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  1. bruh420

    So what your saying is that it's possible to make a plane out of Mercedes

  2. M T

    Here's a few F1 drivers who have commented on who they think is better. Irvine, Barichello, Webber and Villeneuve all think Hamilton is better than Schumacher. Brundle, Chandhock and Rosberg did an all time top 5 list recently. Brundle and Chandhock both had Schumacher 4th ahead of Hamilton in 5th, with the likes of Fangio, Clark, Senna and Prost ahead of them, in their individual lists. Rosberg had Schumacher as the #1 with Hamilton down in 4th. Out of these drivers, only one is an Englishman and he put Schumacher ahead of Hamilton. Lol

  3. ihategoogle

    There's no "mystery"-they went off the road after the corner.

  4. Max Power

    Ah yes senna the person who purposely took out his teammate for a championship

  5. I Hate Buzzfeed

    As a Long Beach citizen, I would LOVE to see F1 come back, Indy is sooooooo boring and is growing out of popularity. Also Indy doesn't treat business owners with respect, WE CAN'T EVEN GET INTO OUR OWN RESTAURANTS!!! If F1 comes back and lets us actually make money on the weekend, I WOULD LOVE TO SEE THEM STAY!!!

  6. Sideshow BOB

    2 pilots dead, another seriously injured, mechanics injured...spectators too. The track was cursed by satanic forces in that day, never, ever in the 60 and 70s so many people got injured in just one weekend

  7. Zoran Karabeleski

    Hamilton ahead of Schumacher and Senna What are complete joke

  8. Greg Brown

    I'm not sure how Jean turned the team around. I can't understand the man's English. I would hate to be in a circle of fear with someone like that. Still it's hard to Argue with his success at Ferrari in F1, Pulling Pugeot from the ashes to a group B championship in Rallying, Helping Tom Walkinshaw finally have success with the Jags in group C! Not bad for a rally co-driver I can't understand.

  9. Greg Brown

    With the dandemic it's been easy to forget Lewis' contribution to the Australian Wildlife maimed by the fires in NSW. As I recall he caught a good deal of grief for that.... go figger??

  10. Mic Ell

    2020 is missing the waifu sponsors

  11. Spenta Ashish Pithawala

    I would like to see Indian Grand Prix come back

  12. Victory Racer

    CAUTION 6left immediate TIGHTENS 1left long

  13. oranjelicht

    You are biased cuz you were all Brits. FANGIO! he drove in a period when a crash would mean instant death!

  14. oranjelicht

    Also his indycar stint was good

  15. oranjelicht

    Leyton house and copersucar were also amazing cars of adrian

  16. oranjelicht

    Best pack of team etc was schumacher time at ferrari: schumi, todt, brawn, Byrne, montezemolo,

  17. oranjelicht

    Lord hesketh as team boss

  18. drinity49

    Sepang and imola for me..

  19. Greg Brown

    "If you're not fined, suspended a race or get protested during the season, You're not working hard enough We will not be needing your services"

  20. Dustin Juliano

    Why were Andretti/Hakkinen car 7 and Senna car 8 in 1993? That's always bugged me...Senna was primary, so he should have had the lower number, right?

  21. Big Mutha Focker

    I agree that it should be taken in seriously but I don't think someone should lose their job because they didn't take it seriously. Especially when the driver never planned on racing virtually, they planned on racing on track.

  22. Bruno Siebra

    Another boring track

  23. Greg Brown

    100% it's Sterling Moss (For those who say Moss wouldn't be much today - Lots of today's drivers would not have lived to see 1964)

  24. Ketamine I Need

    Renault loves to talk about loyalty...

  25. Greg Brown

    Well, for those of you my age... I do not think it took very long for Michael Andretti to accept that his team mate at McLaren (Ayrton) was better than him ,in this discipline, although the rest of the planet already knew. (This in no way is meant to detract from the tremendous success he has obtained elsewhere in motorsports)

  26. li'l old me

    It's a bit rich coming from Red Bull. I seem to recall when Vettel was winning with them, he was asked about their performance with them, he just gave a grin and said "They will never work out how we do it"

  27. Sasquatch

    If both classes had no restrictions, we'd be seeing low 1:30's around Spa. Both cars are ridiculous as they currently are, imagine what it would be like without a 300 page restriction manual book on top of them.

  28. Matthew Pressley

    The European obsession with making cars go as fast as possible has ruined F1. There I said it.

  29. Flame Gamer

    Thats actualyy great content!

  30. pablo barrera

    Bring back the OLD Kyalami, the OLD Hockenheim, take out the chicane from Mistral at Paul Ricard, bring back Reims, bring back the FAST Silverstone and remove the chicanes from Monza. That's it!

