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  1. Andy Walrus

    Yeah rebuild his old truck

  2. Gabriel Dickson

    Truck looks wayyy clean I bet those hating don’t have truck close to this one

  3. Mbiu George

    Pretty dang cool!

  4. Mike Box

    Great plot of land. I’d clean up that fence line. Repair that fence and gate first. Once you’ve finished clearing those three trailers. Then build a mega garage. Big enough for several projects at the same time. Add offices and display area. Gravel the or concrete around it. Move in and get to work. You guys will have a great work place. And storage area for you collection of cats, trucks and machines. Set up a permanent spray tunnel. Also, try moving those trailers with the Army Truck. It should be able to haul those into a back lot position.

  5. Phillip King

    What advice would you give a first timer (restorer/ repairer)?

  6. J G

    There's a reason they use robots on the production line, this is hugely laborious, like one massive fiddly puzzle!

  7. Snowy

    I built the Lamborghini huriacan

  8. Diogo Silva

    9:10 blood ?

  9. Matthew Fortune

    @1:50 yes that is the difference between tinted glass and tinted film. Tinted glass either has the tinting mixed into to the glass or laminated between 2 layers of glass.

  10. Dragan Zeta


  11. Filip R

    Can you show us where you have all the parts while it's apart? How you have it stored and maybe named?

  12. Dale Fischer

    Would like to see y'all rebuild a 2015-2019 wrecked F 150 ego boost 3.5 and put on the cool air, exhaust and tune. For an old timer.

  13. AcyHD


  14. Jaime De Luna

    What happened to part 8 on the boat build 🤷🏻‍♂️

  15. Petteri Aittola

    Hopefully you paint that red front into black, looks ridigulous.

  16. DB311

    How well does that lift work? I've seen a few for sale... seems like it'd be helpful.

  17. Nigel Photo Video Novelty

    how much is the one you have go for at the acution

  18. Petteri Aittola

    Could be a custom exhaust from a quality shop. Looks really sleek! I had nitril steel exhaust manifold and down pipe manufactured in a shop, that makes race exhausts and they don’t label their work.


    Can you rebuild my 2019 BMW X1 that just got totaled because of a teenager driving without a license hitting it with a Jeep ???

  20. Petteri Aittola

    Old fart’s rule on any build is that prepare for mistakes. And do better next time.

  21. SA8TER21

    Laminated glass is what a windshield is. It wont shatter into a million pieces like most tempered glass. Probably made like that to help keep the car cool and keep kids safe in the back seats.

  22. BLkxican

    I been waiting

  23. Petteri Aittola

    Is it, that You don’t have to replace the blown safety system to get it into plates in US, yet the car has had all the OEM safety stuff?

  24. fatehjang singh

    Ok guys, pickup some game, we need to see some different kind of content. Whats going on with the shop Show us some excitment

  25. Feli A

    day 4 asking for gold or bronze wheels with black calipers

  26. Jair Ramos


  27. Ayoub Sahli

    10:28 engines.....for what ??

  28. Jhay Duran

    I just saw this grand cherokee earlier but with a black version ❤️

  29. Masekle PS4

    Yall should look at lizardskin.com when you do complete interior removal. It is s sound barrier and insulating paint.

  30. Auto Auction Rebuilds


  31. fyrnox

    9:09 is that blood or something else?

  32. Wales H

    Love to see how you all catalog and organize the parts in order to put them back in the right places.

  33. CaptainDawg02

    Goonzquad: "Man, look at all these features on the drive modes for this car..." Lambo: "Am I a joke to you?"

  34. François

    Goonzquad your the best. Greet from the Netherlands. ++++++

  35. Dustin Morris

    Buy royalty exotics wrecked McLaren 720s @goonzquad

  36. Jimmy Hallatt

    Change the stitching to red!! 😍

  37. Caleb A

    Been here since the subaru wrx

  38. TJ Tolbert

    You can turn that mirror setting of in the settings of the dash screen.

