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  1. nik Lazz

    Please keep hacking their phone calls 😂😂😂

  2. Z N

    If he hasn’t come off as such a prick in his swipes against many other candidates, he’d have done better. Attacking Mayor Pete’s city for being smaller than his, and having a police shooting of a black man, is a petty political attack. I don’t see Julián as a good VP pick.

  3. Fishie Fishie

    nikki haly Had A Chance To Help Save America, N She Refused N Instead Took trump's Russian Mob Money ? We hope she gets to buy all her books .

  4. karl kiralis

    This African is a Democrat, he hates Trump go Back to South Africa

  5. Pier Graham

    Oh, I'm sure you do want to keep your billionaire friends Trevor, but thanks for having a real progressive on your show.

  6. Kyle Bunton RDN

    Narcs need constant praise, or Your Fired!

  7. mihai grigoriu

    You have to accept: trump is a hell of a job engine...

  8. Alejandro Zapata

    Jokes on you, Trevor. Trump is likely to still be President by 2025.

  9. slayer. point

    Hell no way you are gonna win even though whatever you say makes sense. Give it couple of elections. Hardly in two or three decades you will have more migrants than Americans then am sure you can win till that relax

  10. Frederick Rhodes

    If he leans forward and pops his ass out, it’s supposed to hide his belly.🤣

  11. Mazinger and Minerva


  12. Ymad Ada

    trevor, maybe you can go for the sexest man in ppl magazine.

  13. RobJohn

    She. Is. The. Bizness. I saw her on Colbert and loved it. Now I love her for real.

  14. Pending

    I see these two dating in the near future . Maybe a baby too 🍼

  15. Taco Taco

    Trevor Noah is literally foreign interference. He needs to be silenced. He also is a racist and "Joked" about hitting a person with Downs syndrome. Disgusting human

  16. Jorge Campos

    I love Anna k

  17. Secure Administrator

    I quit smoking with vaping. I quit vaping with smoking. Life saved. Thanks Phillip Morris.

  18. Kenneth Chemwok

    Everyone: (Shoutinng) Yeeyy...She's Back Me: She's back... For His heart (wink, wink)

  19. Juan Gonzalez

    Someone should have asked that doctor if HE was racist😁 Would have loved so hear his answer.

  20. Dani Brown-Betz

    What a donkey/uncle Tom ass. You just can't fix stupid

  21. Ileana P. R

    I got the chills when i watched it. Like ughh so good. I swear

  22. marke996able

    1 - 1

  23. Hello There

    Greta has assburgers disease

  24. Vice Goodn

    she wants to fuck the NOAH

  25. A Person

    She's right though, and this video proves it.

  26. mw izzie

    I wont buy any. Once hes gone no reminders please.

  27. Chicago Ray

    Actually Hillary they have said that about Al Gore, Mitt Rommney and others. The thing is they were not as universally hated as you, they weren't as corrupt as you and they also aren't there every time you turn around still butthurt they didn't win. Does this woman realize that most votes cast for her wasn't for her but actually votes against Trump? What a delusional woman. Please don't kill me Hillary.

  28. Max Kuhar

    “ We treat women with respect” and his shirt says Hillary sucks

  29. Manuel M

    Castro es no bueno. Trump tower tienes los mejor taco bowls. Aye Coño!!

  30. Chris P

    not watching, just thumbs downing this pedo-private-jet flying monster. 26 times he flew with Jeffrey Epstein. have you even flown with your mom or kids that often?


    This exact video is why I'm supporting VP Biden. You still have to treat illegal border crossings like the serious crimes they are, without separating children from families. On healthcare, Biden said you can buy into a Medicare-like public option if you don't have insurance and don't like your private health insurance, and that's what he's stuck with. Also, regardless of who the nominee is, WE WILL HAVE THE MINORITY WORKING CLASS. Goddammit, this dumbass party needs to learn that the white working class is the ONLY DEMOGRAPHIC preventing us from winning big.

