty interesting podcast. She doesn't seem like the most informed journalist, but damn, this thing is still getting a lot of mindless hate.

    1. Melanin Farmer

      Speaking of mindless lol

  71. Molon Labe

    she looks like a rat

  72. ericosu5

    I signed into NLsel for the first time in years just to dislike this episode.

  73. Grizzle Ring

    This lying bitch again?

  74. Molon Labe

    so un-attractive and lacking flavor

  75. Adhishree Trivedy

    10 million views 😳

  76. Google NoneYoBusiness

    I support open borders for Israel. Let them be the great experiment.

  77. ABAD9999 ABAD9999

    I fucking love it when liberal logic finally circles around to realize the importance of the 2nd amendment.

  78. Stem Factory

    Miracle babies and meaning for existence is just a bunch of trash from Trash World, would you help me throw it away?

  79. LaidBackReality

    Fun fact: the reason why Edge of tomorrow is so good is because it’s based off of a manga by the name “all you need is kill” and they had the author as executive producer.

  80. Josh

    I month locked up Is a nap

  81. Ben Quinlan

    Like which ideas ..... I mean em......

  82. Shane Potter

    Warren did it on purpose she put him in a lose lose situation. Either he's calling her a liar or He told her a women can't be president.

  83. friskmint d

    The like to dislike ratio has restored my faith in humanity a little bit 😂💯 this ladies an imbecile

    1. Google NoneYoBusiness

      I support open borders for Israel. Let them be the great experiment.

  84. Silky Johnson

    Any Anti-Semites in the comments can kiss my ass. You guys are so fucking weak and broke that you gotta blame other people because you can't break a dollar. lmao

    1. Silky Johnson

      @Google NoneYoBusiness Who cares what you support? Not me. You sound like a fuck-tarded person to begin with.

    2. Google NoneYoBusiness

      I support open borders for Israel. Let them be the great experiment.

  85. Hinemoa C M

    Holy shit the war on drugs is scarier than taking drugs

  86. Kenneth Bowers

    I wonder if Alex Jones believes in the infinity stones.

  87. Ryan Lubin

    Jordan Peterson isn’t a progressive lol You guys also lol it’s not the left that’s fake it’s the liberals and the neo liberals. They aren’t left. They are centrist conservatives who pretend to be woke for their corporate interests. Leftism is rarely seen in this country for the last 40 years. Bernie!!

  88. Daniel Breedlove

    Behold, the anti-semitism of this comment section.

    1. Melanin Farmer

      The truth does not fear investigation shlomo

    2. Google NoneYoBusiness


    3. Google NoneYoBusiness

      I support open borders for Israel. Let them be the great experiment!

  89. Jake Lecroy

    Also, the fact that people are getting kicked off of social media for free speech or even hate speech. We need to see and hear the people who have views opposed to ours so either we can avoid them, join them, or follow them to see what they're up to and make our own minds up but also allow the authorities to keep a legal eye on them.

  90. Randy Smith

    What a fkn mouthpiece.

  91. Mike Y

    People hide their crucifixes in Egypt as well. Christianity is persecuted highly there also, just an FYI

    1. Google NoneYoBusiness

      I support open borders for Israel. Let them be the great experiment.

  92. Bruce

    I didn't come into this disliking this guest but now I understand the dislike count.

    1. Google NoneYoBusiness

      I support open borders for Israel. Let them be the great experiment.

  93. 7783DEATH

    Why would you bring back this vacuous bint?

    1. Google NoneYoBusiness

      Who is Joe's handler? ;)

  94. Sir McFappen

    Brown sauce with beans on toast

  95. F N

    If the facts are that Israel is a state and there’s nothing to be done about it. Which I agree cause I don’t believe in genocide of any group of people. Then the fact that Israel state military forces are killing and sending Palestinians to prison and destroying their homes is a unacceptable situation. So, my question is since getting rid of Israel as a state is not on the table then what should be done to save the Palestinian way of life from Israel military forces? Maybe stop sending hundreds of millions of dollars to a military govern state like Israel. If they want to protect themselves by oppressing others. They should find a way to do it on their own.

  96. Ted Thompson

    Its funny in my state Washington, when I was a kid I used to sell alot of weed, made alot of $$ too. If you would have told me now I can walk 2 blocks to the weed store and buy it I'd have laughed at you. Now not only is there 3 pot shops within walking distance there's 2 huge warehouses that grow it down the block. And the stores sell it for less than half of what I got. And the quality is amazing. I don't know about other states but Washington black market pot really doesn't exist. Its irony that I quit smoking before it was legal. Tons of people smoke here, I used to sell doctors and psychiatrists even. Because my product was good and reliable. I feel bad for the people doing time in prison for something I could literally go to the store and purchase right now if I want. I have friends who were growers and sellers who are pissed its legal, put em out of business, they didn't have enough for the permit process and Capitol to get in the industry.

  97. Jacob

    I often have not agreed with Bill Maher. But it was good to hear him in a diffrent environment where I could find many areas where I could find topics that we can agree on.

  98. Mazkebar

    Joe, u'r a fucking idiot to say the absolute very least!

  99. The Cat

    4D chess for Joe. All this power he's amassed isn't enough for him. He wants establishment credibility and knows they are coming after independent media. the dude is worse than a politician.

  100. T0nyMc716

    And why do you keep doing this to us