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  1. alcy sousa fortes

    2:40 YES JUST YES

  2. Wisrhuan Oliveira

    Rainha do pop ❤️❤️

  3. Wisrhuan Oliveira

    Pabllo e impressionante ❤️❤️

  4. Ben Lee

    Would actually like to see this now that sonic looks normal 😂

  5. fully grown pizza

    A cameo of sonics team should be in there somewhere

  6. Ladi Smith

    music too loud

  7. MoreDanFilms

    I live for Halsey’s performances

  8. Rex74t

    Now I’m for sure seeing this

  9. Tori Black The God Of War


  10. ilani azmi

    Just watch sam and cat and she has a annoying voice and this concert shows that her voice is just amazing !

  11. Robert Joseph MacCready

    i might see this movie

  12. Robert Joseph MacCready

    Sonic looks MUCH BETTER.

  13. Mark McAllister

    historical shite

  14. TelesonicAce541

    Anybody else noticed the modern sonic green hill music in the back ground when he was at the baseball field? He is even wearing an hat that has GH = green hill

  15. spidy one

    What do you think about the new Sonic watch this nlsel.info/video/video/xaimnIJ5YLSGpoo.html

  16. Paula Camargo

    Eita, que voz. Não conhecia <3

  17. Dani Marques Barros

    Me flipa basket case igual o mas que el día que me compré la cinta dookie, y a la vez ver jóvenes ahí dándolo todo..... Es lo bueno de Green Day, no pasan los años.


    They actually fixed it!

  19. Joyce Villareal-Nodado

    I get it why dewy gets to do sonic's voice guess why

  20. Jake Davis

    Bro the tattoo looks dope I wouldn’t be made

  21. Anonymous Navarro

    I will never get over the one kiss dance lol

  22. Matar Alhammadi

    Dude sonic still looks stupid, he is supposed to have a connected eye

  23. the pro jacob roblox

    i hope that if there is sonic 2 i wish sonic and shadow will battle and the after credit of the first sonic movie will show how shadow was creater

  24. Celina Más Rosa

    Hauser e outro musico...parabens..Brasil

  25. XxCretxXYT YT

    Was Sonic Naruto Running

  26. Shendell Gaming

    Now this is a sonic movie to watch

  27. FciscoDraws

    ok so theory, what if they made the first sonic purposefully look like shit so we would enjoy this one better

  28. Krista Gunderman

    Been a fan since finders keepers 👌

  29. Lucas Swiftie 13


  30. jungkook is my oppa

    *Me noticing johnny didnt get screen time* *Overthinking button on*

  31. Iana Ajan Esme

    funny how he didn't mention that his cousin is also a pastor at the church!!

  32. A Guy Stuck In The US

    Everyone set it twice, shit pay 3times and see it once, they deserve that much from us.

  33. glen tua

    I thought it was demi lovato on the thumbnail

  34. D'angelo JacobHymenShits

    MTV, you have no agency to cover shit like this. Nice try

  35. Sarah Webster

    Looks amazing! The whole thing is perfect! Well done Paramount! I love how he has the same, attitude and charisma as in the original cartoon! Wonder if he eats a chillidog in the film, lol.

  36. defyurself tv

    I feel like I watched the entire movie in this trailer.

  37. potteromanka 26


  38. kenny Saavedra Morán

    Beautiful 😍😍

  39. darknid159

    If Jim Carrey doesn’t say GET A LOAD OF THIS I’m gonna cry

  40. Stallings Lad

    Us Sonic fans gotta see the movie now since we bitched about it.

  41. Chico Lopes

    Dude, this is exploding the internet !! 🔥🔥

  42. Alvar Fernández

    Never cared much for the games but this Sonic looks much nicer. Also, I love Jim Carrey, wish he wasn't an antivaxx nutjob...

  43. Hastin Nuraini


  44. Hastin Nuraini


  45. Jason Black

    Im sooooo glad they re made the character design the old one was fucking guy

  46. furseisekilulz

    no meow? Good mindset, but at this point it would be funny if they kept it in

  47. Nel Hdz

    fucking ten. she's not only gorgeous, she's also talented, and I think she just found out she's hot as hell.

  48. Helium

    Nice. I dont know if this was planned or they genuinely screwed up and then decided to fix it, I hope the sweat of the artists pays off here. Definitely gonna see it.