  31. Dino d

    Dude u look funny in boots n skinny jeans.

  32. Criterium Gaming

    70's cars look like fast aliens.

  33. Criterium Gaming

    Μια χαρά ήταν τα μονοθέσια του 2012.

  34. Rogue Squadron

    Almost 50 minutes of poor jornalism right here, dont watch it.

  35. Legilis

    Top notch sound production...

  36. Sanu yohan


  37. Re-Imagine

    Awesome video and great animation!👍 What program do you use to create the animations?

  38. tomeddie14

    Autosport deleting his woeful 2011 season... his bottliing at the 2007 chinese grand prix, the pitlane crash at canada in 2008, his critical taradio about the car in 2009, his lack of opposition from 14-16. Sorry but this is hugely biased I'm afraid. "some of those mclaren's were terrible" - yet jenson and lewis won multiple races in all of them from 2010-2012.. come off it. Youre looking at the lewis hamilton that exsists in 2019... Looking at Senna in 1993, i think that's a different man to who you described...

    1. CommentToR v

      "some of those mclaren's were terrible" - Did they say that? I am sure they meant the Mclaren of the first half of 2009 . LOL, every car was crap compared to Brawn at that time. Such a valid excuse.

  39. Felix Cat

    Thank you for covering this truly horrific accident respectfully and honourably. I hope the families are in some way comforted that their lost one's are still remembered and mourned long after their tragic deaths.

  40. tomeddie14

    Thats a high dislike ratio

  41. lucky dhiman

    Halo looks okay and protects the drivers that's great! But putting a screen will just make F1 same as LMP1 with a hole in a top. Also, I think screen will get some particles stuck or maybe crack it. I don't think so changing a screen will be feasible in pit stops and Cleaning screens will increase the pit stop time as well.

  42. dblue

    In the overall history of the sport Chapman is surely the greatest. Truly innovative beyond compare through nearly 2 decades, there's far too much emphasis here on the last 20 years or so and with respect that's probably due to the age of the panel. Newey is the only one who could challenge him but that's based on fabulous attention to detail rather than outright genius.

  43. Woodyy212

    I would die for the nurburgring.

  44. elbeto191291

    As an Argentinian, I would love for F1 to come back to my country, but the Autodromo de Buenos Aires (where nearly every F1 race in Argentina was hosted) is in no shape for modern F1 machinery. So I would suggest other circuits around the country, like Potrero de los Funes, Rio Hondo, or San Juan Villicum.

  45. dashcam26


  46. Bongani

    I'm glad people are slowly starting to acknowledge Lewis as the goat. Of all the super multiple tome World champs, he really has been the cleanest driver of them all. Hope he gets at least 8 and takes all the records just to shut out any kind of dissent. Lol

  47. TOFKAS01

    4:26 And he would have driven the dominant package of the 1994 Indycar-season. And with Senna and Fittipaldi in the same Team, this season would have been a big sucess on the brasilian market.

  48. TheTobes99

    Sepang and Istanbul for sure. I love those tracks.

  49. CMDR Sweeper

    And today, Penske is mostly known for having their trucks shaved by a certain bridge... Although not as spectacularly anymore.

  50. JD Bearden

    Indianapolis. It adds the american charm of the steep banking oval circuit with the tight GP circuit

  51. R O S E

    Why the fuck im in love in sports that can kill me -Mountain biking -Circuit Races like UB150-MOTOGP -Motocross -F1 -Rally

  52. magnetictheory

    I'd love to see Monza piss off. Boring af circuit.

  53. Drive YT Brand

    I want AUTOPILOT feature

  54. CommentToR v

    Here is another huge difference between Schumacher and Hamilton. Schumacher's teammates had been rated higher before being teammates with him. But it is totally the other way for Hamilton. If I started watching F1 in 2010, therefore being fed all the time "Schumacher raced against a weaker competition" narrative, my jaw would drop the moment I learn that Button was a complete disaster against the Schumacher era drivers.