  39. AffiDesigns

    These boys get hyped up for the upgrades or installation as we do. Amazing stuff. Oooo snap.... Duuuuddeeee

  40. Andrew Williams

    Sealed axles not possible

    1. Andrew Williams

      What i meant to say yes the trailer axles are sealed from water but the bearings still need to be repacked every so often I do mine every year

  41. John Kopp

    Hey guys, enjoy the channel. Lots of fun watching. Appreciate the positive approach you make toward the content and adversity in general. Great job.

  42. isak sjodin

    What’s the engines in the background for

  43. Justin Johnson

    The lights are for caravanning to be able to see and not run into the vehicle in front of you with night vision goggles on. A turn signal in combat kind of screams right here shoot here hey I don’t want to see tomorrow. It is a military vehicle everything serves a purpose, that said it is not always obvious nor does it always work the way it was intended or envisioned.

  44. The Niekoley Journey

    It’s park over ride for when you run out of gas and half to push the vehicle

  45. Kenny Gudek

    I had those break lights. When they worked it was SO COOL and great looking. But they suck ass one day working fine the next one out or so time both.

  46. Purgso

    The headrests are spring loaded. When the vehicle is rear-ended, the headrests spring forward to reduce whiplash. I work for the company that designed the seats and used to work in the production plant that makes the seats.

  47. Pier Alla

    10:29 where' s this engine gonna be mounted on? 😏

  48. Justin Johnson

    There are numerous videos of people refitting these into tiny homes etc. they can ford up to 4 foot of water. Things to consider use eBay to purchase some rings to protect you central tire inflation system. I would recommend installing lockers. The turret hatch has been welded other wise the access to the top is an amazing view. The m16 is a 5.56 caliber selectable between semi burst and auto it is a gas operated weapon system the more modern variant is the m4 shortened collapsible stock it does not have full auto. Do a PMCS preventative maintenance checks and services there is a manual that has pictures y’all are not the first country boys to go Damn. I have drifted one of these. I recommend getting bigger injectors checking all your rubber fittings for cracks etc. the caterpillar motor can be flash tuned get on the internet and get ya some good ol’boys to help this is a beast and I am a lil jealous.

  49. jashanpreet singh

    please make fast

  50. gr33nstream

    Love how they read the manual when the cars mostly stripped

  51. Raymond Ramezani

    Anyone else thinks they should change that theme song? 🤔🤔

  52. JMB E

    I took the dash out of a 1998 Chevy Tracker once to change the heater core. When it was all said and done, I had a just small cup of screws left over. I would never want to do it again and it was a lot less invasive than a freaking $90k computerized Trackhawk. I don't know how you guys will ever get all of that put back together. Be straight with us and show us your "leftover" fasteners when your are finished.haha Good luck, fellas! Enjoy watching you guys every day.

  53. Cash 76

    Pretty darn cool!! t-shirt

  54. Charlie James

    You boys are the best keep it up and your mate does all the stretching cheers Jimmy

  55. Frank Sattler

    Anyone else wondering what was leaking under the Jeep? I was thinking it could be the air conditioning? Otherwise, great job on the Jeep! It looks great and I love the way you guys do the price reveals. We get to see some of Tennessee and the vehicle you just built go for a drive.

  56. Noah Stanphill

    Is that blood on the seat when you take the skin off of it?

  57. محمد المالكي


  58. Arshae Stanley

    The next luxury SUV that i thik that they should build is"in my OPINION" should be either: a STELVIO QUDRAFOGLIO or a G63 AMG

  59. Daniel Ochoa

    How much did you guys get the Jeep for at auction ?

  60. Mario Ceron

    You Have The Web Site For The People Who Do The Seats covers

  61. Brandon Gonzalez

    The red cord is to put it in neutral I learn that after I had to pay 500$ to get my Jeep towed after my electronics went out 🙃

  62. Javier Baltazar

    Yea i know what you're saying 😂

  63. Chris Ogle

    Really enjoy the enthusiasm you guys have

  64. sofahmad 69

    'You know what i mean ' 100000x

  65. James Roach

    You wanna build something epic next take a wrecked Tesla and put a hellcat motor in it.