  32. Swiss19Chris

    I am scared for humanity when I read this comment section. Making the rich poorer does not make the poor richer. Switzerland is one of the most, if not the most capitalist country in Europe and has among the lowest taxes. The median wealth and incomes are astronomical in global terms. Compare Hong Kong to the rest of the Asia - why can’t people see the obvious? If you say that these are tiny countries then please look at the US and compare it to the rest of the world. Look at the wealth and incomes - do not use averages, but look at medians to get a fair view of society Inequality is mainly driven through lowering interest rates over decades (all assets such as stocks, property, etc. go up) and globalisation and the resulting decrease of the manufacturing sector which decreased in turn the middle class. Higher taxes didn’t create the good old times, but a growing economy fuelled by more people entering the labour force and higher productivity in the US than the rest of the world. US wages used to be higher, but due to higher productivity the unit costs were cheaper than in many countries in the world. That’s what created the wealth - not taxing the rich. How stupid someone has to be, to believe that taxing the rich creates wealth for society...How is wealth created by tax? Or by inefficient redistribution? Listening to a historian - not even economic historian or an economist...

  33. Maureen Lewis

    But next time what? The ending though. What a cliffhanger if I ever saw one.

  34. Summer Xo

    Anna and Trevor should do an episode where they co-host!!!


    Sikhs are the pride of india see their charity through khalsa aid in war ridden areas like syria etc. Sikhs do that on principle of seva which is serving people. Sikhism is totally opp of islam tbh.😂

  36. Joanna Stoker

    I ship it

  37. Curiously Content ASMR

    Great. Thanks. I'm never going to unsee this now.

  38. Nathan Kelley

    Wow Trevor Noah basicallly just told his audience, "There is nothing to see here!", to protect his elite friends and the Clintons.

  39. Viran Victus

    Truly Castro was bold and fearless. No one else was bold enough to spend so much money and fearless enough to waste the time of the people.

  40. IeatURANIUM

    who are we kidding? there are only 3 candidates, 1 of whom is banned from getting elected

  41. Danar Majid

    I was Muslim,and now and forever I am #لا الله ‏إلا الله محمد رسول الله

  42. Nightfury Revenge

    0:25 When Christ comes back, as anyone who’s read the Bible knows, it’s not necessary a good thing for humanity.

  43. Noh Buddy

    God damn fuck you Trevor. Bill Clinton was chilling with a rich pedophile and you do nothing but ask the most ass kissed questions

  44. Scatherfirst

    Poh baybay, he'll be crying harder when his greed-crazed head is on a spike

  45. Brenden Barnett

    “People that spend their live avoiding death are already dead” - Rick Sanchez I think this applies to the shoe creasing. If you keep them shits in a box? Fine. But the second you wear them expect for them to get busted up. Mitigate the damage if possible, don’t jump in mud puddles and drown your shoes in piss or anything, but acknowledge that life happens when you’re living it.

  46. Time with Tommyy

    I thought Trump read a book or something I was like, *oh really? When?*

  47. beesprimetimenetwork


  48. Annabelle B

    This is not a bombshell; don't give this woman anymore coverage. Her 15min of fame has been up for a long time; I still hate S.C. for this woman. She has an ulterior motive; now, she is astonished? I don't think so.

  49. Tommy

    Trevor, they're still letting you host that show?

  50. HPH22

    Look at the comments compared to the likes and dislikes. Nothing supportive in the comment section, yet 17k likes to 3k dislikes 🤔

  51. Jonny Rosado

    So are you accepting pre-orders for your book Trevor?😂🤣😭

  52. Jacknorth45

    When she looked directly into the camera at me I immediately wanted to take down my Epstein memes

  53. Carol Morris

    Everybody has a price, but then we have always known that.

  54. Lars Chue


  55. Jason Kirk

    Kandypens are thc I thought

  56. Suad Farag


  57. Jari Marines

    Omg, Popeyes chicken is a dangerous place especially now with their chicken sandwiches.

  58. Cara Parsons

    Does anyone else think they be a couple?? They would be awesome!

  59. Dream is to reach 3000 subscribers

    Hey you random person going through the comments section, have a Blessed day...

  60. NoaLives79

    Bullshit terms is something we are NOT short of. Singleness doesn't need upgrading. It is what it is. If you're happy it's awesome, if you're miserable, it's not. Just like all other states of being.

  61. G Ff

    Fat juicy tight!

  62. Richard Johnson

    This is the same Guy that said Africans should not be allowed to have guns because they are not responsible to use them. [email protected] racists ass Bloomberg.

  63. augustine samai

    It only an idiot who read those books. The all are trying to cash in period. We all know Trump is an idiot and we don't need all these people writing a book telling us the obvious. But American people are so ignorant and the will fall for the obvious.