    1. M T

      This is complete bull and its now totally obvious that this is the reason that you are on a tirade against Jenson Button. Hamilton never faced anyone what was ranked, you say? Lol. He beat 2 reigning world champions, in the same machinery, in the first 4 years of his carer. Alonso in 2007 and Button in 2010. When did Schumacher, in his first career, ever face a world champion, never mind a reigning world champion? And we all know that Schumacher was protected by stipulations ensuring that his #2 driver teammates were not allowed to beat him, and then when he returned with Mercedes, without the same special privileges he enjoyed in his first career, Rosberg, a future world champion himself, completely exposed him. Hamilton has been far more battle hardened by facing competitive teammates with equal status during his career than Schumacher ever was. That's why some think Hamilton is better than Schumacher already. You are obviously completely devastated that Schumacher doesn't top this list but there is not a single thing you can do about. I named you 8 Formula 1 drivers who have commented on who they think is the best out of Hamilton and Schumacher, or who their all time top 5 are. Irvine, Barichello, Villenueve and Webber all say Hamilton is better than Schumacher. Brundle and Chandhock did an all time top 5 list and put Schumacher 4th, ahead of Hamilton in 5th. Davidson just named his favourite drivers growing up. Rosberg, a German, is the only driver out of all of them to name Schumacher as the absolute greatest, with Hamilton down in 4th, yet you have the nerve to post constant propaganda about how An Indian, an Australian, a Brazilian, a Canadian, an Irishman, and even a German, Rosberg himself, are all in on a rigged British media agenda? I've never seen a more desperate argument from anyone, just because you can't handle the fact that people don't see your idol as the absolute greatest. You should just be happy that Schumacher makes the top 5 in most peoples eyes because this in itself is a massive privilege. In this particular video though, Schumacher does not come out on top, Hamilton does. Now get over it.

  55. Keyboard Warrior

    I'd have Lewis Hamilton as my "number 2" driver. I'm going for the Prost-Senna approach.

  56. Lowe Eklund

    I rally hate this intro

  57. Googlar

    I had been thinking that the Halos looked a bit low, and I was thinking that taller drivers would be especially vulnerable. Nice to know that taller drivers can get better protection, but I can only assume that this could increase drag, and that being tall has probably always been a bit of a disadvantage in this sport (and in most auto racing sports).

  58. Anmol Patil

    Buddh International Circuit Indian Grand Prix

  59. MoreLonesomeLoser

    Aren't they going to rev higher?

  60. Adrian Osler

    bin silverstone, bring back brands

  61. Jackster31

    👍🏽 Totally the right decision. All the jealous comments below proof that to me 🤐 LH is the 🐐

    1. Huawei Mateten

      Lol. If anything it shows that there is too much disagreement which means Lewis can never be considered the goat unanimously

  62. Nicky Gonzalez

    How could the supposed best driver be someone who has to be ordered back into the fight by his race engineer while he is whimpering like a little girl about his car problems? He has his stats only because of his car. His mental weakness would have seen him eaten alive if he had raced in the 80's.

  63. Keyboard Warrior

    I'd have Schumacher as my number 1 driver. Screw sportsmanship, I want a guy that's willing to do everything possible to win. I would have Hamilton as my number 2 driver though.

  64. Matt

    That wreck was like a Fucking cartoon.

  65. Jean Gagnier

    Following Moss's passing, I often heard pundits include him in the conversation for the all-time top 5 (albeit on the margin, like Vettel, Piquet or Mansell)... and now he's the ultimate #2. My brain can't really resolve this, sadly!

  66. William Cruz

    Group B "They were BEAST"

  67. Raymond Stellhorn

    4 ugly (3 of them old) white dudes and then there’s Jess, just doesn’t seem right still, Autosport still needs more diversity and youth. Also, make sure you are front lit evenly and the camera is at eye level. Not trying to hate just pointing out areas for improvement. Enjoying this series though.

  68. NitroFPV

    Wow, how do you lable a vid as being about an engine, then barely talk about the engine itself? I think you may have missed the mark here...

  69. The Murph

    Clark is the GOAT he raced and beat the likes of Graham Hill Jackie Stewart Phil Hill John Surtees Jack Brabham Bruce Mclaren Denny Hulme Dan Gurney. From winning by nearly 5 minutes in the pouring rain with a broken gearbox at Old Spa I’m sorry nothing and no one comes close to Clark

  70. marshallmarthes

    Formula 1 and Formula 1 fans in general have to adapt the way NBA adapted to Michael Jordan 4 examples just put them on a pedestal just put for example Lewis Hamilton on a pedestal regardless of what he does Michael Jordan wasn't a clean-cut person but he is still touted as the greatest of all time and whatnot and he was just playing a f****** local American League he wasn't even tested on an international level just wants maybe he was on 92 Olympics that's it but because they put him on a pedestal NBA grew so much all over the world and now it's a billion billion dollar business it's all about the perception just create a perception you have a great Sportsman a great champion but just because he's black people still won't accept it and that's why a Formula One is never going to be as big as any of the sport