  66. Spiridione Crudele

    Ciao siete bravissimi però fate una traduzione a vostri commenti e quando finite il lavoro date la somma quando costa l'auto 😀😀😀😀

  67. legendary 4379

    It will be awesome build 😃😃

  68. Daniel LaRusso

    I really don't like the music, its always to loud too.. But other then that two cool guys


    All i hear is dude, sketchy, sucker, daaang... but its fun to watch

  70. Xolani Vanda

    Curious, did you take the entire back part off your dad's truck? Think I just caught it at a distance, with the police Charger parked behind it.


    When this car is going to be fully rebuild ???? I'm really excited about it.

  72. Mo McKinsey

    Crocodile dash

  73. De Monkey

    Dodge Journey has a similar body and maybe parts from that might be a little cheaper.

  74. Vicente Perez

    That's to put it in neutral

  75. Anthony Devoe

    Please get a wrangler


    It to take the vehicle out of park for like alignments and stuff. It allows the vehicle to stay in neutral without the auto park engaging

  77. Michael Weeks

    I really enjoyed !! your videos I look forward to all your new adventures and Build this one came out awesome !!!!!Keep up the great work !!!!

  78. Bane jovanović


  79. Nathan Basham

    Look at all those extra nuts and bolts....

  80. it's definitely true

    It's cool to watch you guys because you're young but you really know your stuff⭐👍

  81. Andy Ly


  82. DPGrayson1

    Did you guys get a new dually or are you messing with pops truck?

  83. Ideiva Garcia

    Which car jump starter is the best?

  84. Alpha XGY

    well done guys cant wait till the nest flog ...dammmmmmm

  85. Justin Case

    the orange pull string is Park override release, to get it to work you should see a slide on the top that has an unlock icon on it you slide to unlock and pull the rope and your transmission is forced to neutral

  86. Mario Cervantes

    Where is the dodge bed!?

  87. Andrei Caseriu

    6th episode and all i see is you guys milking every one of them, by now you should’ve done all these steps in just 2-3 episodes, not 6. And dont sleep, because we all figured it out

  88. david galloway

    OMG when I see the incredible nightmare the interior is in I just know these genius boys will work their magic and make it 'better than OEM' ...the way they talk and their enthusiasm is so refreshing living here in self-important pretentious Seattle. I get lost in a world I wish I shared.

  89. John Kauenhofen

    Where do you get the seat belts fixed and the airbag modules reset

  90. Mursal Hussain

    You friking Hillbillies stop pulling thing's and breaking them!

  91. Yaboi Tah

    You guys should put a demon hood because that would look good

  92. ferro

    Why u don't take the Ferrari ripping in a trak and shoot some nice video before u sell it!? 🤩🇮🇹

  93. randygsxr Sims

    Hey guys the pull strap is for the car to neutral so u can tow it or push it the charger has one as well and I believe the challenger the charger is next to the shifter pull t he tray off and it’s under that

  94. RJ Hawk

    I hope they took a lot of pictures.....and then a few more..

  95. bladerunner1b

    "Looks like a parts car". My dudes, IT IS a parts car. You guys are just insane.

  96. Ben Andersen

    Can we get a shop update

  97. blunt force

    I’m doing a build Rn and man I’ve learned so much on interior swapping and motor and funny thing to I’m all self thought my mechanic said u will never learn unless u just do

  98. vmaxmercer

    Laminated glass is the same as the windsheild, it is 2 pieces of glass that sandwich a layer of polyvinyl butryal.

  99. S J

    lol I just found out you are my neighbors. Subscribed! 😂

  100. RomanLothar1986

    Why does Pops truck have no bed on it anymore?? Did you "ram" something into it or something?