  49. Rock Star

    Not a fan of the new remake, they've edited and removed so much greatness; ============ The gun the guy holds now has an orange tip. The desert scene has changed... and now the surge is now a sports field. The Truck scene where he comes out the window no longer happens, he's now just on the back :( The sonic and Jim scene with the chase where sonic says "Is that all you've got" has been removed. ============ This makes me wonder how much they've changed... we only wanted "SONIC" changed, not fucking different aspects of the movie!

  50. YdaPhuck __ YouLyin?

    Excited about jim Carey 😂👏🏽

  51. that ghost plays!

    He looks so good now!

  52. johnny smith

    I shitted my pants🤣👍👍👍


    So much better looking

  54. pumpky UwU

    The dislikes are from everyone that hate furries

  55. Kamrulislam Kamrulislam

    Sonoc desing looks not good at all

  56. GabeTheBabe

    It’s chili dog time

  57. Kamrulislam Kamrulislam

    Npt not good thos design make mor good this videos

  58. sotuur aeei


  59. - Gyuhola -

    Am I the only one hearing Crash Bandicoot's 'Woah' sound at 0:18 ?

  60. Anderson Ferreira

    Todo santo dia eu tenho que assistir essa apresentação. Que maldição é essa? Alguém me liberta pfv! 😭

  61. Graham Carpenter

    If Jim Carrey says "Snooping as usual, I see!" in the movie, I'm losing my shit.

  62. Anthony Grigoryan

    All the little kids are going to talk about this

  63. stefan

    mtv is making movies?

  64. chibii

    this actually looks pretty cute, the new sonic model really makes a huge difference. ben schwartz also does an ADORABLE sonic voice

  65. chinchy111

    Hope it does good. They deserve it for the extra time and money they put into it

  66. gtrgy888

    So much better than the creepy little child teeth Sonic with beady eyes

  67. Hamlet Kalmas

    Она бесподобна, отличное получилось шоу, офигенные танцы

  68. Red_Dragoon

    Honestly the redesign is WAY better than I thought it would be.


    Wow how shitty can it get

  70. nay angel

    they are literally laughing to forget the pain😅

  71. Tela Moshtlodo

    No more gangstas Paradise???

  72. Tela Moshtlodo

    I want to watch this now

  73. IHate MyLife

    This shit so stupid that's what makes it funny

  74. Igbo Thunder

    They had to get this right because sonic is pretty iconic. Imagine if we accepted that ugly first version of sonic... that would of set us up for an ugly Tails, Knuckles, and all the other characters we like. Now they have to get them all right

  75. Marcus Hamner

    My childhood is saved!

  76. RobbiePTSD

    honestly, I think it looks better than modern cartoon sonic

  77. Imataca

    I hate how every live action and cgi film think they have to add in some unneeded human to just be there. This film could work with just sonic and robotnik but of course they need to add in some boring unlike able human to be there.

  78. Mia Jordan

    huge shoutout to all of the animators for recreating the entire movie and listening to the public y’all are real ones

  79. Blackwater Heart

    Here's a one sentence horror story. Imagine all these scenes but with the old sonic.

  80. Socaliente

    Now they just need to recast Jim Carrey.

  81. Mimi arts

    Yeah thay fixed it

  82. Carlos Díaz

    I’m the only one who thinks of how bad ass is Jim Carrey's outfit?

  83. nugget

    Definitely definitely like the new animation of donic and voice actor

  84. Elly B


  85. Orrin Boi

    They should make a DVD copy with the terrifying sonic for shits and giggles😂

  86. Hermit

    Omg he’s so adorable 🤗 instantly better

  87. train fan 4014

    Jim Carrey is back in the saddle

  88. Jay Gonzalez

    Another think i didn’t like is that they are using Spider-man’s hom coming theme!

  89. Jennifer Griffin

    I think her mic was a little high cause her voice isnt that loud...

  90. Athos Ferraz

    The best

  91. Free Promotion


  92. Alaskan Life

    Soooo much better than the first

  93. Jay Gonzalez

    For some reason i don’t like Sonics voice!!

  94. JZ

    This man ain’t praying 5x a day 😂

  95. Mathilde Tvede-Rasmussen


  96. Keanu Reeves


  97. Keanu Reeves

    This actually looks great!

  98. Fusion Developer

    Other than the armpit fart sound, looks like they fixed it and will be a great movie. I'll watch it.

  99. Leira Whitehart

    Yes. This design is *MUCH* better! Well done!

  100. D3D1CAT3D TH30R1ST

    If he said “in an extremely handsome package” in the original trailer I would have fucking shit myself.