    1. CommentToR v

      LOL, it has nothing to do with racism. You assume so because it is obvious that you don't know anything about F1. Nobody cares about the race of any driver. And these expert are not just positive about Hamilton. They are claiming him being GOAT, which he obviously isn't. (Yeah I copied the response of mine to another post of yours which you did plenty of. I cannot spend time on that because it is obvious your entire worldview is about trying to detect where racism come from, which is non-existent in this case)

  71. marshallmarthes

    Jess makes a good point of when they retired or died has a lot of opinions depending on that surely it's centre was still alive and had done a few more bad things that he was going to do under pressure he might not have been such a great icon of Formula One which he is today because he died

  72. marshallmarthes

    say anything say anything positive about Lewis Hamilton and all the racist people come out

    1. Huawei Mateten

      Are you a idot. I am ethnic minority and I think Lewis is not the goat. Does that make me a racist now

    2. CommentToR v

      LOL, it has nothing to do with racism. You assume so because it is obvious that you don't know anything about F1. Nobody cares about the race of any driver. And these expert are not just positive about Hamilton. They are claiming him being GOAT, which he obviously isn't.

  73. marshallmarthes

    Lewis will be the goat regardless of whatever the racists people say, they will say British bias but mention Jim Clark and sterling moss themselves, just accept it that you guys can't take it that the only black driver to ever race in f1 is also the greatest of all time

    1. CommentToR v

      LOL, it has nothing to do with racism. You assume so because it is obvious that you don't know anything about F1. Nobody cares about the race of any driver. And these expert are not just positive about Hamilton. They are claiming him being GOAT, which he obviously isn't. (Yeah I copied the response of mine to another post of yours which you did plenty of. I cannot spend time on that because it is obvious your entire worldview is about trying to detect where racism come from, which is non-existent in this case)

  74. Aswin BUC

    Fernando Alonso

  75. marshallmarthes

    Lewis is the goat no arguments but people will still question is coz they just can't take it that a black man is their goat in a sports which never before lewis had any black person

    1. CommentToR v

      LOL, it has nothing to do with racism. You assume so because it is obvious that you don't know anything about F1. Nobody cares about the race of any driver. And these expert are not just positive about Hamilton. They are claiming him being GOAT, which he obviously isn't. (Yeah I copied the response of mine to another post of yours which you did plenty of. I cannot spend time on that because it is obvious your entire worldview is about trying to detect where racism come from, which is non-existent in this case)

    2. The Murph

      It’s called an opinion I think the goat is Jim Clark for a multitude of reasons are there people in the world who don’t like Hamilton because of his skin color most likely but attacking every single person because they don’t share the same view as you is completely ridiculous

  76. marshallmarthes

    So you got this hater from wtf1 I guess

  77. IIGrayfoxII

    Screen is better overall. Protects against smaller objects like the spring that hit massa.

  78. fran

    I whish Argentina Grand Prix would be back...

  79. Nathan Gamble

    No Maldonado?

  80. DEXOS

    Schumacher in 3rd . For real. A true winner. Speed , skill , finesse, attitude and ruthlessness. The complete racer . Without question the GOAT . DEFINITELY NUMBER 1 . Period . 2nd . Jim Clark . More natural talent in his little finger than 99 percent of every other driver in history. 3rd . Alain Prost . A maestro on the track. Smooth as silk and fearless. I’m a Brit and would love to choose a Brit driver but the simple truth is Michael Schumacher blows everyone else away.

    1. CommentToR v

      2nd is an all time great from another era and 3rd is the mighty Prost. This is a logical list, I liked it.

  81. Arvin Buensalida

    Only change I’d make is in drivers. Number one is senna/Schumi and number two is Kimi circa 2017

  82. loukas

    WTH is wrong with you Autosport, Toto Wolff on top? Really? He is good but he is not the best, once again like the last video you made, you are completely wrong. Toto inherited a winning team he did not have to build it up from the ground. Men like Frank Williams who is a petrol head to the bone was the best choice here, if not Jean Todt for reviving Ferrari. One final point, you put Toto even ahead of Ron Dennis, i mean really? Think of the talent that there has been to Mclaren because of him, drivers and engineers and how many championships. Even Paddy Lowe, if you connect the points Mclaren, Ron Dennis, Mercedes to end up with Toto's success. I call for 10% of unsubscribe from this ridiculous channel. You attempt to rewrite the greatest, with the views of your sponsors. I really cannot think of anything else, why. I will leave and take the poster behind Jess. This channel is for closure. Journalist Community, creating multiple channels, benefiting from multiple accounts and shaping opinions. Really good.

