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  1. •Stephany Pastel•

    It's the worst being on it I feel like a alien ripping my insides out

  2. First Name Second Name

    🤔 Joe for James Bond 👍 and Nicholas for the villain 😁

  3. Yolanda Moreno


  4. Widia Shintia

    Hustlers (2020) Full Movie HD Full Movie Streaming ----------------------- quality HD ➥ 12-new-hd-flixstream.blogspot.com All languages available айлык алгыныз келеби? Бирок сиз бала менен уйдо

  5. Kylie C

    the girl in the middle obviously should have won

  6. Samia Dy

    I dont know but she seems that she has something from Lady Gaga

  7. Ronald Tartaglia

    Probably the date greatest day in human history when they announced Beavis and Butt-head was coming back but of course the douchebags at MTV had a fuck it all up. Liberal cheap douchebags.

  8. Michael Bruno

    one of the earliest forms of CBT

  9. Rad Chad

    Everything about her is cute

  10. Freya’s Life

    Good old adhd and Dr Pepper

  11. Omry Killo

    Watching these brats having 12 year old issues is so funny to watch compared to mob wives 😹

  12. Noah Fox

    Add some hormones and you'll see why women are always moody on their period

  13. Les Rotes Bellas Artes Altea

    Like it!!! nlsel.info/video/video/u4qgmaevm7Vxrag.html

  14. Astha Pragya

    BLINKS might have a bias but we Stan BLACKPINK as a whole group. Period

  15. Astha Pragya

    I knew 36 of those! Except their ranks on music charts and Spotify...that was tough

  16. Yessenia Grimaldi

    Mejor banda Latina 👏 que ha existido. Tienen un gran potencial que aun no han desarrollado el 100%

  17. snoro

    watching this while i have period pains : ' )

  18. ME_SH Hek

    *I really wanna know how luke feels about this*

  19. Keito Gallo

    I love it! Can they make like a segment for all Blinks and we all like go and answer the quiz? I wanna join! Haha

  20. Anderton Chigoneka

    I mean it is a game it isn’t that serious Rob it isn’t that serious mate Plenty more girls in the sea

  21. yean López

    Cantan perfecto 👏💕

  22. Robert Hayes

    I really like Bevus and Butthead its so funny

  23. John Calvin

    I"m sure a lot of women in love with guys complain about their man being aggressive in bed.

  24. John Calvin

    From reading the comments after 20 years it's still true a lot of lesbians are that way because they hate men.

  25. OS1k DontPeek

    Take that nubs

  26. OS1k DontPeek


  27. Alexsina P

    Kylie annoyed me sitting there moving her head like that

  28. Tiia Lähde

    Mnistiia. Laka Muu siki Ko 👍 Helou 😄

  29. Marina Serrano Muñoz

    Me encantas❤️

  30. Nariah Brown

    I remember I had one so bad my whole chest or heart was in pain. Level 8 of pain.

  31. Pepi bonilla

    la mismisima puta ama

  32. SOPH -YAH

    Another Blink here!✋

  33. behind you

    'Men have a penis and women have a vagina" - 4 year old

  34. Cameron Haack

    It's missing the last, and best video of the "snapback" series!! "Oh my god.. Phil... What the freak did you just do"!? Look that up, its hilarious!

  35. Aurora Nevarez

    Nice familia why she denied her father's familia she is a fake woman .

  36. Blizzardheart12

    I dunno if this happens to other girls, but the same thing that happened to those guys happens to me; I laugh. I dunno why, the cramp pain makes me laugh so hard sometimes out of habit.

  37. De Knoe

    This aint funny. Well, Kanye snatching the film kinda was. Yo. Fck you all. Punking aint funny

  38. Mariellis P

    You think once a month is fast Biatch its not These 3 days are the worst I've ever felt I can barely walk around let alone get out my bed


    I think Jennie and Kai is a rumor. They're not really dating.

  40. Kalie Mashburn

    Yeah it doesnt pulsate it's more of a knot that keeps tightening

  41. Isabela Oliveira

    I don't even know why, but every time I see this performance I cry... I'm crying now

  42. Joyanne Dizigan

    any notice how wyatt said Doug? IM CRYING AT CHOSEN TRYING TO SAY BABADOOK

  43. Joanna Goodyear


  44. Kalee Jiminez

    I keep getting these like stomachs pains- I- they're very light but dull pains Am I going to a a period tomorrow? my FIRST period? ;-;

  45. hope mudzudza

    Really faith in bear kkk

  46. Sum Ting Wong

    Noboby British people :Licherly

  47. Natalia 88

    She is sitting on Judas place O.o and what are all those simbols behide in the sky O.o Its all so souspicious. I always wonder why to many famous artists need to use religión simbols on them videos and perfomances... Why they dont try to shock people whit other thing?! All time religión religión religión

  48. Shellie Rodarmel

    Once Lauren cut Heidi off Heidi was always making comments about the tape so yea we was involved!

  49. KOJA DA͎T࿐

    "I’m an artist" "You’re an artist??!" Lol! The officer wouldn’t ask her that in 2020 or whenever she got more popular lmao

  50. Hashhy Ali

    No lip sync. A true performer!

  51. Goldie Bali

    He's probably highest in the room.

  52. ahnaf

    your Harry ..

  53. ahnaf


  54. ahnaf


  55. ahnaf

    3 .. No harry

  56. SK

    Choreography reminds me of BTS DIONYSUS😂 😂

  57. Yeetus Da Fetus

    I think I speak for all woman when I say there are not levels when it comes cramps it’s 1 to 5 in seconds 😂

  58. Mia Chris

    Anybody here used Gamecrook, I got a homie who used it and he got so many free points for free.

  59. Alliyah Simon

    Anne Marie STUNNING 🔥

  60. jehurog

    *Kourtney appears on the television* Kim: ooh my favorite person 😭😂👑💯

  61. Amadeus Ack

    man y'all did Akon dirty

  62. Alex Bolina

    Love you gaga

  63. White EnderMan

    Yuta same fcothes with kai superm with jopping

  64. Island Breeze

    This home slice is shaaady as fuck

  65. Rain Drop

    She truly made her momma proud even us...

  66. Ela Fuentes

    Where can i watch that besides on television and without paying anything

  67. Tricia Barr

    Oh that poor delusional boy! Moning Myrtle's not going to care. She's a social climber pure and simple. It hurts that she has dumped you and your family but it's been made completely clear that is her decision. So sad that she has done that, as I believe families are more important than anything else..

  68. Miguel Sardão


  69. Visit

    Nicki proved her versatility in only one performance

  70. A i

    Punk's punking punk's....it's what the self admiration society do, all to please us walking dead and bring a smile to our miserable day. Thanks celebrities we love you. Not!

  71. ItsjustJULZ

    that shitty microphone was in the way of her vocals and i wanted to hear her voice😭😂

  72. Iyanu Oriakhi

    this is gonna be sooo intresting

  73. 블랙 핑크 팬

    I got 29/43, i need to do better !

  74. Sarah Castillo


  75. A i

    You just been punked your the lucky one, the other million are just funked...know what I mean brother!

  76. Joshua Armitt

    Just call it a sex scene! You wouldn’t call it a straight sex scene



  78. Cheickoumar Traore

    After wasting so much time on fake web apps, I wanna save other's time and say that the only website that worked is Gamecrook.

  79. Regina Danielle

    His voice sounds exactly like Tom hiddleston lmao