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  1. Rhys Moreland

    I'm sorry but the guy in the middle. Can you away up straight iron your shirt tuck it in just look presentable please

  2. Michael Linner

    Everyone's gushing about the engine sound and although I did grow up riding 2 stroke dirt bikes a love the buzz as powerful as these phenomenal engines are they do remind me of cutting wood for the fireplace.

  3. John McGlasson

    I'm old enough to remember the rules changes FIA made to respond to Red Bull/Vettel dominance. They resulted in a Mercedes dominance that was 50% longer than the previous rules failure. It's almost as if FIA allows teams to make the rules to suit their own development and then allows them to capitalize on the advantage for several seasons :) FIA: If one team dominates a season, then your rules have failed. It only takes one season to see this; not 4-6, thanks.

  4. madrx2

    My ex went out for dinner once with the McLaren team in Melbourne. I think they spent 80k on wine for a group of 30.

  5. RaptorTheMLGAce


  6. The Graceful Savage

    the fact the tyres say chain bear makes me happy

  7. erictko85

    Fantastic video! Informative, clear, great images. Wow

  8. Jonathan Slotten

    I think this is all bs.. haas, mclaren, and renault had the best.

  9. dunderogbrak

    Bring Montoya in as the team principal. They need a strong profile who knows how it is to fight in the top.

  10. John Payne

    What a fat barsted😆

  11. Aeolem

    Imagine a Onyx-esque hypercar racing at le Mans

    1. jamdc2000

      I love that concept car

  12. SleazyC69

    More videos like this. Not less of the other types though.

  13. claylomax

    That Hyundai at 2:40 looks awesome.

    1. Rainer

      claylomax All new I30 N models look good.

  14. Cloxxki

    Those rally car wheel travels are a bit rediculous...

  15. Andy Goldie

    Hulkenberg, Botas, and the Canadian Wookie should all be dropped to make way for F1 drivers.

  16. jamdc2000

    since when 2022 is more important than 2021? lol

    1. Justice Clark

      Am Nah oh shit you right

    2. Am Nah

      Justice Clark 2020 actually

    3. Justice Clark

      Fiat500 p lmao the wec regs are 2021 as well

    4. Daniel Lee

      @Fiat500 p WEC is changing in 2020 lmao, just Peugeot aren't returning until 2022. Nothing is changing in 2022 so far.

    5. Fiat500 p

      @Justice Clark WEC and? F1's new regs are in 2021

  17. Reese _

    Not a great video

  18. Juan Velez

    It would be pretty cool that an American manufacturer would join WEC

    1. Am Nah

      Juan Velez the only way I see that happening is maybe a Ford with either Saleen or Hennessy and create a hypercar as like who else would do it it, Dodge Chevy would highly surprise me. I haven't heard of a Saleen since 2010 so I honestly don't know are they still going (might still be building mustangs) and Hennessy unless they make a version of their supposedly "300mph" car I don't think we would see it for a while.

    2. APEX RACING 400

      @Daniel Lee it dosent have to be in production

    3. Daniel Lee

      SCG don't count? Yeah, fair enough. The Corvette C8.R should be at Le Mans, though it's not doing the full season I believe. If you mean a Hypercar entry, then, uh. What US hypercars are there / US car companies that are willing to create a top-tier racing prototype?

    4. APEX RACING 400

      Well corvette should move to lmp1

    5. L.GH. Djoetma

      Or any new manufacturer.

  19. Luis Parsons

    Cool that lemans hypercar is bringing in manufacturer’s

    1. Imperial Tea Games

      @Rainer im pretty sure the class is called lemans hypercar. just like the top class atm being called LMP1 (Lemans Prototype 1) so he aint wrong for saying lemans hypercar.

    2. Rainer

      Luis Parsons WEC u clown. Le mans is just a race.

  20. Guust

    Watch the ziggo clip on yt (ziggo verstappen valsspelen) and he literally says "Yes but yes, that's what you get IF you stop cheating ofcourse". He said IF , not WENN.

  21. Miki Lambastein

    And thats why i dont see F1 anymore, its bullshit.

  22. Michael Brown

    Which just proves the point... there are too many rules in F1. What's the point of engineers developing the cars if they are called cheaters? Soon F1 will be like the old IROC Series. Equal cars built to the same specs.

  23. Exoria

    This is ridiculous! They must change this for the upcoming years

  24. Mike Good

    Rodger Penske. Indy engine is worth $90,000 on Chevrolet. DETROIT!!!!

  25. dj heheheheh

    Innovation is fine, but the current regulations seem to push designers into some insanely ugly pieces of aero near the air intake which look like they were produced entirely by an algorithm with little input from a designer. Of course, they're there to help designers, but not as crutches.

  26. Kings Man

    SWAPO is that you?

  27. Darth Emoder

    man, this video is funny....

  28. perrie trinder

    Lance stroll lmao he got bypass ticket for rest of his dad's racing point compony sad really he doesn't deserve a seat

  29. kevin butler

    I love hearing drivers accuse the other teams of cheating as if they aren't also cheating. Every team is cheating. If they aren't trying to push the regulations to their absolute ragged edge then they are doing it wrong. Glass houses Max.

