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  1. MM Tv

    Damon Fryer from DDE(DAILY DRIVEN EXOTIC) has built the first GT3 458. Check his channel if you want.

  2. Bleachy58

    Why are these guys always copying other youtubers builds...

  3. Muhammad Bilal

    stock allowys were much better👎🏻

  4. Alfredo Zamora

    So good gays I love ❤️👍😊👍👍

  5. DropD

    The build is definitely for DDE. A PFS wrap and they still haven't announced the add-ons that they announced a couple of months ago, and Damon has been frothing to get another 458....

  6. Kristic

    When tf did they get the nissan altima they said we’ve been commenting about wtf this the first time I see it

  7. Maxakeni Taibo

    Check it out!!! nlsel.info/video/video/jpylfmWml7Jsy6w.html:: YIANNIMIZE :: » yiannimize.com » nlsel.info » facebook.com/yiannimize » instagram.com/yiannimize » twitter.com/yiannimize The only problem is they are in England. But they do a fantastic job and you can learn a lot from them.

  8. cj enrico

    You guys should do a video of just washing all the cars and trucks

  9. Oneil Basdeo

    Dinner table had me dying

  10. BlackOpsPlays

    Dont sell the GTR!!

  11. Matthew Rodriguez

    Mustang is a keeper but not the GT-R? Bruh

  12. Rami & Randee

    This channel would blow up if you rebuild a Supra. Like if you agree :)

  13. Lee Hunt

    When y'all work on the mustang some

  14. Clark Aborido

    Did they sell the mustang?

  15. Erwin Alpian

    Good Job Bro....and cool jacket ...can you send me one your jacket...please. I am its your fan from Palu Sulawesi Tengah...Indonesia.

  16. Joshua Vanalst

    You got time fix the paint before you wrap it

  17. Josue Perez

    GOONZQUAD had go subscribe after this I seen this video. I watched other videos before this . What really got me is that they actually didn’t beat around the bush and where honest about what they spent. This is how you know they are all about the fans giving them what they want. Being TRUE. Keep up the good work guys.

  18. Thien Nguyen

    Tuyệt vời

  19. DeonteSoWavy

    Man I kinda wanna see them do a Hummer H2 build or something

  20. Christopher Reitan

    It's also better to pop rivet side widebody fenders after wrap, so you dont have to cut the rivets out🙏🏻👍🏻

  21. steve ash

    I don't like the wheels...but no way it's going to be better than tj hunts, his is perfection imo.

  22. CLS550

    Should just paint the car

  23. Apollo Twins

    How much did you get it from the auction for?

  24. Jered Housel

    I don't see a problem with Studs. Long as the wheels are Hub Centric. If they aren't I'd suggest some Hub Centric Rings. Having the wheel center supported also helps take stress off the studs. But I guess thats if those hubs have a Hub center Bore

  25. Andrew Pascual

    yall should tint the headlights yellow

  26. Sukai Russell

    What's the name of the song 4:32

  27. Bogdan Aranyasz

    You should totally do a Lamborghini murcielago for your next build I think it would be better them the huracan and the 458

  28. Juan Carlos


  29. trash

    i know this video is like a year old but when i saw the extension cables out in the rain all connected it gave me so much anxiety


    Those new wheels look legit!!!

  31. Brett S

    I haven't been very impressed with the tusk terribites. Over 1000 miles on mine and they already have cuts and chunks missing. Carnivores are a better option

  32. Dodd Garger

    First time I've ever seen a riced Ferrari..

  33. Leo's Productions

    When you going back to rebuilding storm damage houses lol

  34. drowization

    great vid again,,,, but where did you all get those lugs nuts for you car please ???? thank you,,,,

  35. jay

    Hey boyz... I don't mean to alarm you but I think the cops are staking you out at 18:55!!! 🤔😲🙄😜

  36. Slimypeople48

    i wonder how much water is in the doors after pressure washing without door handles

  37. armando patane


  38. armando patane

    And love you guys and builds

  39. armando patane

    You probably already know this //any welding repair needs too be done in fiber glass// why u ask// fiber glass REPELS WATER //and BONDO ABSORBES WATER // look it up /I am an a advanced collision SPECIALIST / I have not herd your frame guy even ever mention / but ask him / vtune I believe/ but I’ll bet us whole care he willing to agree/ just helpful hints /ARMANDO PATANE JACKSONVILLE FLORIDA

  40. n sainm001

    Just don't hand it over to DDE😂

  41. Ethan Macheras

    Great job on prep work and rims look nice!

  42. jeff59rt

    Rap guy..... #RDBLA ....best rappers in the game.