  83. Captin Killjoy

    if they made a movie about Kubicas career, be it a Rush style movie or Senna style movie, I'd deffinatly pay to watch it

  84. BOEUF Alexandre

    In F1 the helmet is suppose to protect the dirver from smaller object.

  85. William 11

    3:01 that’s the 2015 Mercedes not the 2016 car

  86. Borja Selvi

    1-fangio 2-prost 3-clark

    1. CommentToR v

      @marshallmarthes I don't think you watch F1 live even today. All your arguments talk about people being racist against Hamilton, which is nonexistent.

    2. marshallmarthes

      So how was it watching fangio racing live?

  87. hj Em

    When u finish your flashback 😂😂🤦🏿‍♂️

  88. Corne Van Gulik

    I thought Jerez is likely to come back when Barcelona will drop off the calender?

  89. Niko Fox

    Im using this to help with my fantasy car company "Citaro"

  90. Jack

    I cange my favorite sport from F1 to horses races

  91. Hannes Roets

    Banning aero and data monitoring will remove 90% of the problems and promote proper racing.

  92. Ys Kuzi


  93. Sinister Zane

    One point..... most you tubers..... have never seen any of these drivers in real time..... smh so the opinions of ppl watching a replays, in front of a pod cam... although interesting subjects, and ridiculous comments about a era of racing they are not, and cannot really translate ..... but yeah 30yr old expert.... doubt it. But very interesting engagement. Cheers. Keep it up.

  94. Joris GiantForeHead

    This is the only f1 controversy that still gets me fuming every single time thinking if it were to happen to me (and yes I know practically the same happened to Pironi and Villeneuve but that is less recent and thus I couldn’t imagine me being Villeneuve)

  95. Antony Di Gerlando

    I thought I’d have a look at the comments for a laugh after watching the video. Was not disappointed. I bet most of the people who’ve posted ‘Hamilton’s always had the best car’ or other nonsense didn’t even listen to the journalists case for him. Remember they got *experts* from all around the world to do this and they’ve seen Hamilton first hand. I’ve also not seen any facts that Hamilton is a poor driver from these comments; just the usual whining :)!

    1. Huawei Mateten

      Lol. #rosberg.

  96. 964tractorboy

    Set out your criteria then bend or ignore all of them to put Senna ahead of Schumacher. Joke.

    1. CommentToR v

      LOL, and it gets funnier when one of the criterias is sportsmanship.

  97. tunde emmanuel

    I can’t believe Williams will let mansell down

  98. zero2a100

    There is always another race ...of course the man went back all drivers know at any moment that could be me at the bottom of that cliff. Racers are human and not there to sell sneakers .

  99. Chris Fuell

    £40 million reasons for him to return to Renault. If F1 want a top season Alonso Hamilton at Merc would be awesome.

  100. dazaspc

    This is probably not what happened but it was how I imagined events played out as I was following the news... Webber ~ goes out in a untested car in traffic for the first time. When following another car in bad air discovers that the front is getting lift. Pits and reports the issue to the 3 pronged swastika. 3 Pronged Swastika ~ BS the drivers telling them they have made a significant change but just rips of leftover junk from a DTM car and screws it on then tells drivers to back off to keep the front down and not slipstream. Other Drivers ~ To slow to notice the problem don't support their fellow driver of the death trap. Mick Doohan fellow Aussie, brand ambassador, multiple 500cc Motor bike world champion and team mentor~ Gives classic Aussie response "Come on mate just grow a pair. I won plenty of races with the front wheel coming off the ground" FIA ~ it was not an German Driver so it must be his fault American Le Mans Series ~ Cool we might get another 5 people at a race... We better get a camera down there just in case. Webber ~ Still in shock and takes advice from those who don't give a fuck. He returns to his room and listens to some classic Aussie Rock to Psych himself up for another run. The next days Webber ~ has the same trouble twice in the same spot that week end. Balls the size of watermelons still not enough to keep the front of the car down. 3 Pronged Swastika ~ demands he go out again. Webber ~ gives them the classic Aussie Negative response " No Way, Get Fucked! Fuck Off..." Aussies ~ Webbers response becomes folklore... FIA ~ it was not an German Driver so it was his fault. American Le Mans Series ~ OK who forgot to turn on the camera, the Bloody French I bet. Make sure it is turned on for the race 3 Pronged Swastika ~ We will fix it it was only the springs being to hard. The Aussie still thinks he is on the wrong side of the equator and tries to drive like that. Dumbreck ~ Cars do not fly... Then a short time later " I saw the Sky" then I thought "Ahh I know what is happening here" 3 Pronged Swastika ~ They actually see it happen on a live feed. "It's 1955 Again..." Toyota ~ OH WHAT A FEELING