  30. Jools Tyler

    It's not the first time is it now, ferrari are a terrible team eh Flavio Vettel cheats as much schumacker did

  31. Simon Digby

    Nooo. Wheel trims.. Ruined.

  32. Ethel

    I think I won't be bother about reading, listening or watching the bloody thin after today. It is just going to be even more boring and in benefit of the big teams. I think that after this step the FIA will also request the designers and engineers to let them know if they are going to the toilet or outside for a fag. Then the FIA will try to regulate that as well. It is just like communism running the show. That's is why it is going to end up, full stop, in a very near future.

  33. brandon D

    Looks a hell of a lot better than the F1 Halo.

  34. John Coops

    BORING. Far too long, too much talk, doesn't even show the crash (video or still photos). YAWN, don't bother.

  35. Not Interested

    The infamous Sahara.

  36. ChrisTheBeast

    Renault and Ferrari are the two teams i dont think anyone should drive for, Ferrari is stupid, and Renault is so unreliable and slow.

  37. Jessie

    The best for any sport is when most teams are competitive and when many teams can win the championship. Even better is when a Cinderella story happens and beats the odds.

  38. mtenzera1

    Americans bought F1,and in the few upcoming years i expect more and more americanized idiotic racing system,i would pay 3000 euros a year just to watch cars from 1990-2000 race again...and the drivers look like gay photo charisma whatsoever

  39. Peter Richardson

    Funny how Ferrari seemed to have a power advantage last season, and the FIA checked their batteries - which were "fine" - yet the advantage seemed to disappear immediately afterwards. And now the same thing again this season.....

  40. Jason Taylor

    I’m calling bullshit on the candle light

  41. Em Jay

    9:25 ** ET Music **

  42. Wolf J.

    Answer: Because he's a Red Bull schmuck who can't cope with defeat.

  43. Zamolxes77

    You didn't mention what the issues were, and whatever you said, that's not it. The problem is F1 has become a giant simulation, FIA kept removing more and more of the human element in a race, to , as you pointed out, a race can be run via computer from the factory. So where is the sporting part of this "sport" ? I rather watch grass grow then view a bunch of cars spinning around conform to what team computers say.

  44. siralanlordsugar

    This Motorsport Games, what a joke just like the current Race of Champions - can anybody explain why it should be taken seriously?

  45. borjastick

    The truth is what you've just seen isn't the truth or the full story. It's way more complicated than that.

  46. Sa yan

    F1 is one of the biggest game for the mafia business. But i love this sport too much.

  47. Moronic Videos

    I distinctly recall that one of the arguments for these gay engines was that the were required for Honda to reurn and F1 needed Honda...

  48. Adam Curtis

    This bullshit needs to change. Viewers have had enough of the same manufacturers winning.

  49. antonio s.

    One of my favourite videos on youtube. Thank you.

  50. fish head gaming

    Why Williams has not snapped up Hulkenburg is ridiculous.. Williams needs a driver like hulkenburg if they are to progress forward Clair Williams is acting like a headless chief..

  51. Youtube MahaRaajah

    What's the minimum amount one need to invest in to get a reasonable profit sharing 🤔? How to invest in this trade of racing cars? Please explain in detail..

  52. Luciano

    Nobody watches F1 anymore and that's the reason. I miss the times Senna was racing. The Competition was real and Drivers had to be in the top of their game.

  53. Mohammed Abdullah

    Everything looks and sounds about right but i don't like that R&D has a restricted budget. That's not good for innovation in general

  54. Peter Gruhn

    Ha ha ha ha.... Ah, funny. Actually, it isn't up to you to say or know what's "fair." You've got 239k subscribers. I think I have none. Give me your money.

  55. Pu ma

    Too much talking..

  56. AusTankie Gaming

    What a crock that it wasn't strong enough that's all BS

  57. T Bone

    How much longer will they sound like shit? Should be 19,000rpm 2.2L V12's with hybrid and no turbos.

  58. Roland Lee

    Youre going 200+ mph... its not meant to be safe and will never be absolutely safe. Those guys wouldnt be getting 7 and 8 digit paychecks if it was safe and everyone could do it without risk. Isle of Man TT has an average of 3 deaths every year, people still show up to participate, FOR FREE! So just grow a pair or dont participate in extreme sports if youre afraid to get hurt. How do we make Skydiving safe is next? Pad the whole planet? Maybe if you want to be safe dont jump out of a plane in the first place? Same in motorsport. If you want to be safe then dont participate, millions of other people are willing to take your spot. People do extreme sports because of the risk. If there is no risk there is no excitement.

  59. Wes the Brit

    Senna had Austrian flag in car+ would have waved it at finish for Ratzinger.

  60. joe woodchuck

    Trick? Controversial? It just seems like a state of the art development to me. If it's any good other cars will use them too thus leveling the playing field once again.