  64. Liss Yori

    We need to talk to your Nigerian friend too🙄

  65. toons124

    Hahaha... you demonCratic hack

  66. Look at my suit

    Beto, Klobuchar, Booker and now Castro lol. Whichever rich fuckers own Comedy Central are desperately trying to find an alternative to Bernie and Warren. Get fucked assholes we don't want your half way progressives

  67. UnluckyGambler


  68. Patrick Wilkin

    So Nov 17th he's going to find out he wants to spend more time with his family?



  70. Sherray Mishler

    You should have Jacksepticeye on you show Trevor. He's a NLselr but does so much for charity live streaming and helping people also. Jacksepticeye is so much more then just a NLselr. Would love to see him on your show! Love you Trevor.

  71. HelloWorld

    "I'll just buy another pair."

  72. K Hunigan

    Stephen Miller reminds me of a young Herman Gering. Very dangerous ignorant intolerant entity.

  73. Cedric Mathieu


  74. MowGohhldRequired

    But the treeeeees!!! Why is no one thinking about all the trees which died for all these senseless books!! ^^'

  75. Chris German

    It was a perfect stand!! There was no quid pro stand. Excuse me I have the best stand ever believe me. I could stand like this in the middle of 5th avenue and I wouldn't lose any stands..ok and if anyone disagrees with me then that's fake news.

  76. Nava BlessedOne

    #presidentnoah .... Las Vegas is crazy

  77. Ada Moseley


  78. Jeffrey Turner

    The truth is that the "psychotic" lifestyle choice of homosexuals points to the fact that they lack the capacity to be the men they were born to be. The day when men can give birth from their asses will never come. Civil rights over gay rights forever. We should be smarter than this. We force scientists to discover new cures for STD's when we could be making progress on the moral advancement of humanity. Gay rights should never overshadow or equate to civil rights. Sick world we live in.

  79. Sharon Duke

    He is bowlegged .omg

  80. Anxo Fernandez

    I absolutely love Anna Kendrick, she's very spontaneous and careless but she comes across as a little bit out there and kinda weird, and that's precisely what I love about her. That and her being best friends with the weirdness incarnate Aubrey Plaza, my other huge celebrity crush. I'd love to just hang out with them.

  81. Big John

    Castro is bold?? 🙄

  82. Nava BlessedOne

    I think Trevor Noah should run for president. Your ideas are on point, logical and you're realistic. #trevorforpresident.

  83. miathapapaya

    That dress is soooo gorgeous

  84. Gary Xing

    The postmate driver better be a hot chick😂

  85. d.j. Link Spins

    leave it to the one armed googly eyed weirdo to tell me the truth.

  86. linda merchette

    I miss The Obamas.

  87. junglechick13

    What a waste of trees. They should be required to donate all their proceeds to things like the National Parks and schools.

  88. Seb 8969

    Money isn't real....damn right. Welcome to the "real" world. A world where people kill eachothers for colored FAKE paper.

  89. philippe597

    Please guys, male it regular !

  90. Tom Hendricks

    Media giants get political pull by big book advances. Better than payola or lobbyists. This is one of 27 key issues in the arts and media that no one talks about. Musea since 1992.

  91. Daniel B

    Bernie Sanders 2020!

  92. abc news

    Even Christians were not allowed to eat pork till 17th century , because it have same teachings as. Of jewish( same as bible) , even allowed to have 4 women till 17 th century

  93. Chris Soez

    Been a huge fan since you started. This was just piss poor reporting. Missed the mark by miles...

  94. matsswede

    HOW IS IT POSSIBLE to have such a president as trump ? How ca he continue ? HOW ???

  95. sinkiy

    I love how they save the fetuses and passionately against abortions but once the kid is born fuck the kid. Save the itsy bitsy fetuses but once the kid is born not our problem. So a woman that’s raped and gets pregnant, is psychologically now damaged and destroyed, anti abortion people want her to go and have the rapists baby ? So a woman that gets raped and accidentally pregnant by the pos rapists should now have his kid ? Wtf kind of logic is this.

  96. Leila Anne

    all the dislikes were bought by bloomberg

  97. Marshay Emanuel

    He has a point

  98. Marc

    He stole this joke from Russel Peters! exact same words

  99. Vikram B

    Am I on the only one who noticed Trump pointed down when he said Bloomberg had "personal problems"

  100. Jason Schuchardt

    Why do people keep acting like its new information that Kelly and Tillerson were ignoring and working against the president. This was reported by the news ages ago, based on inside sources that leaked that information. And let's be real, the reporting of their insubordination is probably part of why Trump fired them.