  43. Travis Mccarthy

    Looking good

  44. TMG PoKe

    is it cheaper to rebuild a super car or to just buy a new one

  45. Rajat Rana


  46. Daniel Valdez

    PB Blaster should have sponsored this channel by now!

  47. Ian vlogs

    I wish I had the money to do this kind of build but I'm working on 2 pocket bikes and 1 racing mini bike

  48. Zul Husni Hassan

    The original ferrari car from the factory was interesting. when modified it looks unattractive. original is more beautiful...😘

  49. blank blank

    Still too much talking bro. Just do ur rebuilding

  50. blank blank

    Ur video is too much talking Just show ur rebuilding

  51. Cisco

    These cars look like when a paisa puts every mod AutoZone has to offer 👎

  52. Boi Smelly

    I have a question we’re do you keep all the nuts and bolts that you guys take off?

  53. Guilherme Gaming

    Muito bom 👍

  54. brian daum

    tri tip exhaust NO TRI FORCE POWER

  55. Jaycee 925

    Cant wait to order my banks mod for my l5p

  56. Mark 8 Lifestyle

    That first rear tire has some steel belts showing.

  57. Hunter Romine

    You should make a business when u get it built and name it “Goozquad garage”

  58. K Coo

    Whoa! Did you know you can go to F5r.org and get High appraised domain names for cheap, then resell for higher at auction sites. Nice🤣


    Hell yeah brothers !! Can't wait to see you guys rip it down the road !!

  60. Victor OBS

    Mickey Mouse Ferrari

  61. BUK Lau

    Like for a Range Rover SVR rebuild

  62. Andrew Lewis

    yazoo is in mississippi just so yall know


    It's coming along, looking gooooood

  64. J PUPPY01

    sell the ferrari to dde

  65. Ana Cristina

    Can you do some atuff to your gtr i am a fan

  66. Rock Soul

    Are they guys brothers or friends pls tell anyone ????

  67. TheRevalationNation

    Get some billet clutches for it! I got some for my rzr 1k and it wakes up!

  68. Timok Khan

    C’est pas le filtre anti particules qu’ils viennent de virer, là, nos deux cow-boys ?

  69. MCSD12

    how do you get away with driving all these cars with no plates on them.

  70. D Ealy

    Make it a Black and white! Front and rear black, top and doors white!

  71. The Book Of Bus

    Update on property?

  72. Jan Kopjar

    you dont race with police car your video is clicbait

  73. Joseph Caratelli

    I wished they painted it before they wrap it

  74. Shahid Zadran

    14:41 who remembered DON’T GO ANYWHERE

  75. Bogart medina

    I love Tom guys

  76. Dean F

    Danny P 1818 local boy -rockin it!

  77. Kody Elkins

    What are those jacks y’all use on the channel I have a lowered truck and those would make working on it wonderful

  78. Rigo Cortez

    You should try the Green Key

  79. Ronny Braun

    Mercedes also does the wheel bolts instead of lug nuts

  80. Mark Macdonald

    i love the music you guys pick and love the daily content :)

  81. Kavinsky Smith

    I gotta say, I hope you paint the white one ferrari red like this one is, as red just looks so much better on a 458.

  82. Felix Brendel

    is it just me or did these recent projects get boring?

  83. SaMo Dj//

    Where i can buy this cheap cars like nissan 350z where i can find it

  84. Valdenilson Constantino

    Me manda um miniatura dos seus carros

  85. Alex Avina

    Deep dish pizza? Lol

  86. hard drox

    you could do a golf course 5 r32

  87. kevin whitehead

    Wish you could fix mine then cams went bang and oil pump backwards top and fuel tank were all wrong and mine got flooded

  88. Matthew Sarll

    Get a tig welder to get those clean welds 👌🏻

  89. Larry Carroll

    That’s an oil heater plug guys

  90. Юра Паньків


  91. Юра Паньків


  92. SnegY

    15:40 2 katanas

  93. Joseph Bastiaanse

    I think the switch is to cut power the yaw sensor so you can get 'er sliding without VDC kicking back on

  94. Zello

    Imagine as soon as they pull out on they highway the get hit 😂

  95. the only one

    You guys better get some lock tight on those studs at least on the side that goes into the rotor.

    1. the only one

      Also the other guy is Kevin with cyber garage. He has a gt3 challenge car.

  96. Dylan Harbinson

    can you guys give us a(n) build update on all of the builds!!!!!!!

  97. Wiljhon Diendo

    Future DDE car? Hmmmm

  98. Mad Mechanix

    My father in law is born and raised Georgia.. and literally at 75 talks exactly the same

  99. Pete

    Use ur car lift!

  100. D Ealy

    A Lot of cars come with lug studs. Jeep Renegade, Saturn L series, Mini Coopers, BMW's Ect.......