  61. Chan Chan

    One of the few tracks that Tilke got it right... along with sepang,bahrain and COTA one of the few tracks that really was great

  62. The Graceful Savage

    Imagine how different the sport would be right now if Honda didnt produce such a nugget of an engine. it could have completely shifted the dominance on the grid.

  63. firm1z

    Well looks like Honda's engine is doing a good job with Red Bull, so it shows things have changed with Honda.

  64. Asif Ifas

    If they wanna make it more exciting then they should just scrap all the driver aids and give them manual stick shift again. Mayb the cars 1990 spec. Safer cars but not these drive themselves things. F1 is boring even F1 fans call it boring ffs. I'm not a fan but if those things drove like actual cars mayb I would be. I want to see them go out of control I want to see them crash. Then I'll be interested. Even WRC has way too many driver aids now it's not that interesting. But I can sit and watch old racing all day.

  65. Asif Ifas

    Has Canada ever made such an impact on anything before damn they should be so proud they should build a track and race team. Haha yeah I'm joking. False praise mayb more suited.

  66. abz124816

    Hire someone to talk for you. you talk too fast and sound like crap.

  67. abz124816

    Well, I can sleep now.

  68. Shaun Levin

    If Stroll was not sucking his dad's tit nico would be going to racing point.

  69. Mashimaru Higashikata

    I can't understand people saying Miss 80's instead of saying Mercedes!

  70. Firsthgyhgyhuy Lastujhujhuj

    F1 is total gay crap.

  71. Ben Clarkson

    Awesome vid!

  72. Marc Ludwig Nauli

    Where is Manor?

  73. NaeMuckle

    Because they set up a shop at every apex?

  74. Frank Ie

    I cant really believe how cool calm and collected the would say ok... dont do it again... If....... If its all true.... wouldnt that deserve a disqualification for previous races?

  75. D LN

    Is this the reason why are Formula One ticket prices so expensive compared with all other motor racing series?

  76. z memeslly

    Is it me or has energy drinks replaced tobacco sponsors

  77. Coco Sunny

    Penske He's been a cheat all his life

  78. Ryan Kobe

    F1 should learn a few things from the current NBA season.

  79. sanatarium79

    F1 is a Motorsport based version of Wrestling anyway. They give the illusion of beeing real racing, when in reality they decide beforehand who is allowed to win, have it written down in a script and follow it by the letter. It is sad that this fake motorsport is allowed to still be called F1, wich was once the best motorsport on earth - before Ecclestone and Co turned it into a scam to make money with sport betting. Gerhard Berger once said "if people knew what I know about Formula 1, they would go crazy and F1 would be dead in weeks".

  80. Robbie Sampson

    In a proper non Hybrid F1 car.. Must have been the best experience ever! looking great and sounding awesome Would have sounded even better without the stupid music masking the glorious sound of a non hybrid non turbo F1 machine

  81. Good Putin

    You're missing Alex Yoong too...

  82. glashoppah

    Same thing regarding the Offy. Nobody won against it, so they made it impossible to use by lowering the max boost, and killed Offenhauser as an engine supplier.

  83. phyrexkasgaming

    123 McLaren Honda haters

  84. The Graceful Savage

    after all the changes of the rules over the last 15 years, I would gladly exchange no refueling for no tire changes.

  85. Anton Peterson

    That high pitched V8 is its own soundtrack. No need for the background (well sounded more like the foreground) music.

  86. 6lemans10

    Renault is the second coming of Ligier.🙄

  87. Owen Prescott

    Something tells me Formula E has influenced these changes

  88. Matt768

    Maybe because last season they used ice packs on their intercoolers and this season they have been playing about with their fuel mixtures? That's why he accused them, because they ARE cheating, and yet they still lost the season. Max just has the bollocks to say it in public.

  89. powdergangster83

    All these changes but hardly any engine changes. Great, so Mercedes will still dominate and the engine sounds will still sound like overpriced vacuums. Good job FIA

  90. Neth

    All of them look ugly tbh

  91. Amitabh Mishra

    They've been killing the sport for a while now F1 doesn't allow underdogs a chance at all There's no surprise element in a Motorsport which is absurd We need to see more competition.

  92. joshiemerr

    Will there be passing !?!?

  93. Kimi Sauber-Könën

    Kimi Räikkönen 2021 = B W O O O A H 😴😴😴

  94. 991Click

    With all that money Ferarri still cant win a championship, embarrassing

  95. Christian Sarin

    What about refueling ? ?

  96. Dallas Kolotylo

    This is so exciting. I’ve been saying they should bring back ground effect for years! Don’t really like the look of the new front wings, but at least there is improvement

  97. Caldera

    How about when Mika Salo was supposed to win, stopping right at the finishing line to let his teammate win.

  98. Kevin Laguna

    William's.... William's is next...

  99. Peyton Bloom

    Really the only ones I felt was straight up ugly was the green machine and MAHOOSIVE air scoop... the rest are just crazy and kinda interesting to look at

  100. MATS Channel

    2:09 Dat Ass